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Chapter 28: Blood Battle

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Chapter 28: Blood Battle

Naruto and Sasuke awoke with a start. The sound of fighting filled the air. They moved to a different room and looked out the window. A plane was suddenly hit by an arrow and blasted apart. Debris fell from the sky, a piece slamming through a nearby wall. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before running to grab their things. There was no way that they were going to stay there anymore. They quickly made their way towards the convenience store Naruto found yesterday, jumping over pieces of planes and buildings. They made it to the store only to find a plane had crashed into it. Sasuke pulled out his map and found a place free of people. They headed there.

Something caught Naruto's eye. A boy in white stood among others dressed like him, but there was something different about him. For a brief second, their eyes met, but neither moved. Then the other boy looked away and Naruto decided it was better to follow Sasuke. The two took to the roofs, jumping from one to another.

Sasuke suddenly stopped and threw himself backwards, covering Naruto's body with his own. Another plane had been shot down. The two fell through a hole and landed in a heap on the floor. Both groaned as they got to their feet.

"Now this is interesting," a woman with green hair said. "Who would have thought two boys would just fall into our clutches?"

"I don't know sister," a shorter girl who looked just a few years younger than the first said. "They look tasty."

"Which do you like more?" the older sister asked.

"Hm..." the younger paused in thought. "Both are good looking. I do like blonds." She licked her lips. "Hm... I just don't know."

"Shall we share?" the older sister asked.

"That's a good idea!" the younger one cheered. "May be we can even have a little fun with them. They both look like they'd be good in bed." She smiled. "Lets turn them into our slaves." Her sister nodded before they pulled out twin swords.

"Sword, suck my blood," both of them said. Then they charged at Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke dodged and soon a dance began. Soon, Naruto and Sasuke were back to back. The sisters faced them. Then, they ran around them. Sasuke flashed his Sharingan, trying to track them while Naruto used Kurama's eyes. They could see their opponents clearly. Simultaneously, they reached out a hand and grabbed the vampires' swords. Both silently cursed as they lifted up their own swords. The younger sister just released her sword and jumped back the older sister raised her foot and kicked Sasuke in the shin, forcing him to loosen his grip. She sliced down, making a deep cut on Sasuke's hand. Naruto saw the older sister raise her sword again and he back flipped over Sasuke and kicked the girl in her chest. Naruto knew that hitting a woman between her breasts would cause breathing problems. The older sister began to struggle to breath. She had never been hit so hard.

The younger sister was pissed. She slid forward and wrapped her legs around Sasuke's leg. Then she leaned forward and bit him. Sasuke let out a grunt of pain.

"Sasuke!" Naruto stepped towards Sasuke only to have the older sister grab Naruto similar to how Kankuro had been grabbed during the Chunin exams. The younger sister stood up, not letting Sasuke go. Sasuke tried to use Chidori Nagashi, but for some reason, he couldn't use his Chakra. Naruto's anger rose and the younger sister pulled back only to grab Sasuke's neck and bend it a little to bite into his neck. Sasuke tried to move but he couldn't.

The younger sister pulled away again. "Oh he tastes so good, sister. I don't think I want to stop."

"You'll kill him if you don't," the older sister said licking Naruto's neck. "Just turn him into your slave. I bet he'd make a great vampire."

"Good idea!" the younger sister turned Sasuke around to face her. She took his face into her hands. "Would you like that? Being the slave of Mattie Grogary?" Sasuke glared at Mattie. "Oh sister. He has such a fierce look in his eyes. I definitely want to keep him."

"Then turn him," the older sister said. She finally sank her teeth into Naruto. Naruto was beyond pissed. He could feel his Chakra being cut off by the vampire drinking his blood. But she wasn't blocking Kyuubi's. It wasn't that she chose not to block the demon Chakra, it was simply because she couldn't. She had no idea there was a demon inside of Naruto. At least, she didn't know until she felt hot.

Heat began to radiate off of Naruto. Both sisters stopped what they were doing and looked at him. Mattie released Sasuke and stepped towards Naruto. Naruto was giving off a pheromone infused heat. The smell caused every vampire in a mile to freeze then head towards him. The older sister was pushed away by Mattie who felt the strange need to claim Naruto as hers. But her sister wasn't going to let her have him. The two began to roll around, fighting each other. But as soon as other vampires began to appear, they regained control of themselves enough to team up. Sasuke, whose eyes barely stayed open, watched as Naruto was grabbed by one vampire, only to have another attack him.

