Worlds Together

Chapter 24: Women Only

I've been working on making these chapters longer and more detailed.

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Chapter 24: Women Only

Dust and dirt was all that could be seen. The wind was blowing, but not strong enough to cause any real problems. The temperature wasn't too high. Two figures were walking through this desert, hoping to find a place to get more water. Neither had any water left and food was scarce. They had landed in this world an hour ago and although it wasn't too hot, both were constantly thirsty. Something about this place was slowly killing them.

Whatever it was had more effect on the raven than the blond. Even though he tried to hide it, the raven was tired, hungry, and overly thirsty. The blond knew that his comrade was going to lose consciousness soon. He just hoped they were going to come across some water soon. Just as he thought this, a small oasis came into view. The blond grabbed the raven's arm and pulled him towards the oasis. Both drank the water and refilled their canteens. Exhaustion finally took the raven and his body fell forward. The blond caught him and helped him to the ground. He was surprised when he felt the other's forehead. It was clear he had a fever. The blond had no idea what to do.

He was so into his thoughts that he didn't hear nor sense anyone coming. But a hand was soon on his shoulder, forcing him to turn and look up. Several women stood before him. The one touching him signaled another and together, they forced the blond on his back and something down his throat. He wanted to cough up the strange liquid, but his body was already feeling better. He watched as the same women poured the same liquid into the raven's mouth. That was the last thing he saw before he too seccomed to his exhaustion.


Several women gathered around the two boys in a room big enough to fit one hundred people. The circle gave enough room for others to join without anyone having to move. At one part of the circle was the leader of this village. She had long black hair, tanned skin, and dark green eyes. Unlike most of the others in the room, she wore a dress. It was dark blue and red. Even if she stood, the dress would touch the floor. Her eyes were on the two in middle, waiting for them to awaken.

At the same time, the two boys opened their eyes. They sat up together and pressed their backs against each other. It was a defensive position. But blue and black eyes found dark green ones and they both relaxed. The leader smiled. "It's good to see you again, Naruto, Sasuke."

Naruto smiled. "It's good to see you too."

Sasuke looked around and noticed that there was only women in the room, besides himself and Naruto. "Women only?"

Megami nodded. "This is the World of Women Only, a parallel to the one of Men Only."

"How come you don't exchange some people so that both worlds have men and women?" Naruto asked.

"Because men cannot survive here," Megami said. "You probably felt sick when you got here. In this world, men die. In the other, woman die. The potion you were given a few hours ago helps you survive. But the effects only last for one day. However, it cannot be used more than once in forty-eight hours."

"That means you've created two potions," Sasuke said. Then a question came to his mind. "What happens when one of you gives birth to a male child?"

At the question, a few women in the room looked down sadly. It was the woman on Megami's right that answered. "We send them to the other world. Mothers of male child spend twenty four hours with them before we have to send them away."

The woman on Megami's left spoke up next. "It is the same for the other world. When a man gives birth to a female child, we receive them twenty four hours after they were born. I myself was such a child."

"That's so cruel," Naruto said with tears in his eyes. "You're forced to give up your family."

"It is the way of the world," Megami said. "We raise each child as a village. Together, we give our love so everyone can live happily." At this, every women smiled. Some held the hand of another woman next to them. Sasuke then noticed the collars each person wore. Only Megami was without a collar.

"How much do you know about other worlds?" Naruto asked. "Aside from these two."

"You are wondering why your money didn't change in your last world like it was suppose to," Megami said. Sasuke saw Naruto's eyes widen in surprise. "It seems that you landed in a part of that world that didn't accept it. There are various problems going on in that place. The power to change your money to a form that can be used has been corrupted by ab outside force. The Council believes that someone is interfering with the way things work."

"The Council?" Sasuke asked.

"But I don't think you will run into that problem again," Megami said, ignoring Sasuke's question. It was clear to her that Sasuke still wanted to know what the Council was, but it was not the time for them to know. "You are free to look around and partake in any activity. Here, money means nothing to us. Everything is free." She stood up. At once, all of the other women in the room stood up and bowed. Megami and the two women that had spoken left the room. Sasuke knew that Megami was hiding something.

