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Chapter 16: Hidden Sadness

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Chapter 16: Hidden Sadness

"Oh?" Shuji smiled. "We have guests? Then I'll get some tea."

"Guests?" Toshimori asked.

"Yes," Shigemori said. "It's Kekkaishi buisness."

"Ok," Toshimori said. He went to help his father make tea. Everyone else gather around a table. Sasuke kept his arms around Naruto just in case they had to flee.

"Ok," Tokine said taking the leader role again. "So, first, please tell us who you two are."

"Shouldn't you tell me who you are first?" Sasuke said.

Tokine sighed. "My name is Tokine Yukimura. This is my grandmother Tokiko. We live next door."

"I am Shigemori," Shigemori said. "This is my grandson Yoshimori. The man in the apron is Shuji and my other grandson is Toshimori. The one who looks ready to kill you is Gen Shishio."

Sasuke nodded in acknowledgement. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. The Dobe is Naruto Uzumaki."

"As we said before, we are kekkaishi," Tokine said. "The reason we attacked you was to defend the Karasumori Site. That is our job."

"We can sense the ayakashi inside of Naruto," Tokiko added.

"His name is Kurama," Naruto said waking up. He blushed as he noticed that he was lying in Sasuke's lap. He moved away and sat up.

"How much did you hear?" Shigemori asked.

"Everything," Naruto said. "Kurama listened in and told me everything."

"Then you understand why we attacked?" Tokiko asked.

"Yes," Naruto said. "You were just doing your job. I understand. Honestly, I don't know what happened. One minute Sasuke and I were fighting, the next Kurama's Chakra was going out of control. And I felt something weird. It was as if something was trying to feed us more power while making us fight ourself. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone."

Sasuke grunted. "What about you Dobe?"

Naruto looked down at himself. "Kurama is healing me." He looked at Sasuke and frowned. "You know Teme, I can tell that your broke a few ribs." Tokine gasped. She instantly grabbed Sasuke's shirt and pulled it apart, letting her see his chest. There were bruises all over his chest.

"How could you even move like this?" she asked.

Sasuke frowned and pushed her away. "I've been through worse."

"I'm going to get the first aid kit," Tokine said.

"Don't bother," Sasuke said. He crossed his arms.

"Teme," Naruto said. "Let her help you. You must be in pain." Sasuke glared at the blond but nodded. Tokine went into the bathroom before coming back with the first aid kit.

"We should take you to the hospital," Tokine said.

"No need," Sasuke said. "Just set them."

Tokine's eyes widened. "That will hurt. I'm not a doctor."

"Just do it," Sasuke ordered.

Tokine shook her head. "I won't."

Naruto sighed before putting his hands on Sasuke's sides. "Ready Teme?" Sasuke nodded. A snap was heard as he set the broken ribs into place. He then sent a bit of Kurama's Chakra into the gaze before wrapping Sasuke up. Tokine had to take over since Naruto was too clumzy. Everyone was surprised that Naruto had done what Sasuke had ordered. It was even more of a surprise that Sasuke didn't even flinch.

Gen was getting annoyed. Here was a person with a ayakashi inside him, but the blond was acting as if it was nothing. It also seemed that Sasuke didn't care about it either. Why was Naruto so lucky while he had suffered? "That's it?" he spat. "You're just going to let them get away with this?"

Sasuke glared while Naruto looked surprised. Tokine understood why Gen was angry. "Gen, they..."

"No!" Gen stood up. "I don't care that they don't know about the Karasumori Site. They still appeared there. They aren't from this world. What if someone sent them to confuse us?"

Naruto stood up. "I don't know what your problem is, but we mean no harm. I already said I was sorry."

"Your appology means nothing!" Gen yelled back. "What if your tamer hadn't gotten you under control again?"

"Tamer?" Naruto was pissed. "Sasuke doesn't own me. I'm not a pet."

"A ayakashi like you should just shut up," Gen said.

Naruto flinched. His past was coming back to him. He hated when others called him a demon just because he hosted one. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he shook. "What do you know? What do you know about being a Jinchuriki?" He ran out of the house.

