Worlds Together

Chapter 31: So Many Titans

They road hard and fast. Levi found it strange that when they go looking for titans, they can’t seem to find any. He looked back at his group. Naruto was talking to everyone while Sasuke remained silent. The two were so different that Levi couldn’t understand why they were together. He could tell they had been traveling for a long time. Earlier, he had caught a strange smell from them. They needed a shower. Levi frowned. Could that be why titans weren’t around? Because of the smell? He shook his head. No, there had to be a reason.

“Captain!” Eren yelled. Levi looked up just in time to jump away from his horse. A titan had appeared right in front of him. The horse let out a cry and tried to run away, but a foot caught the horse before it got far. Levi cursed. Now he didn’t have a horse.

Before anyone could move, Mikasa sprang into action. She sliced into the titan’s neck, killing it. Levi glared at the smug look she gave him. Then he climbed onto Eren’s horse, pushing the younger man behind him. Naruto whistled. Mikasa was beautiful and strong.

Sasuke glared at Mikasa then at Naruto. The blond kept staring at pretty girls from every world they’ve been to (that had women). He sighed. He already faced the fact that he wanted Naruto to be his and his alone, but he also knew it wasn’t going to happen. Even if they did grow closer on this journey, once they got home, they’d go their separate ways. There was a sudden ache in his heart. He didn’t know why it hurt, but he ignored it.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke and sighed. Sasuke was hiding something from him, and he wanted to know what it was. His mind went back to the time when Sasuke was talking to Erwin. Naruto hadn’t used his hearing ability, but he wished he had. All Naruto really knew was that whatever Sasuke was hiding, it would change their relationship. His heart sped up. For some reason, he desired the change.

“You want him.”

‘What?’ Naruto thought.

“You want him. And not the way you think.”

‘What do you mean?’ Naruto asked. Silence was his answer. Kyuubi had gone back to sleep. Naruto couldn’t blame Kyuubi for being tired.

“Alright!” Levi said. “We will leave the horses here. We will walk through the forest and kill any titan we find.” Eren recognized this forest. It was the forest where he had lost a lot of friends. He wondered how Levi felt about being back here. The group tied their horses to the trees.

The forest reminded Naruto of the time they did the tree climbing exercise. He smiled as he remembered how Sasuke and him fought to see who would reach the top first. He had broken into the tree on his first try. He found out later that it was due to his powerful Chakra. He had too much chakra which made it hard to perform jutsus. This unbalanced caused several issues. Luckily, he has gained control over his vast amount of Chakra as well as the Kyuubi’s.

Sasuke was reminded of the same time. It was one of the fun times he had with Team 7, but mostly Naruto. It still amazed him that such a training could make him more confident and strong enough to fight Haku. He sometimes wonder what would have happened if Naruto hadn’t shown up when he did or he hadn’t gotten in between Naruto and a bunch of senbon. He knew that either way Naruto would have survived. Even if Haku had meant to kill him, the Kyuubi would have protected Naruto. It had been foolish of him to think that Naruto needed his protection but he knew that if he could go back in time, he would still do the same thing.

Naruto and Sasuke dodged as a tree fell towards then. The others also moved. A titan had run towards the tree after someone had blinded it. Eren leaped forward and finished the titan off. Several more titans appeared. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before moving. They each killed a titan before the others moved.

The sounds of fighting filled the air. Then there was a scream. Sasha had been caught by a titan and she was being brought towards its mouth. Naruto, who was the closest to her, jumped and cut off the titan’s hand. Luckily, Eren had moved to catch her. Naruto then finished the titan off. He landed in front of Sasha. “You ok?”

“Yes,” Sasha said. “Thank you!” Naruto just smiled before running to kill another titan. When all of the titans were gone, there was a four-way tie. Levi, Mikasa, Naruto, and Sasuke had killed four. Hanji, who looked like she was just having fun, and Eren had killed three. Jean and Connie had killed two. And Sasha and Armin killed one each and assisted in a few others.

Injuries were minor. Sasha had been hurt the most since that titan had squeezed her hard enough to break a rib. Connie had a few scratches and Jean had a cut above his eye, caused by a tree branch. Eren, Hanji, and Levi were tired, panting heavily. Naruto and Sasuke were fine. To them, this was a little workout. The others thought it was strange since Naruto and Sasuke moved more, and without maneuver gear! All but Eren, Levi, and Hanji were amazed by that fact. Well, Hanji was amazed, but for different reasons. She wanted to experiment on them.

The group took a break. Sasha passed around some bread. Sasuke picked at it while Naruto devoured it, wishing it was ramen. Sasuke watch Sasha do the same thing. She then looked at his piece. He glanced at Naruto who was also doing that. He sighed, broke the piece in half then handed a half to each of them. They thanked him and then the bread was gone. Sasuke shook his head. ‘Great. A female Naruto.’

