Worlds Together

Chapter 34: Not the Fork!

The group made it to the castle several minutes later. A beautiful blond woman wearing a black dress that hugged her form nicely. Naruto instantly blushed. Sasuke glared. A young girl stood slightly behind the woman, peaking out shyly. Her brown eye brighten when she saw Yuri. The boy got off his horse in time to catch the girl.

“Hi Greta,” Yuri said. “I told you I wouldn’t be gone long.”

“Did everything go ok?” Greta asked.

Yuri smiled. “Yup! Little Cimarron and Big Cimarron’s alliance is still going strong.”

“That’s good!” Greta said.

The woman stepped forward, coming close to Yuri. “And who are these lovely men?”

“Mother!” Wolfram yelled. He jumped off his horse and got between Yuri and the woman. “Keep your space!”

“Oh, Wolfram honey, don’t you worry,” the woman said.

Gwendal rolled his eyes. “Lets just get inside for dinner.” Conrad and Yuri just sighed as they did what Gwendal said. Greta held Yuri’s hand as the woman clung to Wolfram. Wolfram lectured her as they walked. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before jumping off their horses and following the others. Gunter looked lost. He summoned a guard to put the horses away before running after the others.

Inside, Yuri began to give Naruto and Sasuke a quick tour. Conrad would add a few things every few minutes. Soon, they were in a huge dinning room. A man and a woman sat at the table. Greta smiled and ran towards them. “Hube! Nicola!”

“Hi Greta,” Nicola said. “Your Majesty.”

“I keep telling you to just call me Yuri,” Yuri said. “How’s Ernst?”

“He’s good,” Nicola said. She moved slightly and Naruto and Sasuke were able to see a baby boy in her arms.

“That’s good,” Yuri said. He sat down next to Nicola. Wolfram quickly stole the seat next to him. The others took their seats. Naruto and Sasuke ended up next to each other and across from Yuri and Wolfram. Yuri had refused to move to the head of the table, leaving an empty seat next to Gunter and Cecilie at the other one. Three maids brought in the food. Naruto licked his lips. Sasuke had to stop himself from laughing as Naruto’s stomach rumbled.

Yuri began to tell Naruto and Sasuke about his adventures. Wolfram would sometimes interrupt him with insults. Calling Yuri a wimp always got a rise out of the raven. Sasuke began to see some similarities between them and Naruto and himself. Yuri was kind and had a good head on his shoulders, but he wasn’t a genus and he wasn’t a fighter. Yet, he was still strong. Wolfram was strong and a bit smarter, but he had a big mouth. It wasn’t long before Yuri and Wolfram were fighting.

“It’s done!” the door of the dinning room slammed open. A woman with red hair stood smiling in the doorway.

“Not again,” Gwedal said under his breath.

“What did you make Anissina?” Yuri asked.

“Wings!” She pulled out what looked like bat wings. “These will allow someone to fly. Much faster than horses!”

“Cool!” Naruto yelled. “Can I try that?” Gwendal and Gunter’s eyes widen.

“Sure!” Anissina said happily. She ran towards him, pulled him up and strapped them to his back. “Now you just need to concentrate your magic power to them.”

‘Magic?’ Naruto thought. ‘Like Chakra? Might as well try it.’ He let his Chakra spread to the wings. A minute later the wings were flapping and he was in the air. He laughed as he began to fly around. He did some flips and a few other tricks. Gwendal, Gunter, Wolfram, and Conrad all wondered when something would go wrong. Not a second later, the wings popped under Naruto’s Chakra. Naruto dropped quickly, but Sasuke was just as fast. He caught Naruto before he could hit the ground.

“Dobe,” Sasuke said.

“Teme!” Naruto yelled. “Put me down!”

“No thanks for saving your life?” Sasuke asked sarcastically.

“I would have been fine,” Naruto said. “I don’t need you to save me.”

“Didn’t look that way,” Sasuke said. “Your control over your Chakra still sucks. You’re weak in...” SLAP! Naruto slammed his palm into Sasuke’s left cheek.

GASP! Naruto turned and saw surprised looks on everyone’s faces. Celi suddenly stood up. “How wonderful! May be we can have a double wedding.”

“Huh?” Naruto asked, confused.

Conrad was reminded of when he told Yuri what the slap meant. It looked like he’d have to explain again. “In this world, slapping the left cheek of someone means you are asking for their hand in marriage.”

“Eh!” Naruto asked. He stepped away from Sasuke. “I’m not marrying the Teme!”

“Like I’d ever want to marry you either Dobe,” Sasuke said.

Naruto glared at him. “I’d make a good husband. You’re lucky to even be around me and my awesomeness.”

“I don’t see anyone asking you out,” Sasuke said.

“Teme!” Naruto tackled Sasuke to the floor. They rolled around until the hit the table. The others got to their feet. Gwendal and Conrad got ready to separate the two. Naruto managed to kick Sasuke off of him. He grabbed a plate and tossed it at Sasuke. Sasuke dodged then grabbed a knife. Yuri knew instantly that something bad was going to happen. Sasuke tossed the knife like a kunai at Naruto. The blond dodged it. The knife hit the floor. Naruto had moved away from the table to dodge the knife. He picked up the closest thing to him, which happened to be that same knife.

“Don’t pick it up!” Yuri yelled, but it was too late. However, his yell did cause Naruto and Sasuke to pause. “Great. You just had to pick it up.” Both of them looked at the boy confused.

