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It was 7:30 am on the dot and it was supposed to be Musa time to practice in Studio A. This was a usual morning routine and she as well as Tecna would come to school 30 minutes early daily. Tecna would normally practice in the gymnastics hall and Musa would practice her dancing sometimes singing in Studio A. However this time Tecna’s brother Riven, who Musa thought was cute but would never admit, decided to join just for fun but also causing them to be late.

Fun? Or maybe just to see Musa snorted Tecna when Riven had told them he was coming. But at least for Tecna Riven had recently bought a black Porsche after passing his driving test back a while ago so they wouldn’t have to walk in the cold frosty weather as it was January. Not that Tecna would hate the idea of her brother and one of her best friends being together it would be rather awkward but she could get used to it.

Once they had parked in the school’s parking lot Musa dashed off towards the school entrance Tecna not far behind. Studio A was in the west side of the school building while the gymnastics hall was in the main. So once the girls reached the locker rooms they got dressed into their dance clothes.

Musa had on a black and white Nike sleeveless crop top with white shorts. She wore black and white Vans sneakers and had a black The North Face gym duffel bag with all her gear. Tecna had a black tank top with Fierce on it along with black shorts. She wore black Vans with white soles and had a black Nike gym duffel bag with all her gear.

As soon as she arrived in the studio she put her black IPod in the speakers and began to stretch doing lunges, staying in positions like the splits for a bit until the song began to play.

Telephone. Oh how she loved that song so much.


Musa done an ariel cartwheel then began doing some of contemporary dancing which is her favourite style of dance.

Hello, hello, baby, you called?

I can't hear a thing

She then done a barrel turn.

I have got no service

After that she did a backwalkover.

In the club, you say? say?

Then she done the splits.

Wha-wha-what did you say, huh?

And converted to a standing/vertical splits.

You're breakin' up on me

She then done pirouettes.

Sorry I cannot hear you

I'm kinda busy

Kinda busy

Kinda busy

Sorry I cannot hear you I'm kinda busy

She then went back to her original contemporary dancing and she began to blend into the music. It felt so good to be dancing again after 2 weeks Musa thought.

Just a second

It's my favorite song they're gonna play

And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh?

You should've made some plans with me

You knew that I was free

And now you won't stop calling me

I'm kinda busy

She then began doing breakdance moves which she had learnt from Layla.


Stop callin'

Stop callin'

I don't wanna think anymore

I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor

Stop callin'

Stop callin'

I don't wanna talk anymore

I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor

As she began to do her pirouettes again her hands lifted above her head someone grabbed her left hand she didn’t bother looking at who it was but all she knew was they were a good dancer and was concentrating on the music.


Stop telephonin' me

(Stop telephonin' me)

I'm busy

(I'm busy)

Stop telephonin' me

(Stop telephonin' me)

Can call all you want but there's no one home

And you're not gonna reach my telephone

Out in the club

And I'm sipping that bubb

And you're not gonna reach my telephone

Call all you want, but there's no one home

And you're not gonna reach my telephone

Out in the club

And I'm sipping that bubb

And you're not gonna reach my telephone

She slowly opened her eyes after being lifted down from the air only to be met with intense violet eyes. Riven’s violet eyes.


Boy, the way you blowing up my phone

Won't make me leave no faster

Put my coat on faster

Leave my girls no faster

I should've left my phone at home

'Cause this is a disaster

Calling like a collector

Sorry, I cannot answer

[Lady Gaga]

Not that I don't like you

I'm just at a party

And I am sick and tired of my phone r-ringing


Sometimes I feel like I live in grand central station

Tonight I'm not takin' no calls

'Cause I'll be dancin'

I'll be dancin'

I'll be dancin'

Tonight I'm not takin' no calls

'Cause I'll be dancin'

They both felt like there was no one else in the entire world except them.

[Pre-Chorus x2]



My telephone

Ma ma ma telephone

'Cause I'm out in the club

And I'm sippin that bubb

And you're not gonna reach my telephone

They ended the dance holding each other’s as the song began to end and they were both breathing heavily.

(We're sorry, we're sorry

The number you have reached

Is not in service at this time

Please check the number, or try your call again)

“You’re an amazing dancer you know that,” he began.

Musa smiled and replied,” Thanks you too.”

