Worlds Together

Chapter 26: The Dungeon of Ice

There are a lot of scene changes as we follow each character/group in this chapter. Basically, it will be from their point of view, but still in third person. I'm sorry if it annoys you. This is something I won't do often. I might not even do it again. This is just the style I chose to go with for this world. Enjoy!

I do not own these series, nor do I make any money off of this.


Chapter 26: The Dungeon of IceIt shocked everyone to suddenly see a green light surround Sasuke and Naruto. Several Exorcists believed it was some kind of attack. Their theories were tested when the two were gone a few seconds later. Allen's eyes widened in horror. Fear spread throughout the room.

"Calm down," Kamui ordered. "You don't have to worry. They have just moved on to another world. Those two are still alive, but we won't be seeing them again." Everyone began to whisper about the ninjas.

Allen and the others relaxed. "I'm glad they are ok. I'll miss them though."

Lenalee smiled. "Me too."


Judar was sitting in a tree when he felt it. The ground shook like an earthquake. He looked and saw a dungeon appearing. He frowned. This meant a new King Candidate was going to appear. He moved to get closer to the dungeon, but a blinding green light stopped him. Opening his eyes, he saw two people in front of the dungeon. It looked like they were in the process of sitting down. The blond fell backwards and grabbed the black haired boy to stabilize him. However, this backfired. Both of them were instantly taken into the dungeon.

Judar smirked. Now he was going to have some fun. He stepped up to the dungeon and put a hand on it. Something was different about this dungeon, but he didn't care. Seconds later, he was inside a cold room, frozen over by ice. He didn't see any sign of the other two. He grinned. Yes, this was going to be fun.


Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna were eating on a dock waiting for the ship. They had another four hours before the boat was to come. But they had nothing else to do. They had helped a ship unload since the crew was badly injured. They had been attacked by pirates. So, now they were having lunch that was given to them as their form of payment. It was just as Alibaba went to take a sip of his drink that the ground began to shake. The group turned around and looked up. A dungeon had appeared on the hill behind the village. Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgianna looked at each other and knew what they were each thinking. They stood up and headed right for the dungeon. It was going to be a good way to waste time.


Naruto and Sasuke didn't know where they were. They had arrived on a hill with a building behind them. Because Naruto had been about to sit down and eat lunch at the Black Order, Naruto was caught of guard when their bracelets lit up and they had been brought to the next world. This caused him to fall backwards. He grabbed Sasuke to stabilize himself, but a second layer they were in a room cover in ice. They looked around in surprise, wondering if they had been sent to two different words simultaneous.

"Might as well not just sit there, Dobe," Sasuke said standing up.

"Tck, whatever Teme," Naruto stood up as well. The two decide to take a look around. The place reminded them of the Land of Snow. Everything was covered in snow or ice. Sasuke was surprised that Naruto wasn't cold. He was. Stopping for just a second, Sasuke summoned his Organization 13 cloak. He put it on and was going to tell Naruto to do the same, but the blond was gone. Sasuke sighed and walked on, searching for the Dobe.


Naruto hadn't noticed that Sasuke had stopped. In fact, he had continued walking believing that Sasuke was following him. It wasn't until Naruto had come across two doors that he turned to ask Sasuke which one he thought they should go through. "Eh?" Naruto asked. "Where's Sasuke?" He looked around, but Sasuke wasn't anywhere to be seen. He sighed. What was he suppose to do. The doors were taunting him, telling him to open one. He felt strangely draw to the one on the right. Shrugging, Naruto opened the door and walked through it.


Sasuke arrived at the room of two doors just a second after the door had closed behind Naruto. He looked at both doors. Knowing Naruto, he had gone through one of the doors due to curiosity. Sasuke sighed. Which door had Naruto gone through. He tried to sense Naruto's presence, but couldn't. He frowned. Deciding to find out why he was drawn to the door on the left, Sasuke went up and opened it.


Judar arrived just after Sasuke had opened the door in the left. He decided to follow him. Counting to a hundred, he too walked through the door on the left.


Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna were two minutes behind Judar. When they arrived at the room of two doors, they had the same problem as Naruto. Which door should they go through. They thought about splitting into two groups, but Aladdin thought that wasn't a good idea. So with a flip of a coin, they opened the door on the right.


