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Chapter 18

"Kabuto," Kurama glared at the man. He held Naruto even closer to himself and stood up. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for Naruto-kun," Kabuto said. "And you will give him to me."

"No I won't," Kurama said. "Why would I do something as stupid as that?"

"You have no right to refuse," Kabuto held up both hands.

"What?" Kurama suddenly felt his body slam into the tree behind him. Chains surrounded his body. It tightened around his arms forcing him to drop Naruto. "Kit!" Kurama tried to break the chains but couldn't. "These are..."

"Chakra chains," Kabuto smiled.

"How? Only Kushina Uzumaki should could use them to restrain me," Kurama said.

"Ah! Well, I implanted some of Kushina's chakra into those chains," Kabuto said.

"How did you get her chakra?" Kurama asked.

"Simple," Kabuto began to walk towards Naruto. "I know that you know that she was almost kidnapped when she was young right? Those men took some of her chakra. Orochimaru-sama was interested in her since she was from another village. So he found a way to take it from them."

Kurama glared at Kabuto as he reached down a hand to grab Naruto."Don't touch him!"

Kabuto chuckled as he lifted Naruto into his arms. He saw the gray eyes and smiled. "This makes it easier."

"Let the Kit go!" Kurama yelled struggling.

"No," Kabuto said simply. "I have a need for him. You see, I'm going to breed him."

"Breed him?" Kurama asked.

"Naruto will make a good father," Kabuto said. "His children will be very powerful."

'No, not the Kit,' Kurama thought. "He's not a dog!"

"No, he's more like a fox," Kabuto said. "A cute one." He touched Naruto's cheek.

"Let him go!" Kurama barked. "I won't let you hurt him!"

"And how will you stop me?" Kabuto asked. "You can't get out of those chains unless someone else frees you."

"I won't let you use him as a baby maker," Kurama said. "You need me to allow it for him to have a child."

Kabuto frowned. "And why is that?"

"Because I share his body," Kurama said. "I can destroy it."

Kabuto's frown changed into a smirk. "But you wouldn't want to hurt Naruto-kun. You could kill him."

"I can make it impossible for him to sleep with a woman."

"There are other ways yo get what I need from his body."

"Won't happen. Even if you use chakra blockers, I can still stop it from the inside."

"Then I'll have to find a way to make a man pregnant."

Kurama looked at Kabuto in horror. 'No! God No! The Kit won't be able to handle that!' He growled. "I won't let that happen!" He began to struggle against the chains, but they tightened around him.

"You can't stop me. I will make Naruto have children one way or another."

Sasuke suddenly felt it. The presence was close. He looked at Itachi who had felt it too. They nodded at each other then headed towards the presence. Sasuke was running ahead of Itachi since he knew Naruto was there too. He saw Kabuto holding Naruto in his arms. His anger grew as he heard Kabuto say something about making Naruto have children. He stepped forward only to have Kabuto's head turn towards him.

"Ah!" Kabuto grinned. "Sasuke-kun." He saw Itachi. "And Itachi-san. Good to see you two again."

"Let Naruto go!" Sasuke yelled.

Kabuto sighed. "You and the Kyuubi are both the same. If you want Naruto back you will have to take him from me." Sasuke didn't move. He was thinking about what to do next. Itachi however, readied his Sharingan. Kabuto saw the red eyes. "Now Itachi-san, you wouldn't want to hurt Naruto-kun now would you?"

Sasuke looked at Itachi to see the Sharingan fade from his eyes. Sasuke knew what Itachi was gonna do and he was glad he didn't. The black flames would hurt Kabuto, but Naruto would be caught in the crossfire. Sasuke returned his gaze to Kabuto. "What do you want?"

"I want to make Uzumaki babies," Kabuto said. "Though, I'd rather make Uchiha ones."

Sasuke knew what Kabuto meant. And he was ready to give himself up to save Naruto. Itachi tried to stop him, but Sasuke sent him a warning look that said, 'try to stop me and I won't be able to stop myself from killing you.' Itachi wasn't really afraid of Sasuke but he knew how Sasuke felt. Itachi wanted to run to Kurama and free him, but he knew if he moved, either Kurama or Naruto would be in danger. So he didn't move. Instead, it was Sasuke who stepped forward.

"I'll go with you if you let Naruto go," Sasuke said.

Kabuto smiled. "I'm glad you care so much for Naruto-kun." He took out a gold bracelet. "Put this on first." He tossed it to Sasuke. Sasuke knew it was a chakra blocker, but it didn't stop him from putting it on. He didn't care about himself, all that he cared about was Naruto. He began to walk slowly towards Kabuto while Kabuto began to put Naruto down. Once Naruto was safely on the ground, Sasuke let out a sigh of relief, but he knew he had to go with Kabuto to protect Naruto.

Suddenly Kabuto's head slammed against the ground. He had been punched right in the side of his head. The punch was enough to render him unconscious. Sasuke looked at the source of the punch and smiled.

"Sakura," he said. "And Karin." Although he was not one for touching others, Sasuke wanted to hug both girls. But he didn't.

Sakura looked at Sasuke. "I was in the middle of teaching Karin about some medicine when she told me she felt Kabuto's presence. She said it was near Naruto's. So we came running."

"I'm glad you did," Sasuke said. He held out his hand to Itachi who had run towards him. Itachi removed the chakra blocker then went to Kurama's side to remove the chains.

Kurama bolted toward Naruto and picked him up. "Kit?" He was that Naruto's eyes were closed but he was breathing fine. He lifted one of Naruto's eye-lids and saw a blue eye. He smiled. "He's just asleep."

"Well, I'm going to take this jerk to Tsunade-sama," Sakura pointed at Kabuto. She then grabbed the back of Kabuto's collar and began to drag him towards Hokage Tower. Karin bowed at Sasuke and the others before following Sakura.

"Looks like Kabuto pissed off Sakura-chan," Itachi said.

"The wrong way," Sasuke added. He watched at Kabuto's body slammed into every rock that 'just happened' to be on the way. He smirked. "I'm glad I'm not the one who made her angry."

"That would be bad," Kurama shivered. "A pissed off Sakura is not a fun sight especially if you are on the receiving end. Trust me. I'll never call her ugly to her face ever again." Itachi chuckled thinking of the sight of Kurama being beaten up by Sakura, a demon being thrashed by a girl. The thought made Sasuke laugh as well. "I'm going to put the Kit to bed. He need to sleep."

"Kurama," Sasuke said causing Kurama to stop in his tracks. "Will Naruto be ok?"

"The Kit has been through a lot," Kurama said. "He need someone to talk to about it, but he is too afraid to do so." He looked at Sasuke. "He needs someone who loves him to, even if by force, get his feelings out of him." He said nothing more as he headed back to the house, putting Naruto in his bed.

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