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A Ruined Peace: Monkey vs. Fox

Naruto awoke first. The bed they were sharing wasn’t very comfortable. He stood up carefully, not disturbing Sasuke’s sleep. He made his way to the window and looked out to see the sun beginning to rise. They had gotten to this world just last night. After spending four days with Teito, Hakuren, and the others, they were finally able to leave. Naruto was able to tell that Labrador was afraid of them and he hated that. He didn’t like causing someone such an emotion. Sure he wanted to be seen as the strongest ninja in Konoha, but he never wanted anyone to fear him because of it. Sasuke didn’t seem to care.

Naruto sighed. So far, they hadn’t had any trouble in this world. This was the first time that they have arrived in such a normal world. They had arrived in this town and no one even questioned their appearance. A girl had welcomed them into this inn. Because Naruto and Sasuke were out of money, Naruto offered to chop wood. The girl’s mother gladly accepted his help. Sasuke was forced to babysit the little girl as the mother worked in the kitchen. The little girl, Hana seemed to not even notice the raven’s existence. She was too busy playing with her dolls.

The mother, Sui had thanked them, but Naruto said it was for her wonderful hospitality. She laughed and smiled. Naruto had to admit that this woman was beautiful when she smiled. Sasuke glared at Sui and she flirted with Naruto. He then rolled his eyes as Hana jumped onto Naruto’s lap to eat. It pissed him off to think that Naruto, Sui, and Hana looked like a family.

Naruto heard a groan as Sasuke stirred. “Good morning.”

“Hn, morning,” Sasuke mumbled before rolling over. Naruto held back a laugh. He then got up to change. Sasuke peek his head out to see a pair of orange boxers hit the floor. He turned his head away. He was grateful that Naruto was going to leave him alone. The blond was confusing him.

Naruto quietly let the inn wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. Not many people were awake yet. Those that were up and about spoke to the blond. He happily wished them a good morning. One offered him a muffin, which he gladly accepted. It seems the town they had arrived in was a peaceful one.


“Are we almost there yet?” Goku asked. “I’m hungry.”

“For the hundredth time, we’ll be in the next town in a few minutes!” Sanzo yelled.

“Good,” Gojyo said. “’Cause the Monkey sticks.”

“I wouldn’t be talking you stupid Kappa!” Goku said.

“What was that, you stupid Monkey?” Gojyo yelled back.

“Shut up!” Sanzo yelled, smacking them on the head with a fan. “You both smell bad. You will take a bath when we get to the next town.”

“There it is,” Hakkai said. Three pairs of eyes looked ahead. The jeep drove into the town.

“Yes!” Goku said. “Food!”

Hakkai chuckled. “After we find an inn.”

“And after a bath,” Sanzo said.


Naruto carried a basket of food back to the inn. It was now time for breakfast. He knew Sasuke would be up taking a bath. He placed the basket down in the kitchen earning a smile from Sui. “Thanks Naruto.”

“No problem,” Naruto said. “You are basically letting us stay here for free. I feel like I should be doing more.”

“It’s all right,” Sui said. “Besides, Hana seems to really like you.” Naruto grinned at that. “Also, the baths are open. I believe your companion is already there.”

“Thank you,” Naruto said. He headed to his room for a change of clothes. Luckily, the baths had towels and everything else needed. Arriving in the changing room, he stripped, wrapping a towel around his waist. He placed his dirty clothes in a basket next to Sasuke’s. His clean clothes were wrapped in a towel in a separate cupboard. Opening the door, he took in the beautiful sight. The water was a beautiful green color. He bent down and wet his hands with the water. Putting a hand to his nose, he sniffed it. It smelt wonderful. He stood back up and made his way to the shower part to clean himself of any sweet and grime.

The entire time he did this, Sasuke watched from his position under a mini waterfall. He didn’t understand why he kept staring at the blond. For some reason, seeing the blond without clothes made his face heat up. His eyes followed the water as it dripped down Naruto’s back. Before Sasuke could stop himself, he was behind Naruto.

