This Story Needs no Title

Chapter 19

'He needs someone who loves him to, even if by force, get his feelings out of him.' Kurama's words repeated themselves in Sasuke's head. Sasuke's memories of Naruto since they had met again just a month ago, filled his head. He remembered the scene of Naruto standing over one hundred corpses with their blood on him, the scene in Jiriya's hospital room, and the scene in the shower. The one with Jiriya confused him. Jiriya had said that something was not Naruto's fault. Sasuke knew about the incident with the Akatsuki that obviously wasn't Naruto's fault, but he knew that was not what Jiriya was talking about. 'He needs someone who loves him to, even if by force, get his feelings out of him.' Sasuke knew that, but he knew Naruto would not talk to him about it. '...even if by force...' Then it hit him. He knew exactly what he had to do.

Sasuke found Naruto in his bedroom, reading through some scrolls. "Naruto," Sasuke said. Naruto looked up. "We need to talk."

Naruto frowned. "If it is about the ketchup thing, I didn't mean to."

"It's not that," Sasuke said. Naruto had accidentally spilt ketchup on Sasuke's favorite pants. But Sasuke was not really angry at Naruto since Sasuke knew he could just buy a new pair. "You know this is about something else."

Naruto's eyes met Sasuke's. "I don't want to talk about it." He looked away.

"We have to," Sasuke said. He reached down, grabbed Naruto's wrists, and stood him up.

"No, we don't," Naruto said. "Just forget it happened."

Now Sasuke was mad. He slammed Naruto against the wall. "We will talk about it." He ordered.

"I don't want to!" Naruto yelled. "Let it go!"

"I will find out!" Sasuke pulled Naruto's chin up so their eyes met again. "Even if by force."

Naruto realized what Sasuke was talking about. "No! Sasuke don't!" But it was too late. Blue eyes met with red ones and they both fell into the darkness of Naruto's mind.

Sasuke found himself in a room with several doors. One of them was black. He could tell it was the door that lead to Naruto's bad memories. He opened the door and walked in. At first, all Sasuke saw was darkness, but then he saw a light. He walked towards it. As if is was a movie, memories flashed by him. Sasuke stepped forward and touched the memory. He instantly was forced into the memories before him.

A young Naruto, about five-years-old, was playing with a ball at the park when a man grabbed the ball and broke it. The man then slapped Naruto across the face calling him a monster.

The memory changed to Naruto, age seven. He was buying food when a women tripped him. He spilt milk on the floor of the store. The owner of the store yelled at Naruto. Naruto paid for the spilt milk, apologized then left.

Naruto, age nine, was shopping for clothes. He picked up something just out of his prize range. This caused the owner to come over and curse at him. The man threw the fancy shirt at Naruto then kicked him out telling him to never come back.

Naruto was sitting on a swing. It was graduation day and he had failed. Some of the parents were talking about how glad they were that he didn't pass since he was a monster. Naruto had no idea what they meant.

Naruto and Sasuke were talking at the Valley of End. Sasuke then charged as Naruto with a Chidori. Naruto counted with a Rasengan. The blast set both backwards, but Sasuke recovered then grabbed Naruto by the neck and held him up. Then Sasuke put a Chidori through Naruto's chest.

"It is not a bad memory because you tried to kill me," Naruto's voice came from behind Sasuke. The present Naruto was now standing beside Sasuke. "It is bad because I was not able to save you." Sasuke said nothing as the memory changed again.

Naruto, age twelve, was facing Kabuto. Chakra strings were attached from Kabuto's heart to Naruto's heart. Kabuto took his heart out of his chest and squeezed it. Naruto screamed in pain. Then a girl with orange hair ran and cut the strings. Electricity shocked Kabuto and Naruto. Naruto fell to the floor unconscious. Sakura cried and shook Naruto until he opened his eyes. He then looked at Kabuto who wasn't really Kabuto. He watched as the man's heart gave out.

"It wasn't as bad as it looked," Naruto said. "Kurama saved me then too."

"You almost died!" Sasuke said.

"It wasn't the first time," Naruto sat down. "And it won't be the last." Sasuke also took a seat next to Naruto.

Naruto was standing in front of a blonde boy with bandages over his chest. The boy was sitting with his back against a tree. The boy began to speak. "Fate spared my life and now my purpose is to save those people."

