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Chapter 16

All was quiet in Konoha as Sasuke was getting use to being an Anbu. He had to take orders from Naruto, which he found very annoying. But he enjoyed the time they got to spend together even if it was on missions. There were not a lot of missions for the Anbu lately so they had a lot of free time. Karin went off to train with Sakura in becoming a medical ninja. Suigetsu was hanging out with his fellow Hunter-nin. There were only four of them in Konoha since they were not really needed much. Jugo spent his time in the garden at the Uzumaki Compound. When he wasn't there, he'd be at Kiba's house. Jugo wanted to learn about taking care of animals. Itachi was busy teaching and all his free time was spent with either training Sasuke about the Sharingan or with Kurama. Naruto felt lonely when he was not with Sasuke.

But the quiet days came to an end as the warning bells rang throughout Konoha. Naruto quickly put on his mask and headed to Hokage Tower. Tsunade was there waiting. The other Anbu arrived shortly. Sasuke was wearing his raven mask. Naruto had made Sasuke a leader of a team, so they did not stand together while the awaited Tsunade's orders.

"The Akatsuki are here," Tsunade said. "Sasuke, get Itachi. Jiriya is going to take on Pein." Sasuke left only to return with Itachi, Kurama, Suigetsu, and Jugo. "Good. I'm glad you got them too. Itachi, you are more familiar with Kisame since he was your partner. I want you and Suigetsu to take care of him." They both nodded. There were two pops and Kakashi and Sai appeared. "Sometimes you can get here on time, Kakashi. You, Sai, and Jugo will take care of Deidara. That leaves Naruto and Sasuke with Tobi. Zetsu and Konan have not been seen but that does not mean they are not around. I want every Anbu looking for them. Kill anyone who threatens the safety of Konoha! And Kurama, you should already know what to do." Everyone bowed then left. Tsunade then went off to go find Shizune, Sakura, and Karin.

It was easy for Kakashi, Sai, and Jugo to find Deidara. He was on a bird above the outer wall of Konoha. Sai made an ink bird and the three of them flew into the air to meet Deidara. Itachi and Suigetsu found Kisame near the Uzumaki Compound. Itachi has a feeling that Kisame was going there since he knew that it use to be the Uchiha Compound. Suigetsu charged Kisame as Itachi stood back waiting for an opening. Naruto and Sasuke found Tobi dancing in the middle of the market. He was saying "Tobi is a good boy, and a good dancer." Sasuke really wanted to beat Tobi to death. And here was his chance. Jiriya was now fighting the six Peins. In the area around the hospital, Zetsu appeared. The old Team 8 found him and they began to engage in battle. Konan hid herself using her paper jutsu. But Karin had found her. She pointed Karin out to Lee and Guy. The two Taijutsu Masters confronted her.

Kakashi, Sai, and Jugo vs. Deidara

Deidara kept throwing bombs at them, but Kakashi used lightning style jutsu to destroy them. Deidara wanted to get revenge on Kakashi for taking his arm. He kept throwing bombs hoping that Kakashi would use up his chakra. Sai began to help Kakashi destroy the bombs by using ink birds to swallow them. They would go off inside the bird and the ink only landed on the ground below. Jugo was standing by waiting for an opening. And he found it. He unlocked the curse mark and grabbed Deidara using his demon-like spiked hand and threw him to the ground. Kakashi followed with a Chidori.

Itachi and Suigetsu vs. Kisame

Itachi had to hand it to Suigetsu, he was on par with Kisame's sword abilities. But Kisame still had the advantage since his sword could cut through Suigetsu's chakra. Itachi found an opening and used Amaterasu on Kisame's left arm. Kisame cried out, then he sliced off his own arm. He knew that the black flames of Amaterasu were indistinguishable. Kisame had a harder time fighting Suigetsu with only one arm.

Naruto and Sasuke vs. Tobi

Sasuke was getting more annoyed by the minute. Tobi was not as fast as Naruto, but he was able to dodge most of Sasuke's attacks. And he did in the most weirdest ways. Tobi was dancing and jumping around as if he didn't have a care in the world. He looked over at Naruto who was sitting on a wall. He had asked Naruto to let him take care of Tobi. But he was so close to just telling Naruto to kill the annoying man, that he was about to willingly tell Naruto about his feelings for the said blond. But he kept calming himself down, telling himself that now was not the time to make a love confession. Instead, he focus his attention on Tobi.

