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Chapter 21: Into The Frying Pan

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Chapter 21: Into the Frying Pan

Even though they were only there for three days, the Day Class threw Naruto and Sasuke a going away party. Not one for parties, Sasuke tried to stay in the background. Naruto, on the other hand, talked to everyone, trying to have fun. Both couldn't wait to leave this world.

Five minutes before the seventy-two hour mark, Sasuke, Naruto, Headmaster Cross, Yuuki, Zero, Kaname, and the other vampires stood behind the Night Class Dorm. Yuuki and Headmaster Cross were there to send the ninjas off. Zero and Kaname were there for Yuuki's sake while the other vampires were there upon Kaname's request. They were more than happy to see these two go. The group watched in amazement as green light surrounded Sasuke and Naruto. Yuuki and Headmaster Cross kept waving until they were gone.


When the light vanished, Naruto and Sasuke were surrounded by several people. Some where screaming, fear evident in their eyes. Two men in strange blue uniforms ran up to the ninjas. The next thing they knew, they were being handcuffed. They were about to fight back when one of the men slammed a hand against Naruto's neck, knocking him out. Sasuke yelled out Naruto's name before he too was rendered unconscious.

Sasuke awoke first in a damp cell. He looked around, noticing that Naruto wasn't with him. He began to panic until he heard groaning. Using the Sharingan to see wasn't a good idea. Pain spread through Sasuke's head. He grunted in pain as he let his Sharingan disappear.

"Sasuke?" Naruto called when he was fully awake.

"I'm here," Sasuke said. He knew it was foolish to say that since it was too dark to see each other. If Naruto had been in the same cell, that would have been different, but they weren't.

"Why do you think they locked us in here?" Naruto asked.

"Probably because we just appeared in front of several people in a flash of green light," Sasuke said. "They probably find us dangerous but I guess not dangerous enough to kill."

"But we aren't a threat," Naruto said. "Surely they'll let us go."

"Hn," Sasuke said. Footsteps could be heard as someone began walking downstairs. Soon, more footsteps could be heard as it became clear that three more people were following the first. A light illuminated the ground between the two cells. Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other. It seemed that no real harm had been done. Both, unknown to the other, let out a sigh of relief. Their view of each other was blocked by four people. Of those four, one was female.

"I'm not usually the one that interrogates prisoners," the man that was clearly their leader said. "But you will answer all of my questions." Sasuke and Naruto didn't speak. "So, my first question is easy. Who are you?" Sasuke was amazed that Naruto hadn't introduced himself like he usually did. "I asked you for your names." Sasuke could tell that the leader wasn't happy about being ignored. "I'm assuming that means you either don't have names, are mute, or are enemy spies trained to remain quiet. You better hope you're not the latter."

"Roy," another man said. "Take it easy. They're kids."

"Hughes," the leader glared. "Children or not, they are clearly not from around here."

The man named Hughes sighed. Then he walked over to Naruto's cell. Crouching down, he looked right into Naruto's eyes. "My name is Maes Hughes. What is yours?" Naruto opened his mouth as if to speak, but then closed it. He glanced at Sasuke, trying to silently ask for permission. Hughes saw the look and recognized it. Standing back up, he took out a key and unlocked Naruto's cell. Confusion flitted across Naruto's face.

Roy and Hughes began to argue about Hughes' way. Naruto decided to take the chance and sneak over to Sasuke. The female officer caught Naruto by the arm, but the key was already in the lock. Sasuke came out, pushed Hawkeye back, and pulled Naruto against his chest. He then used his Chidori Nagashi to temporarily stun the four officers. The blast knocked the officers off their feet, but Roy looked up in time to see Sasuke teleport himself and Naruto away.

They arrived just outside the jail in an alley. Without a word, the two ran. They stopped an hour later near an abandoned building. It was then that they realized that all of their things had been left behind. They would have to go back to get their stuff later. For now, they sat before a bucket of fire.

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