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Chapter 22: Tricks and Tempers

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Chapter 22: Tricks and Tempers

Sasuke managed to find some money in a pocket. He was going to get some food while Naruto went to get their things. They Henged into people they've met in one of the previous worlds, Sasuke into Gen and Naruto into Ichigo.

Naruto made his way as quickly as he could, taping into the power of Sage Mode. He had left two clones behind just in case. He jumped through trees then landed in a place no one was near. Then, walking like Ichigo, he made his way towards the jail. He saw an officer leave and Henged into him. Then he walked into the jail, claiming that he had left something behind. He kept walking before he realized that he had no idea where his things were actually being held. He Henged back into Ichigo but with the officer uniform. He stopped the next person he saw.

"Sorry but I seem to be lost," he said. "I'm new and was told to go to the... um... What was it?" He tried to make it look like he was clumsy and forgetful, hoping it would make the other trust him more, as odd as that may sound. "Something about a room that stores the items taken from prisoners..."

"The Claims room is just down the hall, third room on the right," the officer said.

"Ah!" Naruto smiled. "Thank you... um..."

"Eleventh Officer Raymond Jamison," the man said.

Naruto saluted. "Then I thank you, Officer Raymond." Naruto walked passed the man who just raised an eyebrow, shrugged, then continued on his way. Naruto made it to the Claims room and began to look for his things. Luckily, everything they had were in two backpacks. Finding them had been easy. Naruto grabbed his backpack and Sasuke's. Not wanting to be caught with the backpacks, Naruto grabbed a blank piece of paper and began to turn it into a sealing scroll. No one would question him about a piece of paper. He then sealed both backpacks in the paper before folding it up and hiding it in his pant's pocket. He walked out of the room then headed for the exit. The guard didn't even question why someone he'd never seen before was leaving. The poor guard would be questioned later as to why some things were missing from the Claims room, but all he could do was report a man with strawberry blond hair in a uniform.

Still Henged as Ichigo, but without the uniform, Naruto made his way back to their hideout, but at a slower pace. He turned a corner then froze. On the wall were some wanted posters. One of them caught Naruto's eyes. On the poster was a sketch of Sasuke. He then looked next to it and found a sketch of himself. Reaching up, Naruto pulled the two posters down.

"What are you doing?" a voice asked.

Naruto turned around to see a suit of armor standing behind him. He gulped and took a step back. Then he looked down and saw a cat in the armored hands. "A cat?"

"I found him just walking around," the one in the armor said. "He almost got kicked."

"Poor thing," Naruto said reaching over to pet the cat. He had already hid the wanted posters in a pocket.

"I've always wanted a cat," the other said. "By the way, I'm Alphonse Elric, but everyone calls me Al."

Naruto smiled. "Naruto Uzumaki." He held out his hand and shook Al's. Naruto could tell that this person was a good man, though his voice hinted that Al was younger than him. Al felt the same way about Naruto. The two began to talk as the walked towards the market. They had just reached a Teriyaki stall when they heard a big commotion.


Sasuke went straight to the market. He stopped at a vegetable stand, looking over the tomatoes. He picked out a half-dozen and went to pay.

"What is that?" the stand owner asked.

"Money," Sasuke said simply.

"Must be foreign," the owner said. "Sorry but we don't except that here. I don't think other stores will either. You have to go to the military office and exchange it."

Sasuke knew he couldn't do that. He was about to put the tomatoes back when he overheard someone talking about an arm wrestling contest. "Hold these for me."

"Ah, sure?" the owner was surprised by Sasuke's order, but he said nothing.

Sasuke made his way towards the crowd. Two men sat in chairs at a table, arm wrestling. It was clear that the man on the right was going to win. When he did, an older man stepped up and waved a bag of coins around. "It looks like he's won again! Can no one beet him?"

"I'll try," a boy with blonde hair said. He was on the short side and looked a bit younger than Sasuke. He took the seat across the arm wrestling champion. "Automail is allowed right?"

"Afraid not kid," the older man said. "Besides, you have to use your left hand in this contest."

"Ok," the boy said. He put his arm on the table.

"Ahhahhah," the older man said, moving a finger back and forth. "You have to offer up some money."

"Is this enough?" the boy asked putting up ten coins.

"I suppose," the older man said. "When you are ready."

"Heh," the champion grinned. "There's no way I'll lose to you." Two hands met as the contest continued. In seconds, the blonde's hand was slammed against the table. The boy looked pissed.

"Sorry kid," the older man said. "Better luck next time." Sasuke watched the boy stomp away, muttering something under his breath. "Anyone else?" Sasuke stepped forward. "Another kid? Look, you should just give up. There is no way you can win against Jimmy here."