Naruto was amazed at how beautiful the place was. The ice was pretty. He had mix feelings about ice since it reminded him of Haku. He soon came across a tree made entirely of ice. His fingers touch the tree. Suddenly, the tree began to melt. Naruto began to panic. He hadn't meant to break anything. He looked around trying to find the owner of the place to apologize, but no one was around. Naruto suddenly felt cold, and it wasn't because of the temperature. He felt alone and that began to scare him. Deciding it was best to find Sasuke, Naruto turned around. But he couldn't remember which hallway he had come through. He sighed and sat down. How was he going to find Sasuke now?


Sasuke was getting annoyed. He was just walking up and down stairs. It seemed pointless. Why whoever created this place chose to do this escaped him. It would have been easier to just keep it flat. Sasuke paused at the top of a staircase and turned around. He felt like someone was following him. He waited, but didn't see anyone. Sighing, he looked ahead and down. An idea suddenly came to him. He pulled out his scroll and summoned the piece of parchment Dumbledore had given him. Why he hadn't thought of this before, he didn't know. He did feel stupid for not thinking of it sooner. He tapped the parchment with a finger. "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good."

The parchment soon turned into a map of the area. On it, he could make out how the dungeon was formed. There was a dot showing where he stood with his name under it. He looked for the dot with Naruto's name and frowned. He had clearly gone through the other door. Sasuke was about to put the map away when he notice a dot just a few centimeters away from his own. He walk a foot ahead and watched his dot move a centimeter away from the other dot. Sasuke guessed that meant that someone was standing five feet behind him. He turned around, but no one was there. He looked down at the map and still saw that a dot was there and the name under it read: Judar.

Sasuke put the map away then let the Sharingan slip into his eyes. He looked right at the area the map had said and sure enough something was there. A strange dark aura shimmered. 'An invisibility jutsu? And a pretty good one.' He smirked as he looked right at the spot Judar was standing.


Judar had followed the other for about a half hour now and was getting bored. A few times, it looked like the kid had felt his presence, but then he just turned around and started walking away again.

He was finally just going to show himself when the kid stopped and looked around again. This time, the kid didn't keep walking. Judar saw him take out a piece of parchment and heard him mumble something. He then watched as the other stood thinking. At least he assumed the kid was thinking.

A minute later, the kid turned around. He noticed a frown on the other's face. Judar then realized that this kid was actually around his age. Then he felt a shiver as eyes met his. Judar's eyes widened when he noticed that the eyes were red with something black spinning in them. It was also then that he came to accept that the other could see him.


Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna finally turned the last corner before entering a large room. The notices two things. One was that there were several tunnels connected to the room. If they were to count them, they'd find out that there were thirty tunnels. Alibaba cut an X into the ground of the tunnel they had come out of. That way, they would know which tunnel they entered from. The second thing they saw was a blond sitting next to a pile of ice. They looked at each other and with a nod, Aladdin stepped towards the blond.

Aladdin smiled down at the blond. "Hi! I'm Aladdin!"

The blond looked up and stared at the three of them. Then he smiled. "I'm Naruto."


Judar let his spell end as he faced the other. Sasuke glared down at him. "Who are you?"

Judar smirked. "I'm simply a traveler looking to conquer this dungeon."

Sasuke frowned. Judar was acting like a kid playing a game. "Why are you following me then with some type of invisibility jutsu?"

'Jutsu?' Judar questioned. 'What? Is this kid a ninja or something?' "I thought I could follow you until you reached the treasure room. Then I planned on revealing myself and fighting for the treasure. Usually there are creatures that attack those that enter a dungeon. I thought you would be too tired to fight me by the time we got to the treasure room."

Sasuke's glare intensified, causing Judar to shudder a bit. "And now?"

"Now?" Judar asked. Suddenly, he grinned. "Now I kill you." He jumped at Sasuke who pulled out his sword and swung it towards Judar. A barrier of some kind surrounded Judar, blocking the hit. Sasuke felt the sword vibrate from the hit. The barrier pushed Sasuke backwards. Sasuke had to jump in order to not fall down the stairs behind him. He landed safely on his feet but he didn't have long to gather himself as Judar came at him again. This time, Sasuke put some normal Chakra into his blade. It managed to slice through Judar's barrier. Judar jumped back.

