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Chapter 13

"You know," Sai suddenly said. "It took me a long time to come up with this, but I have no favorite mission."

Naruto looked at Sai. "Sai, you do realize we talked about this two days ago right?"

"Well, I had no answer then," Sai said. "I do have a mission I liked though if that counts."

Naruto decided to humor him. "What is it?"

"The one to get information from Orochimaru's spy," Sai said. "I liked how Yamato tried to get Team Kakashi to get along. Plus, I learned something from you Naruto-kun." He smiled.

Kurama could help but open his mouth to make a joke. "You guys ended up in the hot springs. I remember what Sai said to Naruto back then."

'He wouldn't,' Naruto thought.

"'Oh, you do have one, after all.' That was so funny," Kurama said.

'He would,' Naruto blushed.

"But that was not the only thing he said," Kurama chuckled. "He also said..."

Naruto put a hand over Kurama's mouth. "Shut up Kurama!" His blushed deepened.

"I never again want to go on a mission where I have to spend time in the hot springs with Naruto and Sai," Yamato said.

All that kept running through Sasuke's head was, 'Sai got to see Naruto naked,' over and over again. He was jealous. The only time he spent with Naruto in the hot springs was the time they were trying to see Kakashi's face under his mask.

"We're here," Naruto said. "Guess we have to get this over with." He took a deep breath. "Obaa-chan!" He yelled and threw the door open without knocking.

"Brat!" Tsunade said. "Learn how to knock!" She saw everyone come in. "Kakashi, at least teach your students some manners."

"They aren't my students anymore," Kakashi said.

"Ok," Tsunade said. She looked at everyone. "Where is Neji?"

"He stayed behind to help Gaara with something," Naruto lied.

"Ok, and who is that?" Tsunade pointed at Itachi.

Naruto looked at the Anbu that was in the room. "I need Tenten to leave."

"Why?" Tsunade asked. When Naruto didn't answer, she waved at Tenten who nodded. Tenten left knowing that something was off, but Naruto had it under control. Tsunade would be safe with him there. "So," Tsunade said. "What do you need to tell me that an Anbu can't hear it?"

"Stay calm," Naruto said.

"I am calm," Tsunade said. "So speak already brat!"

Naruto motioned for Itachi to come to his side. Itachi walked over to Naruto and waited. He saw Naruto nod and he removed his hood. He then looked at Tsunade.

Tsunade gasped. "Itachi Uchiha?" Itachi nodded. "What is going on?"

"There is something I," Naruto looked at Itachi and Kurama. "...we need to tell you. But first, Kurama, you need to get that scroll."

"It is still hidden among your training scrolls right?" Kurama said, but he left without needing the answer. Everyone waited until Kurama came back and handed Naruto the scroll.

"This contains something very important," he held the scroll up.

"That has the council's seal!" Tsunade jumped up. "You can't go reading their scrolls!"

"Technically it was Kurama that broke the seal," Naruto said. "But I still read it. There is something the council is hiding from you, and I think you should know what it is." He handed the scroll to Tsunade. She looked at Sakura who nodded as if to say that Tsunade had to open it.

Tsunade opened the scroll and read it. She re-read it a second time since she could not believe what it said. She looked at Itachi. "Is this true?"

"Do you mean, is it true that the council ordered me to kill all the Uchihas?" Itachi said. "Then yes. Danzo was involved as well."

Tsunade sat down and sighed. "This is horrible! As Hokage, no, as a Leaf shinobi, I have to do something about it."

"They need to be punished," Naruto said.

"Oh, they will be," Tsunade smirked. Naruto stepped back. "How dare they do something like this!" She slammed her fist on her desk. "They will pay!" She took a deep breath. The Leaf ninja, excluding Sasuke and Itachi, knew what was coming and placed their hands over their ears. "SHIZUNE!" Tsunade's voice rang through the ears of Team Hebi and Itachi. Never before had they heard anyone as loud. And this meant it was really loud since it beat Naruto's yell. A woman with brownish-black hair and dark brown eyes stepped into the room.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune said.

"Get the council and Danzo in the meeting hall, now!" Tsunade yelled. Shizune quickly left to follow Tsunade's orders. Tsunade turned to Naruto. "Call for your Anbu."

"Right," Naruto said. He placed two fingers over his Anbu tattoo and forced chakra into it. Tenten, Shino, and Shikamaru, who had just gotten back from his mission, appeared next to Naruto. They were on one knee besides him.

"Captain," all three of them said.

"There should be others coming," Naruto said. And he was right. Soon the room was filled with six teams of Anbu making Neji the only missing Anbu. "That's all of them."

"What about Neji?" an Anbu with the cat mask asked.

"He is in Suna," Naruto said. "He would have felt the call though." He summoned a clone. The clone nodded to Naruto who didn't have to say anything. The clone left. "I've sent him to tell Neji that he does not need to be here."

Tsunade nodded. "That is fine."

Naruto turned to the Anbu in which all of them were still down on one knee with their heads bowed. "You may stand." They did and some gasped since they not only recognized Sasuke, but they saw Itachi too. "There is no need to attack them." Naruto calmly waved a hand telling them to put their weapons away.

