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Chapter 10

When Itachi was finished telling his story, everyone except for Naruto and Kurama who already heard the story, were shocked. Itachi waited for someone to speak. He kept looking at Sasuke throughout his tale hope the boy would not suddenly leap up and stab him. Luckily, Sasuke had remained still and silent. Itachi was unsure if it was because Naruto was sitting in between them. Then someone finally spoke up.

"That is just plain crazy," Suigetsu said. "Being ordered to kill your entire family, that's just cruel."

"Do you regret it?" Sasuke asked. It was not the question Itachi expected, but he knew he had to answer it honestly.

"No, I do not," Itachi said. "I did it to protect Konoha and if asked to do it again, I would."

"And me?" Sasuke asked. "So you regret keeping me alive?"

"No," Itachi said. "I will never regret that."

"I see," Sasuke said. "I want to kill them."

"I know," Itachi said. "But they will be punished."

"May I ask you something Itachi-san?" Neji asked. Itachi nodded. "Why did you go so far to make Sasuke hate you?"

Itachi knew this was going to come out soon, but even Naruto did not ask him. "I wanted Sasuke to get strong enough to protect himself and Konoha. I want him to get the same eyes as me even if it meant kill me. You see, it does not have to be your best friend that you have to kill. It has to be someone you love. Even if Sasuke hated me enough to kill me, there is still apart of him that loves me as his older brother."

"Why not just protect Konoha yourself?" Neji asked.

"Using the Mangekyou will sooner or later make the user go blind," Itachi said. Everyone gasped. "I wanted Sasuke to get it and get use to it before taking my eyes. If Sasuke transplanted my eyes, he'd be able to use the eternal Mangekyou and never have to worry about going blind."

"So you'd give up your life just so I don't go blind?" Sasuke yelled. "Are you stupid? Even Naruto is not that dumb!"

"Hey!" Naruto whined. "I'm not as stupid as you either, Sasuke! At least I know who I can and can't trust! You don't see my running over to some snake-bastard who only wants my body!"

'Not yet,' Kurama chuckled to himself. 'Then again, the Uchiha brat wants Naruto's heart too, probably.'

"Well excuse me for trying to get strong!" Sasuke yelled.

"Oh will you two ever stop?" came a female's voice from the door. Everyone turned to see a girl with pink hair standing in the door way. Behind her was a man with gray-silver hair, a boy with raven hair, and a man with brown hair.

"Sakura!" Naruto got up and hugged the girl. "Hey Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-sensei, Sai!"

"Hello Naruto-kun," Sai smiled. The two men nodded.

"Oh Naruto!" Sakura called. "I think you have some explaining to do." Naruto followed her gaze to Itachi who seemed to be wishing that a hole would appear and swallow him up.

"Ah! Right!" Naruto grinned letting Sakura go. "Well, long story short, Itachi was ordered to kill the Uchihas. It was ordered by the council elders and that Danzo jerk. And before you say anything, Kurama and I found a scroll with the council's seal admitting to it."

"You read a council's scroll?" Sakura asked. "The only one who has a right to do so if Lady Tsunade! Naruto, you committed a crime!"

"Hey! It was Kurama who opened and read the thing in the first place!" Naruto pouted.

"Don't go blaming me, Kit," Kurama barked. "You read it too."

Sakura was about to yell some more, but Kakashi put his hand on her shoulder. "Enough Sakura. The truth should have come out earlier." He looked at Itachi then at Sasuke. "Besides, it is Sasuke who has a right to know the truth and decide what to do with it." At this, everyone looked at Sasuke.

"Um... well," Sasuke began. He saw Naruto's pleading eyes and he sighed. "Just promise me you'll research more about this going blind thing."

"That, my dear little brother is a deal," Itachi smirked. Then he did something very un-Uchiha-like and hugged Sasuke who returned the hug.

"Well I'm glad that's over," Kurama said standing up. He was about to pick up Itachi when Naruto stopped him.

"Sorry, but it looks like you won't be getting any tonight," Naruto said. Kurama frowned. He knew Naruto was right since now they had to explain to Sakura and the gang what he happened during their stay in Suna and they would end up spending the entire night talking. Sleep would eventually take them, so Kurama and Itachi had no time to explore their love. Kurama nodded and sat back down in time to hear a very loud growl. He started laughing. Naruto blushed as he found a lot of eyes on him.

"I think dinner is in order," Gaara said. Naruto nodded and took his seat, still blushing. Temari left to get dinner and more chairs. Kankuro helped. When they realized the office was too small to eat in, everyone headed to the dinning room. Gaara once again sat next to Neji who had Itachi next to him. Sitting next to Itachi was Sasuke then Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato. One Gaara's other side was Temari, Kankuro, Sugetsu, Jugo, and Karin. Kurama pouted and mumbled about wanting to sit next to Itachi, but he took his seat next to Karin who was a little frightened about sitting next to both Jugo and Kurama. It was Naruto who broke the silence.

"So why are you guys in Suna?" He asked.

"I sent them a message that I needed another medic," Gaara said. "Though I am shocked that you got here so fast."

"We used Naruto's Teleportation Jutsu," Sakura said. Naruto looked at her confused. "You know that clone of yours you made to help at the orphanage? Well, we kind of used him. We were able to get here with his help, but he vanished afterwards. So you are gonna have to make another one."

"His chakra must have run out," Naruto said. "It has been almost four months." Suddenly the sound of a fork hitting an empty plate filled the room.

"Four months?" Suigetsu said. "How much chakra do you have?"

