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Chapter 20: A Dangerous Night

I hope I've captured the Vampire Knight Character well. I had to reread the first three volumes to make sure I got as close as I could. So, just in case, I wanted to remind people that there is a lot of OOCness in this story.I do not own Naruto or Vampire Knight, nor do I make any money off of this.


Chapter 20: A Dangerous Night

"I'm bored," Naruto said. He looked over at Sasuke who was reading. "Sasuke, aren't you bored."

"Not really," Sasuke lied. Yes, he was bored, but he didn't want Naruto to know that.

"Entertain me," Naruto said.

Sasuke sighed and closed his book. "Do you want to spar?"

"Spar?" Naruto's eyes brightened. "Sure! I've been itching for a good fight."

"Hn," Sasuke said. He stood up and stretched. Naruto did the same. They then made their way out of the room to a place hidden by trees.

"Let's keep it low key," Naruto said. "We wouldn't want anyone to bother us." Sasuke nodded in agreement. "Alright! The rules are simple. Don't kill each other."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted getting into his fighting stance. Naruto made a few clones then charged at Sasuke. Sasuke and Naruto's hand-to-hand combat soon escalated when Naruto decided the Rasengan wasn't too flashy. Sasuke dodged the Rasengan and Naruto's hand went through a tree. With Naruto's hand stuck in a tree, Sasuke pulled out a kunai and held it against Naruto's neck. "I win."

"Teme," Naruto said as the kunai cut into him a bit.

"Hn," Sasuke drew back. Then he helped Naruto get free of the tree. Just as Naruto got free, a few vampires appeared. They were all looking at Naruto as if he was food. Kaname, Zero, and Yuuki appeared to defend Naruto. But the smell of Naruto's blond was intoxicating. Kaname and Zero's eyes flashed red. Kaname's power began to leek out of him. This caused the other vampires (except Zero) to bow to Kaname. Zero shook his head, getting rid of the thirst. He stepped towards Naruto, ready to get him out of there. But Kaname pushed Zero back, sending him flying into a tree.

"Zero!" Yuuki yelled. She stared in horror as Kaname moved to Naruto's side. He grabbed Naruto's arm and lick at the blood.

"Hey!" Naruto yelled. "Cut it out!" He tried to pull his arm away put Kaname's hold was to strong. Sasuke tried to pull Kaname away, but the brunet just slammed an elbow into Sasuke's stomach. Sasuke fell to his knees as Kaname tilted Naruto's head back. "Let go!" Kaname's teeth scraped Naruto's neck before he sank his teeth into the blonde's neck. "Arg!"

"No!" Zero yelled. He raised his gun and fire at Kaname, but he didn't stop. Sasuke tried to stand up as Naruto finally lost consciousness. Sasuke felt his blood boil at Naruto's limp state.

Kaname's eyes widened as he suddenly realizes what he has done. He lowered Naruto's body to the ground. "Naruto!" Sasuke felt a burst of energy and kicked Kaname away. "Naruto, wake up!" He noticed that Naruto had stopped breathing. He tilted Naruto's head back then breathed into Naruto's mouth. He began to give him CPR.

Zero put a hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "It's too late. A human bitten by a Pure Blood will either turn into a vampire or die."

"He's not dead yet," Sasuke said. "If he was, I'd be dead too." He turned back to Naruto. With one last push on Naruto's chest, the blond coughed. Sasuke fell backwards as red Chakra surrounded Naruto. It was only there for a few seconds. Once it was gone, Naruto opened his eyes.

"H-how?" Zero asked. The other vampires also looked surprised. "How aren't you dead or at least a vampire."

"I don't know," Naruto lied. Of course he knew. It had to be the Kyuubi.

Kaname stared at Naruto. "You're not human." He licked his lips which still had a bit of Naruto's blood on it. "A fox?" His eyes widened. "You're a demon."

'The Kyuubi kept Naruto from being turned?' Sasuke thought. 'Thank Kami-sama.'

"I'm not a demon," Naruto said glaring at Kaname.

"Then why do you taste like one?" Kaname asked.

At this, Sasuke glared, his Sharingan flashing. "Shut up." He picked Naruto up bridal style. Naruto squeaked and starting yelling at Sasuke, but the raven ignored him. "Stay away from us." He teleported back to their room. The vampires and Yuuki looked at the spot they once stood in shock. Naruto and Sasuke were just full of surprises.


Sasuke laid Naruto down. "I'm fine Teme."

"Doesn't matter," Sasuke said. "You need to be more careful around them." He sighed. "Go to sleep. We still have another two days here. I can't have you dying just because you're tires."

Naruto threw a pillow at Sasuke. "Teme! I'm not gonna die!"

"Good," Sasuke said tossing the pillow back to Naruto as he got in bed next to the blond. "Just sleep." He pulled Naruto towards him. "Remember, if you die, I die. Since neither of us want to die, we have to be more careful. For the next two days, let's stay away from the vampires."

"Ok," Naruto said.

"Good," Sasuke said. "Now sleep." Both relaxed. They felt comfortable with the other so close. Sasuke was glad Naruto was ok. He honestly didn't care that if Naruto died, he'd die too. He just wanted Naruto to be safe. Naruto snuggled closer into Sasuke, already asleep. Sasuke smiled down at Naruto. 'I won't let anyone hurt him.' He saw the collar Naruto still wore and his smiled widened. 'He's mine.' He pulled Naruto closer and let himself fall asleep.


Zero was jealous. He hated the fact that he was a vampire. He had been bitten by a Pure Blood just like Naruto was. They why didn't Naruto turn into a vampire too? It wasn't fair. He remembered what Kaname had said, that Naruto wasn't human. If Naruto really was a demon, then it would explain why Naruto couldn't be turned into a vampire. It would also explain why his blood smelt so good. He shook his head, trying to get that thought out of his head. But he had to talk to the blond. He made his way to Naruto's room. Zero didn't bother knocking. Upon opening the door, he froze. The sight before him shocked him. Naruto was laying with his head on Sasuke's chest, an arm next to it. Their legs were tangled together. Sasuke had an arm around Naruto. Zero blushed before he stepped back and quietly closed the door.

Sasuke glared at the door. He was just glad that Naruto hadn't woken up. Sasuke was comfortable with the closeness he had with Naruto. If Zero had ruined it, he was going to kill him. Lucky for Zero, Naruto was a heavy sleeper. Sasuke smirked at Naruto's cuteness. Then he snuggled closer to the blond and let himself fall back asleep.

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