Ten minutes later, they were on the move again. Soon, buildings could be seen. Naruto recognized it as the town they had arrived in. However, they were on the other side. It made sense that it was different since they had gone a different and longer way. The group used their maneuver gear (well, Naruto and Sasuke just ran) to climb to the top of the wall.

Naruto gasped. He had seen the destruction before, but he was too concerned about Sasuke at the time. Sasuke had seen something like this when he was with Orochimaru. They had gone to some village that had been destroyed nearly thirty years ago. Both just closed their eyes then opened them, relaxed as Levi cleared his throat.

“We will set up camp here,” he said. “We will be fighting titans until none appear before us. If you need a break, or need to tend to wounds, come back here. I’ll send you in teams of two. Hanji, take Connie with you. Mikasa, you’re with Sasha.” He paused and look at Naruto and Sasuke. “One of you should stay here with Armin while the other goes with Jean.” Both looked at the two choices. Although Sasuke hadn’t wanted to even come on this mission, he did enjoy the fighting. Armin was clearly the weakest of the group and probably needed protection. Jean was stronger, better than Connie and Sasha, but he clearly didn’t like Sasuke or Naruto. Sasuke shifted not sure what he’d rather do. Naruto was in the same boat. He wanted to fight, but he also wanted to talk to Armin. He could tell that the boy was smart since he wasn’t good at fighting. But he knew he’d get antsy, wanting to get up and just kill some titans.

“Why don’t I go with Naruto and Sasuke can go with you Captain,” Eren said. “They don’t know Armin or Jean but they know us. We’ve fought together before.” Levi frowned. Eren had a point. Jean would just get in the way and having one of them just sit with Armin was a waste of his talent. In all honesty, they didn’t need to pair up. The only reason he wanted to separate the two was so he could watch them.

“Fine,” Levi said. “Then Jean will sit with Armin.” Jean looked ready to protest but a glare from Levi stopped him. “And one more thing. Eren don’t use it.” Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other confused while Eren nodded. Then they were off. Naruto let Eren lead the way while Sasuke matched Levi’s speed. He didn’t trust him fully. Levi seemed to know that they were hiding something, but he still planned on using them. Sasuke hated being used.

-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-WITH EREN AND NARUTO:-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-

Eren and Naruto stopped on the roof of what looked like a church. Part of the roof was missing and you could see the inside clearly. There were pieces of the roof on top of the building behind them. Under some rocks and bricks were puddles of blood that had dried. An arm could be seen under a large piece of the roof. A few bodies lay in chairs. Naruto wondered briefly why no one had collected these bodies.

Eren jumped down, a sad look on his face. He remembered that he had caused something like this a few months back. Innocent people always got hurt. He clenched his fists, once again cursing the existence of titans.

Naruto felt the anger radiating off of Eren. It felt similar to Sasuke’s anger. His eyes widened. Could Eren want revenge for something? It had to be on the titans. Naruto was so distracted by Eren, he didn’t see the large hand coming at him.

-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-WITH SASUKE AND LEVI-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-

Sasuke slammed down on the back of a titan and stabbed it. The dead titan fell forward and Sasuke back flipped onto a tree. He looked over to see Levi standing on his latest kill. They had killed six titans. Looking around, they noticed that there were no more titans around.

Suddenly, a loud roar shook the ground. Levi cursed as he looked towards the center of the town. “Dumb brat!” Levi then ran towards the sound. Sasuke raised an eyebrow before following him.

-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-WITH MIKASA AND SASHA-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-

Mikasa had saved Sasha three times now. She was getting sick of it. When she heard the load roar, she quickly killed the last titan before running off, leaving Sasha behind. It took the girl a minute before she decided it was better to follow Mikasa.

-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-WITH HANJI AND CONNIE-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-

Hanji was laughing like a mad woman. Connie was afraid of her more than the titans. She cackled as she stabbed a titan repeatedly. Connie sighed. He was beginning to feel bad for the titans. He was about to ask her to stop torturing the poor thing when he heard a roar. The titan under Hanji began to struggle. It managed to throw her off. Connie managed to catch her and toss one of his swords at the back of the titan. It landed right above where it needed it hit, just two inches. He cursed as the titan attacked them. He then pushed Hanji back and took to the trees. Hanji was the bait that lured the titan to a good spot. Connie landed on its back, grabbed hold of his sword, and pushed it down. The titan cried out before turning to ash.

“Thanks,” Hanji said. “Now lets go see what trouble Eren has got himself in.” She moved quickly. Connie sighed. He wished he was in Jean’s position. At least Armin wasn’t a crazy woman.

