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Chapter 15

It had been a week since the Uchihas had returned to Konoha. The villagers celebrated their return and were glad that Itachi was not the evil man they had believed he was. Fan-girls once again began to follow Sasuke. Itachi had his own fan-club. He began to wear glasses to better protect his eyes. He was told not to use the Sharingan unless he was in a dire situation. Itachi's fan-girls never approached him since they knew he was with Kurama. A girl had seen the two kissing in the classroom and the rumor spread throughout the village. The two were happy together.

Sasuke however, was having a hard time avoiding his fan-girls. They would surround him and start asking him questions about who he liked. When he said no one, they tried to get him to go on dates with them. He turned them all done, but it did not stop them. He had to run away from them whenever he was alone. Jugo started staying beside him when Sasuke wanted to go out. The fan-girls did not like approaching Sasuke when he was with Jugo. They found ways to get Sasuke alone and he found it really annoying. He even said he was gay, but that just made them laugh. They didn't think it was possible for both Uchiha to be gay.

The day of Team Hebi's tests soon came. All four of them stood in the training grounds. Tsunade, Shizune, and Itachi stood in front of them. Kakashi, Iruka, and Sakura were behind them. Naruto was nowhere to be seen. This worried Sasuke, but the others did not seem to be surprised at all. Four Anbu appeared next to Tsunade. Sasuke knew they were Tenten, Shikamaru, Shino and Neji, who had just returned the previous day. More ninja gathered in the training grounds. Sasuke recognized some of them. Kiba walked over to Shino with Akamaru on his side. Sasuke was shocked to see the dog was big, huge. And he wasn't the only one. The rest of Team Hebi gasped at the sight of the dog who was almost as big as a horse. Yamato and Sai stood further back. There was a girl next to Sai with long raven hair. It was her white eyes that gave her away. Sasuke then remembered that Naruto did say that Sai was dating Hinata. Choji was more noticable. He was bigger than before. Sasuke knew right away that the blond next to him was Ino since she was clearly pregnant. Next to her was a boy. He looked familiar. Behind him was another boy with snot coming out of his nose and a girl with orange-red hair. It took only a minute for Sasuke to remember that it was Konohamaru and his gang. Sasuke remembered his first meeting with the Sand siblings involved the kid. Sasuke knew there were some Jonin missing and so was Lee.

Tsunade cleared her throat. "To test you of your skills, we will have you fight three different people each. First will be a Chunin, then a Jonin, and finally an Anbu. Karin is first. Hanabi!" A girl with black hair appeared before the Hokage. She had white eyes, a Hyuga. Karin and Hyuga nodded at each other before the battle began. Karin was not a weak fighter, but she was not very skilled at taijutsu. It wasn't long before Hanbi beat her. "It seems you lack some taijutsu skills. But I heard you are a sensory type ninja. You will be given the rank of Chunin."

Karin nodded. Iruka handed her a Leaf headband. She smiled as she put it on the same way Sakura had hers. She then went and stood by Sakura's side. Karin and Sakura got along, as long as Sasuke and Naruto were not involved. If they were, a fight would break out instantly.

"Next is Jugo," Tsunade said. Jugo had to be pushed forward by Suigetsu since he was afraid of hurting someone.

The girl with orange-red hair stepped forward at the call of her name. Jugo was very careful not to hurt her. The girl got angry that it seemed that Jugo was not taking her seriously. Tsunade called her off. A jonin was called forward. Ebisu was his name. He was the girl's sensei. Again Jugo tried to be careful, but Ebisu had no problem beating him up. Jugo's cursed seal began to activate, but it stopped then faded away. Sasuke knew that it had been Naruto's influence on Jugo that let him stop it by himself. Tsunade called the fight off when she saw that Jugo would not be able to defeat Ebisu.

"You fought well," Tsunade said. "Jonin level." Iruka gave him a headband. Jugo took it and tied it on his arm the same way Shikamaru use to. "Suigetsu."

"I think I should start off fighting an Anbu," Suigetsu said with a cocky tone.

"Oh really?" Tsunade asked. "Then Shino, I think you should show him what being an Anbu is like."

Shino nodded and removed his mask. It did not do much since his face was still hidden by his sunglasses and his tall collar. He had on the Anbu uniform, but Shino must have altered it a bit since the collar was up higher than the other Anbu's.

"What's this?" Suigetsu asked. "I get some guy who is afraid to show his face?"

