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Chapter 15: Temperary Disastor

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Chapter 15: Temperary Disastor

Syoaran sighed. He wanted to find Sakura's feather. He looked at Mokona who was at Sakura's side. Mokona had stayed out of everyone's way, which was strange. Usually he would be annoying Kurogane with Fai. But instead, he was staying quiet. Syoaran began to wonder if he was ok. "Mokona? Is something wrong?"

Mokona looked at Syoaran. "There's something scary about them."

"Who?" Syoaran asked. "Naruto and Sasuke?"

Mokona nodded. "Mokona can sense their mixed feelings. They're hiding something. Mokona is scared."

Syoaran could understand partially where Mokona was coming from. Sasuke may be a bit scary but Naruto? "Even Naruto?"

Mokona nodded. "There's something dark inside him."

Syoaran was going to say something in response, but Sasuke, Naruto, Kurogane, and Fai were back. He smiled at them. "Welcome back. Everything ok?"

"Yup!" Fai said. They sat down and began to eat. "So, should we start searching for Sakura's feather?"

Syoaran smiled. "That would be good."

"Do you want us to help?" Naruto asked.

"That would be..." Syoaran began.

"I'm not helping," Sasuke said.

"Teme," Naruto said. "We should help them."

"If you want to help them then go ahead," Sasuke said. "Just keep me out of it." He stood up.

"Teme!" Naruto yelled. "Can't you see that they need our help?"

Sasuke sighed. He knew there was no arguing with Naruto. "It's a magical object that gives off its own presence right?" Syoaran nodded. "Then just use Sage Mode."

"Oh!" Naruto exclaimed. "I didn't even think about that."

"Obviously," Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Naruto closed his eyes. Soon, he was in Sage Mode. He began to search the island, ignoring the Chakra details of various animals. He felt a high level of Chakra coming from a branch of a tree close to the beach side of the island. It was a strange feeling. It wasn't as strong as Sasuke's and his own Chakra, but it was definately stronger than a normal person's. He double checked the rest of the island, but nothing else gave off anything simular. He relaxed further as he went back to that Chakra signature. Getting a closer look, Naruto could see tha shape of the thing. It was indead a feather. He opened his eyes. "I believe that it is on the beach side."

Everyone stood up. Syoaran carried Sakura to the place Naruto indecated. Sasuke and Naruto watched in amazement as the feather went into Sakura's body. She awoke and introductions were made. The light on Naruto and Sasuke's bracelets turned green. It was time for them to leave.

Syoaran suddenly grabbed Naruto's arm. "Won't you come with us? It will be easier to find the feather with your help."

Naruto paused. He looked at Sasuke then back at Syoaran. He smiled. "Sorry, but I have to go with Sasuke." He held up his wrist. "This will send us to places we have to go. If we meet up again, my help is yours. But I have to go with Sasuke."

"I understand," Syoaran said.

"It was nice meeting you," Fai said. He hugged Naruto. He was about to hug Sasuke, but the glare the raven gave him, made him back off. Instead, Fai leaned down close to Naruto. "When you get a chance, you should tell him," he whispered.

"Huh?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing," Fai said. His group backed up a bit. Suddenly, Mokona grew wings. Syoaran, Fai, and Sakura waved good bye. Then they were gone. In the next moment, a green light surrounded Naruto and Sasuke and they too vanished. With that, the island became uninhabited once more.


Yoshimori was bored. There hadn't been any attacks on the Karasumori Site for a few days. He looked at the sky, frowning. A green light flashed. Suddenly, two people stood before him, one blond and one with dark hair that almost blended in with the night. They looked to be around his age, if not older. He sighed and moved closer to them, ready to tell them to leave.

Naruto and Sasuke landed next to a tree. "Finally," Naruto said. "I've got this landing thing down."

"Che, Dobe," Sasuke said.

"Teme!" Naruto yelled. "Just because you..." He suddenly fell to his knees. Sasuke raised an eyebrow as red Chakra began to seep out of the blond.

"Dobe?" Sasuke asked. "What are you...?"

Naruto screamed. Pain ran through his body, like never before. He was use to Kurama's Chakra, so he didn't understand what was happening. "Kurama? What...? Ah!" He wrapped his arms around his stomach.

"Kit?" Kurama asked. "You ok? My Chakra suddenly sparked. I can't seem to control it. Kit?"

But Naruto was unable to answer him. He had lost control over the Chakra as well. He fell to all fours and suddenly grew a tail. He let out a roar. Sasuke saw Naruto begin to shift into the One-Tailed state. He let his eyes shift into the Sharingan. He needed to get Naruto under control. Sasuke managed to lock eyes with Naruto just as a barrier appeared around him. He felt three presences and was distracted by them. The loss of focus was enough for Kurama's Chakra to lash out. The barrier broke and Sasuke was sent flying into the tree.