Suddenly they were interrupted by a familiar voice, “Hey guys it’s time-Oh my god you guys are so cute together!”

Shit! They thought realising the position they were in and quickly sprang apart both embarrassed.

“Well I better get going. See you later Stell, and catch you later Muse.” Riven said winking at Musa who felt her face heat up but luckily for her Riven was gone.

“Musie’s gotta boyfriend!” Stella sang. She was dressed in her dance clothes wearing a peach crop top with white shorts. She wore peach Vans sneakers and peach Nike handbag designed for gym.

“Shut up!”

What was I thinking?! He’s a jerk, a jock, a flirt! Musa thought.

“OMG! First step is denial I read that in my magazine once! Who should I tell first! Well I got to tell the girls and snookums and the boys and-“

“Stella shush!”

“Fine fine! Your secrets safe with me!” Stella said hiding a mischievous while bringing out her phone.

Once the bell had rang everyone began to pile into Studio A and as usual Ms. Kate was in her office which was next to the room while everyone stretched.

The girls (The Winx) made their way to their usual spot where they stretched a few metres away from the boys.

Bloom wore a light blue Nike t-shirt with pink shorts. She wore a pair of light blue Converse sneakers and had a light blue Nike gym duffel bag on the side near her. Flora wore a grey workout tank top which said Don’t let the pretty face fool you I’m a beast with pink shorts. She wore a pair of white Converse sneakers and a pink Victoria Secret’s gym duffel bag. Layla also wore a grey workout out tank top but only it said Run like there’s a hot guy in front of you and a creepy dude behind you with black The North Face shorts. She wore a pair of grey Vans sneakers and a grey Victoria’s Secret gym duffel bag.

“Yo! Musa likes Riven and vice versa,” Stella whispered/yelled.

“I knew it!” Bloom yelled causing everyone to look at her.

“What? Never seen anyone yell before!” she snapped causing them to divert their eyes.

“Aw so cute!” Flora cooed.

“Ha ha you like our brother,” Layla and Tecna chorused.

“I don’t!” Musa protested.

“Denial!” Flora sang.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about missy. You like my bro,” Musa laughed sticking her tongue out.

”Do not!” she muttered.

“Denial!” mimicked Musa.

They both looked at each other then began laughing manically. They were have their strange moments again that only Layla had known of since this is the first time they done it since they came.

“Urmm gurls are you sure you haven’t lost your minds and gone a bit cray-cray?” Layla asked her eyebrow raised.

Musa and Flora looked at each other again then titled their head sideways in a scary way.

“What have you guys done?” Helia asked.

“Oh wait has she gone into one of her crazy modes again and dragged her best friend into it. Poor Flo,” Helia said shaking his head sympathetically.

“Oh be quiet Heels just because I’m shorter doesn’t mean you’re older and I can’t hurt you!” Musa threatened.

“I wouldn’t be like that if I was you little sis, I know about your little secret,” Helia said smirking.

“Nooo! Who told you? Stella!” Musa said looking at the girl angrily who was filing her nails.

“What?” Stella asked innocently.

“You told them! I would have told them myself!” Musa hissed.

“No I just told Brandy and he must have told the others like I told him to,” Stella said like it was no problem.

“You idio-!”

“May I have your attention please,” said a woman with long brown and golden eyes.

“Kids I’ve got an announcement to make…Chris will no longer be head choreographer he has got a new job at Superstar dance academy. So my sister Phoebe will be taking over,” said Kate.

“Hi it’s so nice to meet you and I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long it’s so good to see you all in person and-“Phoebe said extremely quickly.

“Anyways today you guys will be able to have the day off so I’m off!” said Kate going back to her office while Phoebe heading off to who knows where.

“Shut up and listen up!” Diaspro yelled.

“Beth, Andy and I have stuff to do and someone needs to clean the windows so you guys can do it,” Diaspro said then sashayed out of the room with Bethany and Andy behind.

“Forget that I’m not doing it!” Layla yelled and they all got up to get their bags.

Musa and Riven were the last ones to leave.

“Hey Muse,” Riven whispered.

“Yeah,” she said turning around.

“I’ve got a plan to get rid of Diaspro as dance captain once and for all but all we need to do is get Bloom to agree,”

“Okay, so what the plan,”

“First we need to find Bloom first…”

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