Worlds Together

Chapter 11: To Each His Own

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Chapter 11: To Each His Own

"No way!" Naruto exclaimed. "I can't believe that Sasuke is like that!"

"Its true," Menma grinned. "Sasuke is such a playboy."

"Wow!" Naruto said. "He's so different from my Sasuke."

"Your Sasuke?" Menma asked.

Naruto blushed. "Well... you know what I mean. Oh! What about the others? What are the Konoha 12 like?"

"Thirteen," Menma said. "A guy names Sai joined our team while I went to train with Jiraiya."

"Oh!" Naruto said. "Sai joined my team after... after Sasuke left."

"He hurt you," Menma noted.

"He was my best friend," Naruto said. "Still is, though it's one-sided."

"Hold on," Menma said. He went to his book-case and pulled out a photo album. "Here." He handed it to Naruto. "It's full of things that happened to me."

Naruto opened it to a picture of Minato and Kushina with Menma between them. The next page showed Menma chewing on a ninja scroll. Naruto laughed at the sight. Menma only blushed and flipped a few pages until a picture of Menma and his Team 7 was shown. Kakashi looked loopy, kind of like Gai. Sakura made the same expression she did in Naruto's photo of Team 7. Sasuke had a rose in his hand as he tried to give it to Menma. Menma had a blush on his face. The next few photos were of Menma training with his team. When Naruto saw the next photo, his eyes widened. It was a picture of Sasuke and Menma kissing. He looked at Menma with a raised eyebrow.

Menma blushed. "Sasuke and I have been dating for three years. That photo was taken two days before I left with Jiraiya."

"I thought you said he goes around hitting on girls," Naruto said.

"He does," Menma said sighing. "I yell at him all the time, but I know he won't change."

"You love him," Naruto said. "Does he know that seeing him like that hurts you?"

Menma shook his head. "He probably wouldn't care even if he did. He needs a woman to rebuild his clan."

Naruto's mind instantly went to the potion is his bag. "He doesn't." Naruto grabbed his bag and pulled out the tube filled with the potion Megami gave him. "This is a potion that lets men get pregnant. You can have it." He handed it to Menma who was bright red.

"H-how?" Menma asked. "I c-can't. Sasuke and I haven't gone that far. I don't think he even wants to... you know."

"Knowing the way your Sasuke acts," Naruto mused. "I bet he does. May be he's afraid to ask you about it."

"S-should I bring it up?"

"Of course. Just make sure no one else is around. Trust me! We are irresistable! No one can turn done Naruto Uzumaki and Menma Namikaze!" Menma grinned as Naruto's words gave him confidence. Naruto's stomach suddenly rumbled. "Looks like ramen is in order!" The two walked out together and headed to Ichiraku's.


"So you and this Menma are dating," Sasuke said.

"Yes," Charasuke said. "We've been together for three years."

"Yet you're a play-boy," Sakura said.

Charasuke turned and glared at her. "Shouldn't you be at the hospital or something?"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Fine. If you wanted me to leave, all you needed to do was ask."

"Sakura," Charasuke said. "Will you please leave?"

"I should hit you," Sakura threatened.

Charasuke held his hands up in mock surrender. "Oh please great Sakura. Don't hurt me."

Sakura huffed. "I'm leaving." She headed to the door. "Oh and you may want to find your partner. It would be bad if anyone attacks him thinking he's an imposter." She closed the door loudly behind her.

"She's right," Charasuke. "Naruto could be in danger."

"He ran out to go see his parents," Sasuke said. "They... aren't around in our world."

"Hn," Charasuke said. "Then lets go save him from Kushina-san. She can be a beast when Menma is involved." The two headed out of Charasuke's apartment. Villagers gave them strange looks, but who could blame them. Seeing two Sasukes wearing different outfits talking to each other like they were different people had to be strange. They couldn't know that one of them was from a different world. Just as they were walking past Ichiraku's, they heard a voice.

"Another bowl please!" Naruto said.

"Coming right up," Ayame said. "Oh, Sasuke and... Sasuke? Ah, welcome?"

"Thanks, Ayame-chan," Charasuke said. He took a seat next to Menma. Sasuke sat next to Naruto.

"I see you've met," Menma said.

"Hi!" Naruto said. "I'm Naruto. It's nice to meet you, Charasuke!"

"Charasuke?" Charasuke asked.

"Well, calling you Sasuke would be confusing," Naruto said.

"But why Charasuke?" Charasuke asked.

"Because you are a bit flashy," Naruto said. "You know, Charai? So Charai plus Sasuke is Charasuke."

Sasuke nearly slammed his head against the counter. 'I can't believe that actually made sense.'

"I'm not that flashy," Charasuke said.

"Menma told me you were a playboy!" Naruto said. "You should stop playing around! You already have Menma!" Menma blushed.

Charasuke eyed Menma, then looked at Naruto. "What business of that is yours? I love Menma. Just because you are another version of him doesn't mean you have the right to tell him any different." He glared at the blond.

