Him and Her

Chapter 6: Her

Mint M&Ms. Gosh, how did that guy know?

How can I not be happy at the sheer awesomeness of this liquid? I taste dashes of milk, water, even a bit of heavy whipping cream. But what is the major taste? Chocolate. As if someone melted down every M&M in the world, and put it in this drink. I'm in heaven.

"I take it that this business doesn't have any branches in Colorado?" I ask Jake.

"Not that I know of. Marcus is the guy that runs this place, and Timothy is our favorite waiter. He doesn't get paid anything what he should for what he puts up with."

I look in the direction of the waiter. "Timothy…" I say thoughtfully.

And the cruel monstrosity in front of me is still looking at me as if I were drinking my own vomit. I think that Protein whatever he's drinking looks more like vomit than this sheer heaven I'm drinking.

"What?" I snap at him.

"How can you stand that? Isn't it too rich?"

"Rich?" I look at him like he's nuts. "You're too rich! You have spent your life thinking you are above everyone. Excuse me, but I am far above you. Always have been, for you began by kissing my hand, when you deserve to kiss my foot." I flash my eyes at him. I've been told that when I flash my eyes, I can stop time or kill people. "So, do me a favor and shut up. I didn't come to spend time with you, for you were not at the bus station with me. Jack was." I look at Jack fiercely. "You've trapped me now and I'm losing my patience."

He nods at me and rises, offering me his hand. I've finished the mug of heaven and I'm ready to get out of the death pit with the devil across the table. I get up, taking his hand and walk up to the counter. A man in the kitchen notices me and comes out.

"Are you Marcus?" I ask politely.

"I am." He smiles at me. He's a large black man with too many teeth, but a friendly, well-bred disposition. "You are Miss Eliza Rein. Something of a celebrity around here."

"Thank you. I'm aware." I grab a couple of the books that I have signed and hand them to him. "Here. I don't have any cash on me at the moment, but will these do?"

He smiles even more brightly at me. "Of course! Your presence at the conference and giving that woman a run for her money is enough for me, but this is something special."

"Wonderful." I sweep into a bow and march my way through the door, not caring if Jack follows me or not. I'm going to find Cassandra.

He followed me. Yay.

I dial my phone.

"Cassandra. Yeah. I can't leave, but you knew that."

"Darling, calm down. You can head back to the hotel. No problem. I'll keep up the cash flow, I mean, it's not like you'll never go home. Don't worry so much. You'll be fine."

"You are out of your bloody mind. I just had a drink with that stalker you were telling me about last month."

"You drink? Wait, the stalker guy?"

"YES!" I say exasperated and sad. "I met him at the bus station and I want out of here, but I can't. Stay with me, won't you?"

I hear a whisper behind me from Jack. "Yes."

"I can't darling. You know I can't. I have plans that I've had for months, and three other clients I have to take care of. The city doesn't sleep and neither do I. I know I'm your agent, but I'm the agent to other people as well. You'll be fine. Ta-ta, I love you."

I'm about to cry.

"I love you too…" I end the call. Stone face comes back on and I turn on him.

"Well." I put my hands on my hips. "I guess you're stuck with me." I turn around and march myself back to the hotel. "Be happy."

I'm sure he's just about to bust with sheer glee at being stuck with his idol. Hooray for me.

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