Worlds Together

Chapter 19: Crossing Vampires

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Chapter 19: Crossing the Vampires

It was creepy. That's all that Naruto and Sasuke could say about their surroundings. Here they were in yet another world. It was clearly night time since it was so dark. The only light was coming from one building. The two travelers looked up at the gate before them. A sign read Cross Academy. Both sighed thinking the same thing, 'another school.'

"Should we go inside?" Naruto asked. "Or should we camp out here?"

Sasuke thought for a second. Going inside meant meeting someone that Yuko probably knew, yet it also meant that they would have to follow whatever orders the person inside said. And Sasuke wasn't really in the mood to meet more people. "Set up the tent."

Naruto was glad that they still had their tent. He couldn't believe that Iruka had been right when he said that Naruto would never know when he needed one. Everything Iruka had told Naruto to bring in case of emergency had been sealed in a scroll that Naruto carried with him. He summoned the tent and began to set it up.

Sasuke was also glad that Naruto had a tent. He didn't like sleeping on the ground, even if he was use to it. It was more warm and even gave a sense of home. Home wasn't something he thought about a lot. He knew it was the place he could go back to, but in all honesty, he believed that such a place didn't exist. He found a few sticks and set up a fire. Then he began to cook some food. Luckily, they had bought a lot of food and some necessities while at DWMA. Sasuke had used his own scroll to seal half of the items. Naruto had use his to seal the other half.

When they were done eating, the two headed to bed. They were tired from their last day at DWMA and having to set up camp tired them further. Naruto unrolled his orange sleeping bag and got in it. Sasuke unrolled his dark blue one and did the same. It was a bit cold out, so the two got as close as they could without touching each other. Sasuke felt the warmth coming from Naruto's body and relaxed. He never understood how Naruto stayed so warm no matter how cold it was. Thanking the Kyuubi for the warmth, Naruto fell asleep. Sasuke followed soon after.

Hours passed before something awoke Sasuke. He instantly grabbed a kunai. Then he shook Naruto awake, a hand over the blonde's mouth. "Shh." Naruto nodded before he too grabbed a kunai. They carefully stood up and made their way out of the tent. Suddenly, they had their backs to each other. Both blocked an attack. Naruto had his kunai against a rod while Sasuke's was against a gun.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the boy holding the gun asked.

"You should introduce yourself before asking who we are," Sasuke said.

"We are the guardians of Cross Academy," the girl said. "I'm Yuuki and he's Zero."

"You didn't have to tell them our names," Zero said. He glared at Sasuke. "Answer our questions."

"Why should I?" Sasuke glared back.

"I'm Naruto and he's Sasuke," Naruto said.

"Dobe," Sasuke said.

"Shut it," Naruto said. "We are here because this is where we landed. We mean no harm." He lowered his kunai. Yuuki did the same. Sasuke and Zero however stayed in a battle stance. Naruto put a hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "Sasuke."

Sasuke sighed. "Fine." He lowered his kunai and stepped back. Zero kept his gun pointed at the raven.

"Zero, I don't think they're vampires," Yuuki said.

"Vampire?" Naruto asked.

"Yuuki," Zero said.

"Oh, oops," Yukui said. "Um... that is..."

Zero sighed. "Who are you?"

"Naruto and Sasuke," Naruto said pointing at himself then Sasuke.

Zero frowned. "That's not what I meant." He sniffed. "Why are you humans here? And at night?"

"We arrived here a few hours ago," Naruto said.

"We're travelers," Sasuke said. "And anymore is none of your business."

Yuuki's eyes widened when she saw that Zero was going to shoot Sasuke. "Zero!" She grabbed his gun arm and pulled it down. "We should bring them to the Headmaster." Zero grunten then nodded. Yuuki turned to Naruto and Sasuke. "Please come with us. Staying out here can be dangerous." Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before nodding in agreement. Naruto and Sasuke began to pick up their things. Not wanting to let them know they were ninjas, Sasuke had Naruto carry their tent and his backpack while Sasuke carried everything else. The two ninjas followed the guardians into a building and up to what looked like an office. "Headmaster?" Yuuki knocked.

"Come in Yuuki," a voice called. The four entered the room. A man looked up. "Who are our guests?"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said. "And this is Sasuke Uchiha. We are travelers."

"And what are travelers doing here?" the man asked.

"Um... we were sent here?" Naruto said with a questioning tone.

"Sent by who?" Zero asked with a glare.

