Worlds Together

Chapter 36: The Kor of a Wish

“Whoa!” Naruto said loudly. “This place is huge!” He began to run around like a little kid in a museum. Sasuke rolled his eyes. Yes the place was big, but that didn’t matter. He felt strange, like he shouldn’t be here.

“Dobe,” Sasuke called. He wanted to know if the blond felt it too. However, he seemed to be too distracted by the beautiful room to notice that Sasuke was calling for him. Sasuke’s eye twitched. All of a suddenly, a boy with dark brown hair and a strange pink creature on his shoulder ran past them. A loud THUD followed by a curse met Sasuke and Naruto’s ears.

“Honestly Teito,” a blond boy said as he walked into the room. “How do you expect to pass the exam when you can’t even look where you’re walking?”

Teito glared and crossed his arms. “May be you shouldn’t have just stood there. If you’re so great then you should have moved out of the way.”

“Arguing again Teito, Hakuren?” Sasuke and Naruto turned to see three men walk into the room. The one that had spoken was blond with blue eyes. His coat was opened at the front revealing that he was shirtless. The man to his left had reddish-brown hair and light brown eyes. He wore what looked like formal wear. The boy to the blonde’s right had light purple hair and dark purple eyes. He too wore a white robe over a black shirt and a hat with a veil.

“Shouldn’t you be wearing the bishop uniform, Frau?” Teito said sarcastically.

Frau tsked. “Not very polite are you?” It wasn’t really a question. He looked at Naruto and Sasuke. “And who are you?” Teito and Hakuren turned around and for the first time noticed Naruto and Sasuke.

“I’m Naruto Uzumaki,” Naruto said pointing at himself. “And this is Sasuke Uchiha.”

“Come to see the ceremony Naruto?” the man with reddish-brown hair asked.

“What ceremony?” Naruto asked.

“Great,” Hakuren said. “Another idiot.” Naruto frowned and was about to yell when Frau interrupted.

“It is time for another Baptism Ceremony,” Frau said. “We will be making sure that you can’t be possessed by the Kor.” Just as he was about to ask what a Kor was, something strange happened. A little girl flew into the room. Bone-like wings protruded from her back. “Shit!” Frau caused. “A Kor.” The little girl giggled as it launched an attack. The group dodged.

Wanting to prove himself, Hakuren stepped forward. A staff was in his hands. He fended off the next attack but missed the second one. A wing slammed into Hakuren’s side slamming him into a wall, effectively knocking him out. Teito rushed towards Hakuren’s side to get him out of there. Another attack went at the two. Teito didn’t have time to react. Instead, a large man wearing all black stood between the Kir with a scythe raised. From their positions, Naruto and Sasuke could make out the being’s face and hands. They were able to tell that the being that had protected Teito and Hakuren was a skeleton.

The man with reddish-brown hair managed to lift Hakuren up. The boy with light purple hair appeared before Naruto and Sasuke. “We must be going. He will handle this.” Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other before following the others. Neither failed to notice that Frau was missing.


Hours later, Naruto and Sasuke were still in a room with Teito and an unconscious Hakuren. Labrador and Castor, who introduced themselves upon their arrival to this room, came into the room with some food. The group sat around eating. The food was strange but Naruto and Sasuke said nothing as they ate it.

Finally, Sasuke had enough of the silence. “Are you going to explain what happened?”

Labrador and Castor looked at each other. Castor sighed before speaking. “A Kor is a being that prays on those who really want their wishes to become true. The wish can be anything from wealth to revenge.” At this, Castor glanced at Teito. “In exchange for granting your three wishes, the Kor takes over your body.”

Naruto looked at Teito. “You want revenge.”

Teito shifted uncomfortably under Naruto’s gaze. “I do. He killed Mikage.” Sasuke couldn’t help but sympathize with Teito.

“Frau,” Labrador said.

“Hey,” Frau said with a wave.

“What happened with the girl?” Teito asked.

“She’s recovering,” Frau said.

“You must be strong,” Naruto said. “I mean to take down that Kor. And that skeleton form of yours, it was both creepy and cool.” Frau, Castor, and Labrador exchanged glanced. Castor nodded.

Frau sighed, standing up. “You shouldn’t have seen that.” Threads wrapped around Naruto and Sasuke’s bodies. They looked at Castor.

“We will have to erase your memories,” he said. He looked at Frau. “Not too far back.” The blond man nodded as he took another step towards Naruto and Sasuke. Suddenly he froze. Four pairs of eyes widened as Naruto and Sasuke stood. Castor’s threads were cut to pieces on the floor. Red Chakra wrapped around Naruto as lightning wrapped around Sasuke. The two mixed together creating purple flames.

“Stop!” Labrador said. Two pairs of red eyes blinked and then the flames were gone. “We over reacted. Forgive us.” Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other and nodded. Both sat down as if nothing had happened. Frau and Castor almost fell to their knees. Neither had felt something so dark.

“We will keep your secret,” Naruto said. “But the next time you try something, we will stop you, by force.” Frau and Castor gulped. Naruto smiled. “Anyway, tell me more about these Kor.”

Labrador let out a sigh of relief. Something told him that these two were dangerous. However, something also told him that they were destined for greatness. Without the others noticing, he slipped out of the room. He had to see further to understand just who Naruto and Sasuke were.


After Teito, Hakuren (who woke up a few hours ago), Naruto and Sasuke were asleep, Frau and Castor went looking for Labrador. They found him in his garden. They instantly knew something was wrong. “They don’t belong here,” Labrador said before Frau or Castor could speak. “Their power isn’t of this world.”

“What do we do then?” Castor asked.

“We wait,” Labrador said. “They won’t be here long.”


Meanwhile in Sasuke and Naruto’s World:

Madara was pissed. It had been over a month since Naruto and Sasuke’s disappearance. His plans were ruined if Naruto was dead. At this point, he didn’t care if Sasuke was dead or alive. He only need the Kyuubi after all.


Team Kakashi had waited for several days for Naruto and Sasuke. When a week and a half went by and there was no sign of them, Kakashi made the decision that they had to return to Konoha to give Tsunade the news. She had been almost as angry as Madara was. She wanted nothing more than them to be back just so she could punish them for worrying her. Tsunade hated to admit that she was even worried about Sasuke. She kept telling herself that the only reason she was worried about him was because of Naruto. The only thing that made her not worry about them was the fact that they were together. No one understood why they felt this way. But even Sakura was convinced that wherever they were, they were together and that they were safe.

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