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Chapter 27: Darkness in Light of the Pas

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Chapter 27: Darkness in Light of the PastAladdin awoke first, which was strange. Alibaba always woke up first. Then Morgianna would wake up. Aladdin would have to be woken up and that wasn't an easy task. But once he was awake, he was good to go. He look out the window and saw that the sun had yet to rise. He sighed. Going back to sleep would just make Alibaba mad. Staying awake was going to make him tired quicker. He decided to get up since he could always take a nap.

He made sure not to wake the others up and left the room. His walk found him at the ocean. But he wasn't alone. Naruto sat on the pier, feet dangling over the water. He was starting at the sky. Aladdin stepped forward and Naruto turned to see him. Aladdin smiled. "Good Morning, Naruto!"

"Good morning, Aladdin," Naruto said.

"You're up early," Aladdin said.

"So are you," Naruto pointed out. He turned his attention back to the sky. "I feel weird. Ever since that gem flew into my body, all I want to do is disappear. I don't understand. This gem is pure, so why do I feel like the darkness is taking over?"

"Where there is light, there will always be darkness," Aladdin said. "A friend told me that without the darkness, there is no light. Everything must have a balance."

"Is there someone who keeps the balance correct?" Naruto asked. "Does someone protect the light and the darkness?"

"Hm..." Aladdin said. He sat down. "I believe that is what Magi are for. Each of us protect a certain part. Good and evil can be just a thing in the mind. What we may see as evil may be good in the eyes of others."

"Then what's right and wrong is just a concept agreed upon by people," Naruto said. "We agree as a people what laws we should abide by. Those that break the laws are wrong, however, they believe they are right. It is just the feeling each has." He smiled. "You're pretty smart for someone so young."

Aladdin smiled back. "That's just my opinion." He stood up. "And no matter what darkness lies in this world, I will love it." Naruto watched as the sun began to rise behind Aladdin. Aladdin turned to see the sky and and smiled. "There is beauty in the smallest things."

"I agree," Naruto said. A green flash caught his attention. "Huh? That's early. We just got here yesterday."

"Actually, we got here three days ago," Sasuke said. Aladdin and Naruto turned to see Alibaba and Morgianna with him. Sasuke was holding his and Naruto's backpacks. "It seems time in that dungeon was strange. What felt like a few hours was a lot more time."

"We received this," Alibaba said. He held up a letter. "It seems that Sinbad and the others are worried about us since we should have been there by now."

"Then I guess we need to get going," Aladdin said. A boat was coming towards them. A few minutes later, Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgianna were on the boat, waving at Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto waved back. The two watched the other three sail off. Then they felt the familiar shift and they disappeared.

Judar watched the group in the distance. When he saw Sasuke and Naruto leave all he thought was: 'Good.'


A large city was where Sasuke and Naruto found themselves. Both felt strange. Something about the place wasn't good. They decided to find a place to camp. Several of the buildings looked abandoned, so they picked one that didn't look like it was falling apart.

After setting up camp in a room that no windows and only one door, Sasuke and Naruto decided to leave a look around. They had plenty of food to last them the next few days, but water was always a problem. Sasuke pulled out his map which showed a city called Shinjuku. He found the bathroom and a kitchen on the map and chose to find the kitchen. Even if the water wasn't clean, they could boil away the germs. They soon came to a door that led to the kitchen.

Naruto was the first to know that something was wrong. He could smell blood, and a lot of it. He was about to stop Sasuke, but the raven had already opened the door. Onyx eyes widened upon seeing the room covered with splatters of blood. He was reminded of his childhood home and the Uchiha massacre. Sasuke began to shake. Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke. The warmth brought Sasuke back to reality and he removed Naruto's arms. Then stepped into the kitchen. He didn't want Naruto to see his weakness.

Naruto felt bad. He should have stopped Sasuke, but he hadn't moved fast enough. He knew Sasuke was trying to hide his pain. Sasuke still had nightmares about the massacre. Sometimes, Naruto would wake up to sasuke screaming. But he would pretend that he hadn't noticed what was going on fore Sasuke's sake. The worst dreams were those involving his fight with Itachi. He had woken up once to Sasuke choking him. Luckily Sasuke realized who he was when Naruto gasped out his name. Other times, Sasuke would cry and beg for forgiveness. These times, Naruto would awaken with a crying Sasuke in his arms. Sasuke would of course deny that he ever did that. Still, Naruto knew that no matter what Sasuke would always be in pain. He just hoped that one day, he could take some of that pain away.