Naruto looked at Sasuke. The raven glared. "None of your business, brat."

Before Zero could open his mouth to retort, the Headmaster stood up. "Well, since it is so late, I believe you are all tired. Zero, Yuuki, why don't you go get some sleep for tonight?"

Yuuki smiled. "Yes Headmaster." She saluted. Zero huffed before following Yuuki out the door.

"Now then," the Headmaster said sitting back down. "Let me guess, Yuko sent you here."

Naruto looked at the Headmaster a bit surprised. 'Just how many people in different worlds does Yuko know.'

"I'll take your silence as a yes," the Headmaster said. "Then I welcome you to Cross Academy."

"That girl said something about vampires?" Naruto asked.

"Ah, did she?" the Headmaster said. "Cross Academy is made up of two classes, the Day Class and the Night Class. Everyone in the Night Class is a vampire."

"So vampires exist in this world," Naruto said. "Wow! First soul reapers, than heartless, witches, wizards, ayakashi, and now vampire? Cool!"

"I don't know what a heartless is, but there are no witches or wizards here," the Headmaster said. "Ayakashi, I'm assuming you mean demons, well, I've never met one. Same thing for soul reapers. But yes, vampire do exist here." He studied the two. "I'm assuming you are not vampires, so may I ask what you are?"

"Ninjas," Naruto said.

"So human," the Headmaster said. He nodded. "How long will you be staying in this world?"

"Three days," Naruto said, holding up his arm. "These bracelets will turn green when we are ready to leave."

"Then for now, I welcome you to the Day Class," the Headmaster said cheerfully. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other and sighed. They nodded, giving in. It was better than having nothing to do. Plus, vampires? Who wouldn't want to study at a school with them? "Oh, but please keep the vampire thing a secret. No one in the Day Class is suppose to know about vampires." Naruto and Sasuke nodded. "Great! You two can stay in that room." He pointed to a door on his left. "I'll have uniforms brought to you in the morning." He stood up. "Have a good night!" With that, he ran through the door on the right and closed it behind him. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before shrugging. They headed to the room on the left hoping to get some sleep.


A knock on the door awoke the ninjas from a deep sleep. They blushed as they realized that they had been cuddling. Separating, the two looked up as Yuuki stepped into the room. "I have your uniforms," she said. "Classes start in an hour. Classes are in the building behind this one. You'll be in my class which is 2C. I'll see you there." She smiled then left.

Naruto and Sasuke groaned before standing up. They fought for the shower with Sasuke winning. Sasuke came out of the bathroom in his uniforme. The uniform suited him, but he felt strange. Naruto quickly took his shower before putting on his own uniform. Sasuke was surprised to see Naruto in something that wasn't orange. He looked cute in the uniform. Sasuke shook his head trying to get the dirty thoughts out of his mind. But he couldn't deny that Naruto looked good in black. They then went to class, eating a breakfast bar on the way.

Throughout the class, Zero glared at them. There was something off about them, something he didn't like. Yuuki on the other hand was falling asleep. Naruto chuckled when he saw Yuuki slouch forward. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, then he saw a piece of chalk hit Yuuki. He smirked as the girl stood up.

"They're mine Zero!" Yuuki yelled. Laughter filled the classroom as the teacher yelled at Yuuki.

Sasuke smirked at the laughing Naruto. 'May be this isn't so bad.'

By the end of class, Naruto and Sasuke were each surrounded by several people. They kept asking them questions, sometimes not even giving them time to answer. Zero slammed his bag against his chair, causing everyone to look at him. He just glared at them before leaving the classroom. Naruto and Sasuke used that moment as a chance to get away from the others. They ended up outside the Night Class dorm.

"Creepy," Naruto said.

"Are you here to see them?" someone asked. Naruto and Sasuke looked at the guard. "Only people with permission are allowed in." He looked at the band around their arms. "Oh. Guardians. Then go right in." Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other before walking through the gate. The door to the dorm was unlocked. They stepped inside and looked around.

"Wow!" Naruto said. "This place is a lot nicer inside than outside."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted in agreement.

"What are humans doing here?" a boy asked. He had blond hair and blue eyes.

"Hanabusa," another boy said. "They're guardians." This boy had reddish blond (orangeish) hair and brown eyes.

"More guardians?" Aido asked. "Hey Akatsuki, they don't look like guardians."

Naruto's eyes flickered red. "Akatsuki?"

Kain looked at Naruto. "Have a problem with my name?"