Then something Sasuke had only seen a few times happened. The first time, they had been fighting and only one tail had appeared. The second time, Naruto hadn't even grown a tail. Sasuke had stopped him before he could. The last time had been at the Karasumori Site. But that had only been three tails with a fourth on the way. This was worse. It didn't start with just one tail, then two and three. Four tails had instantly popped up. Naruto let out a scream as his skin broke apart, blood mixing into the red Chakra.

Sasuke had heard about this from Orochimaru. Apparently, Naruto had lost his mind and the Kyuubi had taken control. Kabuto had even mentioned the fact that if another tail had grown Orochimaru wouldn't have survived. Sasuke didn't believe that. But now as a fifth tail appeared behind Naruto, he knew Kabuto was right.

Naruto felt pain he had felt only once, but something was odd. It didn't hurt as much as it did before. Naruto's inner eyes widened. He was in full control.

Several vampires suddenly stepped back as blank eyes opened. The ground shook beneath them. It was then that the vampires decided that Naruto wasn't worth it. They began to flee, but small balls of red Chakra slammed into them, turning them into piles of ash. The ones that hadn't ran began to panic. The last thing Sasuke saw was a flash of red and white.


Levi was bored. He had cleaned his room six times. All he wanted to do was get out of there. He stood up, grabbed his gear, and left his room. Just as he turned the last corner before the stairs someone ran into him. He glared and looked up at his young subordinate.

"Oh, Captain!" Eren said. "Sorry about that." He reached behind himself and scratched the back of his neck.

"Hm, it's fine," Levi said. He moved to walk past Eren but the younger male stopped him.

"I was actually looking for you," Eren said. "Hanji needed you and she sent me."

"I'll talk to her later," Levi said. This time, he made it past Eren.

"Captain, where are you going?" Eren asked.

"For a walk," Levi continued walking with Eren following behind him. "And stop following me."

"Yes, Captain!" Eren stood at attention and Levi just nodded before resuming his walk. Eren paused as he thought over the situation. If he told Hanji that Levi just ignored him, shed torture him instead. If he told her that Levi would be there soon, Hanji would still torture him. So the only thing to do was to secretly follow Levi since hiding from Hanji just wasn't an option. "Alright." He quickly ran to his room to put on his own gear and then jumped out of the window. Luckily, he could still see Levi.

Levi realized right away that he was being followed. He could even tell who it was, Eren. He sighed. Eren would probably follow him until he went to see Hanji. Well, too bad for the young boy, for Levi wasn't going to meet with Hanji for a long time. Using his Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, Levi jumped onto Wall Rose. He was going to take down some titans as a work out.

Eren watched as Levi killed several titans. He noticed that there weren't as many as before. He counted ten left, a third of how many were usually there. May be they could take back Wall Maria now. Eren was about to jump down and join Levi, but the Captain appeared beside him before he could.

Levi looked up at Eren. "I told you not to follow me."

"I had to," Eren said. "There is no way I'm going to see Hanji on my own."

"Tsk," Levi glared.

Just then, a flash of green appeared in the middle of the destroyed town. "What is that?" Eren asked. "Another titan shifter?"

"Only one way to find out," Levi said. He jumped again, heading towards the light. Eren followed as the light vanished. The two made their way, killing two titans on the way. The rest were heading in the same direction they were. Levi stopped on a roof top twenty meters away. He held up a hand to stop Eren. Both looked down towards a hole in which two people sat. One was clearly unconscious while the other held him tightly. At first, Eren thought it was Reiner and Bertolt but on closer inspection, he noticed that, despite the hair color, they looked nothing alike. Eren glanced at Levi as the titans moved even closer to the two in the hole. Levi nodded and the two jumped once more.

So, I used the -ji version for Hanji instead of the -ge since Hange is too close to Henge. I'll call Hanji a girl since AOT/SNK needs more female bad-asses.

Also, the Anime World Naruto and Sasuke are in at the beginning is Seraph of the End. Just like Attack on Titan and Naruto, the Japanese version is better (in my opinion). It may not have been obvious in these last two chapters, but in the next one, it should become apparent, that is, if you've seen the anime. Confused? All will be explained in chapter 29.

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