"What did you call us here for, Naruto-sama?" Shikamaru asked.

"Shikamarum don't call me sama," Naruto said. "Anyway, Obaa-chan asked me to call you." He looked at Tsunade.

"Right," Tsunade said. "As you can see, both Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha have returned to Konoha. And they brought some very disturbing information. We are going to face the council of elders and Danzo. I will need your help if any of them try to attack ether of those two. You may use force to stop them, but do not kill them. If they try to leave the meeting before it is over, you may restrain them. Understand?"

"Yes Lady Tsunade," the Anbu members said. Naruto only nodded.

Shizune walked back into the room. She gasped when she saw all the Anbu, but she quickly went to Tsunade's side. "They have gathered into the Meeting Room."

"Good," Tsunade said. "I want Naruto's, Shikamaru's, and Tenten's teams to come into the Meeting room. Everyone else will wait outside. Some by the door and others by the window. The only ones allowed to leave will be myself, Shizune, or Naruto. Until I say otherwise, no one else will enter nor leave." The Anbu nodded.

"What about us?" Kakashi asked.

"Kakashi, I want you to get Guy," Tsunade said.

"And Kurenai?" Kakashi asked.

"Kurenai is pregnant," Sakura said. "I told you that already!"

"Oh, I forgot," Kakashi said. Then he popped out to get Guy. Five minutes later, the two of them popped into the room. Kakashi had already told Guy not to attack anyone.

"Good," Tsunade said. "Guy, Kakashi, Yamato, Sakura, I want you to get every council scroll and read them."

Sakura gasp. "But only the council and the Hokage are allowed to read them."

"I am giving you special permission to read them," Tsunade said. Without another word, the four of them left. Tsunade turned to Sai and Team Hebi. "I want you four to wait at Naruto's. Take Kurama with you." Kurama opened his mouth to protest but Naruto stopped him.

"Do not worry," Naruto said. "I won't let anyone harm him."

"Thanks Kit," Kurama said. "Be careful."

"I will be fine," Naruto grinned. "Don't forget that they need the jutsu to get into the house."

"I know Kit," Kurama said. "I won't let any of them melt. Though if Sai bothers me, I will beat him up."

"Feel free to do so," Naruto smiled. Kurama nodded and led Suigetsu, Karin, Jugo, and Sai to the Uzumaki Compound. Sasuke stayed next to Itachi and Naruto.

"Let's go do this," Tsunade said. The Anbu followed her orders. Tsunade quickly walked to the Meeting Room with three Anbu teams, Shizune, Sasuke, and Itachi behind her.

"What is this about, Princess Tsunade?" the female council elder asked.

"I have called all of you here to discuss the punishment for these two," Tsunade pointed to Homura and Koharu. "and him." She pointed at Danzo.

"Punishment?" A councillor asked. "What for?"

"For the Uchiha massacre," Tsunade said. Some of the council members gasped. The Anbu stayed quiet, but they were shocked at the news.

"What proof do you have?" Shikaku asked calmly.

"This," Tsunade said. She held up the scroll with the council seal on it. "It explains the order for Itachi Uchiha to kill every member of the Uchiha clan."

"Lies!" Homura yelled. "That must be fake!"

"It is not," Tsunade said. "I checked it. But if you think I am wrong, feel free to check it yourselves." She hand the scroll to Shikaku who checked the seal and confirmed that it was real. He then read it. He looked wide-eyed at Tsunade before handing the scroll to Inoichi who also checked the scroll, gave confirmation, and read it. The scroll was then passed to Choza, then Genma and finally Raidou. All confirmed that the scroll was real and all read it.

"This is indeed proof that they did something wrong," Shikaku said. "And what of Itachi Uchiha?"

"Naruto," Tsunade said.

"Right," Naruto went for the door and called Itachi and Sasuke into the room. The council did not expect both Uchihas to return to Konoha.

"What do you have to say about this, Itachi Uchiha?" Shikaku asked.

"What the scroll says it true," Itachi said.

"What do you wish to be done?" Inoichi asked.

"I wish that they be removed from the council," Itachi said. "And punished accordingly."

"And you Sasuke Uchiha?" Inoichi looked at Sasuke. "What do you say?"

"To be honest," Sasuke said. "I want all three of the executed." The councillors gulped. Some of the Anbu were shocked at what Sasuke said. Naruto was not shocked at all. In fact, he agreed with Sasuke.

"Hokage-sama?" Inoichi turned to Tsunade.

"I agree with Sasuke Uchiha," Tsunade said. Itachi has secretly been hoping that the elders and Danzo would be put to death. But he was too afraid to ask for it. He was glad that Sasuke had no fear of them. But he knew it was because Sasuke had complete trust in Naruto.

"Then we must vote," Genma said.

"Wait!" Koharu yelled. "Don't we have a say in this?"

"Koharu is right!" Homura said. "This is all a lie. We have a right to defend ourselves!"