With Itachi's help, Sasuke began to use his Sharingan to copy jutsus. He had seen Naruto use Rasengan soon after. Sasuke decided he was going to try it out. He began to form the Rasengan when he felt weird. He realized that it took a lot of chakra to make one. If he not been for Karin, Sasuke would have wondered how Naruto could make several of them and why his were bigger than the one Sasuke had just made. Pushing those thoughts aside, he ran at Tobi.

Team 8 (Shino, Kiba, and Hinata) vs. Zetsu

Kiba used Gatsuga (Fang Over Fang) jutsu and launch it straight at Zetsu. Zetsu split in half and Kiba was reminded of Sukon and Ukon. Hinata used her Gentle fist and attacked the Black Zetsu. Shino had his bugs attack White Zetsu. Both Zetsu used the ground to escape. But he kept reappearing after every attack hoping to destroy the Hospital. But Team 8 would not left him. Every time Zetsu tried to get closer to the Hospital, Kiba would stop him and force him to face Shino and Hinata.

Lee and Guy vs Konan

"Guy-sensei!" Lee yelled as Guy was covered by paper. It formed a cocoon around Guy. Lee tried to pull the cocoon apart, but he couldn't.

"It is too late," Konan said. "He will soon die to lack of oxygen."

"I don't think so," came a voice from above them. Neji jumped down, channeling chakra through his hand. He sliced right through the cocoon releasing Guy.

"Thanks Neji," Guy said. "I must train myself more. And then through the power of youth I will be able to win." Another Anbu member jumped next to Neji. Tenten removed her mask after rolling her eyes. "Ah! Team Guy is back together again. Let us show her how strong our youth is!"

"Good idea, Guy-sensei!" Lee yelled. Neji and and Tenten just sighed as they got ready for Konan's attacks.

"What are you after?" Neji asked.

"Naruto Uzumaki," Konan said. "And we are willing to destroy the Leaf in the process." She raised her hands and sent her paper at the four of them. Neji quickly cut the papers in two as Lee and Guy came at Konan from both sides. The kicked her and she went flying. Tenten used one of her weapon scrolls and summoned her weapons, throwing them at Konan. Konan manage to block most of them using her paper.

Jiriya vs. Pein

Jiriya went at the six Peins, already using Sage Mode. He had read all of Naruto's notes on the six Peins. One had the ability to summon beasts, one could summon mechanised armor, one could read the mind of anyone it touch and could yank out the soul from a body, one could absorb chakra, one had interrogation and restoration abilities by using the King of Hell, and the sixth one could attract or repel things. He knew he hand to take out Naraka Path first since her could restore the others. He also knew that they shared the sights of each other. Jiriya had to separate them. He decided to summon Gamabunta, Gamakichi,Gamaken, and Gamahiro. He the summoned several smaller frogs. After throwing a few smoke bombs, he had the smaller frogs dogpiled the summing Peins. The giant toads each swallowed one of the remaining Pein. Jiriya used this tactic and was able to take out three Peins, including the Naraka Path. The other Pein repelled himself out of Gamaken's body. He waited five seconds then repelled the smaller frogs off of the summoner Peins. Soon, one of the Peins summoned a Giant bird and a dog with three heads.

"It is time to go," the repelling Pein said. "Konan, Zetsu, Tobi, Kisame, Deidara, retreat." Without another word, the bird flew into the sky and flew at a high-speed away from Konoha. Jiriya was left to take care of the three-headed dog.

All Other Fights

They heard Pein's voice calling for a retreat. Deidara used a bomb to dodge Kakashi's Chidori. Kakashi managed to hit Deidara's shoulder. Deidara quickly made another clay bird and headed towards Kisame. Kisame blocked Suigetsu's sword then smiled at the retreat signal. He swung at Suigetsu one last time before jumping on Deidara's bird. Tobi had been hit by Sasuke's Rasengan. He barely was able to stand. Kisame stretched out his only arm and pulled Tobi next to him. Zetsu used his earth jutsu to travel through the ground and out of Konoha. Konan was badly wounded. She had five kunai still sticking out of her shoulder, arms, and legs. She used the last of her energy to turn her paper into a bird. She too flew away.

With the Akatsuki once again beaten down, everyone seemed to calm down, except Naruto. Kurama was more calm but he was not happy that they got away. Sure three Peins were now dead, but that was not enough. The other three had to go. And not just them. Kurama wanted the others to die as well. They had hurt Naruto, and that made Kurama angry. But there was nothing he could do. He had no idea where they had gone. Everyone went their separate ways to rest.

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