Worlds Together

Chapter 32: The White World

Sasuke awoke first. A green light caused him to realize that it was time to move on. Luckily, they knew what world they ere going to next. The World of In-Between was a strange name, but it going to that world would speed up their journey, he was all for it. He got ready then shook Naruto awake. He let the blond rub the sleep away from his eyes before he handed a breakfast bar to him. Naruto glared at the bar before eating it. Sasuke rushed around grabbing things. He sighed as he noticed that Naruto was still eating. “Hurry up Dobe.”

“Oh shut it, Teme,” Naruto said. He finished the breakfast bar then stood up, stretching. Then he got ready. They stood together waiting. Soon the light surrounded them, but not before a titan spotted them. The titan moved quickly towards them, however, the bracelets were faster. The titan swung out a harm, grabbing at them, only to grab nothing but air.


Naruto and Sasuke landed in a blank space. Before them stood a man with white hair and pale skin. He wore white. If their eyes weren’t as good as they were, the man would have blended in with the background. Both wondered briefly why it was so white, but two orange and black blurs caught their attention. What they saw made their jaws drop. There were two other Narutos and Sasukes. They looked at them before beginning to disappear.

‘That was...’ Sasuke thought as he watched two versions of himself disappear with two versions of Naruto. He could tell that both sets were older than him.

Naruto was silent. He didn’t know if he was glad he didn’t get to talk to his counterparts or sad. He could tell that both pairs had been through a lot. What had caught Naruto and Sasuke’s eyes were a few things. Both Sasukes had the Konoha symbol on. One had a simple headband while the other had an Anbu mask. Both Naruto’s wore the Hokage cloak. And what shocked both Sasuke and Naruto was the round stomach of the younger Hokage Naruto. Both could sense the growing form inside. On top of that, it was a mix of Naruto and Sasuke’s Chakra. This meant that the younger Hokage Naruto was pregnant with Sasuke’s child.

Both were slightly jealous that their counterparts had found happiness. Naruto wished that his Sasuke would also come back to Konoha. But he was only guessing that the other Sasukes had left. For all he knew, they could have stayed or their Naruto could have won the fight at the Valley of the End. He didn’t know. And honestly, he didn’t want to know.

The man turned to them. “You must be the ones Yuko sent. I’m the Keeper of this world, the World of In-Between. And before you ask, this is a world between the others. Usually only the dead are allowed here. Each room represents a certain world.” He raised his hand and a screen appeared. “This is the main room. I can let you see what is going on in any world you want.”

Naruto perked up. “Then you can show us our home?”

The man smiled. “Yes.” Again he waved his hand. “Only two days have passed since you left.” Two figures were seen on the screen.

“Sakura and Kakashi-Sensei,” Naruto smiled. “They are alright!”

“Yes,” the Keeper said. “It seems that no one that was around you two were pulled from the world or harmed. Those two have stayed there since you left. The other one went back to your village to inform them of what happened.” He waved his hand and showed Sai talking to Tsunade and a group of ninjas Naruto recognized as the other members of the Konoha 12.

“Can you send us back?” Naruto asked.

“I can’t,” the Keeper said. “I do not have that in my power.”

“Who sent those other versions of us back?” Sasuke asked.

“I did,” a voice said. A girl with dark green hair and light blue eyes floated in the air. She wore a black and white dress. Black and white faery wings grew from here back. “I was the one who brought them here, so I was able to send them back.”

“Kuroyuri,” the Keeper said. “Shouldn’t you be getting back to the others?”

“They can talk without me,” Kuroyuri said. “Especially since Kyocera is still made about the whole stealing her spell book thing.”

“You did meddle in a world that wasn’t yours to watch over,” the Keeper said.

“But I got the job done,” Kuroyuri said crossing her arms. “Besides, Kyocera should have done what I did. We have to make sure things don’t turn out like they did in that world.”

The Keeper shook his head. “You members of the Council have a lot on your plate. Don’t add more.”

“I won’t,” Kyocera said. “Unless it’s fun!” She smiled then looked at Sasuke and Naruto. “You guys should hurry up and continue your journey.”

“Wait!” Naruto yelled. “Take us back to our world.”

“I can’t,” Kyocera said. “As much as that would solve things, I can’t interfere. Your world is not mind to watch over.”

“Then bring whoever watches over our world here,” Sasuke said.

“I can’t do that either,” Kyocera said.

“Why not?” Naruto asked.

Kyocera smiled as she began to disappear. “She hasn’t been born yet.” And then she was gone.

The Keeper sighed. “Shizuka must have seen it, the birth of their new member.” He shook his head. “Only she can help you, yet she isn’t born yet. A confusing matter.”

“Then we have to continue this journey?” Naruto asked.

“Sorry,” the Keeper said. “But this journey is one that you must take.” Naruto looked down and Sasuke frowned. “Now, I believe you have something from Yuko for me?”

Sasuke took off his backpack and opened it. He pulled out a blue flask and handed it to the Keeper. “Yuko said you had something for us.”

“Ah! Yes!” the Keeper said. He pulled out a white stone. “This should help you guys in one of your future worlds. I can’t tell you what it does, only that you will know when to use it, or that it will know when it needs to be used. I’m not really clear on the details.”

“Who gave you that stone?” Sasuke asked, suspicious as he took it, placing it in his backpack.

“That’s a secret,” the Keeper said. “Now then, you should be moving on.” He placed a hand on the red light of Naruto and Sasuke’s bracelets. “Sorry I couldn’t do more. And good luck.” Less than a minute later, Naruto and Sasuke were gone. The Keeper sighed. “I need to get back to work.”

“Thank you,” a voice said.

The Keeper turned to look at the person who spoke. “Anything for you, Inari Okami.” He handed the vial to Inari Okami, who took it quickly. “Anything for you.”

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