"Your purpose?" Naruto asks.

"Do you see now?" The boy said. "I had to tell you those lies. I needed the help of the Leaf ninja to stop Shin from carrying out his final plan." The boy stood up. "I was hoping to round then all up during their raid on the village earlier. Since I've come this far, I guess I'll have to stop the flood." He grabbed Naruto's hand and handed him a flute. "Naruto, thank you. You'll have to take care of Shin for me. No matter what happens you must stop him."

"Why are you giving me.." Naruto began.

"Because this is good-bye." The blond boy was smiling. "Somebody has to set off the paper bombs inside the mime."

"What? If you do that, there's no way you're gonna..."

"Thanks to you and your friends, Naruto my life is going to mean something." The man closed his eyes, Then he ran and pushed Naruto over the edge of the cliff. Naruto caught a branch from a tree. He looked up and saw the dame breaking. "Here comes the flood." Naruto jumped up on the edge of the cliff just below where he was pushed from he began to run. He heard an explosion. "Menma! No!" Naruto watched as dust moved away showing that the mine's rocks had stopped the flood.

The memory flashed forward to Naruto sitting in front of a grave with a flute on it. A bowl of ramen sat at the foot of the grave and another was in front of Naruto. "Well I promised we'd eat this ramen together and I never go back on my word." A wind blew by as Naruto finished off his bowl of ramen. "Man, that was so delicious. " Naruto looked up to see a mirage of Menma playing the flute. The mirage smiled at Naruto. "Bye Menma." Tears rolled down Naruto's eyes.

"I never did learn his real name," Naruto said. "He was a good person. He tried to right a wrong and he died doing it.

Sasuke looked defeated. There was nothing he could do now. It had already happened. "I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault," Naruto said. "At least that Shin guy is dead now. He was put to death about a month after I defeated him."

Naruto was now fifteen. He was crouched down with Sakura and Sai on his sides. Yamato was in front of them. They were facing Kabuto and Orochimaru. "I've seen that face often," Orochimaru said. "And it looks like the Nine-Tails kid is here, too... Maybe I'll play with you guys a little. Let's see who's become stronger... you or Sasuke."

Naruto bit his lip, fangs and claws already grown. His red eyes glaring. "Give Sasuke...back...!" Red chakra surrounded Naruto.

"'Give him back' is not the correct way of saying it, Naruto-kun..." Kabuto said fixing his glasses. "Your reasoning is off... Sasuke came to us because he wanted to. For a man, you're too obsessed about the past. You need to resign yourself."

"Shut up, four-eyes!" Sakura yelled. "You don't even know how Naruto feels... Stop acting so cold about everything!"

"If you want to know about Sasuke," Orochimaru said. "try forcing it out of me... If you can, that is..." Naruto lunged at Orochimaru, his punch sending him across the bridge and forest. The bridge swayed under him. He looked back at Kabuto and the others.

"'ve grown considerably as a Jinchuriki Host," Kabuto said. Naruto turned back to see that Orochimaru was walking towards him through the forest.

"You're starting to become more like a Jinchuriki Host, aren't you..." Orochimaru looked up with his face peeled back showing the face of someone else underneath. "Naruto-kun?" Orochimaru walked back on the bridge, stopping about six feet away from Naruto. "So that's why you were chosen to keep watch over him, huh? So my experiment turned out to be somewhat useful... The Leaf should be thanking me a little more for this... Don't you agree... my adorable little test subject...?"

"Test subject" Kabuto asked. "Who the heck is this person?" Orochimaru then explained what he had done to Yamato. "I see... So it looks like we'll now be able to obtain a sample form a product of old research," Kabuto said.

"More important than that... I'd like to test out how strong my Sasuke has become... by having him fight against Naruto."

"He doesn't..." Naruto began. A second and third tail of red chakra forming. "He doesn't belong to you...!" He growled. "Don't talk about Sasuke... in front of me... like he belongs to you!" The red chakra spread over the bridge under Naruto. It began to whip around Naruto in several swirls. It made the air sting and broke apart some of the bridge before returning to Naruto's body. Naruto let out a roar.

Orochimaru smiled. "Interesting..."