"Do you have proof that this scroll is a fake?" Shikaku asked. "All five of us already checked and it is as real as this chair." Koharu and Homura fell silent. They then looked at Danzo for help.

Finally, Danzo spoke up. "The Uchihas could be using their sharingan to control everyone in this room into thinking that scroll is real."

"That won't work," Raidou said. "We checked the scroll before they came into this room." He turned towards Tsunade. "I vote that they be executed immediately." Koharu gasped and looked from Homura to Danzo in hopes that one of them would think of something.

"I too vote for immediate execution," Genma said.

"I agree with Genma and Raidou," Shikaku said. And then it was final. There was no way that Inoichi and Choza would not agree with Shikaku. Koharu fell to her knees. Homura tried to run, but Shikamaru used his Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow imitation Technique) to stop him. Danzo was different. He was ready to fight. He began to unwrap the bandages on his arm when Naruto slid behind him holding a kunai to his throat.

"Give me the order," Naruto said.

"Naruto Uzumaki," Tsunade said. "I order you, as the Godaime of the Hidden Leaf village, to execute Danzo." And without waisting another second, Naruto slid the kunai threw Danzo's throat. He then shoved his katana through Danzo's heart and made sure he was dead. "I hereby order you to also execute Homura and Koharu." Naruto moved so fast that if anyone blinked they would have missed his slicing his katana through Homura's heart. Koharu let out a scream and she saw Naruto calmly walking over to her. She then began to cry and begged to be sparred. "Your punishment is death," Tsunade said. Naruto also stabbed her through the heart. Sasuke stood in awe at how fast Naruto had done this. And he had done it without hesitation. Sasuke stared at Naruto who felt eyes on him. Naruto looked right at Sasuke who flinched. Naruto's eyes filled with pain, but he shook his head and it disappeared as he sheathed his sword.

"It is done," Naruto said.

"Right," Tsunade said. "The bodies are to be burned. The have no right to be buried."

"What will be done with Root?" Genma asked.

"Sai will take over," Naruto said. Everyone, including the Anbu turned to him. "I believe that he would be a good leader. If not, disband the group."

"If he turned it down, we will disband it," Tsunade said. A few Anbu members grabbed Koharu, Homura, and Danzo's bodies. Naruto told the Anbu outside that it was ok to let them pass. "Now, we have another matter to attend to."

"And what is that?" Choza asked.

"The reinstatement of Sasuke and Itachi as ninja," Tsunade said. "That is, if they wich to return as Leaf shinobi.

"I would like to do that," Itachi said.

"I believe you were an Anbu before you left?" Tsunade said.

"Yes, I was a captain of an Anbu team," Itachi said.

"Would you like a new team?" Tsunade asked. "Though, you would have to follow Naruto's orders since he is Anbu Captain."

"That would be fine," Itachi said. "But may I ask for a different job?"

"Oh?" Tsunade's eye brow rose. "And what would that be?"

"A teacher," Itachi said. Sasuke looked at Itachi questionably.

"He would make a great teacher," Naruto said. "I bet Iruka-sensei would agree."

"If that is what you want," Tsunade said. She turned to Sasuke. "And you?"

"I will stay in Konoha," Sasuke said. "I probably have to face a punishment though."

Tsunade looked at the council members. "There is no need," Shikaku said. "You had good intentions. I say there should be no punishment given to you. However, Naruto is the one who should decide."

"I forgave Sasuke a long time ago," Naruto said.

"Well then," Tsunade turned back to Sasuke. "What to do with you. You are technically still a Genin. But you have far more power than that. I will have to set up a test for you to take at a later time. If your teammates wish to stay here, they too will have to take the test."

"I agree to your terms," Sasuke said. He bowed.

"Then I believe we are done here," Shikaku said standing up. "I have a wife that would be very mad if Shikamaru and I do not get back in time for dinner." Shikamaru shuttered.

"Fine by me," Tsunade said. "Naruto, you can tell the other Anbu members that they are free to go." Naruto nodded and sent them on their way. Tsunade then left and headed back to her office. Shizune followed her. Naruto brought Sasuke and Itachi to her office.

"I think you forgot something," Naruto said.

"And what is that?" Tsunade looked up at Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei and the others," Naruto said.

"Oh! I forgot about them," Tsunade said. "You can tell them what happened. With the elders' execution over and one with, they have no need to look through their scrolls."

"I'll go tell them then," Naruto said leaving the room with Sasuke and Itachi following behind. When he arrived at the scroll room, Naruto sighed then walked right in. He saw them reading through some scrolls. "You can stop now. The elders have been executed."

Sakura put the scroll she had been reading down. "Really? Then it's over? Are Itachi and Sasuke staying?"

"We are," Sasuke said entering the room with Itachi.

Kakashi, and Guy began to put the scrolls away. Yamato watched as Sakura hugged Sasuke and Naruto. "I'm glad you both are safe," she cried.

"You should have learned to never doubt me, Sakura-chan!" Naruto grinned.

"You're right," Sakura said smiling. "You have never broken a promise."

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