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Chapter 8: Fights and Misunderstandings

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Chapter 8: Fights and Misunderstandings

Aang showed Naruto and Sasuke Appa. Naruto was amazed and had to show Aang his summons. He summoned Gamakichi who wasn't really happy to be summoned just to show off. Though, that changed when Katara praised him. He showed off before returning home. Naruto never even thought about the reverse summons jutsu. If he had, he would have been able to go home.

Sasuke ignored them, spending his time glaring at Sokka, who kept being overly shocked about everything. Toph was the only one that seemed to not care about anything. On closer inspection, Sasuke realized that she was blind. Sasuke moved over to her. She looked up as she saw Sasuke standing in front of her. "You're blind."

"Really?" Toph said sarcastically. "I didn't know!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "They said you can fight. How?"

"I see things through the ground," Toph said. "I can also hear extremely well. For example, every time you look at Sokka, you get annoyed. You are also jealous of how Katara and Aang are hanging around Naruto. Don't be angry. I can hear the changes in your heartbeat."

Sasuke sighed and took a seat next to Toph. "My brother was going blind." Toph just nodded, letting Sasuke know that she was listening. "In my Clan, our eyes are special. They have a power alike any other. But the price for them is our sight. We slowly begin to lose our sight."

"Unless?" Toph said, knowing there was more.

"Unless we implant the eyes of a blood relative that has those same eyes," Sasuke said. He pointed to his eyes. "These belonged to Itachi. I took after... after his death."

"You miss him," Toph noted. "He must have been a great brother."

Sasuke smiled. "He was." Sasuke's eyes moved to see Aang showing Naruto some of his Airbending. "Everything he did was for me. And I even didn't know."

"You shouldn't blame yourself," Toph said. Sasuke's eye's found Toph's. "If he did his best to hide it from you, he didn't want you to know. He probably wanted things to be different, to give you a better life. And if you really cared about him, you would waste the life he has given you. He gave you the chance to move on and be happy. Letting go of the past may be painful, but sometimes that's the only way to continue going forward." Sasuke was surprised that such a young girl was so wise. Toph felt Sasuke's surprise. "An old man I know would have said that. He gives really good advice." Toph stood up and joined her teammates.

Sasuke sat in silence thinking about everything. He remembered what Itachi had done and knew that Toph was right. Sasuke looked at Naruto. Sasuke had to move on. But a small part of him still didn't forgive Konoha for what happened.

Naruto finished learning more about Airbending and began to show Aang his Wind jutsu. Sasuke stood up, ready to join him, when he heard a branch snap. Naruto and him turned to the sound. Seeing their reactions cause Aang's group to prepare themselves. A bunch of Firebenders appeared. The instantly began to attack them. Sasuke blocked some of the fire attack with his own, confusing the enemy. Naruto charged right at them, not even bothering to use ninjutsu. A taijutsu fight started as Naruto kicked and punched. Aang's group watched in amazement as Naruto and Sasuke took out twenty Firebenders on their own without working up a sweat.

During the fight, Sasuke was using his Sharingan, copying the fire attacks. He planned on making them a jutsu for future use. Naruto enjoyed the fight. He was able to show how much he improved in his taijutsu. Sasuke wouldn't admit it, but he was impressed. The two worked together, as if nothing had changed from their time in the Land of Waves. When all were knock unconscious, Katara trapped them in ice while Toph made a box of earth around them.

"We should get out of here," Aang said. "There may be more of them."

"I agree," Katara said. "There is no need to fight them." The group began to pack their things. Naruto and Sasuke didn't move. They were each thinking about following them, but they didn't know if they should.

Toph turned to them. "You two coming?"

"Yeah," Aang said. "I'm sure Appa can carry you."

"You mean, we can fly on him?" Naruto asked. He was clearly excited.

"Yup!" Aang smiled.

"Sweet!" Naruto exclaimed. He jumped onto the saddle. Sasuke hesitated, but soon followed. Toph grabbed onto the hoop of the saddle. Naruto moved to sti next to Katara. They began a conversation about Waterbending. Sokka sat back playing with his boomerang. Aang drove Appa. With a "yip, yip" they were in the sky, flying away.

