Worlds Together

Chapter 29: Even Bigger Problems

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Chapter 29: Even Bigger Problems

"Sasuke," Naruto said as he shook Sasuke slightly. "Please, wake up." As the green light vanished, he noticed two things. One was that he was in a hole in a different world. The second and most important was that giant size men were walking towards them. The giant men were naked but didn't have certain parts normal people had. They also had strange faces and a look as if they were high. But Naruto knew they weren't friendly. He lifted Sasuke up closer to his body and stood ready to fight or run, whichever was needed to protect Sasuke. He jumped as a hand came swooping down to grab them. Since his hands were occupied by Sasuke, all he could do was use his feet. He kicked the giant in the face. It only pissed the giant off. A hand slammed into Naruto's back, sending him and Sasuke flying. Naruto flipped despite the pain and landed on his feet, still safely cradling Sasuke. Naruto looked down and noticed that Sasuke had stopped breathing.

"No!" Naruto yelled. He put Sasuke down and began to give him mouth to mouth, not even caring that more giants were closing in on them. Sasuke coughed and started to breath normally causing Naruto to smile. But the raven was still unconscious. Then Naruto felt it. He turned in time to see two hands from two separate beings coming down at him. He knew he wouldn't be able to move fast enough. Deciding that he was going to die, Naruto closed his eyes, clenching Sasuke tightly. But when he was still alive twenty seconds later, he opened his eyes.

Two people had swords drawn standing at Naruto's sides. Blood had sprayed down on them. Naruto saw the giants flinch as their hands were cut up. The two strangers suddenly jumped and, using cables to maneuver themselves, sliced a chunk out of the giants' necks. The giants fell forward into each other and Naruto took the chance to jump back.

"Are you ok?" the younger boy asked. Naruto guessed he was about fifteen.

"Yeah," Naruto said. "But Sasuke isn't."

"We can take him to the infirmary," the boy said. "Captain, should we get out of here now or kill the titans first?"

The other male paused in thought. He looked young to Naruto but his aura told him something different. "It looks like we have to kill some titans first." He looked at Naruto. "Can you fight?"

"I have to carry Sasuke," Naruto said.

"Eren, cover me," The man said. The boy, Eren nodded. The man leaned down and looked at Sasuke's wounds. Naruto didn't really like that the man was touching Sasuke, but he had helped them. The man pulled out some gauze from a pocket and wrapped up Sasuke's neck and leg. He didn't question Naruto about the strange bite marks. Once he was done, the man stood back up. "You should be able to carry him over your shoulder. Can you fight with one arm?"

Naruto nodded as he shifted Sasuke over his shoulder, careful not to harm him further. He then grabbed his holster and ripped it before tying it around Sasuke's waist and his own arm for extra support. He unsheathed his sword and placed the sheath in Sasuke's holster with Kusanagi. With sword at the ready, Naruto locked eyes with the man in front of him. The man nodded and the three began to move. Naruto ran quickly towards Wall Rose. The other two were behind him, fighting the titans as they went. A titan blocked Naruto's way, but he jumped onto a roof, passed the titan, then turned to slice into the same spot Eren had just a second before on a bigger titan. Naruto didn't look back and kept going.

Five meters before the wall, Naruto stopped. Six titans had gathered at the wall. Eren and Levi, who's name Naruto had heard from Eren, stopped behind him.

"We have to get up there," Eren said pointing to the fifty meter high wall. Naruto nodded and glanced at Sasuke. The raven was paler than before. Naruto could tell that if he didn't get to a doctor soon, Sasuke would die. He glared at the titans that were blocking his way. Eren and Levi felt the strange aura coming off of Naruto and just stared. Naruto clenched his sword tighter and lunged forward.

Eren looked at Levi who shrugged. They were ready to kill the titans. But something stopped them. They watched as Naruto didn't go for a titan, but the wall. Their eyes widened as Naruto jumped over the titans and slammed his sword into the wall. Sending Chakra to his feet, Naruto ran up the wall and jumped onto the ledge, slitting to a stop in the middle. Eren and Levi couldn't believe it. Naruto had jumped twenty meters high and ran up the rest of the distance without maneuver gear. Deciding it was better to move, Eren and Levi used their gear to climb the wall. Both took a minute to rest before leading Naruto down towards their infirmary.


The first thing Sasuke saw was a brown ceiling. He noticed that it was dark, probably night time. His eyes soon found a head of blond. Sasuke reached out and patted the head. A noise caught his attention. He looked around until his eyes landed on Eren and another person, Hanji. "You're awake," Hanji said. "Good. You've been out all day. Your friend there hasn't left your side."

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked.

"Hanji Zoe," Hanji said. "Captain of the research team as well as team four of the Survey Corps."

"I'm Eren Yaeger," Eren said. "I'm a member of Levi's squad. Captain Levi and I save you and Naruto-san."