Suddenly, the rest of the women moved in on the two boys. Naruto and Sasuke were poked and prodded as each women took to touching then. Sasuke pushed himself away from them and watched with a bit of anger as Naruto blushed at the touches of the women. Sasuke clenched his fists and walked away. He wasn't going to watch Naruto drown in the love of fangirls. He shuddered as he made his way through the building they were in. Once outside, Sasuke took a deep breath and began to walk.

Soon, he arrived at what looked like a training area. Several women were, for a lack of a better word, working out. Some were practicing with weapons, others using hand-to-hand combat. Weapons ranged from knives and swords to spears and chains. It was clear to Sasuke that these women were hunters.

"Want to join us kid?" a woman asked. Sasuke looked into silver eyes. The woman before him was wearing silver armor. Sasuke blushed slightly as he took in the woman's body. The armor only covered her private areas. It was as if the armor was really a bra and a pair of panties, or a bikini set. Her feet had black boots with a silver zipper. Her boots went up to her knees. The only other thing she was wearing was a collar. "Well?"

"Sure," Sasuke said. He then noticed that all of the women on the field were wearing similar 'uniforms.' The blue haired woman before him, walked over to a woman with green hair and bronze armor. Her body was covered up more.

"This is Pamui," the blue haired woman said. "She is a sword master." The green haired woman smiled. "She is ranked fifth among the sword masters.

Pamui blushed. "Well, San-Chan and the other three are still out hunting. I hope you don't mind me as an opponent." Pamui reminded Sasuke of Hinata, just more confident.

"I do not mind," Sasuke said. He really just wanted to spar. Pamui smiled and the two walked away from the others. The blue haired woman sat several feet away watching. The sound of two swords meeting echoed throughout the area.


Naruto panted as he finally got away from those women. He found himself in a market. He made his way towards a vender that had this amazing smell coming from it. As he approached it, a girl around seven appeared. "Hello."

The girl's eyes widened and she turned and ran to the back of the booth. She was talking to a girl that was a few years older than her. Both girls came out and smiled at Naruto. "You must be Lady Megami's guests." The older girl was the one who spoke.

"Ah... Yeah," Naruto said. "I'm Naruto." He held out his hand. The two girls stared at the hand, not sure what to do. Naruto lowered his hand and smiled. "So, I smelt something amazing coming from here."

"We are a soup stand," the youngest girl said.

"Here is our menu," the older girl said handing Naruto a menu.

His eyes scanned the menu until they fell on a special something. "Can I have some Ramen?" He was glad that Ramen had been on the menu. He hadn't been able to eat it lately.

"Sure," the older girl said. She disappeared into the back and a few minutes later, she came back with a large bowl of Ramen.

"Cool!" Naruto beamed. "How much?"

The older girl put up a hand. "We don't accept anything. Money isn't something we use here. We believe that helping each other out is the only thing that matters."

"Oh," Naruto said. Then he recalled that Megami had said something about things being free. "Well, thank you!" He grinned then began to ate. It wasn't as good as Ichiraku's, but it was pretty close.

When he was done, he bowed then continued walking around the market. He stopped at a weapon stall and saw a set of sword holders. They clipped onto the sheath and was made to be carried on the back. He looked done at his sword. Him and Sasuke had been using their belts to carry their swords and sometimes they got in the way. Without further pause, Naruto stepped into the shop.


Sasuke soon found himself walking in through the market. His spar with Pamui had ended in a tie. He was amazed that she was only ranked fifth. He wanted to spar with the rest of the top five, but they weren't back yet. Pamui and the blue haired girl, Sachi were showing Sasuke around. They had finished seeing the training fields so the moved onto the market.

"So, each stand has something different," Pamui said. "For example, we have the shoe store." She pointed at a store that was clearly selling shoes. "Basically, the Workers make things for everyone. They do things such as cooking, sowing, and building and making things. We hunters provide them with the food and objects they need."