Kabuto ran at Naruto who opened his mouth and sent chakra at Kabuto. Kabuto flew into a tree. The blast had destroyed most of the bridge. Naruto landed on the other half of the bridge, fully destroying it. A chakra hand reached out and grabbed a tree branch pulling him up. He ran after Orochimaru. he whipped a chakra arm at Orochimaru clearing away several trees. Orochimaru lost an arm.

"I see...You borrow the power of the Jinchuriki... And yet, that's the best you can do..." He suddenly slumped forward and a different Orochimaru clawed his way out of the first Orochimaru's mouth. "You're still no match for Sasuke..."

A fourth tail began to form. Naruto slipped with only one arm holding himself up from laying on the ground. Pain spread throughout Naruto's body. His skin began to rip off, blood dripping into the red chakra. A black ball formed around him. He could not hear anything outside from within the ball. Naruto let out a scream which sent chakra flying all around him. It destroyed the forest even more creating a creator.

"It hurt," Naruto said. "One of the most painful things I have even gone through." Sasuke said nothing and turned back to the memory.

"Simply unbelievable," Orochimaru said. "the things this child can do..." Naruto body was covered in so much chakra that you could not tell that it was him, nor that it was human. It let out a loud roar. Orochimaru spat out hundreds of snakes with swords coming from their mouths. The beast slammed down his hand. The shockwave destroyed the snakes and more trees. Then he slammed down both hands that moved through the ground to Orochimaru. Another hand grew from one of the hands. The hand kept going after Orochimaru who tried to wrap a snake from his around it, but it disintegrated it and Orochimaru had left another of his bodies behind. He then punched the beast in the face only for it to slice Orochimaru in half. His body reconnected due to snakes.

The beast then shook out red and blue chakra. It formed a purple ball. He condensed the chakra ball then swallowed it. Causing his body to weigh him down. His body then expanded. Orochimaru summoned his three gates as the beast spat out the chakra in a beam. The gates were destroyed but they manage to separate the beam in two. Orochimaru's body landed upside down into the ground. A sword came out of the ground and hit the beast in the chest sending him back near the bridge. The sword came from a snake inside Orochimaru's mouth. The beast caught the sword in its hands. He swatted the sword away. Orochimaru retract it.

The beast growled then roared. It then turned its focus on a crying Sakura. It whipped a tail at her. Wood surrounded the beast's body from his legs to his tails. It watched as Kabuto healed Sakura's wounds a bit. It struggled trying to break free. It managed to break through. Yamato put his palm over the beast's chest. It connected a rope of chakra to Naruto's necklace. A few spiked pillars appeared surround the beast. Yamato then ripped the dark red chakra off of Naruto's body. Naruto let out a scream of pain. His body was covered in burned flesh and he fell unconscious.

"I hurt Sakura," Naruto said. "At the time, I did not know what I had done. Sakura tried to cover it up, but Yamato-sensei told me the truth. The memories came to me a few months later.

"This was before we saw each other at his hideout?" Sasuke asked.

"Less than two days before," Naruto answered. He saw the pained look on Sasuke's face. "Sakura and the Kyuubi worked together to heal me. At that time, Sai had followed Orochimaru and Kabuto. We found out that Sai had a secret mission given to him by Danzo to kill you. But I managed to stop him."

"He said he understood your feelings," Sasuke said. "I think he had already begun to care about you. He did try to protect you from me."

"He was holding back," Naruto said. "He told be that if he was serious, he would have killed you, but he said he couldn't. He did it for me."

"I'm thankful that Sai cared about you, even back then," Sasuke said.

Naruto was standing over a grave. The name on it was Asuma Sarutobi. He placed flowers on the grave. Shikamaru came up from behind him. They nodded to each other before Naruto left Shikamaru alone.

"This was about a week after I finished off Kakuzu and Shikamaru took care of Hidan," Naruto said.

"I heard about it," Sasuke said. "Orochimaru was bragging about you."

"He bragged about me?" Naruto asked.

"Yes," Sasuke said. "Though I'm not sure if it was because he was happy there were two less Akatsuki members or if he was happy that you were stronger."

"Probably the former," Naruto said.

Naruto, age 16 was standing in front of Jiriya and a man with white-blond hair. He was clearly from a different village. His headband hand the Land of Cloud symbol on it.

"Should I really be doing this?" Naruto asked.

"You can do it, since you're like me," the man said. "A cool and powerful Jinchuriki."