Naruto turned slightly. “Ah Sasuke. Do you mind?” He held up a wash cloth.

Sasuke sighed before grabbing it. “Dobe.” He began to wash Naruto’s back.

“Teme,” Naruto said. “How’s the water?”

“Hn,” Sasuke grunted. “You’ll find out.” He dropped the cloth on the floor.

“What?” Naruto asked. His wrist was suddenly grabbed and Sasuke pulled him up. “Sasuke?” He was being dragged towards the water. “What are you...?” The next thing he knew, his body hit the water. He stood up coughing. “Bastard! What the hell was that for?”

“Hn,” Sasuke said, stepping back into the water.

Naruto glared. Then he grinned. He lunged at the raven. They wrestled in the water, flipping each other over. Soon, Sasuke’s back hit the edge of the pool and Naruto lurched forward. His lips met Sasuke’s. He pulled back quickly. “Why is it always with you?”

“I could ask the same thing, Dobe,” Sasuke said. Naruto was about to yell when the door of the bath slid open.

“Yahoo!” a boy yelled. A man with blond hair grabbed his arm.

“You have to wash first, dumbass,” the man said.

“Yeah, you stupid Monkey,” another man with red hair said. “Did your rotten smell fry your brain?”

“Shut up, stupid Kappa!” the boy yelled. “Not all of us love water as much as you do. Ah! But you can’t swim can you?”

“Why you...” the red-head began but the blond man smacked them with a fan. “Dammit! Why did you bring that in here?”

“To smack some sense into you idiots,” the blond said. “Now shut up and wash up.”

A fourth man appeared from behind the red-head. “The faster you wash up, the faster you can eat.”

“Alright Hakkai,” the boy said. He ran over to showers and quickly wet himself down before he jumped into the pool yelling “canyon ball.” The water slammed into Naruto and Sasuke, separating them.

“Sorry guys,” Hakkai said. “Goku can be a bit... eccentric.”

“It’s ok,” Naruto said as he wiped the water from his face. Sasuke simply glared.

“Calm down, Goku,” the blond man said.

“But Sanzo...” Goku whined.

“Yeah, let the brat play,” the red-head said. “You know how monkeys are.”

“Don’t goad him, Gojyo,” Sanzo said. Now, all four of them were in the water. Just as the group was about to relax, the door slid open. A panting Sui stood in the doorway.

“A group of Yokai has attacked the village,” Sui said tears were in her eyes. “They have Hana.” Before Sanzo and the gang could move, Naruto and Sasuke were already putting on their clothes.

“We’ll get her back,” Naruto said, patting Sui’s shoulder. Sui dropped to the floor, her hands coming up to her face.

“Thank you,” she cried. Naruto simply smiled before following after Sasuke. The Sanzo Party quickly dressed. They wondered breifly if it was their fault that the yokai were attacking this peaceful town.

Hakkai bent down in front of Sui. “It’s alright. Your daughter will be ok.”

Sui looked up. “Please help them. There are too many of them.”

“Don’t worry,” Gojyo said. “We’ve probably faced worse.” Sui could only nod as the four of them left. She finally managed to stand a minute later and went after them.


“Let me go!” Hana yelled.

“Call them out already!” a male yokai yelled. “We want the...” He stepped back, dodging a shuriken.

“We don’t care what you want,” Naruto said. “Let Hana go.”

“Naru,” Hana cried out.

“Why should I?” the yokai asked. “I should just eat her.”

“Or you should die,” Sasuke said. He pushed his sword through the yokai’s chest. Hana fell towards the ground, but Naruto caught her. As Hana cried into Naruto’s chest, Sasuke pulled out his sword. With a cry, the group of yokai charged at Sasuke and Naruto. The two dodged, carefully stepping back towards the inn.