"Y-you love me?" Menma asked.

Charasuke turned his glare to Menma. "Of course I do! We've been together for three years. There is no one else I want to be with."

"Then why do you flirt with every girl you meet?" Menma asked.

"I have to find someone to carry our children," Charasuke said nonchalantly.

"Our?" Menma's eyes widened.

"Well, since neither of us can give birth," Charasuke smiled. "I have to search for someone who can carry our children for us. I want someone that's perfect for us. I don't want our children to get some weird treats from its surrogate mother."

Menma suddenly hugged Charasuke. "I'm sorry for doubting you. I love you, Sasuke."

Charasuke smirked. "I love you too, Menma." He leaned down and kissed Menma.

Both Naruto and Sasuke felt a jealous twinge in their hearts. Why couldn't they be like that? Why did they have to suffer so much? They wished they had different lives. Seeing Charasuke and Menma together made Sasuke want to hurry up and move on to a different world. He knew there was still two more days before his bracelet would turn green. He looked over at Naruto who was looking at Hokage Mountain. Sasuke just hoped Naruto would be able to leave.


Sasuke stayed with Charasuke while Naruto stayed with Menma and his parents. Naruto enjoyed the two days of having a family. Menma was like his twin brother. They got along extremely well and both having the Kyuubi inside of them helped them better understand the world around them. For the first time, Naruto was truly happy.

Sasuke didn't really care much for this world. The differences between his world and this one were too great. He wouldn't have minded living Charasuke's life, but he knew he didn't belong here. He had to get back to his own world. The only thing he regretted was not being about to see Itachi. Sasuke wanted to meet the Itachi of this world, but luck wasn't on his side. Sasuke couldn't go far from Konoha in case his bracelet turned green sooner than later. He search for Itachi nearby, but he didn't find him. Charasuke had told him that Itachi was the leader of Akatsuki, a band of S-Class Criminals that went around helping people. The concept was strange, but that was just how things worked. Finally, Sasuke decided that if he was to meet Itachi, he'd probably lose control of his emotions. It would be better if they didn't meet or Sasuke would want to stay in this world.

On the third day, Sasuke's bracelet turned green. But the strangest thing happened. Naruto's was still red. Sasuke questioned Yuko about it and he was told that Naruto wasn't ready to leave yet. Sasuke couldn't blame him. In this world, Naruto had a family. If Charasuke's parents were still alive, it would be hard for Sasuke to give them up. However, Sasuke knew that it wasn't good for Naruto to pretend that this was his home.

"They aren't your parents," Sasuke said to Naruto when they were alone. "They are Menma's."

"I know," Naruto said. "It's just that, I feel comfortable around them. They make me feel safe and warm inside."

"Still, this world isn't ours," Sasuke said.

"I know!" Naruto yelled. "I just want to stay. Only one more day. Just give me one more day. Then I promise that we can move on."

"Fine," Sasuke said. It wasn't like Sasuke could do anything. Naruto's bracelet had to turn green before they could move on to the next world.


On the fourth day, Naruto met up with Sasuke, but his bracelet was still green. Menma and Charasuke saw the pair and walked over to them. Charasuke saw the look in Sasuke's eyes and knew what the other hims was hiding. Sasuke felt pain with a mixture of anger. Charasuke knew that Sasuke was slightly jealous that Naruto had a family in this world while his was still gone. Charasuke had Menma and that was all he needed. And if he ever asked, he probably had Itachi too. But Sasuke had no one. Well, he had Naruto, but there was something keeping him from the blond.

Menma didn't want Naruto to go. He thought it was cool to have met the blond and he already thought of Naruto as his twin brother. Even his parents were happy to have another son. When Naruto told them that he had to get back to his world, Menma's parents had accepted the fact that Naruto wasn't theirs. Menma knew he could move on as long as he had Charasuke. He only hoped that Naruto would find a Sasuke of his own, no pun intended.

Soon, Naruto saw the rest of the Konoha 13 standing around him and Sasuke. He saw the differences between his friends and Menma's. And he had to admit, Hinata scared him a bit. Naruto loved his friends the way they were. Just as this though entered his mind, Naruto's bracelet turned green. Menma hugged Naruto then Sasuke, who didn't seem to mind. Charasuke kissed Naruto on the cheek, causing Sasuke to glare at him and Naruto to yell "pervert!" Charasuke and Sasuke simply nodded at each other. The rest of the Konoha 13 also said their good-byes.

"Oh!" Naruto said. "Before I forget." He walked over to Menma and handed him a small tube. "You only need a few drops. Let your dreams become true." He smiled then moved closer. "And I hope that gift brings you and Charasuke happiness." He went back to Sasuke's side. The two ravens looked at Menma and Naruto with questionable looks. Menma blushed and leaned over to whisper to Charasuke. The last thing Naruto and Sasuke saw was a smirk on Charasuke's face before he tackled the boy.

If you guessed that Naruto gave the potion from Megami to Menma, then you are correct. Now Menma and Charasuke will have children.

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