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Chapter 7

"Wake up Kit," Kurama said.

"Five more minutes," Naruto rolled over.

"You've said that three times already," Kurama said.

"Let me sleep then," Naruto whined.

"Fine," Kurama said. "Then I guess I should tell Sasuke that he can throw away your Ramen." He headed for the door.

"Ramen?" Naruto perked up.

"Yup!" Kurama grinned. "But since you don't want it..." Naruto instantly got up, got dressed and ran into the dinning room. "Worked perfectly." He followed Naruto, but more slowly.

"Kurama you liar!" Naruto pouted. "There is no Ramen!"

"So you managed to fool Naruto too?" Neji asked.

"Me too?" Naruto lifted his eyebrow.

"Yeah, I told Sasuke that we had tomatoes and he did pretty much the same thing you did," Kurama laughed. Naruto then saw Sasuke who had his head in his arms on the table.

"I really hate you," Sasuke said. "I really like tomatoes."

"Ma, Sasuke," Naruto said coming up from behind Sasuke. He whispered so that only Sasuke could hear, "we can get our revenge later. No one messes with me and Ramen and gets away with it!"

Sasuke smirked. "Ok. Deal! We'll work together."

"Of course!" Naruto grinned. The two began to laugh evilly.

"Um, Kurama," Suigetsu said noticing the look on Sasuke's face. "I'd run if I were you. They're planning something." He point towards Naruto and Sasuke.

Kurama flinched. "I foresee a lot of pain in my future." He sighed and took a seat.

"So Gaara," Naruto suddenly said. His voice made Kurama flinch again. "After this, are you ready to watch one hell of a good fight?"

"Yes," Gaara said. "It will be a fight to remember."

"Breakfast is served," Temari said. She places a huge tray of French Toast in the middle of the table. "Enjoy." She took one. An hour later, all of the French Toast was gone. Naruto and Kurama had a fight over the last piece so Sasuke cut it in half. Both pouted but ate the half in silence.

Everyone stood in the training field, except Naruto who sat down. He created a barrier ten times stronger than the one he had made the other day. Kurama stood in the center of the field and Gaara stood in front of him.

"Naruto, are you ready?" Gaara asked.

"All set!" Naruto yelled.

Gaara then waved the same signs that Naruto does to let Kurama out. Brown chakra formed a raccoon dog. The raccoon dog glared at Kurama then Gaara. "You can change into your human form, Shukaku." The raccoon dog nodded. There was a puff of smoke and in the raccoon dog's place stood a man with short golden-brown hair. He had yellow eyes and fangs a little shorter than Kurama's. His ears were pointed and had six earrings in each ear, each one gold. He was wearing a brown and black Yukata. His skin was darker than Gaara's but lighter than Naruto's. He was grinning at the looks everyone was giving him.

"I'm hot aren't I?" Shukaku said. His voice was lower than Naruto's but higher than Kurama's. "You humans should close your mouths." He then saw Naruto and he ran to his side. "Hi there cutie." He lifted up Naruto's chin. "Is Kurama enough for you? Because I'm willing to give you a really good time." He licked his lips.

"Shukaku, get away from the Kit," Kurama's voice boomed throughout the field.

"Fine," Shukaku said letting go of Naruto's chin. "You can't blame me. He's really cute." He sees Sasuke glaring at him. "Oh?" He quickly move in front of Sasuke. "You're hot!" Sasuke's glare darkened. "Ok, ok! I won't touch the Kit again. Nor will I flirt with you. I need to find myself some man-flesh."

"Man-flesh?" Suigetsu laughed. "That's funny!"

"You would do too," Shukaku said. Suigetsu fell silent. He stepped back and hid behind Jugo.

"Sorry, but I'm taken," Suigetsu lied. "But Jugo's free!" He pushed Jugo forward.

"Hm..." Shukaku looked over Jugo's body. "He is my type."

"Shukaku!" Kurama yelled. "Are you just gonna hit on all the guys or are we gonna fight?"

"Jealous much?" Shukaku chuckled. "Ok, ok! I'll stop." He grinned then walked over to Kurama. "Rules?"

"Don't kill anyone," Kurama said. "And I mean the humans!"

"Ok, no deaths, got it," Shukaku said sarcastically. He saw Kurama's glare. "Ok, ok. Geez, so troublesome." Naruto couldn't help but laugh. Shukaku's personality was a combination of Kakashi, Suigetsu, and Shikamaru's. It was funny to watch.