A yell from behind them alerted them to the Sanzo Party’s presence. Goku came flying over them, staff swinging. Naruto managed to hand Hana over to Sui. Naruto told her to go back in and not to open the door until he told her it was safe. Naruto turned around, pissed that they’d use a little girl to get whatever they wanted. He quickly realized that he wasn’t needed. The Sanzo Party seemed to have everything under control. Sasuke flipped over a yokai as Sanzo fired at him. He stood back, watching the Sanzo Party take care of the rest of the yokai.

Suddenly, the ground shook. A large yokai with two smaller yokai on its shoulders appeared. One step from the massive creature caused Goku to fall over. “What is that thing?” Naruto asked.

“Just another yokai we gotta kill,” Gojyo said.

“We won’t be as easy to take down as them,” the female yokai on the creature’s left shoulder said. “Right, nii-san?” The male yokai on the right nodded. “Let’s go, Yoi (pronounce Yo-ee).” The giant creature took another step.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” Goku said as he jumped up and swung his staff down. It hit the creature on the head, but it didn’t faze him. Instead, it reached out a hand and grabbed Goku. Goku let out a cry of pain as Yoi squeezed him. Yoi dropped Goku, Gojyo catching him. Gojyo dodged Yoi’s foot. He then laid Goku before Hakkai.

Hakkai quickly set to work. His eyes widened. “He has ten broken ribs.” His hand hovered over Goku’s chest. He let out a sigh of relief. “Luckily I should be able to heal him.”

Naruto looked at Yoi. He was reminded of the titans from Eren’s world. He wondered briefly if he could defeat Yoi the same way he killed them. He pulled out a kunai and levitated it with his wind jutsu. He aimed it right at the back of Yoi’s neck. With a soft THUD the kunai hit its target. Then a loud cry of pain came from Yoi. The kunai had spread the wind jutsu deep into its neck. However, unlike with the titans, Yoi didn’t turn into dust. Instead, he slammed his fists into the ground, cracking it. This caused Naruto, Hakkai, and Goku to be separated from Sasuke, Sanzo, and Gojyo.

Yoi swung out a hand at Sasuke, Sanzo, and Gojyo. The three managed to dodge the attack. Naruto watched as Yoi focused his attacks on Sasuke’s group. He pulled out another kunai, watching for an opening. But he wasn’t the one to find it. Sasuke jumped onto Yoi’s back and slammed his sword into the wound Naruto created. While Yoi screamed, focus now on Sasuke, Gojyo ran around the giant legs with the chains of his weapon. Yoi fell forward. The yokai siblings jumped off of Yoi before the giant hit the ground. Because Yoi was still alive, Sanzo used his Maten Scripture to finish him off.

“How’s Goku?” Sanzo asked.

“I’m almost done healing him,” Hakkai said.

“That’s...” but Sanzo wasn’t able to finish that sentence. He coughed, eyes wide. A short sword ran through his chest.

“Sanzo!” Hakkai and Gojyo yelled.

“Told you we wouldn’t be easy to beat,” the female yokai said. She pulled out her sword then raised it above her head. “Now die!” Before the sword could hit Sanzo, Sasuke moved. He blocked her sword. Gojyo pulled Sanzo onto his back then jumped over to Hakkai. Hakkai instantly began to heal him.

Gojyo stood back up. “I’ll try to hold them off. Heal Sanzo as much as you can.” Hakkai nodded. With that, Gojyo charged at the male yokai. The male yokai just dodged. “Come on and fight me!” Gojyo was getting pissed. He wanted the male yokai to fight back. However, the male yokai just kept dodging. This caused Gojyo to start getting tired. Suddenly, the male yokai slammed a fist into Gojyo’s stomach. The hit sent him flying into Sasuke. Sasuke managed to swing his body in time to catch Goyjo. Because of the force in which Gojyo came at him, Sasuke felt pain in both his wrists. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his sword for awhile. He forced it into Gojyo’s hands before the two moved back.

