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Chapter 17

Sasuke awoke early the day after the battle with the Akatsuki. He hated that he basically let Tobi go. He thought that he should have finished him off. He remembered that Kisame had escaped Itachi, though with only one arm. Itachi had used his Sharingan and Sasuke knew it. He didn't want Itachi to go blind. He could no longer stand just sitting in his bed. He got up and head to take a shower.

Sasuke was too tired to hear that the shower was already running. He opened the door and instantly woke up. There Naruto stood, naked in the shower. Sasuke could see the water splashing over Naruto's body. His heart pounded as he took in the sight before him. He want to touch the body before him. He stepped closer to Naruto.

Naruto sensed the presence behind him and turned around. "Sasuke? What do you...?" A kiss shut him up. Sasuke pressed himself closer to Naruto, letting the water dampen his clothes. Sasuke released Naruto's lips so they could breathe before he claimed Naruto's lips again. This time, his tongue licked at Naruto's lips asking for entrance. His wish was granted and he took this opportunity to explore Naruto's mouth.

Naruto's mind was racing. He felt Sasuke's hand on his back and he grew happy. Sasuke was kissing him and Naruto could feel the love he was receiving. Everything was fine until he felt Sasuke's hand slide to his butt. Memories began to return to him. He began to panic and pushed Sasuke away. No! No! No! No! KURAMA!" He yelled Kurama's name just as loud as Tsunade had yelled Shizune's (Chapter 13). It echoed off the walls of the shower and Sasuke fell to his knees covering his ears. Sasuke barely heard the bathroom door open.

"Kurama!" Naruto cried jumping into Kurama's arms. He began to sob and cry.

Kurama looked at Sasuke. "What did you do?"

"I just touched him," Sasuke said still trying to stand.

Naruto's sobs grew louder. "Dammit!" Kurama grabbed a towel and ran from the house.

Itachi stood at the bathroom door staring after Kurama. He looked at Sasuke. "Did you forget what Sakura told you?"

"No," Sasuke said. He remembered every word.

"Then think back little brother," Itachi's voice was filled with anger. "In what state did Sakura find Naruto?"

Sasuke remembered Sakura's words. 'He was covered in blood, urine, and other body liquids.' The way she said 'other body liquids' was weird. Then it hit him. "Naruto was..."

"They used the hilt of a sword and some other objects," this time Itachi's anger showed on his face.

"Did you..." Sasuke stopped when he saw the disgusted look on Itachi's face.

"I was out on a mission," Itachi snapped. "They bragged about it. I was glad that he escape and killed those lesser members that came up with the idea. I only wish I was there to stop it all from happening." He sighed. "Naruto needs you to understand that you can't touch him. A kiss is fine, but going further isn't. Leave Naruto to Kurama for now."

"I want to kill them," Sasuke said.

"So do I little brother," Itachi growled like Kurama. "So do I."

Kurama sat himself under a tree with Naruto in his lap. He had tied the towel over Naruto's waist. He removed his shirt and put it on Naruto to cover him more. Naruto was still crying in his arms and knew why. There was not much he could do. He kept whispering to Naruto that everything would be ok. He rocked him back and forth as if Naruto was a baby.

When Naruto finally stopped crying, Kurama though he had cried himself to sleep. But when he looked down, he saw the once blue eyes had turned gray. "Not again!" He began to shake Naruto. "Wake up Kit! Don't look at those memories!" Naruto's eyes remained gray. "Kit! Come back to me! You have to come back to present. Stay way from the past. Come on Kit." A figure moving towards them in the distance caught Kurama's attention. He pulled Naruto closer to himself as the figure got closer. Then Kurama saw who it was. He filled with fear and hatred. "Kabuto."

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