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Chapter 23: Stealing Sins

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Chapter 23: Stealing Sins

Because of what happened yesterday, Naruto had to Henge into someone else. This time he picked Ino. Blond, black, and brown hair colors were the most popular ones he had seen. He didn't think it would be a good idea to have pink or purple hair. He also changed her outfit to fit the town they were in, a tan top and black kakis. Unsealing his frog wallet, he frowned, remembering that his money wouldn't be accepted here. He could always change it to look like their form of currency, but that would be stealing. Looking over at Sasuke, he made his decision.

Sasuke was staring at the short sword he had bought, replaying what had happened when he cut off Al's head. He looked up at Naruto and saw the frog purse. Sighing and not wanting to hear Naruto's argumentative voice, he tossed the bag of leftover money he had won. Naruto caught it and smiled. "Thanks Teme!"

"Hn," Sasuke returned to looking at the weapon.

Naruto shook his head, changed his wallet into a more suiting purse, and left the hideout. When he came to the edge of town, he slowed down at a more ladylike pace. Wanted posters of Ichigo and Gen were on walls next to ones of Naruto and Sasuke. He was amazed that his and Sasuke's reward for capture was higher than Gen's when it had been Gen's form that had cut off someone's head. Naruto walked away, just wanting to get his job done.

He stopped at a clothing store and picked out a few things in his real size. Sasuke also needed new clothes. Hating the fact that Sasuke was bigger than him, he set to work. During his search, Naruto didn't notice the eyes that were staring at him. Naruto leaned down, his purse loosening. In less than a minute, someone knocked into him grabbed his purse, and ran off. Naruto stood up, handed the things to the store owner with a smile, then ran after the kid who had stolen his purse. "Thief!" He had to chase the kid at the normal speed of a woman. He almost lost the kid when he turned a corner. But Naruto saw the white strap and followed after the boy. The moment he turned the corner, he ran into something. Looking up, he realized he had just ran into a person. The man was holding the thief with one arm.

"Put me down you brute!" the kid yelled, kicking and punching.

The man smiled. "It is a shame that such a young lady would steal from someone." He lowered the kid to the ground and Naruto noticed that she was indeed female. "Here you go my dear." He handed the purse back to Naruto. "Miss Winry? What are you doing here?" He had a look of surprise on his face. "Did you cut your hair?" The thief took the chance and fled.

"Um..." Naruto watched the girl go, unable to get around the man in front of him. He sighed. "I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. I'm not..."

"Major Armstrong?" someone asked.

Naruto and the man turned to see Ed and Al standing before them. "Ah, Edward. I didn't expect you to still be here."

"Mustang wanted to talk to us about something," Ed looked pissed off. He then noticed Naruto. "Eh? Who's she?"

"Is she not Miss Winry?" Armstrong asked.

"I was trying to tell you that you got the wrong person," Naruto said.

"Hmm..." Ed walked over to them. "You do look a bit like Winry."

"Um..." Naruto didn't like how close Ed was. Al seemed to notice Naruto's discomfort and put a hand on Ed's shoulder.

"Hi," Al said. "My name is Alphonse Elric."

"I-Ino Yamanaka," Naruto said.

"I believe we should escort this young lady back to the market," Armstrong said. "Were you not buying something?"

"I was," Naruto said. "Clothes for my brothers." It was the best excuse as to why he was buying male clothing.

"Ah!" Armstrong said. "Such a sweet young lady, buying things for your brothers!" The four of them began to walk back towards the market. Armstrong was bursting into tears of joy at how compassionate "Ino" was. Naruto was barely paying attention to him, mostly because he was afraid that Ed or Al would see through his Henge. "Here we are! Let me carry your things to your home."

"No need," Naruto said. He didn't want anyone to find out where him and Sasuke were hiding.

"I insist!" Armstrong exclaimed. "A fine young lady like yourself should not be alone at such a time." Naruto raised an eyebrow since it was so light out. "Allow me to escort you home."

"Um... I..." Naruto was lost for words. What could he possibly say that would make this man back off.

"General," Ed said. "Don't you have somewhere to be?"

"Ah!" Armstrong said. "Roy did want to talk to me! I must go! Please bring Miss Ino home!" He ran off and all Naruto could see was waves crashing in the distance. He blinked away the image of Armstrong in Guy's outfit. It was a scary thought.

Naruto smiled at Ed. "You really don't have to bring me home."

"It isn't as late as Armstrong thinks," Ed said. "I agree that a woman shouldn't be out late at night, but it is only about two o'clock." He shook his head. "Forgive him for his... kindness."

Naruto laughed. "I will, and thanks." He bowed before going back to the clothing shop owner and grabbing her purchases. She handed over the money and then left. She waved at the Elric Brothers before walking back to the hideout.

"Should we follow her?" Al asked.

"No," Ed said. "Something tells me that she's a lot stronger than we think." Al just looked after Naruto, feeling like he had met her before.


Envy was confused. He had only felt the presence of two people, so when Naruto as Ino left the hideout, he was surprised. He knew that he had followed Sasuke and Naruto to a deserted place. No one else entered the building. So, how could someone he had never seen enter the building exit it? He checked the place again. Only one person was inside. That had to be one of the ones he saw yesterday. Deciding that he had wasted enough time watching, he changed into the girl that just left. Then he walked into the building. He headed straight towards the presence, but he froze a few seconds later. Someone was walking towards him. His eyes widened when someone he'd only seen on a wanted poster stepped towards him.

"Back already Dobe?" Sasuke asked.

"I left something behind," Envy said. He made his way towards the kid, ready to capture him to question the whereabouts of Gen. Suddenly, the kid's hand flew out towards him, grabbing his shoulder.

