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Chapter 11

Sakura's words kept repeating themselves in Sasuke's head. "I believe that you are breaking that wall." 'How did Sakura even think I could do that?' Sasuke thought to himself. 'Am I really breaking the wall he has?' He looked over at Naruto who was talking about Kurama and Shukaku's battle to Kakashi and Yamato. 'He is smiling. And he seems more happy.' He looked over at Kurama who was playing with Itachi's hair. The two were sitting and talking to Gaara who was playing with Neji's. 'Must be a red-head thing.' At this though he looked at Karin who was chatting away with Sakura. 'Now that is shocking.' Then he saw that they we arguing. 'Never mind.' He saw Temari and Kankuro talking to Suigetsu and Jugo. 'Looks like everyone is having a good time.

"Thinking too much are you Uchiha?" came a voice from next to him. Sasuke looked over and saw Sai sitting down next to him. "I know we have met before, but I'm Sai." He smiled and held out his hand. Sasuke shook it.

"Ah, yeah," Sasuke said. "Sorry about that."

"Nothing to it," Sai said. "Naruto-kun already forgave you so I will too." As if he was summoned from someone saying his name, Naruto walked over to them.

"Are you two getting along?" He asked.

"Why yes, Naruto-kun," Sai said. "We are."

"Good," Naruto grinned.

"Hey Naruto," Suigetsu called walking over to him. "I've meant to ask you something. Those Water Jutsus, where did you learn them.

"Oh!" Naruto smiled. "Kakshi-sensei taught me. He uses his sharingan to copy jutsus so I had him show me some water ones.


"So what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Kakashi asked. He decided not to ask anymore questions about the Kyuubi or Kushina.

"I was hoping you would teach me some of those Water Jutsus you copied with your sharingan," Naruto said.

"I can do that," Kakashi said. "It may take awhile."

"I'll use the same method I used when learning the Rasenshuriken," Naruto said.

"Then let's go to the lake," Kakashi said. "We will need a lot of water."

"Right!" Naruto cheered. The two went to the lake. Kakashi walked right on the water.

"I'll show you the signed slowly and then I'll perform the jutsu," Kakashi said. "Let's start with the Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Doppelganger) since you are good at Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu)." Kakashi did the jutsu very slowly calling out the names of each sign. One water Doppelganger appeared next to him. "Now you try."

"Ok!" Naruto said. He moved to stand over the water. "This one I'll try to do without clones." He quickly waved the signs Kakashi showed him. Two water Doppelganger were formed perfectly.

"I knew that one would be easy for you," Kakashi said. "Still, I am impressed."

"Teach me another one, Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto shouted across the water.

"Then let's try a hard one," Kakashi again made some signs slowly, yelled out each of their names, and one finished yelled out, "Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)." It took Naruto ten clones and two hours to learn the jutsu. "I'll make a scroll for the other ones. Then you can practise them on your own."

"Thanks Kakashi-sensei," Naruto waved.

"No problem," Kakashi said waving back and then, with a poof, vanished.


"I see," Suigetsu said. "That is amazing."

"Yeah," Naruto said. "Kakashi-sensei is a really powerful ninja."

"Not as powerful as you, Naruto," Kakashi said.

"Why do you say that?" Naruto asked.

"You are the one with two Kekkei Genkai," Kakashi said.


Naruto was watching Yamato closely. Kakashi noticed this. "Naruto, is there something wrong about Yamato?"

"No," Naruto looked away. Then he looked back at Yamato. "Hey Yamato-sensei?"

"Yes Naruto?" Yamato said.

"Can you show me the signs for one of your wood jutsus?" Naruto asked.

"I can," Yamato answered. "But you do know that it is a Kekkei Genkai right?"

"Yes," Naruto said.

"Ok," Yamato made a tree grow. He showed Naruto the signs. "You can do the signs, but not the jutsu."

Naruto looked up the tree and smiled. He looked at Yamato. "Are these correct?" Naruto waved the signs without adding chakra to them.

