Him and Her

Chapter 15: Him

'Brilliant. Just great. I'm covered with punch and she just about had a fit. Dang I wish I weren't so stupid.' I'm standing in front of my bathroom mirror, admiring the bruise developing. Why did Thomas have to go and ruin a perfectly good evening? The poor woman obviously didn't want to be cooped up all the time. Aw, who am I kidding? I should just leave her totally alone. She didn't come to New York to be badgered by a crazy freak like me.

But am I really a crazy freak? She keeps calling me a stalker, and so does Thomas. But that's only because I am a stalker. A really creepy, the-kind-your-mama-warned-you-about, creepy stalker. I have got no business with this girl, she didn't have any idea who I was until a couple days ago. I have completely diluted myself into believing that something might come out of me knowing everything there is to know about her. I should just stay out of her way. Leave her alone.

What do I do about Thomas? He went and punched me tonight. For what?! A pretty girl that neither of us knows? Who does he think he is? I know he's usually pretty violent when he's had a few drinks, but I've never seen him get that bad over a girl. A girl that neither of us knows! I said that already. I scratch my head and just go lay on the bed.

I live in an apartment by myself. I don't even have a dog, I'm so alone. Maybe that's why I've been clinging to the thought of this girl for so long. I've been too dang lonely. Maybe she is too.

Not if she's a druggie. NO! Stupid. Why does that keep coming back? Why do I keep thinking that she is? She doesn't smell like drugs, she doesn't seem like the type that would do that, and I've been watching her for years. Surely there was something, somewhere that would have given her away. No. I refuse to believe that Miss Eliza Rein would be a drug user. Then again, Colorado does have marijuana legalized now… STOP! Where are these thoughts coming from?! Just because it's legal does not mean that she burned down her hotel!

I turn on the news, trying to distract myself. A newscaster on it is talking about the fire.

"The police have arrested a young lady today for starting the hotel fire downtown last night. Her name has been released as a Ms. Jenny Rodriguez and her boyfriend, who are being held for arson, drug abuse, and Ms. Rodriguez is being charged for prostitution."

AHAHA! I nearly skipped with glee when I heard that. She didn't do it! She's totally innocent! Why did I ever doubt? She's totally innocent. They show a picture of the girl who had the charges against her. Hey. It's that girl from the church when I picked Miss Rein up tonight. Great. New question: Why does Miss Eliza hang around with drug abusers and prostitutes?

Because she is one, stupid. She might not have started the fire, but she is hanging around with some shady characters, it looks like.

But I'll never know unless I ask her.

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