Worlds Together

Chapter 17: Kekkaishi, Ayakashi, and Nin

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Chapter 17: Kekkaishi, Ayakashi, and Ninjas

Yoshimori was justting jealous of how Naruto was with Tokine. In his opinion, Naruto was acting too friendly. Sasuke on the other hand knew that Naruto was just being friendly. He was still a bit jealous, but he hit it well. Gen was overwhelmed when Naruto was acting as if they were friends. Tokine was glad that Naruto was such a good influence on Gen. She wished that Yoshimori wasn't so childish. There was something about Sasuke that she didn't like, but she didn't know what.

During their second night there, Tokine brought Sasuke and Naruto to the Karasumori with talesmen on Naruto's body. They didn't want what happened before to happen again. Naruto didn't mind wearing the talesmen, but it bothered Sasuke. He felt like they were treating Naruto like an Ayakashi when he was human. Naruto was in a conversation with Gen and Yoshimori about ninjas when Tokine walked over to Sasuke.

"You seem angry," she said.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted. He wasn't in the mood to talk and he didn't want to hear Tokine's voice. He didn't like her, but he was going to tolerate her, for now.

"Naruto seems to be fitting in with us," Tokine said. "You guys should just stay here." Sasuke said nothing. Tokine frowned. "If not, I'd like to come with you." Sasuke froze, and so did the other three boys. "Traveling through different worlds would be a good learning experience."

"Tokine, you don't mean that," Yoshimori said. "You belong here, not in some strange world with those two!"

Tokine glared at Yoshimori. "I have the right to go wherever I want."

"But..." Yoshimori stopped talking when he felt the ground rumbled. Suddenly, a large ayakashi appeared. The ayakashi was slamming a foot into the ground, breaking it apart.

"Hoi, joso, ketsu," Tokine said. A barrier surrounded the ayakashi. "You need to leave."

"Stupid human," the ayakashi said. "You think I'll obey you?" He stomped his foot causing the ground to crack. He went into the crack and appeared before Tokine, swiping his claws.

"Ketsu," Yoshimori said. A kekkai surround the ayakashi's hand. "Metsu." In seconds, the kekkai was gone and so was the ayakashi's hand.

"Arg!" the ayakashi roared. "Brats!" His tail swung out, knocking Yoshimori and Tokine on their butts. Gen, Naruto, and Sasuke had jumped. "I shall kill you for Lord Hasho!" He held up his other hand. His claws grew and went at everyone like spears. They flew out at everyone. Yoshimori formed a kekkai over himself and Tokine. Gen, Naruto, and Sasuke were faster, so they were able to dodge. Sasuke landed in a tree and decided to stay out of the fight. This wasn't his world and he didn't have to fight for them. Naruto on the other hand wanted to help. He tossed a few throwing stars laced with his Chakra. The ayakashi let out a cry of pain as the stars sank into his legs. He sent his claws at Naruto. Gen jumped in front of Naruto and swung at the claws with his own.

"Thanks," Naruto said smiling. Gen nodded and ran at the ayakashi. The ayakashi was about to move, but found that he couldn't. Two kekkai were around his legs, one made by Tokine, the other by Yoshimori.

"Ketsu!" Tokine and Yoshimori yelled. The ayakashi screamed out before falling to his knees. Gen appeared before the ayakashi, his claws at the other's throat. But a hand grabbed his and tossed him backwards. Another ayakashi had appeared.

"Lord Hasho," the first ayakashi said.

"Behen," the second ayakashi said before slapping the other. "Why are these humans still alive?"

"I'm sorry Lord Hasho," Behen said. "They're kekkaishi."

"Kekkaishi?" Hasho asked. Behen nodded. Hasho looked at the other five. "Two kekkashi and three humans? No, one is half-ayakashi and another has an ayakashi sealed within. Interesting." He grinned. Fire suddenly surrounded Hasho's body. "The human doesn't seem in the mood to fight. I'll take care of the kekkaishi. Get rid of the other two."

"Yes, Lord Hasho," Behen said. His legs finally regenerated and he charged at Tokine and Yoshimori. The two kekkaishi kept making kekkai and destroying parts of Behen. Finally, Yoshimori made a large kekkei around Behen's body.

Meanwhile, Hasho sent his flames at Gen and Naruto. He ignored Sasuke, who noticed that Naruto was trying to get his attention. Sasuke sighed before joining the fight. Sasuke used his Giant Fireball Jutsu to see whose fire was stronger. Hasho's was stronger. His fire continued at Sasuke, but Naruto sudden;y added his wind to Sasuke's fire, and their fire pushed Hasho's back. Gen lunged at Hasho's back, but his flames flew out. Gen crossed his arms to protect his face. Gen landed a few feet away. Naruto and Sasuke teleported to Gen's came at them, as they lifted Gen up.