"You have to do it Naruto," Jiriya said. "You have to learn to control the Kyuubi."

"But Ero-Senin," Naruto whined. "There is no need. Kurama and I can fight together as two separate beings."

"That is not enough," Jiriya said. "You have to be able to fully control his powers."

"Is it because we are merging?" Naruto asked.

"The merge is not the problem, yo," the other man said. "It's the features you will grow."

"Bee," Naruto said. "I don't..." He fell silent. "The villages would become more afraid of me if I fully merged with him, won't they?"

"I'm afraid they will," Jiriya said. "The merge will permanently give you fangs, claws, and may be even a tail. If you can control the Kyuubi," he paused. "Kurama's power, you will remain the same."

"Alright," Naruto said sitting down cross-legged. "I'll try." He closed his eye and began to meditate. Kurama was willing to let Naruto control him. He knew it would be easier for Naruto to remain the same. Kurama did not want Naruto to be outcasted even further. It was working. Naruto began to glow yellowish gold. But then red overtook the gold. Naruto screamed. Inside, Kurama let out a scream as well. Chakra burst out of Naruto's body and slammed into Jiriya and Bee. Bee went into 8-Tails mode. It protected him from the raw chakra that disintegrated several trees. But Jiriya was not safe. Bee tried to pull him out of the blast, but Jiriya still got hit. Burn marks appeared on Jiriya's body. Bee used what little medical justu he knew to stop Jiriya's body from disintegrating. Behind him, Naruto fell silent and was barely able to stay awake.

"Ero-Sennin!" Naruto yelled when he realized what had happened. He forced himself to stand and ran towards Jiriya.

"We need to get him to your Hokage," Bee said. Naruto nodded and picked Jiriya up. With the last of his strength he ran towards Konoha. Bee followed behind him. The guards did not bother to stop them since they could see the horrible state Jiriya was in. Naruto kicked the door to Tsunade's office open.

"What is...?" She saw Jiriya in Naruto's arm and ran to him. She began to heal him. "What happened?"

"He told me to learn to control all of Kurama's power," Naruto said. "I was doing fine, so I thought I could try to handle more, but I pushed it too far. This is my fault." Tears began to fill his eyes.

"It may take a while, but he will be fine," Tsunade said. "I'm guessing you are the one that managed to heal him up to this point, Lord Bee?"

"Yes," Bee said. "The chakra blast be powerful but I was able to be masterful. Went into 8-Tails mode and healed him before he could corrode."

"Good work," Tsunade said. "Brat! Stop crying!"

"I'm sorry, Tsunade-sama," Naruto said. He stopped crying. "I won't hold it against you if you don't forgive me."

"It wasn't your fault," Tsunade said. "It's this idiot's." She pointed to Jiriya. "We have to get him to the hospital." She looked at Naruto. "You have to go too. You look horrible yourself."

"I'll be fine," Naruto said. "Just need to rest. Make sure Jiriya is safe." Tsunade nodded. She had Bee carry Jiriya. Naruto slowly followed behind. He watched as tubes were hooked up to Jiriya's body. "How long will he be out?"

"I don't know," Tsunade said. "I need you two to get out of here. You're in the way of the doctors." Naruto nodded and left. Bee followed.

"I have to go home to brother," Bee said. "Or I'll be beaten like a mother." Naruto almost laughed. Bee's rapping skills needed improvement. Bee left without another word.

Naruto sat waiting. Tsunade opened the door an hour later. "He went into a coma," she said. "He will awaken, I just don't know when." She put her hand on Naruto's shoulder. "Naruto, it wasn't your fault." He shrugged her hand off and remained silent.

"So that's what happened!" Sasuke said. "But Tsunade is right. It wasn't your fault."

"I was the one who pushed the limit," Naruto said.

"That's what ninjas do," Sasuke said. "Besides, how could you have known that would happen?"

"I didn't," Naruto said. "If I did, it wouldn't have happened."

Sasuke thought for a minute. "Can I ask you something? The barrier arround the Uchi.. the Uzumaki Compound, is it...?"

"Yes," Naruto said. "To avoid the features of the full merge, I made that barrier jutsu. It is made of raw chakra. It does the same thing that blast did." He paused. "I had to put that power somewhere. I was gonna make the barrier go around all of Konoha, but I knew that visitors would be killed. Since I can sense people outside the Compound, but not around Konoha, I decided that it was safer there." He looked up. "This next one I'm afraid to let you see."