Tokine, Yoshimori, and Gen looked on as Naruto gained another tail. Gen ran at Naruto, only to be smacked backwards by a tail. Tokine and Yoshimori made three barriers arround Naruto. When a third tail began to appear, the barrier faultered. Naruto broke out of the barriers and charged at Yoshimori. Yoshimori grabbed Tokine and jumped on a kekkai. He made sure he was over ten feet above Naruto. Gen jumped on the same Kekkai.

"What should we do?" Tokine said. "He seems to be stronger than us. We need help." Just as she said this, Tokine's grandmother and Yoshimori's grandfather appeared.

"What is the situation?" Shigemori asked.

"An unidentified male," Tokine answered. "It seems that his power is out of control."

"Hm," Tokiko said. "My guess is that he's a Kitsune."

"A Kitsune?" Tokine asked. "I thought Fox Demons were peaceful?"

"Normally, they are," Tokiko said. "But this one seems different."

"And what of the other boy?" Shigemori asked.

"He seems to be normal," Tokine said.

"He appeared with the Kitsune," Yoshimori said. "So he must be its tamer or he's another demon. But he hasn't done anything." Just as he said this, Sasuke stood up. He was bleeding, but he glared at Naruto.

Naruto screamed out. Shigemori and Tokiko instantly made a Kekkai to block out the noise, so no one would hear what was happening. Sasuke watched as the Chakra began to rip Naruto's skin. He flinched as the blood mixed in with the Chakra. He knew what this meant. He had heard of this happening from Orochimaru. Naruto was entering full-on Three-Tail mode. Sasuke's Sharingan shifted to the Mangekyo Sharingan. He let lightning cover his body at he charge at Naruto. He grabbed Naruto's shoulders. The red Chakra started to burn his skin, and Sasuke let out his Susano. The Susano managed to protect him as his eyes met Naruto's.

Inside of Naruto, Kurama was screaming in pain. Sasuke appeared before the Demon and held up a hand. The red Chakra that was seeping off of him began to return inside of him. With the raven's help, Kurama regained control of the Chakra. He glared at Sasuke as he finally had full control of the Chakra.

"You're lucky you helped us," Kurama said. "Or I'd kill you."

"Hn," Sasuke said. He let the Sharingan vanish. He looked around and saw Naruto on the ground. Suddenly, Yoshimori, Tokine, Gen, Tokiko, and Shigemori were surrounding them. Sasuke collected the sleeping boy into his arms. A kekkai surrounded them.

"Who are you?" Gen asked.

Sasuke glared. "That's none of your buisness."

Gen glared. "Yoshimori, destroy them. They're a danger." Yoshimori held up his hand but Shigemori stopped him. He shook his head then turned to Sasuke.

"We are the Kekkaishi of this site," Shigemor said. Noticing that Sasuke had no idea what that meant, he added, "we watch over this place." Sasuke nodded. "What have you come here for?" Sasuke said nothing.

"He's not going to tell us anything," Gen said. "It's clear they are here for the power of the Karasumori Site."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He had no idea what Gen was talking about. He knew he had to get out of here. If Naruto was killed, he'd die as well. The first thing he had to do was destroy the barrier. Standing up, Sasuke let his Sharingan spin. He saw the weak point in the kekkai and sent a kunai charge with Chidori at it.

The others watched in amazement at the kekkai went down so easily. Sasuke then jumped onto the tree, Naruto still in his arms. He made a clone to watch over Naruto than jumped down, taking a stance. He was ready to take the kekkaishi on.

Yoshimori and Gen took their own stances. They too were ready to eliminate the threat. "Wait!" Tokine said, stepping between Yoshimori and Gen and Sasuke. "Everyone calm down." Gen and Yoshimori looked at each other before relaxing. Sasuke however, stayed in his stance. "We need to explain things." She turned to Sasuke. "This is the Karasumori Site. It holds a power that ayakashi want. We guard it to make sure no ayakashi get their hands on this power. That is why we attacked you."

"Ayakashi?" Sasuke asked. "As in demons?" Tokine nodded. Sasuke relaxed. His clone brought Naruto over to him then vanished. "Neither of us are demons. The Dobe is a host of one though."

"A host?" Yoshimori asked surprised. "You mean he has a demon inside of him?"

A cough interupted them. Everyone turned to Shigemori. "May be we should take this back home. We wouldn't want the Kitsune to lose control again." Sasuke glared but agreed. He wasn't in the mood for a repeat. He followed the others to the Sumimura residence.

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