Worlds Together

Chapter 13: Fellow Journeymen

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Chapter 13: Fellow Journeymen

"Where are we?" a girl with strawberry blonde hair and snake-green eyes said.

"I don't know," a boy with brown hair and brown eyes answered. "This place is beautiful though, right Sakura?"

"It is," the girl agreed.

"I find it pretty," a boy with pale blond hair and blue eyes said. "But not as pretty as the last world."

"Mokona agrees," a white creature, Mokona said. The other male in their group rolled his eyes but remained silent. He had black hair and red-ish brown eyes.

"We should probably find a place to stay," the brunette said.

"Then lets look for one," the blond said. They started walking towards the forest. As soon as they stepped into it, an orange blur slammed into the blond. He slipped backwards into the dark haired man, who helped the two stay standing.

"I'm sorry," Naruto said looking up into the eyes of the people he ran into. "I didn't know their were other people on this island."

"Oh it's alright," the other blond said. "No problem at all. My name is Fai. These are Kurogane, Mokona, Syaoran, and Sakura-chan."

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto looked at the girl. She was the complete opposite of his pink haired teammate. This girl looked delicate. Just to prove this, her eyes suddenly closed and she fell into Syaoran's arms. The brunette looked worried, but lifter her up bridal style.

"Is there a place we can stay?" Syaoran asked.

"There are no buildings on this island," Naruto answered. "But we have a small set up to keep us out of the rain." He looked up to the sky. "We better move before it begins to rain. I already finished getting some food and water." The grouped looked at each other before following Naruto.

Naruto led them to a large area surrounded by trees. A big blanket was tied to some tress with thread through four kunai. A tent was set up with only a bit under the blanket. In the middle was a small fire to keep the place as warm as it could be. Syaoran put Sakura into the tent to let her sleep. Then the four boys sat around the fire to keep warm.


Sasuke finished finding sticks for the fire and headed back to their temporary "home." When he got there, he glared at the four boys around the fire. Three of them were strangers. Naruto looked up at the raven and welcomed him back. Sasuke just grunted and put his stack of sticks in a neat pile arm's length away from the fire before sitting next to Naruto. He silently began to tend the fire.

"So you guys know Yuko too?" Naruto asked.

"Yes," Syaoran said. "She's helping us get Sakura's memory back." At the mention of the two familiar names, Sasuke looked up. Syaoran then began to tell his story about Cloud Country and Sakura's memories. "The price to find them was her memory of me. Sakura will never remember me."

"Wow," Naruto said. "You must love her a lot." Syaoran blushed and looked away. "One day I want someone to love me enough to do something like that."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted.

"What about you two?" Naruto asked.

Kurogane crossed his arms and looked away. "I'm a magician," Fai said. "I went to Yuko to stay away from my country. I gave up a tattoo that held my powers. As long as I don't return there, I'll be happy." He smiled.

"So that's the opposite of us," Naruto said. "We are trying to get home."

"That's like Big Dog here," Fai said.

"Don't call me that," Kurogane growled. He looked at Naruto. "I'm a ninja from Nihon."

"You're a ninja too?" Naruto's eyes widened.

Kurogane eyed Naruto carefully. "So?"

"Cool!" Naruto said. "What kind of jutsus can you do? What's your element? Are you..."

"Dobe," Sasuke said. "He can't get a word in."

"Oh," Naruto scratched the back of his neck. "Sorry."

Kurogane just shrugged it off. "I'm the most powerful warrior. I was sent to Yuko by Princess Tomoyo because I showed no mercy to assassins. I mean, why should I spare someone who's trying to kill the princess? I had to give up my sword Ginryuu. For every life I take, I grow weaker. That was the curse the princess gave me. I want to go back to Nihon."

'One wants to save his girlfriend,' Sasuke thought. 'One wants to return home while the other wants to stay away from his home for as long as possible. They make a good team. But there is something off about this Fai guy.'

"I see," Naruto said. He turned to Fai. "So why don't you want to go home?"

"I have my reasons," Fai said smiling.

'He's like Sai,' Naruto said. 'They both have such a fake smile.' "So why are you guys here?"

"There has to be a feather here," Syaoran said. "We have to find it so we can go to the next world that has one."

"Hm..." Naruto paused in thought. "What do the feathers look like?"

"Like a heart on a winged staff," Fai said. He drew a picture of the mark on the feathers. "The feathers are white with a pink glow to them."

Sasuke thought back to his time in the woods picking up sticks. He had seen a pinkish glow somewhere. But he stayed silent. It was this group's job to find them not his. Naruto also thought back to his time on this island. They had arrived here two days ago. He went over everything in his mind, but he couldn't bring up a time that he saw a feather like that.

"I wish I could help you guys," Naruto said. "But I haven't seen anything like that."

"That's ok," Syaoran said. "We will find it." Naruto smiled and a new discussion started. Only Fai and Syaoran responded to Naruto. Kurogane was too busy watching Sasuke and Sasuke was ignoring them. Sasuke knew Kurogane was looking at him, but he did nothing. They would have to talk later.

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