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Chapter 2

"I can't wait to get home!" Naruto said to himself.

"You need a bath, kit."

"I know." Naruto kept running. "We should be back home soon."

"I myself can't wait to take a bath. Oh the hot water."

Naruto chuckled. "You should like an old man."

"That's old demon of greatness to you, kit."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"The pink-haired is gonna be mad at you."

"Don't remind me. Sakura will forgive me. Ah! I see it! Let's go right to see the old hag."

"She'll kill you for calling her that."

"Nah! She loved me! The old hag will have to deal with it."

"I feel sorry for everyone who know you."

"You know you love me!"

"True, kit. I do."

Without another word, Naruto jumped his way to the Hokage Tower. He could sense the five different chakura signatures, but he didn't care. When he saw the open window, he laughed and decided to pull a Kakashi and go in that way. "Obaa-chan!" He yelled. "I'm back!" He grinned at the blonde woman who jumped.

"Naruto!" Tsunade raised her voice. "Don't do that!"

"Awe! Come one! You know you enjoy it" Naruto grinned. He removed his fox mask. "It brings you excitement."

"I have had enough excitement for awhile," Tsunade said.

"Shishou!" Sakura called walking into the room. "I have your tea." She sees Naruto. "Naruto!"

"Hi Sakura-chan!" Naruto hugged her. "I missed you!"

"I'm guessing this means you finished your mission?" She asked.

"Of course!" Naruto said. "And a day early too!"

"More like a week early," Sakura said. "But then again, that is so you."

A caugh came from the corner of the room. The red-haired woman stood. "It is about time!"

"Calm down, Karin." The boy with shark-like teeth said.

"Shut up Suigetsu!" Karin yelled.

The raven-haired man sighed. "Both of you shut up." He stood and Suigetsu and Jugo, who had remained quiet stood up as well. Naruto eyed the group and knew right away who the raven was, but he said nothing and only turned to face Tsunade.

"Here is my mission report," he handed her some pieces of paper. "If you don't need me, I'd like to take a shower."

"Wait!" Sakura said. "Take it off!"

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto cried.

"Just do it Naruto!" Sakura yelled.

"Alright!" Naruto pouted. Then he removed his black shirt. "It is just a few cuts."

"Right. Now remove the jutsu. I know you are hiding something." She was mad.

"But Sakura..."

"No buts!"

"Fine!" He raised his hands and did some hand signs. Then things changes. He had more cuts and was bleeding a bit, but what was really bad was the sword that was sticking out through his chest just above the heart.


"I'm fine!"

"I beg to differ!" Sakura reached up and placed a hand on the hilt of the sword. "What happened?"

"I was rescuing a boy from a fire and someone decided to use that time to stab me. Nothing special. He's not alive anymore. Oh! But the boy is fine!" Naruto grinned.

"Really Naruto! You need to be more careful!" Sakura sighed then she quickly pulled out the sword.

"What are you doing?" Karin yelled. She ran towards them. "You can't just pull out the sword! You could kill him!"

"I'm fine," Naruto said. "See?" He pointed to his chest. All of the cuts including the one where the sword was began to heal. "The sword was just slowing down my healing ability."

"H-how?" Karin stuttered.

"It's because of the Kyuubi," Sasuke said walking towards Naruto. "Hello, Naruto." He stared at Naruto.

"So anyway," Naruto turned back to Tsunade. "Can I go home now?"

"Yes," Tsunade said.

"Wait!" Karin yelled. "Sasuke has something to say!"

"Can't it wait? I'm tired!" Naruto whinned.

"Naruto," Sasuke said. "I need your help to defeat Itachi. Join my team."

"Hmm." Naruto thought for a second. "Nah! No thanks! Ask someone else." With that he turned away and headed for the door. Sasuke looked shocked that Naruto had basically ignored him.

"He's been like that since he became an Anub Captain," Sakura said noticing Sasuke's expression.

'Anbu Captain? The Dobe?' Sasuke didn't know what to say. Just as Naruto opened the door, the warning bells sounded. An Anbu appeared in the room.

"Hokage-sama, there are ninjas on the way," the Anbu said. "One hundred of them."