"It is about the kidnapping isn't it?" Sasuke asked.

"Sakura told you," Naruto said it as a statement. "There is more to it than what she knows." Sasuke remained silent.

Naruto was running. He was wearing his Anbu outfit. His mask was on his face. He was running as fast as he could away from something that was behind him. He did not slow down even a little when something jumped in front of him. He slammed right into it, but it didn't move even an inch. Naruto looked up and saw the black cloak with red clouds on it. It was Akatsuki.

Naruto stepped back. In front of him was Zetsu. He heard a noise behind him. Kisame stepped into the scene. On his right side were Tobi and Deidara. On his left was a man with orange hair, Pein. Naruto looked up to see paper falling from above. He knew he had no where left to run. A woman with blue hair appeared right behind him and held a cloth to Naruto's mouth. Everything went black.

Naruto awoke to a room filled with darkness. He tried to get up but was stopped by the chains holding down his legs and arms. He felt something around his neck. It was chained to the platform his was on. In the darkness, Naruto saw a candle being lit. Several seconds later and all the candles in the room were lit. With the glow and light from the candles he could see Pein, Zetsu, Kisame, Deidara, and Tobi. He knew Konan and Itachi were missing.

"It is time for you to give us the Kyuubi," Pein said.

"I refuse!" Naruto yelled.

"Then we will force it out of you," Pein said. He waved a few signs. Naruto let out a scream of pain as he felt like someone had ripped apart his stomach. But the pain died out as Naruto tried to hold it down. "It looks like you have some strength left. I knew the Nine-Tails would be the hardest to get out."

"Hmm," Deidara said. "I thought we were gonna get the 8-Tails first?"

"Kisame can do that," Pein said. When he heard this, Kisame grinned. His shark-like teeth were easy to see. Without saying anything, Kisame grabbed his sword and left the room. "Now then, it seems we have to break him first." At first, they took turns whipping Naruto, but it didn't seem to faze him. Pein pulled out a knife and began to cut into Naruto's chest. Naruto bit down on his lips. The Akatsuki watched as the cut healed itself. Pein made a few more cuts, but they all healed. Naruto notice that Kurama was still able to heal him. That meant he could still use chakra. Red chakra began to form over Naruto's body.

"This will not do," Pein said. He pulled out a gold ring. Zetsu held Naruto down while Pein remove the chain around Naruto's neck then attached the ring around his neck. He pulled the chain through the ring and back down, forcing Naruto's head to slam against the platform.

"Small cuts are not enough, hmm," Deidara said.

"Kisame-senpai would say you should but off an arm or a leg," Tobi said.

"We'll have to stop the bleeding since we can't have him die before we get the Kyuubi," Pein said.

"We can use poison, hmm," Deidara said. Pein nodded and Deidara ran to get some poison. He came back and handed it to Pein.

"We will first give him the poison," Pein said. "Then we'll take off the chakra blocker. He will have enough chakra to heal, but not to harm us." He forced the poison down Naruto's throat. Zetsu removed the chakra blocked from Naruto's neck.

"Kit! Let me out! I'll get you out of this!"

'No," Naruto said to Kurama. 'I won't let them have you.'


'No!' Then the pain came. Naruto felt the blade cut through the boned in his arms. He couldn't stop the scream from coming out, but he managed to keep Kurama inside him.

"Tie is back together," Black Zetsu said. "It will heal then you can do it again." Pein nodded sliding Naruto's arm back towards his shoulder. Tobi tied the two together.

"It would have been easier if Kakuzu was here, hmm," Deidara said.

Flashes of the same scene repeated over and over. They had cut off the same arm every day for the over for the next few days. Soon, the arm was blackened with infection. It was Tobi who noticed that the Kyuubi could not longer heal Naruto.

"I say we whip him again," Tobi said. "Oh Tobi is a good boy for coming up with that idea."

"I don't know if it would work this time," White Zetsu said. "We can try though. Why not let those fools do it?"

"Let the lesser members of Akatsuki have some fun?" Black Zetsu asked. "Not a bad idea." The others agreed and Pein handed the whip to Tobi and told him to get the 'fools' as Zetsu called them. He would let them have their 'fun.'

