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Witcher's Moon


Carissa Moon has always believed she's the only true, messed-up hybrid that slays monsters, but soon discovers she isn't. She's apart of something much larger.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The medieval-like gates opened up into the city. The townspeople stared after her like she was the biggest freak they'd seen.

Some had previously threatened to burn her, thinking she was a witch. They were close to what her kind was, but something was missing. She would receive comments everywhere she went.

'Freak, witch, monster'

Every single one of them made her skin boil as she rode in on horseback atop her steed, whom she named Goose. The silvery gelding was known for killing and trampling chickens, and any other bird. She connected to him right away and they became a quick partnership.

Men approached her with swords, their intent strong in their brown eyes. They thrusted their weapons in her face.

She dismounted Goose and sauntered into the Blavakin saloon, perching on a barstool at the far end. All of the men gave her odd looks as she set her smaller blade on the polished wood bar. A rough drink was slammed down in front of her and she gave it to the woman sitting down, her brown hair tumbling into a bob that hid her true identity. The girl took a swig and held out her brave, calloused hand to the younger Witcher.

"Renfri." The girl spoke. "You're a Witcher, aren't you?"

"Why do you care?" She reached for her weapon, unsure of the strange brunette.

"Because we're the same. What's your name?"

"Carissa. And no, we're not the same." Carissa argued, returning to her barstool and nibbling the food that had been dumped near her medicine bag. She dropped six coins into the bartender's tip jar and smiled. Renfri plonked down a few stools away as a hooded figure entered the saloon. He had bright amber eyes - so bold they almost matched hers. Was he a Witcher? "He can't be one. There's no way." Carissa didn't mean to say it out loud, but their eyes met as a result.

"Witchers can't be trusted." A stray man from outside commented, aiming his gaze at her and the new stranger.

"Leave it! Please excuse my husband's behavior. He shall fix it, or he won't be attending the market tomorrow." Renfri reprimanded him, ordering her and the other two mutant monster hunters a drink.

"He's right. I don't belong here." Carissa sighed, exiting the saloon, all her weapons neatly tucked into their sheaths.

There was no actual way he was a Witcher; a messed-up, mutant hybrid like her. There were only two in existence: her and a distant adult friend of hers.

"Get out of here, Witcher!" Rocks were pelted left and right as she galloped out of the gates and into the most dreaded place; the forest of loneliness. It was easy to get lost and lose your humanity, but Witcher's couldn't feel human emotion.

A chestnut horse, the same one she'd witnessed carrying a Kikimora to the wizard in town, trotted past her. The Witcher astride with Renfri on back. Carissa followed the trio deep into the brush and halted Goose a few paces away, hidden behind a wall of thick bush. She peered through to find the Witcher chatting to his mount, Renfri missing in action. He was telling the horse about his first monster and Carissa was impressed. She stayed like that till nightfall and slept into the next morning, one word waking them: Renfri.

Carissa rode mere steps away, chasing after him. She caught a glimpse of his mind and unsheathed her magnificent sword she'd crafted herself. The metal gleamed in the sunlight as she bared her weapon toward the men that surrounded the Witcher. They talked about an ultimatum, something along the line of choosing a lesser evil.

He fought off the few and she cut in to murder those who went after her, wiping the blood on her black cloak.

"Get off!" A young girl screamed as Renfri brought the knife closer to the girl's throat, threatening to rip her apart and everyone else in the village. "P-please let me go."

Renfri and the Witcher crossed swords and fought until the female killer was halfway dead before laying her to the muddy ground.

Carissa watched from above with the girl, wanting to know more about this other Witcher.

"This mutation dares influence my people." The wizard comments.

Several accusations were thrown at him, yet she joined him and rode out, still wondering who he was. She didn't know at the time that she played a larger role in his storyline.

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