"That is correct," Yamato said.

"So this," Naruto did the signs again, but added his chakra to it. This time, another tree popped up. Naruto laughed at the shocked looks on Yamato and Kakashi's faces. "Guess it is time I told you something. Or better yet, show you something." Naruto pulled out a scroll and handed it to Kakashi.

Kakashi read the scroll. "Is this true?" Yamato read the scroll over Kakashi's shoulder.

"That's not possible!" Yamato said. "Only the First was able to perform that jutsu. Lady Tsunade who is the First's granddaughter, can't even do it. So even if what the scroll says is true how can you do it?"

"I'm not really sure," Naruto said. "I mean, if Minato, my father, is related to the First, that means Obaa-chan and I are related. But besides that, how can someone not know they have a Kekkei Genkai?"

Kakashi looked at Naruto. "You didn't know about the Kekkei Genkai you share with Haku."

"That's because of the Kyuubi," Naruto said. "Same reasons for why I can now use this one."

"I'm guessing that it skipped Minato's generation as it did with Lady Tsunade and her brother," Yamato said. "Isn't that what happened with your mother, Kushina Uzumaki?"

"Yeah, but that sure is weird," Naruto grinned. "Guess I'm one lucky ninja."

"Naruto," Kakashi said seriously. Naruto's grin fell into a look of worry. Yamato also looked at Kakashi. "This means that you are able to control three different elemental releases. It makes you one of the most powerful ninjas to ever exist."

"Kakashi, I don't think..." Yamato began.

"That's not true Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said. "You've done lightning, water, and earth jutsuts yourself. I bet you could do the wood jutsu too."

"Naruto, I will never be able to do any wood jutsu," Kakashi said.

"How come?" Naruto frowned.

"It is a Kekkei Genkei," Kakashi explained. "It is a technique that only those who have the blood with of that Kekkei Genkai and perform that jutsu. I can control lightning, water, and earth jutsus because of the sharingan. If I did not have the sharingan, I'd only have the lightning release."

"I don't get it," Naruto pouted.

Kakashi sighed. "Think of it as a birth right."

"I still don't understand," Naruto frowned.

"You really are stupid, Kit."

'Oh shut up!' Naruto said to the Kyuubi.

"It is a jutsu passed down through members of a clan. You are of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans. This means only you have the Ice and Wood Kekkei Genkais. And only you can make a new Kekkei Genkai."

'I see.' Naruto smiled. "Thanks Kyuubi." He said his thanks out loud. He caught Yamato's concerned look. "The Kyuubi just told me that only members of certain clans can do certain Kekkei Genkai. And since I have the Ice and Wood Kekkei Genkais, I can make a new one."

"That's right," Kakashi said. "And I believe that you one day will." Naruto grinned.


"I still have yet to make that new Kekkei Genkai though," Naruto said. "I have no ideas yet."

"You will come up with something," Kakashi said. "You basically made a Kekkei Genkai that only Jinjuriki can perform."

"Oh you mean the ability to summon Kurama without dying?"

"Yes," Kakashi said. "I still remember the first time I met Kurama."


Kakashi was looking for Naruto. He was to join him on his last mission as a Jonin. Naruto was going to join the Anbu after this mission. Kakashi didn't want Naruto to become an Anbu, but he had to let make Naruto do what he wanted. He knew that Naruto only wanted to become an Anbu so that he could request a mission to look for Sasuke. He sighed. It has been a year since they had found out that Sasuke had missed Orochimaru's body transfer ceremony. There were two more year left. But he knew Naruto would not waste them.

"And so, you can now help me do the house work," came Naruto's voice from one of the many rooms in the Uzumaki Main House.

"Who said anything about helping out with the house work?" came a voice Kakashi did not recognize. "I just want to go kill something."

"You can't!" Naruto yelled. "I won't allow it!"

"Calm down Kit," the voice said. "I just meant that I'm not to be used as a slave. I already promised that no harm will come to Konoha or Suna."