"If I do, I get all of the money in that bag right?" Sasuke asked.

The older man and Jimmy laughed. "I'll tell you what, if you can last one minute against Jimmy, I'll give all of the money I've taken from the losers to you."

"And the money in the bag?" Sasuke asked again.

"That goes to the winner," the older man said.

"So, if I last over a minute and beet Jimmy, I get all of the money you've taken and the money in the bag?" Sasuke was making sure everyone around him heard the agreement.

"Sure," the older man said. "If you can do that, then yes, all of that money will be yours."

Sasuke nodded before taking a seat. Several people were calling Sasuke an idiot. Sasuke ignored them. "Since the money I have is foreign to this land, I'll offer you this." He pointed to the collar around his neck. The older man leaned down and inspected the collar.

"Hm... I suppose that is fine," the older man said. It was clear that the man didn't really care how much Sasuke had to offer. He already had the money he wanted. "When you are ready."

"I think that choker will fetch me a nice price," Jimmy said.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted. He put his left arm on the table. Jimmy frowned but did the same.

The older man pulled out a watch. "And... Go." Sasuke felt Jimmy adding pressure to his hand, so he did the same. Surprise filled Jimmy's eyes when Sasuke's arm didn't budge. He glanced at the older man who was also surprised. Several people began to cheer Sasuke on. When the minute was up, the older man cursed. Sasuke smirked as he added more pressure to his hand. Jimmy's hand began to move towards the table, causing the older man to panic. He glared at Jimmy who finally realized that Sasuke meant business.

Pain spread through Sasuke's hand as Jimmy tried to crush it. Getting bored with this game, Sasuke decided to end it. Taking a deep breath, Sasuke slammed Jimmy's hand on the table. Eyes widened before the crowd let out several cheers. Sasuke stood up and walked over to the older man. He held out his hand. The older man sighed, knowing he couldn't go back on his word. He handed both bags to Sasuke who stashed them away before walking back to the vegetable stand. He got his tomatoes and some other vegetables. Then he moved onto a butchery. Getting as much meat as he could carry, he left the shop with a little less than half of his winnings. Since he didn't know if Naruto had been successful or not, Sasuke wanted to at least buy some kind of blade. He stopped at a weapons' store and bought a short sword.

Just as he left the store, someone stepped in front of him. Sasuke glared at the familiar blond. "You cheated."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "I didn't."

"That man was cheating so the only way you could have won was if you cheated back," the boy accused.

"Cheating is something only losers do," Sasuke said. "And losers that accuse others of cheating are just fools. They underestimated me."

The boy glared. "Are you calling me an idiot?"

"Hn," Sasuke grunted. "It seems brains isn't the only thing you're short on."

Anger took over the boy's body and he charged at Sasuke. His left hand went to his right and his automail changed, a blade forming. Sasuke pulled out his short sword and parried. He smirked as he pushed the kid back. Soon, people surrounded them. The boy didn't give up.

Naruto and Al reached the group and managed to squeeze their way through them. They gasped at the sight before them. The boy had managed to knock Sasuke down. Naruto saw the look on Sasuke's face, and he was the only one. Al ran forward as Sasuke stood up, swinging his blade at the boy's neck. Someone screamed as Al's head fell to the ground. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm and pulled him out of the crowd and into an alley, hiding themselves behind a dumpster. A few seconds later, the boy was pulling Al's body into the alley. He panted as he collapsed, the suit of armor catching him.

"Are you ok Ed?" the body, Al asked.

"I'm fine," the boy said. "And you Al?"

"I'm ok," Al said. "The seal is still intact. But I think we scared the people."

"Don't worry about them," Ed said. "Lets just continue on. We don't want to cause anymore uproars."

Al agreed. Ed put his helmet back on and the two peeked out of the alley before leaving. Sasuke and Naruto got out of their hiding place surprised that Al was ok. Naruto knew that Hidan could have his head cut off and put back on, so it didn't bother him too much. Sasuke on the other hand had felt nothing resist his swing. It had gone clean through without hitting anything. On top of that, there was no blood. He shook his head before putting his mini sword away.

Naruto looked at Sasuke. "Well, lets get back to the hideout. I managed to get our things."

"Hn," Sasuke nodded. They left the alley, Sasuke grabbing his dropped bags, before returning to the hideout.

Three figures stood on the roof watching what had transpired. "Interesting," the female of the group said.

"What do you want to do Lust?" the thin male asked.

"I think we should go introduce ourselves," Lust said.

"Then I can't eat them?" the bigger man asked.

"Not yet, Gluttony," Lust said. "Not yet."

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