"So you are separated into two groups?" Sasuke asked.

"Three," Sachi said. "We also have those that teach us. They help us find which role better suits us. And if anyone gets hurt, they take care of the combined help from a Worker and a Caretaker, children are born. They work together as doctors."

"Hm..." Sasuke said. The way of this world intrigued him. It was basically a Utopia. They continued forward until someone walked right into Sasuke. The person was coming out of the weapons shop and neither had notice the other. Sasuke picked himself up and looked down. Naruto was on his but, hands clutching a package. "Hn, Dobe,"Sasuke said with a smirk. He helped Naruto up.

"Teme," Naruto said with a small glare. He saw Pamui and Sachi. "Oh, hello."

"Hello," Pamui said. "I'm Pamui and this is Sachi." She had spoken for Sachi since the girl was too busy taking Naruto in. It was clear to Sasuke that Sachi found Naruto attractive. Too bad for her they were going on be leaving in two more days, that is if they were going to survive that long.


Megami sat with a bowl of water in front of her. Net to the bowl were two bottles. One bottle had a pink liquid inside while the other had a blue liquid. On the side of the bowl was a small box. Megami took a deep breath then waved a hand over the bowl. Seconds latter, a face appeared in the water. "Hello Yuko-san."

"Hello," Yuko said. "I guess some guests have arrived in your world?"

"Yes," Megami said. "And for their sake, they need to leave soon."

"You're also afraid they'll find out about you," Yuko said. "But honestly I could care less about your secret. However, I'm guessing you'd like me to activate their bracelets to send them to their next world?"

"Yes," Megami said. "The Council seeks your help with ensuring that they continue to survive. And we are willing to pay the price." She held up the two bottles.

"Ah!" Yuko exclaimed. "Yes, those would be worth it. I can send them to the next world soon. Pass me those bottles through the water, please." Megami placed the bottles into the water and watched as the water swallowed them. They soon appeared in Yuko's hands. "You do know that I can't control what world they will move onto."

"That doesn't matter," Megami said. "As long as they are alive that's fine."

"So be it," Yuko said. Suddenly, a green flash was seen through Megami's windows. Megami looked at the light then turned back to the bowl but Yuko was gone. Megami sighed in relief, glad that she didn't have to use what was inside the box.


Sasuke, Naruto, Pamui, and Sachi were seated at a café-like stand. It surved coffee, tea, water, and some sweets. Sasuke had ordered a coffee, black with no cream or sugar, and a dark chocolate brownie. The brownie was made for people who didn't like sweet things. Naruto had some tea, two packs of sugar, and a ice cream sundae with chocolate and peanut butter sauce and sprinkles. The ice cream was chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough. Pamui and Sachi had water and an ice cream cone. Pamui's was chocolate while Sachi's was vanilla.

The group talked about their home world. Pamui noticed that Sasuke didn't talk much around Naruto. It wasn't like he talked a lot when he was just with her and Sachi, but he spoke even less now. She could feel a dark aura around him as Naruto talked about Konoha. He had mentioned that they were both born there. But Pamui could tell that Sasuke no longer thought of that place as home.

Just as she was going to approach the subject, a green light surrounded Sasuke and Naruto. The two were surprised that this was happening so early. They said their goodbyes to Pamui and Sachi. As Pamui hugged Sasuke, she whispered something into his ear. He looked at her with a mix of confusion and surprise. Then with a smile from her, they vanished. Pamui and Sachi watched until the green light was gone. Then they bowed at the woman behind the counter, laced their fingers together, and returned home.

You will find out what Pamui said later. As for her relationship with Sachi, they are partners. They don't wear collars since they are hunters. Instead, their weapons have their partner symbol. Sasuke did not see the symbol. Sachi did find Naruto attractive just as Pamui found Sasuke attractive. However, they knew the two were going to have to move on. Besides, they are happy together. Also, Megami's box will either appear in a later chapter or just in WWC. I haven't decided yet.

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