"Idiot," Sasuke said. "How stupid can you be?"

Envy frowned. He hated having his intelligence questioned. "Not as stupid as you!" He was going to kill this guy.

Sasuke smirked. "You should be more careful. You don't sound like a woman."

Envy's eyes widened. Did this boy figure out that he wasn't really who he looked like? He followed Sasuke into the room they were using. Envy looked around noticing that it looked like only two people were living there. This confused him. How could four different people live as two?

Sasuke noticed that the blond was still standing still. "Forget what you forgot?"

"Where are the others?" Envy asked. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Where are the brunette and strawberry haired guy?"

Sasuke frowned. "What are you talking about? We are the only ones here."

Envy didn't know what to do. Should he just kill this kid and tell Lust he couldn't find the other? No, Lust and Gluttony were watching him. He sighed and walked over to a neat pile of things. He was about to grab a random item when Sasuke grabbed his hand. "That's mine."

Envy pulled his hand from Sasuke's. "Oops, my mistake." He instead moved over to the less neat pile and grabbed a pen. "Got it."

"You came back for a pen?" Sasuke asked.

"It's a special pen," Envy said. He glared at Sasuke then walked off. He'd let Gluttony eat the brat.

Sasuke shook his head. There was something off about the other. It was as if he was a different person. Sasuke frowned and stop up. He was going to make sure that was really Naruto.

Envy met up with Lust and Gluttony. "They weren't there." He changed back into his normal appearance. "I don't know how but two different people are in their place. The only thing I can think of is that there is an underground passageway."

"We should ask him," Lust said pointing at Sasuke.

Sasuke looked around but didn't see Naruto. Naruto was fast, so that didn't surprise him. But he felt the presence of three people. Something was off about them. "I know you're there. Come out."

Lust, Envy, and Gluttony got out of their hiding spot. All three took in Sasuke, feeling like he was familiar. "See?" Envy asked. "He isn't one of them."

"Interesting," Lust said.

"Can I eat him?" Gluttony asked. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at that.

"May be later," Lust said. She stepped towards Sasuke. "I'm looking for this person." She held up the wanted poster of Gen. "Where is he?"

"Not here," Sasuke said.

"Hm..." Lust dropped the poster. "I can tell you aren't lying but you're not telling us the full truth."

"Hn," Sasuke crossed his arms. "Get lost." He turned around only to be punched in the back. Envy had hit him.

"This brat!" Envy yelled. "I say we just kill him." He lunged at Sasuke, but the raven blocked his claws with his short sword. Envy recognized the sword. "That's his sword." He was pointing at the wanted poster. "Why do you have it?"

"Simple," Sasuke said. "It's mine."

Several different thoughts shifted through Lust's mind. Finally, she came to one conclusion. "You and that boy are the same person." Sasuke said nothing. "Then that means your partner is also that strawberry blond and the other blond boy. I have to admit that your disguises are amazing."

"I see," Envy said. "Then this kid is probably the original one." He changed to exactly like Naruto. Sasuke's eyes widened for only a second, but Envy caught it. He grinned then walked over to Sasuke, wrapping his arms around his neck. "This is the person you care about the most." He chuckled as Sasuke let go of his weapon. Suddenly, he felt something enter his chest and exit out the back. But the only thing he could hear was the sound of one thousand bird chirping. Sasuke pulled out his arm while Lust and Gluttony watched their comrade stumble back, bleeding heavily.

"I once did the same thing to him," Sasuke said. "What makes you think I can't do it again to a fake like you?"

"Shit!" Envy yelled. "This really hurts!" He had never been hurt so bad before. He could feel himself healing but another hit like that would kill him.

"Can I eat him now?" Gluttony asked.

"Yes," Lust said, knowing that the boy was too dangerous to live. Sasuke was surprised at how fast Gluttony moved. Sasuke was going to slam a Chidori through Gluttony's skull when instead, it entered Gluttony's mouth. Sasuke knew that he was going to lose his arm. He couldn't move fast enough to pull his arm free. He closed his eyes ready for the pain, but he felt nothing. Opening his eyes, he saw Gluttony's body laying in a large hole in a wall of a building. He looked to the side to see red eyes glaring at the fat man.

Naruto had arrived in time to see Sasuke's arm being removed from Envy's body. He wasn't going to interfere but when he saw what Gluttony was doing, he moved. He wasn't going to let Sasuke lose an arm. "Why do you get all of the excitement?"

"Hn, Dobe," Sasuke said.

"Teme!" Naruto yelled. "You're lucky I got here when I did!" His eyes were back to blue.

"Thanks," Sasuke said.

"See?" Naruto asked. "That wasn't so hard was it?" Sasuke glared. "Should we get rid of these three now? I am getting hungry."

"Lust?" Gluttony asked stepping out of the ruined wall.

"We're leaving," she said. It was the first time in a long time that she was afraid of someone. The boys were strong on their own, but together... Lust didn't want to know what could. Envy and Gluttony took one last look at Sasuke and Naruto then retreated. Neither was in a good condition to fight. Naruto and Sasuke didn't move to follow them. Instead, they headed back into their hideout. They repack their things knowing that they would have to find another place to stay for the rest of the day. As soon as they were done eating, they changed into the clothes Naruto bought. The blond was happy to see that he had gotten the right size for Sasuke. Then, they picked up their things, but a green light surrounded them before they could leave. Sasuke smirked while Naruto grinned. Both were glad that they were leaving this world.


Hours later, the military would find the hideout with barely a trace of life. In the floor however was a short sword, stabbed through a piece of paper. On it was a note that read: Tell them better luck next time. The officer that read the note flipped the paper over to see a wanted poster. He sighed. Roy wasn't going to be happy.

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