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“Flo, Max is here!” Layla called from the bottom of the stairs. The moving van had just left with all her stuff! Except her last suitcase.

“Wait…I’ll be down in a sec!” Flora said running her fingers through her hair as she picked out an outfit for her last day in Wisconsin.

She opened her last suitcase she had packed she shoved on a pair of beige seven for all mankind skinny jeans, a white oxford shirt, peach christian louboutin wedges, a white valentino double handbag and a white chiffon double bow headband. She grabbed her IPhone putting on her new case which said ‘sweet as sugar, hard as ice, hurt me once and I’ll shoot you twice’.

She heard footsteps approaching her door, “What’s up,” Layla said as she plonked herself down next to Flora, “You haven’t broken up with him yet, have you?”

She was wearing a grey crewneck sweatshirt which had ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say say it sarcastically, j brand black and grey skinny jeans, a black Givenchy leather bag and black converse. Her IPhone was sticking out of her pocket it had a case which said ‘take a breath and it all comes easy’.

“I can’t,” Flora sighed,” After everything we’ve been through I know this is going to hurt him.”

“Well Flo you going to have to do it soon we’re leaving in tomorrow,” Layla said,” Anyways I’ve seen how stressed you’ve been it seems like he’s causing problems for you.”

“It’s now or never.” Layla said leaving the room.

She went down the stairs hurriedly and was about to enter the living room

“Here goes nothing” Flora thought.

She found Max lounging on the sofa watching TV.

“Hey,” Flora said nervously. Why was she being nervous around him after all they have been together for 2 years?

“Hey beautiful,” he said wrapping her into a hug. His gorgeous blonde hair was styled in its normal messy but cute way, his beautiful emerald green eyes lit up as he saw her.

“Max, I’ve got to talk to you about something…” she trailed off looking at anywhere but his face.

“Of course beautiful, what’s wrong?” he asked with concern as he put his hands in hers.

Beautiful…That was his nickname for her

“Well…” Flora said fiddling with her hands,” Us…It’s just isn’t working.”

“What, what are you taking about?” Max said, “Are you saying we should break up?”

“Listen Max...I’ve to move to go live with my dad and you know what they say about long distance relationships.” Flora said getting up and walking to the door.

“I’ll wait for you,” He replied he replied as he stood in the doorway.

“No! Anyway you deserve much better than me…”

“You’re right I do,” he said angrily,” I knew you never loved me.”

“No, Max that isn’t true-“Flora cried but was cut off.

“Save it.” he said storming off.

Flora shut the door then slid down it. After an half an hour she got up and saw Layla watching cartoons.

Flora sat down angrily snatching the remote changing to something else.

“Can you not see I was watching something, “Layla said, “What’s got you in such pissy mood?”

“I just broke up with my boyfriend for two years, how do you think I feel,“ Flora said exasperatedly.

“Gee I don’t know,” Layla said sarcastically. Flora glared at her.

“What? It is a sweatshirt reference.” Layla said referring to her sweatshirt.

Seeing she wasn’t helping Layla sighed, “ was bound to happen sometime, anyway if he was truly loved you he would have understood.”

“I guess so,” Flora said in a happier mood.

“Movie marathon?” Layla asked.

“You got it,” replied Flora as she and Layla snuggled into the duvet.

As they were watching the iron man series she had the song problem stuck in her head

Head in the clouds Got no weight on my shoulders I should be wiser and realize that I’ve got!

I got! One less problem without ya! I got! One less problem without ya! I got! One less problem without ya! I got one less one less problem.

They ended up falling asleep half way through Iron Man 3.


“Girls open up!” they heard from outside.

They both rushed to the door.

“Daddy!” they both squealed.

They hadn’t seen him since the summer 2013.

He wrapped them both in a tight hug.

“Hey girls! Long-time no see,” He said.

“Where’s you suitcases?”

“Upstairs,” Layla said about to get them.

“I’ll get them you girls wait in the car,” he said motioning at the big black range rover behind him handing them the keys. Once the suitcases were here they set off.

They talked the whole way through catching up. They stopped at starbucks to grab a quick breakfast before returning again.

“Are you excited to be back in Seattle?” John asked as they neared their street.

“Yeah!” Layla said.

“We can’t wait to see Tecna and Riven again,” Flora said.

“I’ve missed you girls so much,” John said, “Did you mother look after you properly before abandoning you?”

He said this with a hint of anger.

“She was okay I guess,” Layla said shrugging. Flora gave her a look.

“We’re here,” John said as they pulled into the driveway.

“Oh my god!” Layla said.

“It’s even more beautiful than I remembered,” Flora said.

Sure they lived in a nice house in Wisconsin but that was a penthouse. Their mansion in Seattle was everything compared to it.

As they exited the car they saw a tall figure.

“Hey losers!” Riven said smirking as they pulled him into a hug,” Good to know you missed me.”

“Where’s Tecna?” Flora asked.

“I guess she’s running late, she was on a last date with Drew before he left.” Riven said.

“Tecna!” they both yelled running to her.

She was wearing black hoodie which said ‘sarcasm loading 78 % please wait’ , white rag & bone skinny jeans, a white michael kors Sutton tote and black christian louboutin ankle boots. She had her Iphone which case said ‘classy, sassy and a little bit smart assy’.

“Flora! Layla!” She yelled looking up from her phone as she ran to them.

“You know that never works,” Riven said shaking his head at his sisters who were now on the floor with throbbing heads. They all turned to look at him glaring.