"Are you sure you want to see what happens next? Naruto asked. He could see that Sasuke was ready to kill.

"Yes," Sasuke bit back his desire to go strangle Tobi and the others.

Over the next few days, several people came in and out of the room. Naruto was no longer facing the ceiling. He was looking at the floor. His jacket and shirt had been removed. The people who came in took turns whipping Naruto. Some used belts while others used rope. After hours of whipping, they would leave Naruto alone. Konan would come by and clean up Naruto's wounds. She also gave him food and water. It was hard for Naruto to eat but he kept trying to keep himself alive. He wanted to escape and he needed to eat and drink to keep his thoughts focused on his goal.

"I don't like this," Konan said. "They are pushing this too far. Nagato, what are you planning?" Naruto heard the name Nagato and was wondering who that was. "Is this really what Yahiko would want?" She slowly cleaned away the blood on Naruto's back. Naruto could hear the hurt in her voice as she said Yahiko's name.

"Who is Yahiko?" Naruto asked. His voice was low. Konan looked at Naruto shocked. She did not realize that she had said his name out loud. "Who is he?" Naruto's voice cracked.

Konan's hand stopped on Naruto's back. "He was... a friend."

"Tell me about him," Naruto said.

"Why do you want to know?" Konan asked.

"I'm kind of bored," Naruto laughed, but ended up coughing. "It would be nice to know a little bit about the people who want to kill me."

"We don't want to kill you," Konan said. "We want the Kyuubi."

"And to get it, I have to die."

Konan said nothing. She had wondered several times if there was another way to take a Bijuu from its host without killing the host. But she never found the way. She knew of one Jinchuriki that lost his Tail-beast and was still alive, but it was because someone else gave up her life for his. "He was one of my only friends," Konan finally said.

"And Nagato?"

"Yes. The three of us found each other and stay together. We had lost our families during a war."

"I know how that is. Although I never met them while they were alive, my mother and father died during an attack on Konoha."

"My village got caught up in the war. How did your parents died."

"My mother was the host for Kyuubi before me. It got loose and killed her. My father gave up his life to put the Nine-Tails inside of me."

"Your father? The Fourth Hokage? He had a son?"

"Yeah. My mother is Kushina Uzumaki. The previous Jinchuriki of the demon fox."

"Why you?"

"I had just been born and was right there. My father believed that I would be able to control the Nine-Tails."

"He was right Kit."

'Don't talk Kurama. You need your rest. I'm gonna need healing.'

"I know Kit. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still here."

'Thanks Kurama.'

"I see."

"It was basically the same for Gaara. I bet the other Jinchuriki had a hard time living like that. We are fear for our power even though we were not the ones who wanted the power in the first place. It was forced upon us."

"Life has never been fair."

"No, life as a ninja is hard. We are meant to be tools. But since we are also human, we have feelings and emotions. When we lose someone we care for, we cry and are saddened by that fact we will never see them again. When someone hurts us, we get angry. When someone gives us a meaning for existing, we are happy. The thing that we Jinchuriki fear the most is losing our reason for existence. The reason is usually another person."

"What or who is your reason?"

Naruto smiled. "My friends. Sakura, Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-sensei, Sai, Ero-Sennin, Tsunade Obaa-chan, Sai, Team 10, Team 8, and..."



When Sasuke heard his name, his heart almost stopped. In this memory, it had been four years since he had left Konoha. And here Naruto was saying that he was a friend. More than that. Sasuke was a reason for Naruto to keep on living.

"The Uchiha boy? Itachi's brother?"


"Didn't he leave the Leaf after almost killing you?"


"Zetsu saw the fight and told us everything."

"I see." Naruto paused. "I can't help how I feel."

"No, I suppose we can't."

"Was it Yahiko that you loved?"

"Yes, I was in love with him."

"And Nagato?"

"I love him."

"As a brother or a lover?"

"If we could be together, I'd be more than happy. But I'm fine keeping things the way they are."

"Is it Nagato or Yahiko who is Pein?"

"Yahiko, but how did you know?"

"The way you look at him is filled with different emotions. Love, longing, and pain. And due to the Kyuubi, I can tell that the body of Pein is already dead." He paused. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Yahiko died to protect me and Nagato. Nagato in turn gave up his mobility in order to save Yahiko's body. He also protected me."