Naruto relaxed. "Sorry." He rubbed the beck of his neck.

"If you're really sorry, then why not give us some of your blood?" Aido asked.

"Aido," a girl said. "Kaname-sama wouldn't like that. You know it is against the rules." She had light brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing the reverse of Yuki's uniform. While Yuuki's was mostly black with some white, Ruka's was mostly white with some black.

"I know," Aido said with a pout. "I was just joking."

Ruka looked at Naruto and Sasuke. She instantly found Sasuke attractive. 'The blond isn't so bad either.' "Who are you?"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said. There was a sparkle in his eyes.

"Sasuke Uchiha," Sasuke said. He glared at Naruto. He could tell that Naruto was attracted to Ruka and it pissed him off.

Ruka nodded. "You should leave. Even if you are guardians, there is no need for you to be here."

"Yeah!" Aido yelled. "Pathetic humans like you shouldn't be here." It was clear to everyone that he was trying to pick a fight. Naruto and Sasuke glared at him before turning away. They were walking away when Aido said, "his hair's like a duck's ass. I bet his parents look like one too."

Sasuke frown. Naruto flinched. He silently made a prayer for Aido as Sasuke's Chakra blazed. Suddenly, a ball of fire was sent at Aido. Aido raised his hands to freeze the ball, but Kain stepped in front of him, stopping the attack.

"They aren't normal humans," Kain said.

"I'll kill you," Sasuke said, as his Sharingan began to spin. With the Chidori in his hand, he charged at Aido and Kain. Aido froze the floor, but the Chakra on the bottom of Sasuke's feet kept him from slipping. Kain let out a blast of fire, but Sasuke dodged. His Chidori missed the two vampires, but the lightning sprang out and they screamed in pain.

"Kain!" Ruka yelled. "Aido!"

"Die!" Sasuke said, another Chidori formed. He was about to slam his Chidori into Aido, when a hand grabbed his arm and tossed him backwards.

A man with dark brown hair and red eyes stood before them. He sighed. "What is going on?" No one spoke. He looked at Sasuke. "You there, who are you?"

"None of your business," Sasuke said. "Just get out of the way." Aido, Kain, and Ruka's eyes widened. Someone had just dared to back talk Kaname.

Kaname's eyes narrowed. "A filthy being like you should leave."

Naruto growled. "Who are you to call Sasuke filthy?"

"My name isn't important," Kaname said. "Leave."

Naruto glared, before grabbing Sasuke's arm. "Let's go Teme. These bastards aren't worth our time."

"You dare call Kaname-sama a bastard?" Aido yelled. Ice began to spread towards the ninjas. Kaname held up a hand. "Kaname-sama?" Kaname walked towards Sasuke and Naruto.

"Fools like you will get yourselves killed," Kaname said.

Naruto did not like being threatened, but Kaname was also threatening Sasuke. He suddenly vanished and appeared behind Kaname with a kunai at the brunette's neck. Ruka, Kain, and Aido gasped. "Apologize." He pressed his kunai into Kaname's neck, a little blood escaping. Suddenly, several vampires appeared. Zero had felt the change in the air and had led Yuuki to the dorm. They stood in the door way staring at the scene before them.

"Seiren," Kaname said. Naruto glanced at the girl that was behind him with her fingers at his neck.

"Should I kill him?" Seiren asked.

"Move and you'll die," Sasuke said. He had a kunai at her neck. Everyone was amazed that such a thing was happening. Not only did someone dare to press a knife against Kaname's neck, but another was pressing a knife against Seiren's as well. It was just unheard of.

Finally, Yuuki stepped forward. "Come on guys. No more fighting." Zero was shaken out of his shock by Yuuki's voice. He stepped forward, gun up.

"I apologize," Kaname said. This caused everyone to freeze. "I take back what I said."

"Good," Naruto said. He lowered his kunai which in turn caused Seiren to lower her hand and Sasuke to lower his kunai. "That's all you had to say." He smiled. "Now Teme, I'm hungry! Let's go get something to eat."

"Hn, Dobe," he smirked as he followed Naruto out of the dorm. Zero and Kaname stared after the ninjas while the situation calmed down. Yuuki and Zero then led the Night Class to their classes. All the while, Zero and Kaname were wondering just who Naruto and Sasuke were.

A lot has happened in this chapter. I thought about turning this chapter into two, but decided that the place I was going to originally stop, wasn't a good enough place to stop.

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