"Not bad," Judar said. "Lets see if you cane handle this." He raised his wand and gathered his power. Lightning gathered around him and he pointed his weapon at Sasuke. Judar's thunder magic met with Sasuke's Chidori Negashi, cancelling each other out. "Interesting. You must be a magician. But I'm not done yet. This dungeon was made for me." He waved his wand around and a loud crack was heard. The stairs behind them crumbled then firmed giant pieces of ice shards. "My specialty is ice magic. Thaig Al-Salos!" The ice shards raced towards Sasuke.

Sasuke moved quickly, the signs coming to him easily. "Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu." Several small balls of fire flew towards the ice shards, melting them into nothingness. Judar's eyes widened. He hadn't expected that.

"Lightning and fire," Judar said. "I have to admit that you are quite good. But what happens when I combine my attacks? First, Thaig Al-Salos." The ice steps further back collapsed and came towards them. "And Ranz Al-Salos." Black lightning spears appeared beside the ice shards. Then they raced towards Sasuke.

Sasuke saw Judar making more and more of the ice shards and lightning spears. He didn't want to waste his Chakra, but it would be the best way to defend himself. He let his Sharingan shift into the Mangekyo. "Susano." Purple ribs formed first. Then as the attack increased, a full skeleton appeared. Finally a suit of armor was thrown over the skeleton.

When the fog lifted, a giant purple humanoid creature was seen. Judar stepped back as he eyes saw that Sasuke was safely inside the being. Fear flashed threw his eyes. He had never met someone with so much power. The creature suddenly raised a bow and a black arrow that was clearly fire. Judar knew that if that hit him he was done to for.


Aladdin was just getting finished explaining about dungeons and king candidates when they felt the ground shake. Naruto felt a spike in Sasuke's Chakra and stood up. He could tell that Sasuke was fighting someone. Without pausing to think, Naruto ran through a tunnel. Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna stared after him in surprise before they went after him. They caught up to Naruto since the crumbled ground slowed him down. They moved together through the tunnel.

Something gave Naruto pause. He threw out his arm to stop the others. Alibaba raised an eyebrow and stepped forward, only to have Naruto grab his arm and pull him back. A black arrow slammed through the wall right where Alibaba had been. "Don't touch it. This fire can't be put out by anything except the maker." Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna nodded. Naruto faced the wall and took a deep breath. Then he slammed a hand into the wall. It began to crack the collapsed. Naruto stepped over the ice.

Judar had managed to dodge the arrow and was panting on his knees. Sasuke stood a few feet away. Naruto sighed and walked up to Sasuke. "Do you really need the overkill?"

"He is dangerous," Sasuke said.

"Judar?" Aladdin asked surprised to see him in such a state.

Judar suddenly laughed. "Dangerous? I'm dangerous? Then what the hell are you?" Sasuke didn't say anything. "You're a monster." The sound of a hand meeting flesh echoed through the room. Naruto had slapped Judar.

"Sasuke isn't a monster," Naruto said.

Judar spit out some blood. He had never been hit so hard before. "Seems like he isn't the only one."

"Judar?" Aladdin asked. "Why are you here?"

Judar frowned. "No reason." He then stood up. With a flick of his wand, he was gone.

"Huh?" Aladdin said. "I wonder what that was about." He turned in time to see Susano disappear.

Sasuke panted from the Chakra use, but he remained standing. Ever since he helped save Naruto from Tyki, he has been getting tired more easily. But he didn't want Naruto to notice that something was wrong. He calmed his breathing before turning to glare at Naruto. "Dobe, where have you been?"

Naruto pouted. "I didn't notice that you weren't behind me until I got to those two doors. I got impatient waiting for you so I went through one." Sasuke just shook his head.

"Aladdin?" Morgianna asked. "Shouldn't we start heading towards the treasure room? We still have a boat to catch."

"Ah!" Aladdin said. "Yeah, we need to hurry up. But how do we get there?"

