Worlds Together

Chapter 6: The Potion

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Chapter 6: The Potion

Sasuke woke up feeling really warm. As he tried to sit up, he felt something squeeze his upper-half. He looked down and saw that Naruto was laying on him, his arms around Sasuke's upper-half. Sasuke sighed. The blond had been using Sasuke as a pillow. Sasuke started to move again, but a whine stopped him. In his sleep, Naruto refused to let go of Sasuke. Sasuke paused as he took in the sleeping boy.

With blond hair lighting tickling Sasuke's chest and a soft smiled on Naruto's face, Sasuke found the other cute. Sasuke felt Naruto's breathe on his chest as he noticed that both of them were shirtless. It had been hot so the two had taken their shirts off to sleep better. Naruto however had also taken off his pants and was only in his boxers.

Sasuke lightly moved his fingers down Naruto's back causing the blond to shudder. His fingers moved down further and Sasuke was tempted to slip them past the hem of Naruto's boxers. Then he realized what he was doing. He retracted his hand and began to sit up. "Dobe, wake up." Naruto groaned and just shift his head to the other side. Sasuke frowned. If he was to be honest with himself, he wanted to stay this way, alone with Naruto forever. But his mind told him he couldn't. He had to get back to their world to burn Konoha to the ground. Sasuke pushed Naruto off of him.

"Ow!" Naruto cried out. He glared at Sasuke. "What was that for?"

"Get up," Sasuke ordered. "And put on some clothes." He grabbed his own shirt and put it back on, zipping up the front.

"Stupid Teme," Naruto cursed as he put his clothes back on. "Didn't have to push me."

"You said you wanted food," Sasuke said breaking Naruto out of his rant. "Let's go get breakfast."

Naruto perked up. "Then we can explore the rest of the town!" the two walked next to each other as they left the woods and headed to a café. Sasuke ordered a tomato omelet while Naruto ordered pancakes. Because he ate the most, Naruto had to pay. He took out his money and noticed that it was different from the money he originally had. "You know," he said to Sasuke. "Our money has changed."

"It changes depending on the world we are in," Sasuke said. "I noticed when I bought something in Halloween Town."

"Oh," Naruto said. "Makes sense." The two continued looking around. "It is funny how the buildings are set up. They get bigger as we get closer to that one." Naruto pointed to a large building at the end of the town. It was the only one that had more than two floors.

"The leader of this town probably lives there," Sasuke said.

"The leader huh..." Naruto paused in thought. "I wonder if we can meet him."

"Of course you can," a familiar looking boy said. He was the leader of the boys Sasuke and Naruto had run into the day before. "He welcomes everyone anytime. By the way, I never got your name. I'm Mika Kohaku." He was looking at Naruto.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said. "And this grumpy looking guy is Sasuke Uchiha."

Mika raised an eyebrow. "But you have collars. Shouldn't your last names be the same?"

"Huh?" Naruto asked. "What do you mean?"

"When you get claimed or claim another, you become partners," Mika said. "I can tell by your collar that you are the Uke, so your name should be Naruto Uchiha."

'Naruto Uchiha?' Naruto thought. 'Partners? That sounds as if we are married. Married?' "Eh!" Naruto yelled. "Sasuke and I are not p-partners!"

"Oh?" Mika asked. "But he claimed you."

"I do not belong to the Teme!" Naruto shouted.

"Then I can have you?" Mika asked. "I can pleasure you and you can give birth to my children."

"I'm a man!" Naruto's voice got even louder. "I can't get pregnant!"

Mika looked confused. "Yes you can. All you have to do is drink the Elder's potion. Then you will be able to get pregnant. As the Uke it is you job to have the Seme's children."

"S-sasuke's children?" Naruto fell silent. He blushed. 'Everyone thinks I'm going to have Sasuke's children? Oh god! Why do I not mind that?'

'My children?' Sasuke thought. He looked at Naruto. 'He'll be able to have my children?' Sasuke began to picture a life with Naruto and a bunch of children running around. He smirked. He'd like that.

Mika noticed the expressions on Sasuke and Naruto's faces. He frowned. 'How can they not see that they love each other?' "Anyway, you two should go see the Elder."

"The Elder?" Naruto asked.

"The Elder is the leader of this town," Mika said.

"Oh!" Naruto's eyes brightened. "Sasuke, let's go see the Elder!"

"Hn," Sasuke grunted. He knew his reason to go see the Elder was going to be different from Naruto's.

Mika shook his head as he watched the two walk towards the Elder's house. 'Those two will have to find out on their own.' He walked off hoping that he'd find his partner soon.

"Welcome to the Elder's home," a man said as he opened the door for Sasuke and Naruto. "He is just having tea in the relaxing room." The man led the two to a big room. The room had a couch, a tv, several books, a radio, and a big pool. Attached to the pool was a jacuzzi. An older man was sitting in the jacuzzi sipping on some tea.

The man looked up. "Ah! Welcome. I was told you were the newcomers to this world." The look on Naruto's face was of surprise. Sasuke hid his surprise. "Yes, I know about the different worlds. There is someone here that knows more about it." He motioned to another door that opened. The man who let Sasuke and Naruto in, held out his hand for a figure that was coming into the room.

Sasuke and Naruto's eyes widen as a woman walked into the room. She had long black hair, tanned skin, and dark green eyes. She was wearing a dark blue and red dress hat touched the ground. She looked at Sasuke and Naruto and smiled. "Hello Travelers."

"Megami is that only woman here," the Elder said. "She is the Goddess of this world."

"Please do not call me that," Megami said. "I am simply a guardian of this world."

"She is also the reason that we are able to reproduce," the Elder said. "It is her magic that makes the potion work." He held up the potion. "I was told that it even helps a woman get pregnant."

"In other worlds," Megami explained. "Some women have problems trying to conceive. That potion makes it possible for them to get pregnant. Surely you two would like one?"

"Naw," Naruto said. "But I bet the Teme would. He plans on repopulating his clan after all." Sasuke glared at the blond.

"But don't you want to have children?" the Elder asked.

"Some day," Naruto said. "And if a problem arises, there is always adoption."

"I see," the Elder said. "That is a viable option."

"Still, I believe that you should take one, just in case," Megami said.

Sasuke looked at the woman. There was something about her that was strange. The way she spoke was if she knew something they didn't. Sasuke took the potion he was given and packed it away for safe keeping. He noticed that Naruto did the same.

"Tell me about your journey," the Elder said. "It must be a good story."

Sasuke sat down as Naruto began to retell the story of how they got here. Sasuke stared at Megami as she watched the Elder and Naruto converse. Her eyes found Sasuke's and she gave him a knowing look. It was then that Sasuke realized what was so strange about Megami. She was able to read him. She knew of Sasuke's feelings. And if Sasuke had to guess, Megami knew of the future. Sasuke remembered that she had called herself a guardian. Did that mean that she was watching over them? That was the only thing Sasuke could come up with. Deciding to just go with it, Sasuke relaxed. That's what you should do in a relaxing room after all.

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