"Where is Nagato?"

"I can't tell you."

"I'd like to talk to him. But since neither of use can move, I guess it won't happen. Not unless I talk to Pein first. Nagato and Yahiko are connected through Pein."

"You are smarter than you let on."

"The demon child who houses the Kyuubi can't be too smart or too strong. It would make the villagers even more afraid. I already put Jiriya in the hospital, so they fear for themselves."

"Jiriya-sensei was our teacher."

"Guess we share that in common."

"They are coming back."

"I can hear them. Sorry I kept you so long." He paused. "You should tell Nagato how you feel."

"In time." She left the room. Soon different people came into the room.

"The brat's still alive." Someone said.

"Good." Someone else said. That someone walked over to Naruto and put his hand on Naruto's back. "I'm tired of whipping him."

"What do you want to do then?" another asked.

"I say," he moved his hand down to Naruto's pants. "...we have a little more fun." The others laughed. Naruto struggles as the man began to remove Naruto's pants. Then the man moved to the boxers. Once both were off, the man pulled out a sword. "Lets see what he can take." He then shoved the hilt into Naruto's butt. Naruto let out a cry. The man moved the hilt around. Blood began to drip down the hilt. The man chuckled as he watched Naruto cry.

"That's not fair!" another man said. "You're having all the fun!"

"Then by all means, here." The man handed the sword to the one who had just spoke. "Move it around a bit. It's fun to see how much the kid can take."

"Kit! Are you ok? Dammit! I'll kill them!"

'You can't do anything. I have to take it.'

"Kit! I'm sorry. This is only happening because of me."

'It is not your fault. I could have let them have you, but I chose not to. Believe it or not Kurama, I love you too much.'

"Kit! Stay awake! Kit" But it was too late. Naruto lost consciousness. Naruto felt the man remove the sword. It wasn't fun to play with a sleeping brat.

Naruto gripped Sasuke's hand. Watching the scene he had lived through was scaring him. Sasuke pulled Naruto to him. He put his hands over Naruto's eyes. "If is too painful to watch then don't. I need to see the rest for myself, but you don't." Naruto said nothing and closed his eyes against Sasuke's chest.

Naruto awoke to the cry of Konan. "They have gone too far!" She had seen the blood and she knew what happened. "Did they...?"

"It was the hilt of a sword," Naruto managed to say. His throat hurt from the screaming and crying.

"I can't take this anymore!" Konan said. "I won't let them back in here!"

"You'll get hurt," Naruto said.

"Why do you care about what happens to me?" Konan asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," Naruto said.

"You're only fifteen!"

"I'm a man and a ninja. It could be worse."

"Stop putting on a brave front! I can tell it hurts! I'm letting you escape!"

"Don't! I won't let anyone give up their life for me."

"Naruto! Please. It's not funny!" Naruto had started laughing.

"Sorry. It's just besides Itachi, you are the only one in Akatsuki who has ever called me by name."

She sighed. "I once thought about letting myself die if I thought that I couldn't take the pain."

"I think about that all the time. As a Jinchuriki, we think about killing ourselves often. But Gaara couldn't and I can't since I have a promise I have to keep."

"A promise?"

"I promised Sakura-chan that I'd save Sasuke. I never go back on my promises. It is my ninja way!"

"You are a good person Naruto. I wish things were different."

"So do I but, I have to admit, I don't mind being a Jinchuriki. I have never once regretting being one. I only don't like that others can't see me for me. It is like they hate me the same way one sometimes hates the son of the man they hate."

"That's..." The door to the room opened and the man from before walked into the room. He saw Konan and bowed. Then he pulled out an empty bottle of Sake and walked over to Naruto. Konan stopped him. "What are you doing?"

"Torturing the brat," the man said. "We have permission to do whatever we want to the kid as long as he doesn't die." He smirked. "Lord Pein said I could have fun with the boy. He also said he wanted to see you." Konan looked at Naruto. She did not want to leave him alone with this man. But she had to. She said nothing to either of them and left the room. "So kid, ready for some more fun?"

"Oh joy!" Naruto said sarcastically. "I so want to be raped by a sword."

