Worlds Together

Chapter 12: The Wrong Pair

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Chapter 12: The Wrong Pair

Dumbledore paced in his office, unsure of what to do. Harry's trial had ended on a good note. But the ministry was going to send one of their own to fill in for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position. He knew that whoever was picked would give Harry a hard time. And with Voldemort back, bad things were going to start happening. Harry had already been attacked by a Dementor. He didn't want Harry or any of the other students harmed.

A certain letter he had found, written to the first headmaster of Hogwarts gave him an idea. He was going to ask for the help of ninjas from Konoha. Quickly, Dumbledore wrote a note and sent it with enough protective charms that only the current Hokage could open it without a dangerous spell hitting them. He asked for their strongest team of ninja.

Several days later, Dumbledore received a letter stating that four ninjas were going to arrive within three days. It seemed the team was returning from another mission. Dumbledore finally stopped pacing and sat down. He began planning out where the team would stay and how things were going to go when he suddenly felt a change in the air. He stood up as he saw the sky bending and a green light hit the ground near the womping willow. Fear that Voldemort had somehow broken the barrier around Hogwarts made Dumbledore move.


Naruto and Sasuke landed on the ground, both on their butts. Naruto grinned as finally Sasuke knew how Naruto felt since usually it was only Naruto that landed on his butt. The two rose to their feet and brushed themselves off. Suddenly, a noise grabbed their attention and they turned to see a tree branch coming at them. The two ninjas jumped back. They watched in amazement as the tree they hand landed under returned to a normal position. Naruto had to admit that a moving, fighting tree was cool. Sasuke only wished he had one.

A man suddenly appeared before the ninjas. "My name is Albus Dumbledore. Who are you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said again. "And this is Sasuke Uchiha."

Dumbledore nodded. He saw Naruto's headband. 'Leaf ninja?' "You are the wrong pair." Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other, not understanding what Dumbledore meant. "Anyway, why don't you come inside. It is going to rain soon." The ninjas followed the wizard inside.

Just as the gated began close, rain started to fall from the sky. Naruto and Sasuke were glad that they hadn't gotten wet. Dumbledore led them to a huge dinning room. Naruto looked around in awe. Dumbledore motioned to a seat and then sat across from it. Naruto took the seat and Sasuke took one next to him. Dumbledore took out his wand and gave it a wave. Food appeared before them. Sasuke and Naruto's eyes widened. "Good ahead and eat," Dumbledore said.

Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and decided to do as Dumbledore said. Naruto ate at his regular fast pace as Sasuke ate at a much slower one. Dumbledore just smiled at the ninjas. He took a few sips of a drank but didn't eat anything. When Sasuke was full, he put his chopsticks down. "Aren't you going to ask anything?"

Dumbledore looked at Sasuke. "I have several questions, and I'm sure you will answer them." Sasuke could only nod. "Then the first question I'd like to ask is how did you get here?"

Naruto swallowed before holding up his arm. "These." He pointed to his bracelet. "They let us travel to different worlds. Yuko gave us them."

"We are trying to get back to our own world," Sasuke added.

"I see," Dumbledore said. "That is interesting."

"This is the sixth world we have been to," Naruto said.

"Seventh," Sasuke corrected. "Yuko's world was the first one. Then the Soul Society, Halloween Town, Men Only, the Bending World, Menma's Konoha, and then this one." Sasuke held up his hands as he ticked them off.

"That is quite the journey," Dumbledore said. "Why didn't this Yuko send you straight to your world."

"Something about keeping things balanced," Naruto said. "Guess we were sent to each world for a reason. I don't know what though."

"Hm... Do you know how long you will be staying?" Dumbledore asked.

"Three days," Naruto said. "Then these turn green and we are off to another world. Yuko did say it may take a long time to return home."

Dumbledore was a smart man. He was said to be the most powerful wizard alive. And his age let him learn many things. It was these things that made him notice something. Naruto had called his world home while Sasuke had simply called it their world. It seemed that Sasuke did not acknowledge his world as home. But Dumbledore could tell that both wanted to go back their world as equally as much. Naruto reminded him of himself. Sasuke reminded him of Tom Riddle. That concerned him. Dumbledore didn't want another Voldemort running around, even if it was in another world. But what could he do?

"So, where are we?" Naruto asked.

"This is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," Dumbledore said.

Sasuke snorted. "Witches and Wizards? Does every world have something to do with supernatural or something?"

Naruto shrugged. "Probably. What? Afraid that something is gonna get you Teme?"

Sasuke glared at the blond. Then he smirked. "Well, at least I'm not afraid of ghosts, Dobe."

"Teme!" Naruto stood up. "Ghosts are creepy!"

"They don't..." Sasuke began but something made him freeze. Naruto turned to look at what Sasuke was looking at. His jaw dropped and he jumped into Sasuke's lap.

"Sorry for being creepy," a male ghost said.

"G-gh-ghost!" Naruto screamed as he tried to bury himself in Sasuke's arms. Sasuke smirked as he felt Naruto move closer to him.

Dumbledore saw this and smiled. 'Seems he won't turn out like Tom. Naruto is good for him.' He waved off the Fat Friar. "You must be tired. Let me show you to your room." He led them to Gryffindor Tower. "I'll show you around the castle tomorrow."


Over the next few days, Dumbledore showed Naruto and Sasuke around Hogwarts. He also allowed them to read some of the books in the library, well, Sasuke read some and Naruto pretended to read one. Overall, Sasuke had the most fun in this world. He was able to learn about a lot of things. He even read about the Sorcerer's Stone. Sasuke found it funny that it was exactly what Orochimaru had been looking for.

Dumblerdore showed them the broomsticks used for Quidditch. Naruto had fun flying around. Sasuke prefered to stay on the ground. Though he did go after the golden snitch, but it was Naruto who caught it. Naruto had spent half an hour bragging about it before Sasuke silenced him with a threat about trapping him in a closet with the Fat Friar.

When their bracelets turned green, Dumbledore had just showed them the potions room. "Looks like it is time to leave," Naruto said. "Thanks for letting us stay here. It has been fun."

"I'm glad you liked it," Dumbledore said. "I have something for you." He handed Sasuke and Naruto each a piece of parchment. "It is a magical map. It shows where you are in any world. It should help you get around."

"Thank you," both ninjas said as they vanished in a flash of green.

Dumbledore headed back to his office. He knew that those he requested to come would be there soon. Just as he got to his seat, not even five minutes after Naruto and Sasuke left, a group of four appeared, each wearing a different animal mask.

And that is where this chapter ends! I will be writing a Naruto X Harry Potter Crossover. It will involve Team Kitsune from the "No" Series. It won't be out until the third book in that series is over. I should be posting the first chapter of Book 3 within the next two weeks. Other updates will be on my profile. Some other chapters may hint to other SasuNaru stories/crossovers that I will be writing.

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