Him and Her

Chapter 2: Her

"You want me to WHAT?!"

"It's just for a few days Eliza, calm down!"

"You want me, with my busy schedule, to just drop everything, catch a flight to New York and sit at a debate and a convention afterward? A flight?! You know how I feel about heights!"

"Eliza, darling, it's just an expression. I'll have a taxi pick you up if you like, and drive you all the way from your sweet little home in Manitou and take you to New York."

"That sounds much better. You're buying right?"

"Of course!"

"Wonderful. When will the taxi be here?" I smile to myself.

"Tomorrow at 4 AM!" She laughed at me over the phone. "Or is that too soon?"

"Umm." I stuttered over myself. "F-four? In the, the morning?" I can't breathe. She was serious.

"Um, yeah! Is that good for you? Or are you not up that early?"

"I'm up. I'm so there. Um… yeah. 4 AM is totally fine. I'm good with that. I'll be ready. You do realize it's nearly 10 PM here, right?"

"Yep. I've got the taxi on speed dial, and they'll be there at 4 AM and ready for you!"

"Awesome. I've got the best agent in the world."

"I'm sorry? You're breaking up!" she shouted into the phone.

"I said, 'I've got the best agent in the world!'" I shouted into the phone.

"Still can't here you!" and now she's just messing with me.

"Good night Cassandra. You're awesome. I'll see you in New York?"

"Yep. I'll be at the taxi stand when you get here. Just be ready and bring a lot of pens. And a copy of your book would be good. Or 10. Yeah, bring 10 signed copies of your book for those producers I've got lined up."

"That's fantastic. See you in a few days!"

"Goodnight precious!"

"Goodnight missy!"

That's that. Oh joy. New York. I've always wanted to go to New York. How am I going to break this to my parents? Should I leave a note, or just wake them up that a business thing is happening in New York and I'm leaving at 4 in the morning? Yeah, better wake them up.

I march my way upstairs and knock on the door.

"Who is it?" My Dad's voice rings out from the other side.


"Come in!" Mom's voice calls.

I open the door and walk in, closing it behind me.

"Cassandra called. She tells me that there is a debate and convention going on in New York that she has had me booked for next Friday. She's sent a taxi, and it will be here at 4 AM tomorrow." They both raised their eyebrows. "I know. She just decided to tell me this now, and I have no idea why, but that's what's going on. I thought I should tell you instead of just disappearing. So, I'm going to go pack. I'll be back right after the convention. I'll catch a taxi back. She's paying, and I'm grateful."

"Alright. Bring your can of mace with you." My mother said.

"Don't go anywhere after dark." Dad added.

"Don't go anywhere at all alone." Mom chimed in.

"Be safe."

"Be sure to pack extra pants, it's supposed to snow next weekend."

"Don't talk to strangers."

"Make us proud."

"I guess we'll be telling the pastor why you're not in the nursery this Sunday right?"

I nodded at Dad. "If you would please."

"Alright." Mother said again. "Goodbye. We love you, and we'll see you when you get back."

"You be careful, alright?" Dad said as I hugged him goodnight and goodbye.

"I will, I promise."

Great. Just great. I march my way down the stairs, hands in my pockets, thinking about everything that they said. Protective parents. I'm 25. I'm ready to get out of here.

I get to my room and start packing. It's already 10:30 PM. I'm so tired, but I have to get ready to go. I grab my favorite blue suitcase, squish pillow, blindfold and pillow, and just crash by the door with the alarm set. There's no point in going to bed, I'll just leave it messy if I don't just sleep on the floor. And I sleep better in the car anyway. It would have been nice if my agent, Cassandra, would have told me that I was going to New York a little sooner. But I have all that I need: clothes for over a week, my can of mace, my knives, my fleece blanket, pillow, squish pillow, and blindfold. I'll do fine.

I say a prayer just before I fall asleep, "What do you want me to do this for, God? What good will it do me? What do you have in store?" and I fall asleep right then and there, with no answer as of yet.

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