Worlds Together

Chapter 5: Men Only - Collars

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Chapter 5: Men Only

"Ouch!" Naruto complained. "Why did I have to land on my butt?"

"Dobe," Sasuke said shaking his head.

"Shut it Teme!" Naruto yelled. He looked around. The two were standing in the woods. "Well, we should go take a look around."

"I'm staying here," Sasuke said.

"Oh?" Naruto asked. "And what are you gonna do for food?"

Sasuke sighed. He was getting tired of this. He stood up. "Let's go." He pushed past Naruto and started heading towards a town.

"Teme!" Naruto yelled before running after the raven. "Oh." The town was big. The buildings seemed to grow in size as the two continued to walk. Several children ran around chasing a ball. A group of adults sat outside of what looked like a café, chatting. Naruto looked around finding the place really strange. "Sasuke?"

"Hn?" Sasuke grunted.

"Notice anything weird?" Naruto asked.

And Sasuke did. "There are no women around."

"May be the women got together or something," Naruto said. Sasuke remained silent. The two continued to walk, looking for a place to get some food. A touch on Naruto's back caused the blond to turn around, but no one was there. Confused, he turned back and continued forward. When it happened again, he grew angry. "Sasuke! Cut it out!"

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"Quit touching me!" Naruto complained.

"I wasn't touching you," Sasuke said.

"If it wasn't you, who was it?" Naruto asked. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his behind and he grabbed it. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" Naruto froze.

A boy about thirteen had his hand in Naruto's. "Just feeling you out," the boy said. "You have a nice butt." Naruto blushed. Sasuke was silent, but he didn't like this boy.

"I have to agree with En," another boy said. He looked just like the first boy; brown hair and brown eyes. "You do have a nice butt."

A few more boys all around the same age appeared, admiring said butt. The oldest boy pushed past the others and looked Naruto over. "Cute face, nice ass, good-looking body, I'd say he's a perfect Uke." Naruto blushed even though he didn't know what a Uke was. Sasuke on the other hand was glaring at the boys that kept touching Naruto. The older boy looked at Naruto's neck. "No collar. So he's free." The boy licked his lips. "So, cuttie, how would you look to become more acquainted with me?"

Sasuke had had enough. He stepped between the boy and Naruto. He crossed his arms. "Leave."

"I see," the boy said. You shouldn't flaunt someone without a collar if he's yours. He could get raped. So go get one at the shop." He pointed down to a shop that had a flag with an X on it. "And do it soon. Or else, even we won't be held responsible for staking claim."

Naruto instantly paled. He looked at Sasuke with tears in his eyes. Sasuke sighed and grabbed the blonde's arm. The ran back into the woods and sat down. Sasuke pulled out the mirror.

"What's up?" Yuko asked.

"Tell me about this world," Sasuke ordered. "There's only men around and a boy said something about collars."

"Ah!" Yuko said. "The World of Men. It is a world in which there are no women. They have developed a way for men to get pregnant. When a couple is made or a person is claimed, they get a collar. The collar is to show others that neither of the two are allowed to be touched in any way. Breaking that rule is punishable by death. So to protect each other, you may want to get collars. Now, if you excuse me, I have my Sake waiting for me." She disappeared.

Sasuke shook his head. He couldn't believe his luck. To be suddenly throw in a world of gay men. He really just wanted to stay in the woods, but they did need food.

"Sasuke!" Naruto cried. Sasuke looked to see Naruto crawling towards him. The blond leapt onto Sasuke. "I don't want to be raped!" He began to cry into Sasuke's chest.

The raven wrapped his arms around the shaking boy. "Don't worry. We will get collars. I won't let anyone rape you."

"Really?" Naruto looked at Sasuke with eyes full of hope. Sasuke nodded. "Oh thank you Sasuke!" Naruto hugged Sasuke.

Sasuke suddenly felt warm. He liked Naruto's touch. He thought back to when those boys touched Naruto and frowned. There was no way he was going to let anyone touch his blond. 'Mine?' He looked over at Naruto who had stood up, ready to get a collar. 'I want to make Naruto mine.' Coming to this realization, Sasuke stood up. He was more than ready to have some claim over the blond.

The two soon arrived at the collar shop. Sasuke noticed that the X was actually two collars across each other. They stepped into the shop and was immediately welcomed by an older man. "Ah! Ready to get collars?" Naruto and Sasuke nodded. "Alright. Come this way." The old man went over to a desk and pulled out a sheet of paper. "You just need to register the claim. Which of you is the Uke?"

"Naruto is," Sasuke said.

"Shouldn't you be the Uke?" Naruto asked. "It is apart of your name!" Sasuke ignored him and so did the old man.

"Then you the Seme signs here," the old man pointed to a line and held out a pen.

Naruto laughed. "Seme. Teme. Shorter for Sasuke-Teme." Sasuke rolled his eyes and signed under Seme, putting his family crest nest to it. Naruto was then forced to sign under Uke. He drew the Uzumaki swirl next to his name.

"Ok," the old man said. "Now you just have to pick out the collar you want. Semes are on the right. Ukes on the left." Sasuke moved and picked the first one he saw, a dark blue collar. Naruto took a second and noticed that most of the collars on the Uke side were pink or purple. Seeing an orange one, Naruto pointed it out to the old man. The man grabbed the two collars and went over to an engraver. On the dark blue collar, he placed a wooden circle carved like the Uzumaki swirl. On the orange one, he put the Uchiha crest, also carved on a circle of wood. On the other side, the old man put the name of the owner of the collar. Then he handed them to Sasuke. "The Seme is to put the collar on the Uke first. Then the Uke will put the Seme's collar on the Seme."

Sasuke had Naruto turn around. Then he put Naruto's collar on him. Naruto did the same for Sasuke. Sasuke felt weird about wearing a collar but said nothing. Naruto asked the old man why he agreed with Sasuke that he was the Uke. The old man simply stated that Naruto was too nice and cute to be the Seme. Naruto, not knowing what Uke meant, began to brag about it. Sasuke just chuckled. He looked at the orange collar around Naruto's neck and smirked. During their time in this world, Naruto would be his and everyone would know it.

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