Hasho's flames went towards Yoshimori. Neither he nor Tokine could react in time as the flames destroyed Yoshimori's barried and Behen's claws went at Yoshimori. Yoshimori closed his eyes thinking this was the end. But he felt nothing. He opened his eyes, then widened at the site. Naruto stood facing him, three claws running threw his body. Two more claws were on either side of him. "Naruto?

Naruto caughed up some blood. "I made it." Yoshimori then noticed that the claws had also gone through three talesmen on Naruto's body.

Behen retracted his claws, letting out a laugh. "I did it Lord Hasho! I killed one!"

"Naruto!" Tokine yelled. Yoshimori put out his arms ready to catch Naruto's body, but Naruto didn't move. Red Chakra surrounded Naruto's wounds, healing them. Tokine, Yoshimori, and Gen's eye widened. Behen and Hasho were also surprised. Sasuke wasn't surprised since he had seen this before. Naruto suddenly turned towards Behen, red eyes glaring. Faster than even Gen could see (but not faster than Sasuke who was now using his Sharingan), Naruto was infront of Behen, a Rasengan in his hand. Behen let out a scream as the Rasengan connected to his chest. Naruto pulled back and turned to Hasho.

Fear ran through Hasho's body. He knew he had no chance against Naruto. Sasuke noticed that a tail was beginning to form. This time, he called up his Susano before walking towards Naruto. He put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "Dobe."

Naruto turned to Sasuke. Hie red eyes flicked blue as he stared at Sasuke's Sharingan. "Sasuke." The red Chakra vanished along with Sasuke's Susano.

Hasho fell to his knees, tears running down his cheeks. He had just been saved, by a human no less. He looked at Naruto. 'He's too strong. Someone has to get rid of him or no ayakashi will survive.' He raised a hand, willing his flames to destroy Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto saw the flames and moved, pushing Sasuke to the ground. He took the brunt of the fire attack. But red Chakra shot out, protecting him and Sasuke. Sasuke frowned as Naruto stood back up. He could have protected himself.

Naruto turned towards Hasho, forming a Rasenshuriken. The sound it made caused Hasho to run. Naruto tossed the Rasenshuriken at Hasho's back. Hasho let out a scream as the justu riped through his body. Tokine, horrified by the scream, formed a kekkai around Hasho.

"Metsu," she said, putting Hasho out of his misery. Naruto looked at Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen expecting to see fear on their faces. He did. He looked down in sadness. Suddenly, a hand smacked him on his head. He looked up into Tokine's eyes. "You shouldn't be so self-sacrificing."

"I was just protecting..." Naruto began.

Another smack. "Shut up!" Tokine said. "Protecting someone doesn't mean dying for someone. If you keep sacrifising yourself, you are going to end up hurting someone who loves you."

"Sorry," Naruto said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Tokine smiled. "Good. Now lets clean up then go home." Shiki were summoned to help with the clean up. Naruto also made a few clones. The group then headed back to the Sumimura residence. Tokine wished them a good night before she went home.


When it was time for them to leave, the Sumimura and Yukimura families were gathered before Naruto and Sasuke. They were sad to see the two ninjas go, Naruto more than Sasuke, but they had come to say their good-byes. Tokine had decided to stay here since this was where she belonged. She promised herself that she'd get stronger. She handed Sasuke some healing supplies, knowing he'd take better care of them. Yoshimori had made the two some food to eat on their journey. Gen gave them some clothes. It was a funny site to see them in Gen's clothes. They were loose on Naruto and a bit tight on Sasuke. Tokine blushed at the sight of the two handsome boys. Yoshimori silently cursed Gen for giving them clothes. After being wished good luck, Naruto and Sasuke vanished in a flash of green. Once the green light had disappeared, Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen left to resume their job of protecting the Karasumori Site.


Naruto and Sasuke land in a strange world. The moon had a face. The world gave off a creepy vibe. Suddenly, the two were grabbed and pulled against a large chest. "Hello! Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy." Naruto and Sasuke turned around to look at the stranger. A tall figure that was easily a foot or two taller than Sasuke stood before them all in black. The other things that weren't black were the man's white gloves and mask. "I'm Lord Death. It is a pleasure to meet you, Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun." Surprise flckered through their eyes. "I know Yuko-san. She's the only witch that we leave alone."

"Oh," Naruto said, relaxing. "Where are we?"

"Death Weapon Meister Academy," Lord Death said.

'Great,' Naruto said. 'A school.'

"Here, our students learn to beomce Meisters," Lord Death said. "And since you two are here for at least three days, you may as well learn something."

'Great,' Sasuke and Naruto thought. 'Just what we need. More schooling.'

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