-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-WITH JEAN AND ARMIN-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-

“It’s not fair!” Jean yelled for the tenth time. He was walking back and forth cursing Eren to the pits of hell. Armin had tried to calm Jean down, but he just kept getting yelled at. Deciding it wasn’t worth getting yelled at again, Armin just began making soup. He was sure the others would be hungry soon. He laid out a map of the town and plotted the areas the others had been assigned. He could see the whole town but he couldn’t see where the others were. However, he did see a titan attack the church.

A few seconds later, smoke flew up into the air above the church. Armin knew what it was even before the roar. He was already to his feet when the roar rang through the air. Jean had finally stopped talking. “Shit! That stupid idiot.” Jean went to move, but Armin stopped him.

“We were told to stay here,” Armin said. “If we went there, we’d just get in Captain Levi’s way. Besides,” Armin sat back down. “If anyone gets injured, it would be safer to help them here.” Jean huffed but agreed that Armin was right.

-=-0-=-0-=-0-=WITH EREN AND NARUTO-=-0-=-0-=-0-=-

Naruto met the hand full on. It sent him flying through the church and into a wall. He coughed as he fell to his knees. A few ribs had been broken. He heard Eren saying his name but he couldn’t speak. The hand reached towards him and grabbed him. The titan opened its mouth to swallow Naruto, but Eren jumped between Naruto and the titan, stabbing its wrist. The titan dropped Naruto, but its mouth managed to catch Eren’s leg. Blood dripped down and Naruto’s eyes widened. Naruto stood up. He wasn’t going to let Eren die. Before he could move, a strange burst of smoke appeared. With a loud roar, a titan appeared where Eren had been. It turned around and punched the other titan in the face.

Naruto now knew what Levi had meant. Eren is a titan shifter. He had used his power to protect Naruto. The blond frowned. He should have paid more attention. Kyuubi was healing him and he would be fine soon.

Eren stomped on the titan, crushing it until he hit the back of its neck, killing it. Naruto let out a calm breath until he felt a change in the air. Suddenly, over twenty titans of various sizes surrounded them. Eren began to fight, but the titans bit him.

Levi and Sasuke arrived first. Levi looked pissed. He killed two titans before landing next to Naruto. Mikasa and Sasha were next. Sasha was trying to hold Mikasa back. Hanji and Connie came last. The Survey Corps members had seen something like this before. They had to help Eren kill these titans or Eren would be eaten. Without pause, the group charged at the titans. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before joining them.

But it was becoming tedious. After killing one titan, another three would appear. Blood covered each person as they took upon several injuries. Connie was helping Sasha who had broken her leg. His arm was also broken. Levi had a cut above his eye that was forcing him to keep his eye closed. Hanji had hurt her wrists, bit was still fighting. Mikasa had at least one broken rib and a few cuts and bruises. Naruto and Sasuke were the least injured. Naruto had no injury due to Kyuubi and Sasuke had secretly called up his Sharingan, making him able to dodge any attacks.

Noticing that the others couldn’t keep fighting, Naruto decided it was time to end this. He looked at Sasuke who just sighed. There was no way he’d stop the blond. Naruto called upon Kyuubi’s Chakra. The eyes of every Survey Corps member widened as the red Chakra surrounded Naruto. Sasuke just shook his head. He stood back, not wanting to get in Naruto’s way.

Naruto lunged at the group of titans. Faster than anyone (except Sasuke) could see, Naruto moved, clawing through each titan. Soon, a pile of bone and ash surrounded Eren. Naruto jumped down next to Sasuke. “Ok, now he can turn back to normal.”

“He has to be cut out,” Levi said. “I’ll do it.” He struggled to his feet. Hanji grabbed his arm.

“It is too hot,” Hanji said. “Eren’s body is burning. The heat could kill you.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Levi said. “I...”

“I’ll get him,” Naruto said. I have no problem with heat.”

“You have to cut in the right spot to get him out,” Hanji said. “A few inches away from titan’s weak point.” Naruto nodded then jumped on Eren’s back. He found the spot that Hanji indicated and pulled out his sword. He made a small cut then sheaved his sword. Using his claws, he ripped opened the neck and took hold of Eren’s human body. Hanji wasn’t kidding when she said it would be hot. He yanked the boy out then jumped down, laying him on the ground. Strange marks surrounded his eyes. Naruto could see that Eren was beginning to heal. His leg was already back to normal. The others watched as Naruto’s burn marks healed. Soon, he stood without a single mark on his body, besides the scars on his face. The group silently wondered who Naruto really was.