Naruto smiled and raised his hands to make clones, but Sasuke stopped him. Naruto raised an eyebrow. Sasuke simply pulled his map out again. Naruto nearly slapped himself when he realized instead of just sitting around, he could have used his own map. Instead of doing so, he turned back to Aladdin. "We have a map."

Aladdin smiled. "Cool." Using the map, the five of them made it through the tunnels to what looked like a throne room. The only way to the treasure room was is a slide under the throne. But how are they going to move the throne?

Written in the back of the seat was: 'only the one as pure as snow can reveal the entrance.' No one knew what that meant. "There must be more to it," Naruto said. He began to wipe at the ice throne as if to clean of something that was covering more words. Suddenly, the throne began to move forward. Everyone watched in amazement as a slide was revealed. Naruto shrugged then jumped down. Sasuke sighed and followed. Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna looked at each other before they too went down the slide. As soon as Morgianna was on the slide, the throne moved back to its original position. Naruto laughed as he continued down. It was the most fun he had since this journey had started.

When the slide finally came to an end, they were in front of a large door. Together, they pushed the door open. Inside was a treasure room. Naruto and Aladdin looked at each other before they ran and jumped into a pile of gold. Sasuke rolled his eyes at Naruto's childishness. Alibaba and Morgianna soon followed suit and jumped in the gold pile. The four laughed as they began to toss the gold around. But Sasuke remained focused on something in the middle of room. He stepped closer and noticed it was a blue gem concealed in ice.

"What are you staring at?" Naruto asked. He then saw the gem

"Oh. That's pretty." He walked right over to it and went to touch the ice.

"Wait!" Sasuke called out. "Don't touch it!" But Naruto had already but his hand on the ice. The ice instantly melted and Naruto was reminded of the ice tree. The gem glowed and flew towards Naruto. Naruto caught it in his hands. For some reason, he knew what to do. He closed his eyes and brought it to his heart. In a flash of light blue light, Naruto began to levitate as the gem disappeared inside him. He opened his eyes and a blast of light went towards Sasuke. Sasuke felt his Chakra returning to normal. When the light was gone, Naruto was back on his feet. He walked right over to Sasuke and slapped him.

"Why?" Naruto asked with tears in his eyes. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Sasuke was praised as a genius all his life. So, it didn't surprise him that he actually knew what Naruto was talking about. "I didn't want to worry you." This was only half the truth. But Naruto seemed to accept it.

He pressed his forehead against Sasuke's. "Don't save me from some poison only to get infected yourself. I don't want to lose you."

Sasuke sighed and wrapped his arms around Naruto. "I won't."

Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna blushed at the scene before them. With a cough from Alibaba, Sasuke and Naruto separated. A blush was on both of their faces. "There is only one problem now. How do we get out of here?" Alibaba asked.

"Simple," Aladdin said. "Naruto just has to let us out. There is no djinn. Since Naruto was able to move the throne and the purification gem chose him, he must be the key to getting out of here." All eyes turned towards Naruto.

"Ah, I have no idea what to do," Naruto said.

"Just ask for an exit or something," Alibaba said.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke. "Is there an exit?" Sasuke check the map before shaking his head. Naruto sighed. Then he sat down in meditation. 'Open a door. Let us leave this dungeon.' The walls began to shine, then they began to dissolve. A few minutes later, Naruto and the others were back on a hill. The treasure from the dungeon was around them. Naruto opened his eyes and cheered. Alibaba and Morgianna separated the treasure into half and gave Naruto one half, keeping the other half for themselves. They agreed that it was fair.

The sun began to set and Aladdin let out a surprised yelp. "Our boat! We missed it!"

"Looks like we will have to take one tomorrow," Alibaba said. Morgianna nodded in agreement.

Sasuke decided he didn't want to sleep outside, so with Naruto and Aladdin's group, he searched for an inn. They got two rooms and went their separate ways for the night. The five of them knew that their journeys would continue tomorrow, but for now, sleep was the only thing they cared about.

Sasuke sat up in bed and watched Naruto sleep. Traveling with Naruto was making him realize certain feelings he didn't think he was capable of having. It was also beginning to interfere with the plans he had for the future. Sasuke sighed as he laid back down. He knew that if things kept going as they were, he'd give up on his revenge. But there was still a part of him that didn't want to.

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