"One hundred?" Tsunade gasped. "From what village?"

"It looks like the one Naruto-sama just got back from," the Anbu answered.

"Arg! So they followed me here!" Naruto sighed. "Great!"

"Naruto!" Tsunade raised her voice, but this time it was to show that she was about to give him an order. "Take care of it!"

Naruto sighed. "Right away! But when I'm done, I'm going home!" At that he ran out of the door.

"Did you just send out one ninja to fight one hundred ninjas?" Suigetsu questioned.

"Well, it is Naruto," Sakura smiled and took a sip of tea. "He can handle it."

"Ok!" Suigetsu said. "This I gotta see." And with that he ran after Naruto.

Sasuke sighed. "We should follow them." He didn't want either of them to get killed before they could kill Itachi. Jugo and Karin nodded then followed Sasuke.

"Just stay out of Naruto's way!" Sakura called out to them. She turned to Tsunade. "Should I follow them just in case?"

"They might get in his way, so you should," Tsunade replied.

"Ok." She set her tea cup down and followed the others.

Naruto reached the gate then waited. He could already see the group of ninjas ahead, but he waited until they were only a mile or two away instead of 5. Suigetsu came up behind Naruto.

"Are you really goonna figth one hundred ninjas on your own?" He asked the blond boy.

"Of course," Naruto said.

"Suigetsu!" Karin yelled. "You should have waited for Sasuke's order!"

Suigetsu rolled his eyes. "Just shut up already Karin. I want to see how this kid fights." He pointed to Naruto. Sasuke also wanted to see how Naruto fought. It was a good way to see how usefull he was going to be.

"You should stay back," Naruto said. "I don't want to accidentily kill you. That would be bad."

"Never said I'd join the fight," Suigetsu said reaching for his sword. "Though it would be fun."

"Stay back Suigetsu," Sasuke ordered. "Let's see how the Dobe fares."

"Fine," Suigetsu put his sword down.

"They are about a mile away now," Naruto said. "I'll be going now." He stepped forward. "This is a safe enough distance from me. If you really want to get closer, you can, just stay at least 20 feet away." With that, he ran towards the group or one hundred ninjas. "You guys should turned back now." He was saying this to the ninjas in front of him. Team Hebi had followed Naruto, but stood back just as he had said.

"We are here for Naruto Uzumaki!" A ninja yelled.

"Hand him over so we can kill him!" Another ninja yelled.

Naruto sighed. "Tell you what. I'll give you 5 minutes to think it over. Then you can turn back and walk away. No need to die here."

"Why should we?" A ninja asked.

"Because I have no desire to kill any of you." Naruto said. "I mean, I only did my job as a ninja of Konoha. I'm here to do it again, if need be. Since I really just want to go home and shower, I'm willing to let all of you return home to do the same or to have fun with your families.

"You are Naruto Uzumaki!" A ninja cried out. "We plan on killing you in the name of revenge! For our home!"

"Again, I was just doing my job," Naruto said. "Besides, it was not your village in the first place. It was a non-shinobi village that you took over and abused countless men, women, and children. Arg! You guys are beginning to get on my nerves! 1 minute!" He folded his arms waiting.

"You can't scare us!" A ninja yelled. "There's one hundred of us and only one of you!"

"30 seconds."

"We should attack now!" A ninja roared! Then he charged along with the others.

"15 seconds." Naruto just dodge their attacks. "You guys really should listen to me."

"Lets use ninjutsu!" A ninja cried out. He then made the signs for a fire attack.

"10 seconds." Naruto began dodging ninjutsu. "5 seconds. 4... 3... 2... 1... Can't say I didn't warn ya." He then removes his sword from his back. "You can still run if you stop attacking me." Then he charged. He kept dodging and swinging his sword killing ninja after ninja. About ten minutes later he stood before the 5 ninjas that were still alive. "Well, that's 95 down. How about I give you 5 another minute to leave?" He lowered his sword. When two minutes passed and all 5 ninja still stood their ground, Naruto lowered his head. "I even give you an extra minute on top of that extra minute. Guess you guys have to learn the hard way. Rest in peace." And then 5 more bodies fell to the ground in the matter of seconds. Naruto wiped his sword on the patch of his clothing that wasn't covered in blood. "Great! Now I need to buy more clothes. Such a waiste of money." He turned and walked right passed Team Hebi. Once he was 10 feet away, Karin fell to her knees. She couldn't stop shaking.

