Him and Her

Chapter 19: Him

She walked off, and didn’t even say goodbye. There was definitely something wrong with her. Any idiot could see that. I followed her several paces behind, even though she was headed to a pretty bad part of town. I didn’t have my gun on me, even though I am allowed to carry one. I just can’t take it into work with me and since that’s where I came from… I didn’t have it. And she was walking. And walking. I just followed her for over an hour, and my feet were really starting to hurt.

She poked her head up and looked around, apparently coming out of whatever held her thoughts. I figured she didn’t know that I wasn’t the only guy following her, and I had a pretty good guess these thugs weren’t interested in offering her a drink.

The tallest guy stepped to her side, all suave and jerky, like he was something else. He put her arm around her waist and said something that made her snap at him. Three of his buddies surrounded her. It just about got bad.

Except for me and a cop. I had no idea where he came from—hang on. I’m ahead of myself.

I showed up first. I yelled at them.

“Hey! Idiots! Leave the lady alone!” she looked at me with fear and gratitude.

“Who ya callin’ an idiot, prep boy?” one of those sagging jerks barked back.

“You! Leave her alone! You have no business here. Go home. Haven’t you heard the news? Don’t you know who she is?”

“Yeah. Miss Rein. Pretty little virgin girl.” Another snide African American twangs at me, stroking her jaw. “We think we can fix that for her.” She starts screaming bloody murder.

Now, for some people, hearing a woman scream is nothing foreign, since we see horror movies all the time. Not me. That girl was screaming something else. I hear screams sometimes around town, but apparently they have a different way of screaming where she’s from. I was sure that something in my ears broke. I mean, her lungs were powerful and painful. The guys were all scrambling right then, like they’d never heard anything like it either.

A cop came running around the corner in a car. He stopped right next to her, and she was still screaming.

“HEY!!!” he tried to shut her up, but she just wouldn’t. “MISS! HEY! SHUT UP!” she shut up.

Now that I look back on it, it’s almost comical. The three thugs standing around her, ears ringing and clearly in pain, the officer looking at her like she’s crazy, and her just standing there in the middle of it all, so small and calm.

“Yes, officer? You here to arrest these guys for threatening to rape me?”

Long story short, the cop hauled the guys in, she saw me standing there, and we went back to the church together. She didn’t talk very much, but was far more alert than she had been earlier. I had dinner with her and the family she was staying with. They were really nice to me.

Eventually I had to get home, since I am a gentleman, and am not going to sleep in a church if I can help it.

“I hope I run into you again sometime, Miss Rein.”

She wished me goodnight, and I went home.

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