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Chapter 18: The Power of the Soul

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Chapter 18: The Power of the Soul

Naruto sighed. He couldn't believe that he had gotten forced to go to school. And to top it off, he was separated from Sasuke. Lord Death had said something about getting contacts for Sasuke. Naruto frowned. That meant that Sasuke's eyes weren't going to by the black he was use to. The contacts were to hide the raven's Sharingan. Naruto froze. What about himself? His eyes sometimes turned red. He turned around to head back to Lord Death when someone jumped down in front of him.

"Are you the new kid?" the boy asked.

"Um... yes?" Naruto said.

"I'm Black Star," Black Star said. "I will be the man who will surpass God!"

Naruto looked a bit surprised. Black Star made him think of Nagato and Madara. Naruto frowned. "Surpass God? Why would you want to do that?"

Black Star fell silent. This surprised Tsubaki. Black Star was usually very loud and open with his dreams. Black Star then looked into Naruto's eyes trying to see if this kid was stupid. "Because then I'll be the strongest, which I am. I mean, the great me will never lose to anyone!"

"Ok," Naruto said. He still wanted to talk to Lord Death. Plus he wanted to be near Sasuke. He didn't know why, but not being near Sasuke was making him sad. "Good luck with that." He walked past Black Star.

Black Star's jaw dropped. Then he glared and lunged at Naruto, knocking him over. "I will defeat you!" He raised a hand.

Naruto glared. He kicked Black Star off of him. The two stared at each other before lunging at the other. Tsubaki watched as a hand-to-hand fight started. Soon, Naruto was sent into a wall. Naruto ran out of the wall and kicked Black star into a red spike. It seemed that Naruto and Black Star were equally matched.


Sasuke didn't like the fact that he had to wear contacts. It made his eyes itchy. He was rubbing at his eye when he turned a corner and ran into another boy. This boy had black hair with three white stripes on one side. The kid glared at Sasuke, then smiled.

"You're perfect!" the boy said. He began to stare at Sasuke, moving around him, touching the raven's body. "Ah! Symmetry!" His eyes were sparkling.

"Ah, Kid?" Liz said. "You may want to stop that."

Kid looked up and saw the glare Sasuke was giving him. He frowned before backing up. "Sorry. It's just your body, it's symmetrical, perfectly so."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted. The sound of an explosion caught everyone's attention.

"What was that?" Paty asked.

"Probably Black Star," Kid said sighing. The three began to head towards the noise. Sasuke raised an eyebrow before following them.


Black Star and Naruto were panting. Tsubaki was now in sword-mode. Naruto had his own sword out. The two looked at each other before charging. Again, Naruto was sent flying into a wall while Black Star hit yet another spike. Kid, Paty, and Liz watched as Black Star stood back up. Sasuke shook his head as Naruto also stood up. The two ran at each other. They were suddenly in a lock as Tsubaki was pressed against Akaizeshin (Red Wind Spirit, Naruto's sword's name).

"What is going on?" a girl asked.

"Seems like Black Star is fighting one of the new kids," a pale boy with silvers hair and sharp teeth. Sasuke was reminded of Suigetsu.

"We have to stop them," Maka said.

"Why bother?" Soul asked. "Let them fight it out." Maka sighed as she saw Black Star and Naruto jump away from each other. Black Star had Tsubaki change into her Chain Scythe form. "Oh? May be Black Star will win."

Maka closed her eyes. She wanted to see into Naruto's soul presence. She saw that it was stronger and way more powerful than Black Stars. It was also pure. She smiled. She had never seen one so pure. But suddenly, a darkness appeared in the presence. She gasped as she opened her eyes. Soul looked over at her and saw fear in her eyes. He looked at Naruto. Just who was he?

When Soul said that Naruto was going to lose, he flashed his Sharingan. Luckily, his contacts hid the change of color. He looked at Black Star and smirked. The boy's Chakra level was lower than Naruto's. He then looked at each of the people around him noting that none of their Chakra levels where close to his or Naruto's level. He let the Sharingan disappear as Naruto swung Akaizeshin at Black Star.