"I can answer that," Karin calmly put her fork down. "at the moment, excluding Kurama and Gaara, Naruto has a bit more than everyone in this room combined." She took a sip of water.

"What?" Sugietsu's jaw dropped and so did the jaw of everyone except Naruto, Kurama, Gaara and the Uchihas.

Naruto grinned. "Cool!"

"Then what about Gaara?" Suigetsu asked.

"He has about a third of that," Karin said.

"I'm afraid to ask this, but Kurama?" Suigetsu said.

"About one hundred Narutos worth," Karin said after looking at Kurama quickly. And then the Uchihas' jaws dropped. Gaara looked taken aback. Naruto grinned and Kurama smirk.

"Hold on!" Sasuke said. "You said 'at the moment.' What did you mean by that?"

"Because of their connection," Karin began pointing to Naruto and Kurama. "Their chakra levels are constantly changing. Earlier, when Kurama was rebuilding their connection, he had about a tenth of what Naruto has more. I'm guessing that means that when their connection is not fully together, Naruto is strong enough to take on Team Hebi and you guys," she pointed at Sakura's group. "and you two," she pointed at Temari and Kankuro. "and still have enough chakra to teleport away from Itachi for about three miles."

"So in other words," Naruto said. "If we wanted to win in a fight against Kurama, we have to all join forces and hope that Obaa-chan would show up on time to save our butts since we wouldn't last more than ten minutes."

"How did Minato-sensei manage to seal you?" Kakashi asked.

"I was caught off guard and the Kit's mother uses her chakra chains to hold me down," Kurama said. "Though, I almost clawed my way out."

"And in doing so you killed Naruto's mother," Sai said.

"You don't have to say it that way," Naruto frowned. "Sai, you are too blunt. Besides, I already forgave Kurama since he did it out of anger for being controlled by some Uchiha."

"Huh?" Sasuke looked shocked. "A Uchiha did what?" Itachi said nothing.

"A Uchiha used his sharingan to control the Kyuubi," Yamato said. "I heard it was Inabi Uchiha who did it."

"Inabi?" Itachi looked at Kurama. "He would have been 18 at the time."

"Well, I once saw his picture when I was exploring the house," Kurama said. "I told the Kit about it." Sasuke knew that the house he was talking about was once the Uchiha's man house. Itachi didn't know this, but he said nothing. Everyone fell silent. Some thought about what Naruto and Kurama said while others thought about what Karin said.

When dinner was over, Sasuke pulled Sakura aside. "I need to talk to you."

"It is about Naruto isn't it," Sakura said. Sasuke nodded. "Shall we take this somewhere more private?" She grabbed Sasuke and pulled them into a room that had here stuff. Sasuke could see that she was gonna share the room with Karin. He felt bad for here but decide to say nothing about it. "So, you want to know what happened to Naruto that made him change right?"

"Yes," Sasuke said.

"Then you may want to sit down," she sat down on her bed and waiting for Sasuke to sit on Karin's. "Naruto was kidnapped by the Akatsuki while he was coming back from his first mission as an Anbu. At the time, Naruto was not yet captain. During the kidnapping incident, Naruto was tortured." She paused see Sasuke clench his fist. "The Akatsuki wanted the Kyuubi, but because Naruto had full control of him, it was harder to extract it. In order to get the Kyuubi out, they knew that they had to first break Naruto. They tied him up and whipped him. But the Kyuubi kept healing him so they used that fact against him. They would give Naruto deadly wounds most of which would have killed a normal person. They used poison to slow down the healing process to get the Kyuubi to use even more energy. They went as far as to cut off an arm. Since they had a medic in their group, they attached his arm back, but it got infected. It was the Kyuubi that helped heal Naruto enough to get the arm back in working order. After awhile, the Kyuubi could no longer heal Naruto. They then decided to whip him again."

She paused again. This time she got up and left the room. She came back quickly with two glasses of water and handed one to Sasuke. "He was torture in several other ways, but Naruto would not say anything about it. When we found him, he was covered in blood, urine, and other body liquids." She took a sip of her water hoping that Sasuke did not quite hear that last part. "I healed him as much as I could. I took the Chakra blocker that was around Naruto's neck off of him and the Kyuubi helped heal Naruto, but then the Kyuubi took over." She shivered. "He was so angry. He vanished from my side. Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, and I split up to find him. I found him surrounded by corpses. But none of them were S-Level criminals. Naruto admitted later that he had regained control of his body right after he had entered that room."

Sakura began to shake. "In other words, Naruto himself was the one who killed all of those ninja. There were over two hundred of them. Naruto then looked at me and smiled. He smiled as if nothing had happened." Tears began to form in her eyes. "But he changed after that. He did not let anyone touch him. It took half a year to get him to let me hug him. Soon, he allowed others to touch him. He let Kurama out more and more and spent almost all of his time with Kurama. The only time Kurama was not let out was when he was on missions or in Lady Tsunade's office. When he started training with Kakashi and Yamato again, he had Kurama watch. Since the incident, Naruto was able to unlock his second Kekkei Genkai. Naruto was able to learn more about his father, the Fourth. Naruto started to return to normal after that."

She glared at Sasuke. "But, when it comes to you, Naruto just reverts back to his cold self. He's the same way when he's on a mission, cold and heartless. I do not know what made him not care about anyone. It seems the only ones he cares about are the Rookie 9, excluding yourself, Team Guy, Sai, Kakashi-Sensei, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Tsunade-sama, and Jiriya-sama. Kurama is the closest to him. Even as his friends, he puts up a wall that none of us have been able to break." She looked into Sasuke's eyes. "But I believe that you are breaking that wall."

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