"You should know to never underestimate your opponent," Shino said stepping forward. Suigetsu laughed than ran at Shino swinging his sword. The sword hit Shino in the stomach. Suigetsu was ready to brag about his win, when had noticed that Shino had turned into a bunch of bugs. Suigetsu made a disgusted face and stepped back. He looked up to see Shino standing on a branch.

"Rule number two, always check your surroundings," Shino said. He pointed to the ground in front of Suigetsu. Suigetsu looked down and saw bugs biting into his foot. They were drinking the water from him. Suigetsu was about to turn himself into a human puddle when Tsunade stopped the fight.

"That's enough," she said. "It would be bad if Shino's bugs drowned. You are strong, but too cocky. You'd make a good Anbu but that cockiness is a big problem. I think you'd make a better Hunter-nin."

"A Hunter-nin?" Suigetsu asked.

"They track down and kill missing-nin," Tsunade said.

"I'll take it!" He grinned showing his shark-like teeth. He grabbed the headband from Iruka and wrapped it around his waist. Sasuke had to hold back a laugh as he remembered that Lee wore his the same way.

"Sasuke Uchiha," Tsunade said. "Although I know I should let him fight you, I have to follow his wishes. Konohamaru."

Konohamaru stepped forward. He was clearly a Chunin. Sasuke didn't like how Suigetsu got to fight an Anbu right from the start. He felt like he was being made fun off. Then he saw it. Konohamaru has formed the Rasengan. Sasuke smiled knowing that it had been Naruto who taught the boy that jutsu. The boy lunged at Sasuke who dodged that slammed his hand against the back of the kid's neck. Konohamaru fell unconscious. "Sorry. Didn't mean to hit so hard." Ebisu lifted Konohamaru away from the scene.

"Should have known," Tsunade said. "Kakashi."

Sasuke did not expect that his next opponent would be his ex-sensei. He was Kakashi lazily step forward. Kakashi pulled up his hitai-ate showing off his Sharingan. Sasuke knew that he had to go at Kakashi as if he was trying to kill him. This fight was longer than the others. But everyone could tell that Sasuke was stronger than Kakashi. Kakashi stopped attacking and walked away from Sasuke.

Tsunade frowned. She had not stopped the fight, but she knew that Kakashi was right. Sasuke had to fight an Anbu. "Neji. You're next."

Neji nodded and removed his mask. "Uchiha."

"Hyuga," Sasuke said. Everyone watching had wanted to see this fight. Back when they were in the academy, Neji and Sasuke were the head of their class. They were call geniuses. This was a fight even Sai had looked forward too. This fight lasted just as long as the fight with Kakashi. Both were skilled in taijutsu, but Sasuke was faster and he had a lot more chakra. The fight ended when everyone noticed that Neji had a kunai at his throat. Neji could have used Spiral, but he saw lightning was charged through the kunai. He put his hands up in defeat.

"Stronger than a fifth-seat Anbu," Tsunade said. "Not bad." Just as Tsunade was about to tell Sasuke that he could be an Anbu, a voice rang throughout the training grounds.

"Obaa-chan!" the voice yelled. Everyone knew it was Naruto. The blond ran up to the Hokage, jumping up and down. "Ero-sennin! He's awake!"

At this Tsunade began to run towards the hospital. Sakura, Shizune, Kakashi, and Naruto following close behind. Not knowing what was going on, Sasuke ran after the group. He caught up to them in a hospital room. The man known as Jiriya was sitting up in the bed. He smiled up at Tsunade, who looked like she was ready to punch him.

"Obaa-chan," Naruto said. "He just woke up!"

Tsunade put her fist down. "I know. I won't punch him until he'd completely healed."

"May be I shouldn't have woken up," Jiriya said.

"Ero-sennin!" Naruto pouted.

"Naruto," Jiriya looked into Naruto's eyes then smiled. He lifted up a hand and messed up Naruto's hair. "How long was I out."

"Two years," Tsunade said.

"Two years?" Jiriya's eyes widened. "Dang!"

'Two year?' Sasuke thought. 'Around the time Naruto was kidnapped?'

Jiriya looked at Naruto. "Seems you haven't changed much."

"I'm Anbu Captain now," Naruto said.

"Oh?" Jiriya laughed. "Guess I'm getting old."

"Getting old Ero-Sennin?" Naruto chuckled.