“Picking up the knife that he tossed means that you have to duel,” Wolfram said. He pointed at Sasuke. “He challenged you to a duel by throwing that knife. And by picking it up, you have accepted his challenge.”

Naruto looked down at the knife then at Sasuke. He shrugged. It seemed like a duel was exactly what they needed. Conrad asked if they needed time to prepare, but they shook their heads. Nicola and Hube decided to return to their room. They took Greta with them to keep her out of harm’s way.

The spot for the duel was the same one where Yuri and Wolfram dueled. Naruto stood were Yuri had while Sasuke stood where Wolfram had. “Taijutsu only?” Naruto asked. Sasuke nodded. “Then no Kyuubi and no Sharingan.”

“Fine,” Sasuke said. Yuri’s group looked on in confusion, excluding Conrad who seemed to understand a little of what Naruto was talking about. They took their stances. Neither moved. Wolfram was getting impatient. Just as he was about to yell at them to get a move on, Naruto moved first. He charged at Sasuke. They began to do simple hand-to-hand combat at a somewhat slow pace. But as time went on, they got faster and faster. Soon, they were moving so fast that if Yuri or the others blinked, they’d miss the fact that Naruto managed to punch Sasuke in the face while Sasuke slammed his fist into Naruto’s stomach. Both pulled back, panting slightly. Sasuke looked up with his eyes red.

Naruto grinned. “My thoughts exactly.” He let Kyuubi’s Chakra leak out. Several pairs of eyes widened. They felt an increase of power from the ninjas. As the two continued to fight, Yuri sat down. He was being overwhelmed with the sight in front of him. Wolfram on the other hand felt frustrated. He could tell that he was inferior to them in power and by the way they had fought at the beginning, they were stronger than him as well.

“Wolfram?” Yuri asked as the boy moved forward. Before anyone could stop him, Wolfram began to summon his flames. The flames charged out at Sasuke. Before they could hit Sasuke, Naruto jumped in between taking the hit. He stood with his arms out. Yuri screamed as the flames engulfed Naruto. He tried to run towards Naruto, but Conrad blocked his way.

“You can’t,” Conrad said.

“But Naruto...” Yuri began. He stopped when a strange whistling noise filled the air. All eyes turned to Naruto and some widened.

Naruto had his hand up, Rasenshuriken spinning. But it was different; it was red. Kyuubi’s Chakra pulled the flames towards it, consuming them. He then let the Rasenshuriken die out. He smiled. “Well that was fun!” Sasuke shook his head

Yuri let out a sigh of relief. Then he turned to Wolfram. “What the hell was that for? You could have killed him.”

“He could have just dodged,” Wolfram said, crossing his arms.

“You’re acting like a child,” Yuri said. Wolfram just glared and walked away. Gwendal rolled his eyes at his brother’s antics. Yuri turned to Naruto. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem,” Naruto said.

“Oh no,” a maid with blond hair said.

“It seems there is trouble in paradise,” the maid with red hair said.

“A new pairing,” the green haired maid said.

“Poor Wolfram,” the blond said.

Naruto looked up at the maids. Yuri followed his gaze. “Hi Doria, Lazagna, Sanguria.” Yuri smiled and waved at them.

“Hi King Yuri!” the maids yelled.

“Alright,” Conrad said. “I believe that it is time to call it a night.” The rest agreed. Yuri led the way back into the castle. The group then showed Naruto and Sasuke to a guest room. The three maids had already prepared it thanks to a letter sent ahead by Murata.

That night, Naruto and Sasuke had a hard time going to sleep. Naruto was jealous of Yuri. He had several friends and was greatly loved by everyone in the kingdom. He wished he could have that life. Sasuke was angry at how Naruto kept protecting him. Wolfram had been right, he could have dodged. He had to somehow find a way to show Naruto that he was still stronger than him.


Time went by quickly. Soon, they had been here for five days. Over the days they had been here they had seen several different creatures including those of the Flybone Tribe and a huge dragon named Pochi. They were also introduced to a man named Yozak who kind of freaked Naruto out. Sasuke had glared at the man who dared to flirt with Naruto. It seemed like Yozak caught on quickly to Sasuke’s feelings despite the raven not knowing them himself.

Yuri took them to a few different towns. Both Sasuke and Yuri had to wear disguises. Seeing Sasuke with brown hair bothered Naruto a bit. He didn’t understand why though. Sasuke didn’t mind. It felt good not to be the center of attention.


Naruto noticed it first. The light was now green. He looked over at Sasuke who was talking to Gwendal. The two had gotten along easily. He stood up and walked over to the raven. “Sasuke.” Sasuke turned around and looked at Naruto. The blond held out his arm. “Are you ready?”

“Hn,” Sasuke grunted showing off his bracelet. He grabbed his backpack from the floor and tossed Naruto his. It seemed he had things planned out. Naruto frowned. He hated how Sasuke was always one step ahead of him.

“You’re leaving?” Yuri asked. Naruto and Sasuke turned to see Yuri, Conrad, Greta, and Wolfram.

Naruto smiled. “Yeah. It seems our time is up in this world.” Yuri hugged Naruto. Wolfram and Sasuke glared at the two.

“I hope you had fun here,” Yuri said. “I’ll miss you two.”

“I did have fun,” Naruto said. “Sorry we can’t stay.”

“No, I understand,” Yuri said.

“Yes we do,” Wolfram said pushing Naruto away from Yuri. Naruto and Sasuke were then surrounded by the familiar green light.

“Bye!” Greta said waving. Naruto waved back.

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