Sasuke moved closer to Toph and held onto the hoop too. Toph heard the movement. "Hate flying too?

"Hn," Sasuke grunted.

Day soon turned into night. Aang set Appa down and the group set up camp. Naruto offered to be on watch duty, but Toph told him not to bother; she'd be able to feel anyone coming. Still, Naruto decided to stay up a bit longer. He noticed that Sasuke slept close to Toph. Jealous briefly flashed through his eyes. He didn't like how comfortable Sasuke was with Toph. Naruto soon drifted off into a deep slumber.


Sasuke opened his eyes and noticed that it was still dark out. He decided to see if he could use some fire attack he learned from those Firebenders. He moved to the lake and stood on the water. Going through hand signs, Sasuke was able to recreate a move which made a wave of fire. He simply called it Fire Wave. His eyes looked around and saw Appa. A thought crossed his mind about flying. Why if he could create a jutsu that would let him fly?

Sasuke sat down on the water, making sure his Chakra kept him afloat. He concentrated on powering Chakra to his hands. He slammed his hands down to the water, but instead of pushing him up, the hands just continued into the water and pushed some of it away. Sasuke frowned.

"Trying to fly?" Aang asked. Sasuke looked at Aang. "It's cool that you can stay above the water like that. Anyway, I've see someone use lightning to lift themself up. But I bet she could have fired herself like a cannon-ball."

Sasuke shifted through Aang's words. He stood up and concentrated his Fire Chakra to his feet. With a burst of that Chakra, Sasuke was propelled into the air. Gaining control of the fire, Sasuke was able to levitate.

"Now that is cool," Aang said. "I can fly since I'm an Airbender, but seeing a Firebender do that, I'm just amazed." Sasuke remained silent. Aang frowned. "You don't talk much do you?" Again, Sasuke said nothing. "Well, that's ok. Sometimes words are bad. They can hurt people." He paused. "I've seen how you look at Naruto. There is something you regret about your past that involves him. You should talk to him about it. Naruto seems like an understanding person."

"You know nothing about us," Sasuke said.

"I know I only met you guys yesterday," Aang said. "But I feel like we could be friends."

"I have no need for friends," Sasuke said glaring. "Once I get back to our world, I will kill them all." Aang was shocked by the hateful aura Sasuke was radiating. The others woke up, feeling the changes in the air.

Naruto noticed Sasuke's bad mood and knew instantly that Aang was in danger. "Sasuke!" Naruto jumped in front of Aang. "Calm down. Whatever happened can be fixed. There's no need to kill Aang." Katara, Sokka, and Toph stiffened at Naruto's statement. They prepared themselves to save Aang.

Sasuke took a step forward. "Do not interfere." He moved quickly and punched Naruto in the stomach. Naruto clenched his stomach as he fell forward. Sasuke kicked him, sending the blond flying into a tree. Sasuke then turned his attention to Aang. Aang instantly got into a battle stance. The two soon began to shoot of attacks, Sasuke with his flames, Aang with his air. Soon, Sasuke added lightning into the fight, while Aang added water and earth. The two continued to fight. Katara, Sokka, and Toph saw no way to intervene.

Just as Sasuke was about to shoot lightning through Aang's chest, a red arm grabbed Sasuke's wrist. All eyes turned to Naruto. Naruto lunged at Sasuke and knocked him into the water. When Sasuke returned to the surface, he was panting. Naruto glared down at the raven, prepared to stop him at any cost. Sasuke just stood back up on the water and walked past the group to a tree. He sat down, folded his arms over his chest, and closed his eyes.

It was then Naruto realized what happened. Sasuke had just used whatever happened between Aang and himself, as an excuse to spar. Naruto let out a laugh as the red Chakra faded. He walked over to Sasuke and knelt down. "You could of just asked for a fight." Aang, Katara, and Sokka raised an eyebrow. Toph simply joined Naruto and Sasuke, knowing that things had calmed down. Aang paused for a second before joining them. The water-tribe siblings looked at each other and shrugged. They might as well join them too. Breakfast was fast and quick so another day of training could begin.

Naruto and Sasuke move on to the next world in the next chapter. I hope you like what is going to happen next!

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