Kakashi chose this time to walk into the room. "Naruto?" He saw a blond boy sitting cross legged on the floor surrounded by several scrolls. A red-haired man was sitting in front of him. The man looked at Kakashi with red eyes and smirked.

"You're the Kit's sensei," the man said.

"Kyuubi," Kakashi managed to say.

The man grinned showing his fangs. He stood up. "That's right. I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune." He walked over to Kakashi. "And I'm trilled to meet you in person so to say."

Kakashi stepped back. "What did you do Naruto?"

"Oh, I used a type of summoning jutsu that I created," Naruto said. "and I gave Kurama here a body of his own. This is his human form."

"Kurama?" Kakashi asked.

"It's my name," the Kyuubi said. "Even demons have their own names."

"And you willingly let him out?" Kakashi looked at Naruto.

"Yes," Naruto grinned. "Don't worry! He's harmless!"

"I resent that," Kurama folded his arms. "I'm a demon Kit!"

"Yeah, one with the heart of a human," Naruto smiled.

"You Kit are the only one I care for," Kurama said. "My Demon heart is big enough for you only."

"May be I should move over a bit then so you can fit others in it," Naruto chuckled.

Kurama looked at Naruto then laughed. Kakashi was shocked. A demon was laughing in front of him. And not just any demon, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the demon fox that had attacked Konoha sixteen years ago. Kakashi looked at Naruto then shrugged. 'That's Naruto for you. He can even befriend a demon.'

"So Kakashi-sensei," Naruto stopped laughing. "What do you need?"

"It is time for your last mission as a Jonin," Kakashi said.

"Ah!" Kurama said. "The Kit's gonna be an Anbu. Guess you are growing up."

Naruto pouted. "Then you should stop calling me Kit."

"Not gonna happen," Kurama smirked.


"It did seem to freak you out," Naruto said. "Then again I think anyone would be worried to meet the demon that once attacked their home."

"You sure have been through a lot," Suigetsu said.

"What about you?" Naruto asked. "How did you end up joining Sasuke?"

"Well, my goal was to join the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist," Suigetsu began. "My brother, Mangetsu Hozuki, and I set out to achieve this goal. He became one and gained mastery over all seven swords. But he died prematurely. So I changed my goal to finding and collecting the swords. I planned on rebuilding the group and becoming its leader. But then, that bastard Orochimaru and that jerk Kabuto captured me and I had to put my ambition on hold. They experimented on me and replicated my ability to liquefy at will. During my captivity, I had to fight Jugo. It was not fun. I can stop his rampages, but not as easily as you and Sasuke. I was kept in a water cage until Sasuke freed me. I joined Sasuke only to get Kisame's sword."

"You can turn into water?" Naruto's eyes were bright.

"Yeah," Suigetsu said. "And I'm capable of merging with already existing water to increase my attack range. But I have to drink a lot of water." As he said this he took another sip of water.

Naruto grinned putting his arm over Suigetsu's shoulder. "I think you and I are gonna get a long really well."

"I doubt it," Suigetsu said walking way. "I just want to get the swords and then it's good-bye."

"If that was true, you should have taken Kisame's sword already and left," Naruto said. "You are being to grow fond of being around Sasuke and all of us."

Suigetsu stopped. He thought for a minute. "You're right." He turned towards Naruto. "But I think it is because of you." He pointed at Naruto. "There is something about you that makes people want to be around you. It is a dangerous power."

"I said that once," Kakashi said. "I knew I wasn't they only one who thought that."

"I'll warn you right now, Naruto," Suigetsu said. "Your power to attract people is strong, but there are those that it will not work on. Not everyone can see the light. There will be those who will never be free of the darkness." He then walked back to Jugo.

"Neji once said that Sasuke was in the darkness," Naruto said. "He said that only I would be able to bring him to the light." He looked at Sasuke. "But I don't believe that I'm the only one that can do that anymore." He looked at Itachi. "Family is just as important as friendship."

"Love is a powerful thing," Kakashi said. "Never forget that, Naruto."

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