“We need more time,” Hakkai said.

“I’ll do it,” a voice said. All eyes turned to Goku.

“But you’re still healing!” Hakkai said.

“Just focus on healing Sanzo,” Goku said. “I’ll get rid of them. Just be prepared to stop me.”

“Wait!” Hakkai yelled. “Don’t...” But it was too late. Goku had already removed his limiter. Naruto and Sasuke watched in mild fascination as Goku transformed.

“He’s a yokai,” Naruto said.

“He’s more than that,” Hakkai said. Goku charged at the yokai siblings. “That diadem seals most of his power.”

“Then he will easily be able to defeat them,” Naruto said.

“But then the real problem will start,” Hakkai said. A scream caused everyone to turn to see Goku with his hand through the male yokai’s chest. Naruto was reminded when Sasuke had done the same thing to him. His hand went to his chest. Sasuke was the only one that caught that movement. He knew exactly what Naruto was thinking about.

Goku retracted his hand. The male yokai fell forward, dead. Tears ran down the female yokai’s cheeks as she lunged at Goku. Moving so fast the Hakkai and Gojyo couldn’t see it, Goku slammed a hand into the back of her neck, knocking her clean off.

“Shit,” Gojyo said. “That was too quick.” He staggered to his feet. “How much longer Hakkai?”

“There’s not enough time,” Hakkai said. Gojyo nodded as Goku’s eyes turned to them. Goku charged at Gojyo.

“Gah!” Gojyo yelled as Goku’s claws hit his chest. He slammed into the house, coughing up blood.

Naruto’s eyes widened. Goku had just attacked his own friends. He clenched his fists. “How do we stop him?”

“We have to put his diadem back on,” Hakkai said. He honestly didn’t know why he was telling a stranger so much about Goku.

“Alright,” Naruto said. “Sasuke.” The raven looked at him. “Susano.” He nodded. Hakkai gasped as a purple aura surrounded them. He looked up to see it form a human-like shape, with Sasuke at its center. Naruto stepped away from Susano and towards Goku.

“Wait!” Hakkai said. He was going to try to stop Naruto, but a look from Sasuke told him to just watch.

‘Ready for some fun Kurama?’ Naruto asked.

“Always.” Red chakra burst out of Naruto. His nails grew as his fangs sharpened. He instantly went into three-tailed mode.

An evil grin flittered across Goku’s face. The boy disappeared only to reappear behind Naruto. However, Naruto was just as fast. He grabbed Goku’s hand and then with his fist slammed it into his stomach. Hakkai and Gojyo watched in amazement as Goku was sent flying into a tree, breaking the tree in half.

‘Was that too much?’ Naruto asked.

“Seems like it wasn’t enough.” Naruto’s eyes widened as Goku stood up. What surprised him was the fact that there wasn’t even a scratch on him. “Kit. It looks like we shouldn’t hold back.” Goku charged at Naruto.

It was hard to keep track of the battle. Hakkai kept looking from the fight to Sanzo. He tried to have faith that Naruto could at least hold him back long enough to finish healing Sanzo. “Not much longer,” Hakkai said.

“Good,” Gojyo said. “I may need some healing too.” He knew he had broken a few ribs just as Goku had.

“I might not have the power to do so,” Hakkai said. “There.” He pulled his hands away from Sanzo’s chest. “That will have to be enough for now.” He carefully shook Sanzo. “Sanzo?” The blond man blinked before coughing. He sat up.

“Shit,” Sanzo said. He looked up. “Stupid monkey did it again, didn’t he?”

“Yes,” Hakkai said. “But this time, it seems we have very powerful allies.” He motioned to Sasuke then to Naruto.