Suddenly, a man appeared before everyone. He had a hand gripping Black Star's wrist. Naruto froze as he took in this man. Stein looked at Naruto, noting the power within. Then he looked at Black Star. "Class has started. You should all be going to it."

"But..." Black Star began.

"No buts," Stein said pushing Black Star away. "Get to class."

"Yes Professor Stein," Maka said.

Naruto looked at the people that had been watching the fight. He saw the fear in Maka's eyes. By instinct Naruto knew that she knew something about him that the others didn't know. Sasuke walked over to him and the two went to class.

Maka stared at them, mostly Naruto. 'There's something strange about him. May be I should go see Lord Death about them.' She nodded. 'I'll do that after school.' With that, she and Soul followed the others.


Naruto didn't understand anything the teachers were saying. Sasuke also had a bit of trouble, but he followed along pretty well. When the Soul Resonance lesson started, Naruto and Sasuke stayed to the side. Several of the students wondered why, and the teacher just said they had already mastered Soul Resonance. This made everyone want to see them do it. The teacher managed to get everyone back on the task at hand. Sasuke and Naruto sat with their backs against a tree.

Maka looked at Naruto, still trying to put her finger on why his Soul Presence is pure one second, yet dark the next. She decided to look at Sasuke's. Sasuke's caused her to shake in fear. His was all dark with only a speck of light. Soul noticed this and put a calming hand on her shoulder. He decided to go with her to see Lord Death.


"So, you want to talk about Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun?" Lord Death asked. Maka nodded. "Go right ahead."

"Why did you let them come here?" Maka asked. "Their Soul Presences are dark."

"Ah, but Naruto's is pure," Lord Death said.

"Only sometimes," Maka said.

"That's probably because of the Kyuubi," Naruto said, stepping into the room. Sasuke was behind him.

Maka gasped and stepped back. Soul moved in front of her, ready to fight. "Ma, calm down," Lord Death said. "Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun came to me to talk about where they are staying for the night. I thought about asking Kid to house Sasuke and for you to house Naruto. It would be bad to put Black Star and Naruto-kun in a room alone."

"With us?" Maka asked. She didn't want to have Naruto with her.

"I'll just stay in a classroom," Naruto said. "I've slept in worse places."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted. He didn't want to stay with some stranger. He'd rather stay in a classroom with Naruto.

"But that would be uncomfortable," Lord Death said.

"We're ninjas," Naruto said. "We are use to it."

"Fine," Lord Death said. "I'll just let you stay here. Wouldn't want you to scare a teacher or student. I do have an extra room. But there's only one bed."

"That's fine," Sasuke said. "We've shared a bed before."

Lord Death nodded. "Now that that's settled. What were you saying Maka-chan?"

Maka clenched her hands. "The darkness in them is dangerous."

"Kurama won't do anything," Naruto said. "I have full control over him. And the Teme isn't dangerous."

"Says you, Dobe," Sasuke said, his arms crossed.

"Teme!" Naruto yelled.

"Who is Kurama?" Maka asked. Soul also looked like he wanted to know. Naruto sighed as he explained everything, from who he was to why he was here.

"So you're from another world?" Soul asked. Naruto nodded. "Cool."

Everyone looked at Maka. She was trying to process all of the information. She finally came to the conclusion that Naruto and Sasuke were not dangerous. If they were, Lord Death could handle them. She nodded and looked at Naruto. "Welcome to the DWMA."

Naruto smiled. "Thank you."


Three days went by quickly. Naruto and Sasuke learned to look into themselves. Naruto went back to meditating everyday. Sasuke would also meditate, but not as long as Naruto. Naruto would slip into Sage Mode every time he meditated. It was sometimes funny to watch as people thought he magically put on some makeup. When their time at the DWMA was up, the two just vanished. Saying good-bye was starting to get painful.

Maka, Soul, and the others were told by Lord Death that Naruto and Sasuke had left sometime in the night. They were sad, but glad they had met the two. Black Star wished he could have fought Naruto all out. Kid was going to miss the symmetry both had. Maka looked at Soul and her friends and smiled. They were going to be ok since they still had each other.

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