“We should move,” Hanji said. “We need to get ourselves looked at.” The others agreed. Levi picked Eren up. Naruto walked over to Sasha and picked her up. Sasuke looked at Mikasa and cursed. Since Connie had a broken arm, he would be expected to carry her. He sighed and walked towards her. She glared and walked past him. He smirked. She was too stubborn to let him carry her. They moved as quickly as they could. Hanji had to eventually help Mikasa stay standing. Soon, they were on top of the wall.

“Are you alright?” Armin asked. “We saw the smoke. Eren transformed didn’t he?”

“He did,” Levi said.

Armin nodded. He began to look Eren over. Jean looked at Connie’s arm. Hanji brought the girls further away so she could look at them. She wrapped up Mikasa’s chest and Sasha’s leg. Then she fixed herself up. Hanji wasn’t able to stop Mikasa from running to Eren’s side when the boy began to wake up. Naruto chuckled as Mikasa went into mother-hen mode. Eren had been more concerned about Naruto but Mikasa said he was fine. Naruto agreed with her.

This time, Eren carried Mikasa and Jean carried Sasha down the wall. It took a few hours before they made it back to the horses. Mikasa road with Eren while Connie road with Jean and Sasha road with Hanji. The three vacant horses were tied together and attached to Armin’s horse. This left Levi, Naruto, and Sasuke to protect the group. Luckily, the didn’t run into many titans, just two.

Once they were back at the Survey Corps Hideout, Sasha, Connie, Jean, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren went to rest. Naruto and Sasuke went back to their room, after Sasuke was handed something by Erwin. Naruto didn’t ask him what it was since he knew he wouldn’t get an answer. The two took their showers then started packing. They had agreed that staying here was no longer a good idea.


Erwin sat at a table with Levi and Hanji. They had just finished going over the events of the day. “So Naruto was able to defeat over ten titans in a matter of minutes. That means he’s stronger than we thought. And Sasuke managed to avoid getting hurt at all. Both would be great assets for humanity.”

“They could also be dangerous,” Levi said. “Naruto seems to care about others, but Sasuke is the type that won’t do anything unless it benefits him. We can’t control someone like that.”

“He seems to be protective of Naruto,” Erwin said. “He’d be willing to help us if Naruto is forced involved.”

“What if he convinced Naruto that fighting the titans isn’t worth it?” Hanji asked. “I know that they were enjoying the fight, but that may be because they hadn’t fought titans before today. If I had to guess, Sasuke would make Naruto see that fighting titans isn’t as fun as it seems. Besides, if they are from a place without titans, why would they see the need to fight them?”

“Then we make titans appear before their home,” Erwin said. “Then they will join us.”

Hanji’s eyes widened. “You’re talking about a suicide mission! How many people do you think will die?”

“Sacrifices are necessary,” Erwin said. “We still plan on taking Wall Maria back to see what is in Eren’s basement. Lets have Naruto and Sasuke join us for that. We could easily win back the wall with them. However it will take some convincing.” He paused. “We could promise them a way home.”

Hanji sighed. What Erwin was talking about was dangerous. They hadn’t even gotten the King to agree to their mission to take back Wall Maria. But to add another mission on top of it, she doubted the King would agree to them. Though, she’d bet that Erwin didn’t care what the King said. “When do we do this?”

“We should wait until Levi’s new unit has healed,” Erwin said. “A month might work.”

“We would have to do some training to see how long Naruto can fight like he did,” Levi said. “Hanji, you should come up with an experiment that would test that.”

Hanji’s eyes brightened. “We can start tomorrow.” She stood up. “By the way, what did you give Sasuke?”

Erwin smiled. “Something that bounded Naruto and Sasuke together.”


A few hours later, Hanji went to talk to Naruto only to find the room empty. It was clear that Naruto and Sasuke left. She rushed to Levi’s room to tell him what had happened. Levi went to the room and found a note. It read:

Due to certain circumstances, we have to move on. However, the truth has to be said. We weren’t lying when we said we had never seen titans before and that we were from a place that titans didn’t exist. This place we are from, isn’t apart of this word, we aren’t from this world. In a few days, we will move on to another world. I’m sorry to say that we can help you no longer. We believe that only those born into this world have a right to save it. Trust in yourselves more.

Good luck and good bye!

Naruto and Sasuke

Levi could tell right away that Naruto had written the note. The handwriting was horrible. Levi sighed. Erwin was going to be pissed. But sending out a team after the two would be pointless.


Naruto and Sasuke made camp in the forest they had been in earlier. A strange noise caught Naruto’s attention and he looked down at his bracelet. Then he looked at Sasuke’s. Both had the number four showing. They sigh in relief. Only one more day until they would leave.

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