"Smart Brat!" Jiriya laughed. "So I see that everything is ok." Naruto frowned. He knew what Jiriya was talking about.

"Jiriya, I..." Naruto began.

"Brat!" Jiriya shouted. "It's ok. It wasn't your fault."

"Obaa-chan said the same thing," Naruto said. Then he smiled. "Guess old people think a like." At this, Tsunade slammed her fist into Naruto's head. "Ow!"

Jiriya laughed. "Well, we are the same age. Tsunade, it looked like being Hokage is taking its toll on you."

"I don't think I will be Hokage for much longer," Tsunade smiled.

'What does she mean?' Sasuke thought. 'Is she sick or something?'

"Oh?" Jiriya asked. "Does that mean that me and you can..."

"No!" Tsunade yelled. "Don't ask something like that in public!"

"Then if I asked in private?" Jiriya smiled.

"Pervert!" Tsunade laughed. Naruto smirked as both Sakura and Kakashi began to laugh as well. Even Sasuke chuckled.

'He looks happier,' Sasuke thought looking at Naruto. 'I don't know what happened, but if seeing Jiriya made Naruto happy, then I'm happy.'

"So the Uchiha brat came back," Jiriya said. "Did you drag him back?"

"No," Naruto said. "You should sit down."

"I'm already lying down, Idiot," Jiriya said.

"Orochimaru is dead," Naruto said. "Sasuke killed him over three months ago."

"I see," Jiriya said.

"There's more," Naruto said. "Itachi is back in Konoha."

"What?" Jiriya almost stood up. "What does he want?"

"He's a teacher at the academy," Naruto said.

"Ok, I'm missing something," Jiriya said.

"The council of elders and Danzo had ordered Itachi to killed the Uchihas," Naruto explained. "I executed them over a week ago."

Jiriya's eyes looked like they were about to fall out of his head. "You did?"

"Yes," Naruto said. "The other council members agree that they were to be executed immediately. Homura tried to escape, but Shikamaru stopped him with his shadow. I had to kill Danzo who looked like he was ready to kill everyone in the room. Koharu was the easier of the three." He said this without batting an eye. Sasuke could feel the coldness in Naruto's words.

"Good job then," Jiriya said. "And what of the Akatsuki?"

"Only six remain," Naruto said. "Pein, who is their leader, Konan, Zetsu, Tobi, Deidara, and Kisame."

"Konan?" Jiriya asked. "That's..."

"The girl you taught during the war," Tsunade said. "Pein seems to be one of the boys you taught. I do not know what happened with the other one."

"He's alive," Naruto said. Everyone looked at Naruto. "Nagato right?" Jiriya nodded. "He has the Rinnegan. He controls six 'Peins.' The Yahiko one is dead. It seems that his body is only moving through the chakra bars that are in his body. The same with the other five 'Peins.'"

"What is the Rinnegan?" Sasuke asked.

"A dojutsu," Jiriya explained. "It can only be made when the blood of Senju and Uchiha are mixed." He saw Sasuke's eyes widen. "In other words, if Naruto and you had a child, it could have the Rennigan. Only Naruto and Yamato have the blood of Senju and only you and Itachi have the blood of Uchiha."

Naruto blushed at the idea of himself and Sasuke having a kid together. He knew it was impossible, but he still like the idea. Sasuke thought the same thing.

"It is possible," Jiriya continued. Naruto and Sasuke looked at him as if they had read their minds. But the words that followed showed that he hadn't. "to active the Rinnegan without the birth of a child between the Senju and the Uchiha. The Sharingan can turn into the Rinnegan through natural evolution. Though I have no idea how." Jiriya yawned. "For someone who has slept for two years, I wonder why I am so tired."

"You need your sleep," Tsunade said. "You are still recovering. It is time for us to leave. Get some rest." Jiriya laid back down and nodded as Tsunade shooed everyone from the room. She stopped outside the door. "Sasuke, you are of Anbu rank. You can accept the job or turn it down. What will it be?"

Sasuke thought for a second. "I'll accept."

"Then go get your headband from Iruka," Tsunade said. She then left to return to her office. Kakashi and Sakura decided to go home. Naruto's head was filled with thoughts of an Uchiha-Uzumaki baby. Sasuke kept wondering if there was anyone powerful enough to defeat Pein. Neither said anything as they returned to the Uzumaki Compound.

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