“Hey! I wasn’t hating!” he said as he went into the house followed by his father who was laughing at their childish behaviour before going into his office.

Tecna, Layla and Flora looked at the situation they were in. Then burst out laughing.

“I guess Seattle ain’t gonna be that bad,” Flora thought.

Time skip

Next Day…

“Tecna! Tecna! Wake up!” she heard as she was woken up.

“What!” she said groggily.

“Let’s go shopping school starts tomorrow,” Flora said as she pulled off her duvet.

She was already dressed. She was wearing a white crepe peplum tank top, Victoria Beckham demin skinny jeans, white leather dr. martens and a black alexander mc queen tote.

“Fine I was meeting Bloom and Stella there anyways, and I’m staying over at Stella’s for the night,” Tecna getting up.

“Oh and Musa’s coming,” Flora said from the door.

“Ok…Out!” Tecna said pushing her out and shutting the door.

She picked out an even & odd black and white sleeveless blouse, a black drop pocket boyfriend cardigan, j brand white skinny jeans and black saint laurent classic high top sneaker in leather.

She came out when she heard the doorbell ring. She went to go open the door.

“Musa?” Tecna said but it came out in a question.

She was wearing The North Face half dome pullover hoodie, j brand skinny coated jeans, a Chloe small leather tote and black and white striped vans.

They became close friends in the summer of 2013 and hadn’t seen each other since till know.

“Hey Tec,” she said using her nickname as she hugged her.

“Come on in,” Tecna said letting her in.

“Flora! Layla! Musa’s here!” she called as they went into their enormous living room where Riven was playing on his PS4.

The girls chatting catching up when Riven rudely interrupted, “Excuse me? I’m here to trying to play a game,” he said throwing his hands in his head as he got killed while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

“You’re crap, pass it over I‘m a pro at this game,” Musa said snatching the controller off him.

He only just realised she was in the room. Riven was shocked by her boldness but quickly recovered, ”Hey last time I checked this was MY house,” he said trying to snatch the controller of him, ”Give it back.”

“Nah I’m good dude, can’t you see I’m on the roll here,” replied Musa as she killed 2 people.

Flora and Layla entered the room.

Layla was wearing a grey crewneck jumper but this time it said ‘born to sleep forced to go to school’ in black and blue, j brand grey leather skinny jeans, a blue alexander mc queen skull scarf , a blue chanel python shopping tote and blue converse. She had her IPhone only this time the case was black and it said ‘bitch please I’m the shit’ in white and blue.

“Let’s go,” Tecna said.

“Wait just a second,” Musa said.

“Damn I never knew girls could be so into this game,” Riven smirked.

“You haven’t met me yet,” Musa said.

Tecna, Layla and Flora smirked.

“Riven stop hogging Muse so we can go,” Layla said.

Musa blushed and got up and left.

“I-I wasn’t hogging her it was just-“ Riven stuttered heat rising to his cheeks.

He’d never blushed in his entire life!

“Huh,” Tecna said as her, Flora and Layla stifled laughter. “You are just too easy!” laughed Flora wiping a tear.

“Girls leave him alone,” John said as he walked past.

“Ok dad,” they moaned leaving.

On their way to the mall Musa asked curiously,” So who was that?” She felt herself blush again.

Boys never made her feel this way! I guess Seattle could change her…

Bloom and Stella were waiting for Tecna in their usual spot where they always met up by the fountain.

“This is so not Tec! She is like 15 minutes late!” Stella complained to her best friend but soon stopped as her other best friend was in sight.

She was wearing a mint velvet black kimono tee, a white pleated skater skirt, quilted bow ballerina flats and a black mulberry handbag.

“Tec!” she waved her arms around like a maniac jumping up and down as Tecna saw her.

“Hey B! Hey Stell!” she said hugging them both.

“We haven’t seen you in like a week!” Bloom said.

She was wearing a plain black v-neck t-shirt underneath a green dolce & gabbana fitted blazer/jacket, dolce & gabbana high waisted green matching belted trousers, a prada green saffinano leather tote and christain louboutin black simple flats with bows.

“Not meaning to sound rude or anything but who are they?” Stella asked.

“Bloom, Stella meet my sisters Layla and Flora and their best friend Musa-“ Tecna began but was cut off.

“I remember 2 years ago we met,” Bloom said, “ Remember Stell.I swear you have a memory of a goldfish”

“Oh yeah…anyway where did you guys go you just left.” Stella said thinking back.

“They were only staying the summer,” Bloom said, “See what I mean.”

She muttered to the rest of them and they started giggling.

“Hey! Did you say something about me! Cause if you did!” Stella said threatening Bloom jokingly.

“Me? Pshhh now why would I do that?” Bloom replied.

They all starting laughing including Stella.

On their way home from shopping Stella said “Why don’t you guys spend the night at mine?”

“We’d love to except we don’t have clothes for school tomorrow or pajamas,” Flora said.

“Have you forgotten how much clothes we bought I’m sure you bought a pair of pajamas or you can borrow some of mine seeing as we are all the same size. And you bought outfits for school tomorrow anyway. Plus we have spare toothbrushes and everything else.” Stella explained.

“Then it’s settled!” Layla said, “I’ll go confirm it with Dad.

“I just texted my Dad he’s fine with it,” Musa said.

“Then let’s go! Race you!” Bloom said Flora hot on her heels.

“Cheaters!” screamed Stella, Tecna, Musa and Layla chasing after them.

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