Sasuke turned the handles one the sick, but no water came out. It wasn't a surprise. The place didn't even have electricity. Naruto just signed and opened the refrigerator. There were some bottled water and other drinks. He checked the expiration dates and found that four bottles of water, two cans of cola, and a six pack of beer were all good to drink. Naruto pulled out the water and soda. They weren't of age yet, and alcohol was probably not a good idea right now. Naruto handed Sasuke a bottle of water. The raven took it with a small smile and took a sip. Both knew that three drinks each wasn't going to last long.

Naruto pulled out his own map. They had agreed to return to their camp by sundown. Naruto went south while Sasuke went north. Naruto went into each building and check each refrigerator. Soon, he had two bags full of various drinks. He began to wonder why he hadn't just made clones to quicken the search. He shrugged. Sasuke hadn't made any clones either so why should he. Naruto began to worry about the raven. In every building Naruto had entered, there had been bloodstains. He knew that Sasuke was going to see the same in the buildings he checked. Naruto looked at the sky and decided that he'd check one last place.

A convenience store was a few feet away. Naruto headed straight towards it. Walking into the store, Naruto noticed that the shelves were almost bare. Naruto frowned. He then looked down at his map and noticed three dots. He froze. Three people were in the store with him. He had two choices. He could just leave or he could find out who they were and maybe even question them about the state of their world. Naruto stepped forward and went right passed the swinging door and into the back room. There, sat three children around eleven years old. All three were covered in dirt and blood. Naruto knew instantly that they were survivors.

"Hi there," Naruto said. He Saw them tremble a bit."

"Are you gonna kill us?" the girl of the group asked. Her two male friends looked up expectedly.

"No," Naruto said. "I just want to know why you are here and what happened."

"He brought us here," one of the boys said. "After they killed all of the adults."

"Who?" Naruto asked.

The second boy raised his hand and pointed a finger passed Naruto. "Him." Naruto turned around to see a man with purple hair standing there. Naruto glanced at his map and was happy to note there were no other dots then the five of them in the store.

"What are you doing with my livestock?" the man asked with a snarl.

'Livestock?' Naruto was confused. He hadn't seen any animals around here. His eyes caught sight of the children and his eyes widened. Then he glared. "They are children, not animals."

"They are my food," the man said. "And I won't let you take them away from me." He lunged at Naruto. Naruto grabbed his sword and swung it towards the man. The man stepped back. "Are you a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army?"

"What?" Naruto asked. He wasn't a member of some demon army.

"If you aren't, that means you can't kill me with that sword," the man said. He lunged at Naruto, but this time, he let Naruto's blade hit him. He then swung at Naruto with his hand. Nails bit into Naruto's cheek and the force of the weak hit was actually strong enough to push him backwards. Naruto watched as the man's wound healed. "See? No matter what you do, you can't kill me." He lunged at Naruto again, grabbing Naruto's arm. He knocked his sword from his hand and turned him around. "You are livestock, just like them." He leaned down ready to bite Naruto, but a kick to his side pushed him away.

"And here I thought you were surrounded by enemies," Sasuke said. "Instead it's just a dumbass and some brats."

"He heals faster than I do," Naruto said.

"I know," Sasuke said. "His brother was the same way."

The man's eyes widened. If this kid ran into his brother, then he should have been dead. The only other thing that could have happened was only possible if the kid was a member of the demon army. "How are you here?" He didn't want to believe that his brother was dead.

Sasuke looked into the vampire's eyes. "I stabbed him through the heart. He died painfully and somewhat slowly." He smirked as anger filled the vampire. That was his plan. Get the vampire angry enough to blindly attack him. The vampire charged at Sasuke. Sasuke put some fire Chakra into his blade and sliced the vampire in half. The kids behind him cried. Naruto watched as the vampire turned to ash. "It seems only a Chakra attack works on them."

Naruto simply nodded before turning to the kids. He leaned down and took them into his arms. "It's ok. The bad man is gone now." They continued to cry until they both fell asleep. Naruto made two clones and told them to take the kids to a safe place. Naruto then walked back to their temporary home with Sasuke.

An hour later, Naruto received a memory of his clones placing the kids in front of some military station. They had overheard the humans inside mention something about the demon army and how they were going to help them kill the vampires. Naruto smiled as he saw, through his clones, as the military men picked up the children and gave them their protection. Naruto looked at Sasuke as the raven began to cook. They were going to be in for a new adventure, one that even they had no idea how it would end.

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