Gen's eyes widened. He knew what a Jinchuriki was but had never met one. Tokiko and Shigemori were also surprised. Yoshimori and Tokine looked confused.

"A Jinchuriki?" Tokine asked. "What's that?"

"A human sacrifise," Tokiko said.

Tokine and Yoshimori's eyes widened. They looked at Sasuke hoping for more answers. Sasuke sighed. "Naruto is the host to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox."

Tokine gasped. "A Kyuubi?"

Sasuke nodded. "Nearly eighteen years ago, the Kyuubi attack our village. To save the village, our Hokage, the leader of the village, sealed the Kyuubi inside of Naruto. And in doing so, the Fourth lost his life."

"H-how old was he?" Tokine asked.

Sasuke knew that no one would like the answer. "The day that the Kyuubi was sealed inside of Naruto was October tenth. Naruto will be eighteen on that day this year." Everyone's eyes widened. That meant that Naruto became a Jinchuriki the day he was born.

"N-no," Tokine said. Tears were in her eyes.

The next question came from Gen. "And his parents? Why did they let this happen?"

"From what I know," Sasuke said. "His mother was the previous Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi."

"Wait," Shigemori said. "That means..." Sasuke nodded. Yoshimor and Tokine looked at Shigemori to an explaination. "When a Jinchuriki loses the demon inside of them, they die." Tokine and Yoshimori gasped. Gen was felling worse and worse.

"She had the Kyuubi removed right after Naruto's birth," Sasuke said. "The one who did it, sent the Kyuubi on the village. The Fourth Hokage was forced to chose the village over his son."

Gen's eyes widened. "You mean his own father sealed the demon in him?" Sasuke nooded. Gen clenched his fists. "That's not fair."

"Hn," Sasuke said. He stood up. "I better go find the Dobe before he hurts himself."

"We'll help," Tokine said, also standing up. Yoshimori, Tokine, Gen, and Sasuke left the house in pairs. Yoshimori went with Sasuke while Tokine went with Gen.

Yoshimori pouted. He wanted to go with Tokine. He glanced at Sasuke. The boy was older than him. And, although he hated to admit it, Sasuke was good looking. What if Tokine fell in love with Sasuke? It made him mad that someone that randomly showed up could steal Tokine from him.

Sasuke was forcused on finding Naruto. He didn't understand why he couldn't sense Naruto. Naruto wasn't good at hiding his Chakra. Could he have gotten better at it? Surely he was trained to do so. Sasuke cursed. It he could go into Sage Mode like Naruto, he'd be able to find him. Instead, he was forced to look the normal way.

Tokine and Gen weren't having better luck. They had already searched their half of town. They had even gone back to the Karasumori Site, just in case Naruto was stupid enough to go there. They soon met up with Sasuke and Yoshimori. Since neither group had found him, they headed back to the Sumimura residence. When they entered the house, they were surprised to see Naruto sitting with Shigemori and Tokiko, drinking tea.

When Naruto had left, he had gone into town. He walked around until he was calm before returning to the Sumimura residence. He chilled out on the roof until Shuji went to get him. Deciding to have the tea, Naruto went inside. There, he waited for the others to return.

Sasuke didn't bother questioning Naruto. He just took a seat next to him. Following his movement, Tokine, Yoshimori, and Gen did the same. Minutes later, Gen broke the silence.

"I'm sorry," Gen said. Naruto looked at him. "You see, I'm half ayakashi. It bothered me that you seemed so happy despite your predicument."

"I've never blamed Kurama for my life," Naruto said. "Sure, I did hate him, but things changed. I may have been outcasted by the villagers, but my friends, they save me from myself. They rescued me from my loneliness. They were the first to accept me as who I am." He glanced at Sasuke then looked back at Gen. "And I will do anything for them."

"You are quite strong minded," Tokiko said.

"I had a good sensei," Naruto said.

"So tell me," Shigemori said putting his tea down. "How did you get here?"

"You see, we're ninjas," Naruto said. He told his tale of how Sasuke and him got there. "And we have to stay in this world for three days."

"I see," Shigemori said. "You may stay here. We have plenty of room."

Naruto smiled. "Thank you."

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