Sasuke nodded and looked down at Naruto. Naruto groaned and began to awake. His eyes fell on Sasuke and he literally jumped onto the bed, hovering over Sasuke. "Sasuke." He pulled Sasuke into a hug. "I'm so glad you're ok."

'Warm,' Sasuke thought as he let Naruto hug him. The blond gripped him tighter. Sasuke smiled and breathed in Naruto's smell. Suddenly, his eyes darkened. He flipped them over and pinned Naruto under himself. Then he leaned forward.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked. Confusion littered his face. Sasuke blinked then pulled back with a sigh. Both of the ninjas could see a blush on Eren and Hanji's faces. Naruto didn't understand why but Sasuke knee and he simply glared at them. Both flinched slightly before Hanji coughed.

"Anyway, it seems your wounds have healed," Hanji said. "I'm afraid that we need to know why you can heal so fast."

"I'd like to know that as well," a voice said from the door. An older blond man stood in the doorway with Levi behind him. "I am Erwin Smith, Commander of the Survey Corps. And this is Levi Ackerman. We'd like to know if you are Titan Shifters."

"Titan Shifters?" Naruto asked. "You mean someone that can change into one of those giants?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Erwin nodded. "No, neither of us are Titan Shifters. The healing thing is my ability. With the power of my Chakra, I'm able to heal myself. I believe Sasuke was able to heal since I was so close to him." He blushed slightly.

"Naruto and Sasuke," Erwin said. "Those are your names?" Naruto and Sasuke nodded. "Where are you from?"

Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other. "Somewhere far away," Naruto answered.

Erwin sighed. He knew he wasn't going to get much out of them. He glanced at Levi who was glaring like usual. He then looked at Hanji and Eren. Hanji had an excited look on her while Eren's was a mixture of confusion and wonder. "You may stay here for as long as needed." 'I have to look into this,' he said to himself. Levi looked at him and Erwin knew instantly what Levi was thinking. They had talked about the power and strength Naruto had showed Levi. Erwin just walked out of the room.

"So," Hanji said rubbing her hands together. "I believe we have another experiment to do, Eren." Eren gulped and nodded. He followed Hanji out the door. Levi stayed a minute longer than left just as silently as he came.

Sasuke turned to Naruto. "What happened? Last thing I remember was you going Five-Tailed Kyuubi and throwing some Chakra balls at some vampires."

Naruto looked down. "Well..."


After Naruto realized that he was in full control, he began to throw small balls of red Chakra at the vampires, turning them into piles of ash. The ones that hadn't ran began to panic. In a flash of red and white, Naruto's Kyuubi Chakra burned through the rest of the vampires, leaving only the sisters alive. The white flash had been the sisters' last attempt at protecting themselves. But the use of that power, took its toll. Both fell to their knees. Naruto, still in Five-Tail mode, pulled Sasuke against him. Because of the heat, Sasuke's skin began to burn. Naruto instantly reverted back to normal and pulled Sasuke into his arms. He let a purified version of Kyuubi's Chakra out to help heal the burns. Naruto was forced to stop using the Chakra after healing the burns since it was taking up too much energy.

A groan from the older sister made Naruto glare. He couldn't forgive them for hurting Sasuke. He carefully lifted Sasuke up and walked towards the dying sisters. Naruto froze when a black spear came flying towards him. He jumped back and looked towards the source.

Nearly a mile away, a boy wearing a black and green uniform had some type of demonic thing coming out of his shoulder and back. The boy swung his sword and a slash of wind tore through a building. A blonde boy in white ran towards the boy, seemingly trying to calm the other down. Naruto could hear a name on the wind, Yu-Chan. Naruto then saw a girl hug the first boy, "Yu-chan" and the dangerous power disappeared. The boy had returned to normal.

Naruto turned to look at the sisters, but all he saw was blood and ash. He could tell that whatever power that dark haired boy had had killed the two sisters, most likely on accident, not that Naruto cared. Naruto paused, not sure what he should do. He heard Sasuke cough and he began to panic. A flash of green light surrounded him, which he found strange. Had they really been there for three days?


"And the next thing I knew was that we were in this world," Naruto said. "Levi and Eren saved us and I carried you here."

"What is this about titans?" Sasuke asked.

"Giant men attacked us," Naruto said. "Some were ten meters tall. They call them titans. It seems the only way to kill them it to cut here." Naruto pointed to a spot on the back of his neck. "They regenerate otherwise."

"Where is my sword?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto pointed to a chair. "All of our other things are back in that other world. I did however pick up this." He pulled something out of his pocket. It was Sasuke's collar from the Men Only world. "It seems Mattie broke it when she bit you." Naruto said that with anger clear in his voice and a look of hatred on his face.

Sasuke took the collar and stared at it. He didn't know why he didn't take it off early. But now that someone else has removed it, Sasuke was pissed. It belong around his neck just like Naruto's. He glanced at Naruto and hid a smile at the fact that Naruto still had his own. The collar was a sign that Naruto belonged to him. His fingers moved his collar around. He would have to get his fixed.

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