Sanzo’s eyes found Naruto and Goku. The two were exchanging very powerful blows. He noticed that both took a lot of hits. He knew that Naruto wasn’t normal since no normal person could take a hit from Goku and act like everything was fine. Suddenly, Naruto slammed into Sasuke’s Susano. The raven let out a grunt. The kitsune dropped to the ground.

“Dammit,” Sanzo said. He tried to get to his feet.

Hakkai grabbed his arm. “You are completely healed. You have to take it easy.” Sanzo looked ready to argue when he heard a dark laugh. Four pairs of eyes turned to Naruto.

“This is more fun than I though,” a deep voice said. It was coming from the blond boy. He stood on all four limbs like a fox. “Shall we kit?”

“Yes,” Naruto said. “Go a head, Kurama.” Whatever Naruto and Kurama was about to do didn’t seem to faze Goku. He charged at them. A wave of red chakra slammed into him, knocking him off his feet. Naruto let out a scream as a fourth than fifth tail grew.

“Shit,” Sasuke said. He had been unconscious that last time Naruto had gone into fifth-tail mode. But Naruto explained that anything he touched would burn. It was like Naruto had a cloak of the Amterasu around him. He added more Chakra into his Susano.

Faster than before, Naruto ran at Goku. He slammed his head right into Goku’s stomach. The boy coughed as his body went flying. Blood dripped from various wounds. Only Sasuke had seen the wind added into the hit. It was this that caused the cuts to Goku’s body.

“Damn,” Gojyo said. “I can’t believe there is actually someone that can take Goku on like that.”

“It’s not over,” Hakkai said. “Remember when I fought him? He’s able to take in the earth’s energy to heal himself.” As if on cue, Goku let out a scream. His body began to heal as the earth’s energy was sucked into his body. But Naruto saw this. He raised his hands. Two red hands shot out of the ground. Goku tried to dodge them. Because he had to focus on dodging the hands, he couldn’t take in earth’s energy. Finally, a hand caught him. Goku tried to struggle, but that just cause him to burn more. He fell still. Naruto knew that he was just trying to heal. The kitsune disappeared only to reappear before Goku. Something gold was in his hand. He pushed the item onto Goku’s head then let him go. Instantly, Goku’s body began to transform back to normal. Stepping away from the boy, Naruto reverted back to his normal state. At this, Sasuke released his Susano. Naruto carefully lifted Goku up and carried him over to the rest of Sanzo’s group.

“I’ll heal the burns,” Naruto said. He knelt down over Goku with a glowing red hand. Hakkai watched in admiration as all of Goku’s burns vanished and his wounds closed. “There. He should be fine enough to be moved.” Naruto stood back up. He walked over to Sasuke. “I think we should leave.” Sasuke nodded. The two of them knocked on the inn’s door and a shaking Sui opened the door. She thanked the two as they stepped into the inn. They quickly went to their room and grabbed their things. Just as the reached the last step, the Sanzo Party had entered the inn. Goku was on Gojyo’s back while Sanzo leaned on Hakkai.

Sasuke moved first. He stepped down and past the Sanzo Party. Naruto blinked before following him. “Wait!” a voice yelled. The two turned to see Hana standing beside Sui. “Don’t leave.”

Naruto looked at Sasuke who sighed and nodded. Naruto smiled and knelt down. “We won’t leave just yet.” Hana smiled back and hugged the blond.

“You guys must be hungry,” Sui said.

“Food?” Goku asked, opening his eyes. Hakkai chuckled as Sui laughed.

“Yes,” Sui said. “Please accept this as a token of our thanks.” She motioned to the dinning room. The table was full of food. Naruto and Goku’s stomachs growled. Both blushed slightly before taking their seats. “The other villagers would like to thank you guys as well.” The woman that had given Naruto a muffin that morning had a basket of pastries. A few men came out with some meat that had just come off the stove. Sasuke shrugged before joining Naruto. Sanzo, Hakkai, and Gojyo soon followed. When the villagers had time to prepare this feast, none of them knew and in all honesty, none of them cared.

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