"M-monster," she stuttered.

"That kid is freaky," Suigetsu said. "He just killed one hundred ninjas in under 15 minutes without ninjutsu or genjutsu." He shivered. "I think he's more dangerous than Jugo."

"I never want to fight him," Jugo mumbled. "He's scary."

"Ok! That just proves he's dangerous," Suigetsu said. "Sasuke?"

Sasuke stood looking at the one hundred corpses of ninjas that were just fighting his blond ex-teammate. He was as much afraid of Naruto as the others, but he just knew that it was worse. If Naruto had used ninjutsu, the fight would have been over even faster. 'Could it be that those ninja were just weak? I bet even i could have done that. They were slow and unorganized. Yes, even Karin could have beat them.' "There's nothing to be afraid of," he finally said.

"Are you mad?" Suigetsu yelled. "He just killed one hundred ninja."

"They were weak," Sasuke said. "You could have killed them just like Naruto did."

"Whatever you say," Suigetsu said.

"His chakura," Karin spoke up. "It was normal. No, not normal. He had a calm and inviting aura. It was not evil nor bad in the slightest. I think he's a good person." She stood up. "Just a bit scary."

"Let's go," Sasuke said. "We have to follow him." And so they did. They ran while Naruto walked, so they were able to catch up with him at the gate. Sakura stood there waiting for them.

"Is everyone alright?" Sakura said. Though everyone knew she was only asking Naruto.

"Yup!" Naruto said. "You may want to send someone to take care of the bodies. I'm going home."

"Take them with you," Sakura pointed to Team Hebi. "I don't think they will leave until they get you to go with them."

"Is that an order from the hag?" Naruto asked.

"At least call her Tsunade-sama!" Sakura yelled. "And yes it is." That was a lie, but no one caught it.

"Ok," Naruto said. He turned to Team Hebi. "Follow me if you want a place to sleep." He walked passed Sakura. "Oh! And see you tomorrow Sakura-chan!"

"Bye Naruto!" Sakura smiled and walked away in the opposite direction. Team Hebi followed Naruto. Sasuke recognized the path they were taking. It led to the Uchiha Compound. Once they arrived, Sasuke smirked. He was about to step past Naruto, when he stopped him.

"Do you have a death wish?" Naruto asked.

"Huh?" Sasuke raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"Use your sharingan," Naruto said. Sasuke's eyes turned red. He saw the barrier clearly now. "Only the old hag, Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sensei, Ero-senin, Iruka-sensei, and I can get through the barrier since we know the jutsu to open a hole. Though I can just walk through it since I have the Kyuubi. I'll show you what happens when you try to walk through it. He picked up a stick then pushed it though the barrier then pulled it back. The part of the stick that had touched the barrier had melted away. "Without knowing the jutsu to get past it, you'd melt. So watch me do the jutsu so you can get past it if you need to." He said this to Sasuke since he knew that Sasuke could copy his jutsu with his eyes. Naruto performed the jutsu and a hole appeared in the barrier. "We have 5 minutes to get past the barrier. Don't worry, it is only a few inches thick. I made the hole big enough for all of use to walk through at the same time, though you may just want to follow me. Come one! Be quick about it!" He then walked right through the hole and Team Hebi followed. Once they were through, Naruto waited until the hole disappeared. Then he smiled. "I created the jutsu myself. Took about a week to learn how to make the hole. It was harder to teach the others how to open a hole." He stopped and turned towards Team Hebi. "As you can see, there are several buildings in which you can stay. Feel free to stay in any of them." Naruto then headed to the main house.

Sasuke looked around at his former home and noticed that it was in better condition than it was when he left it. He knew Naruto must have done it. He smiled. 'The Dobe can be so thoughtful sometimes.' Without a word he headed towards the main house as well. The others followed.

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