"Too bad," the man said. "It will be a Sake bottle." Without even hesitating, he forced the bottle into Naruto. Naruto bit down a cry. The man continued moving the bottle in and out. He continued doing it for over an hour. Konan did not return. He removed the bottle then threw it on the floor. Naruto could hear it break. The man then grabbed Naruto's waist. He opened his mouth and began to lick Naruto. It was too much. Naruto let out a cry and began to struggle. The man slapped him across the head. "Stop moving." The man resumed to licking the blood off of Naruto. Naruto tried to move, but the man hit Naruto two more times. The man took off his belt and whipped Naruto. He paused licked at the blood then resumed the whipping. Once satisfied, he took out his sword and did the same thing he had done with the Sake bottler. "I once heard that bedding another man felt almost as good as a woman." Naruto heard the man unzip his pants. It was then that another man ran into the room.

"Leaf ninja are here!" he yelled.

"Dammit!" the first man yelled. "Guess the kid is lucky." The man zipped up his pants and followed the other man out of the door. Five minutes later, Naruto heard the sound of a wall breaking.

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled. She ran to Naruto and gasped. She saw the sight before he and almost fainted. Shaking her head, she removed the chains and the chakra bracelet. She began to heal him and with the Kyuubi's help, Naruto was fully healed. But something happened that she did not expect. Red chakra began to swallow up Naruto's body. Sakura had seen it before, but it was different this time. There were nine tails. She stepped back as she saw him pull on his clothes. Then he turned towards Sakura. Sakura stepped back again only to see Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai coming into the room. When they saw Naruto, they gasped. Naruto walked towards them. They he ran right passed them. "Naruto!"

"Sakura, we have to find him before it's too late," Naruto heard Kakashi say. "Yamato will have to stop him." Naruto could tell that they separated. But he kept running.

"My hearing was really strong when I used the full power," Naruto said. Sasuke said nothing and continued to watch.

Naruto came across the room in which some of the lesser Akatsuki members were gathered. Without hesitating, he lunged at them. Scream and cries filled the room. Naruto ripped through them one by one, until all two hundred and six of them were dead. He stood in the middle of the room emotionless. Sakura came into the room. Naruto looked at her and smiled as if nothing had happened. He didn't bother to step over the bodies. Instead, he pretended that they were another part of the floor.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto said. His eyes were no longer the blue she had remembered. The were cold and uncaring. They were filled with darkness.

"Naruto!" She stepped forward ready to hug him, but he moved behind her.

"We need to clean up this mess," Naruto said as Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai came running into the room. The looked at the corpses then at Naruto in horror. Kakashi was ready to attack Naruto if he tried to kill Sakura. Naruto turned towards Kakashi. "Hi Kakashi-sensei." He walked over to him. "I want to go home." He waved a few signs and red chakra formed a fox. The fox changed into a human.

"Kit! Are you ok?" Kurama looked over Naruto's body. "Did I miss anything?"

"Kurama?" Naruto asked.

"Yes?" Kurama looked up.

"Take me home," Naruto fell into Kurama's arms. Sleep took over Naruto."

"So that's what happened," Sasuke said.

"I became Anbu Captain about six months later," Naruto said. "I'm still afraid of being touched." Sasuke's Sharingan faded and they were back in Naruto's room.

"I won't let anyone hurt you!" Sasuke said. He didn't notice that he was no longer in Naruto's mind. "Naruto, I... I love you!" Naruto blushed. It was not the love confession that embarrassed him. It was the two other people in the room who were smirking that caused it.

"I guess you listened to my advice after all," Kurama said.

Sasuke turned towards Kurama and Itachi and found a blush on his face. It was then that he noticed where he was. His blush darkened when he realized that he just told Naruto that he loved him while holding him against a wall. And on top of it all, he had done so in front of his own brother.

"Um, Sasuke?" Naruto asked. Sasuke turn towards Naruto. "Are you ok?"

Sasuke paused. He wanted Naruto to understand what he had said. He no longer cared that others were watching him. "I love you Naruto Uzumaki." He took Naruto's hand in his. "Be mine."

"Sa-sasuke," Naruto stuttered. He blushed. "I..."

Sasuke got closer to Naruto. "I want you Naruto. I want your heart. I want your everything. And I want to give my everything to you." Naruto felt his walls begin to crumble. He reached out and pulled Sasuke into a kiss. Kurama and Itachi smiled at the scene before them. Deciding that they had seen enough, they left the room and closed the door behind them.

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