Gaara stepped away from the demons. "The fight will start when this explodes." He threw a kunai with an explosive tag on it in between the two. Everyone waited and then gasped after the explosion. To normal ninjas, everything was a blur. Only Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, and Neji could see everything that was going down.

"Man, I can't see!" Suigetsu complained. "Naruto was right. How can I enjoy a fight when I can't see it?"

"Did you hear that Kurama?" Shukaku laughed. "The human wants us to slow down."

"Fine by me," Kurama said. "I guess we can give them a little entertainment." Both slowed down. Suigetsu, Jugo, Karin, Temari, and Kankuro could finally see the jutsu and other attacks each demon made. Kurama used Fire and Earth Jutsus while Shukaku used Wind and Earth Jutsus.

"Futon: Renkudan (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet)," Shukaku yelled.

"Katon: Karyu Endan (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)," Kurama yelled. The two jutsus collided and cause a huge blast. Gaara used his Saiko Zettai Bogyo: Shukaku no Tate (Extreme Hard Ultimate Defense: Shield of Shukaku) jutsu to shield everyone except Naruto who used Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall) to protect himself.

"Wow!" Suigetsu said. "They are out of our league. There is no way we could take them down."

Just as Shukaku was about to use another jutsu, the sound of bells flooded Suna. They were the warning bells. "Looks like the fun is over." Shukaku said. "We'll have to finish this some other time." He turned back into the raccoon dog then vanished inside Gaara. Naruto let the barrier fall.

"Lord Kazekage!" A Suna Anbu appeared before Gaara. "It's the Akatsuki. They are a mile away.

"There are four really strong chakras coming towards Suna," Karin said. "There are also about a hundred others."

"Call all Junin to the front lines," Gaara commanded. "They will handle the extras." The Anbu nodded, bowed, then vanished. "Naruto, Neji, Kankuro. We are going to face the fours big ones. Temari, get the ones who can't fight to safety."

"We're coming with," Sasuke said. "Karin, can you tell who the four are?"

"One had a lot of chakra," Karin said. "Almost Tail-ed beast size."

"That's Kisame," Suigetsu grinned.

"One is familiar," Karin continued. "I think it is Itachi. The other two have about the same amount of chakra."

"Let's go," Sasuke said.

"Right," the rest of Team Hebi yelled.

Naruto looked at Kurama. "I want you to help protect the young ones."

"Ok, but be careful, Kit," Kurama said. "If Pein is with them..."

"Don't worry," Naruto said. "I'm stronger than I was back then. Besides, I have Gaara on my side." 'And hopefully Sasuke too.'

"Ok," Kurama said. 'The Uchiha better help Naruto or I'm gonna kill him.' He watched Naruto follow the others to the front wall. He then turned and followed Temari.

Naruto reached the front wall just after Team Hebi. He could see the Akatsuki. He grinned. "Gaara, it's Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, and Tobi. I know you want to get Deidara back for the attack on Suna. Neji will help you. Suigetsu and Jugo should take on Kisame. Kankuro, Tobi is hard to hit. You will have to hit him fast. Lee or Guy-sensei would be the best to fight him, but since they are not here..."

"I understand," Kankuro said.

"Sasuke," Naruto said. "Here is your chance. Don't die." He said nothing more to Sasuke who didn't even seem to hear him. "I'll help anyone who needs it."

"I agree with you tactics," Gaara said. "They are now my orders."

"They are separating," Naruto said. "Deidara in on the far right. Tobi is about ten feet away from him. Kisame is directly in front of us. Itachi is to the left." Without another word, Team Hebi, Gaara, Neji, and Kankuro went out to battle. "No one will get into the village." He jumped down and landed in between the second and third walls. "I will protect Suna."

"It seems they have spotted us," Itachi said calmly.

"Time to split up then," Kisame said. The others nodded and they spread out. "Run forward and kill anyone in your way." He said to the one hundred ninjas still in front of him. They let out a battle cry and ran towards the first wall.

"Hello, Kisame-sempai," Suigetsu said jumping in front of Kisame with Jugo at his side.

"Suigetsu," Kisame grinned. And so, their fight began.

"Itachi," Sasuke snarled. Karin stood about ten feet behind him. She was going to stay out of Sasuke's way.

"Long time no see, little brother," Itachi smirked. "How are you?"

"You know how I am, Itachi!" Sasuke glared. "I'm going to kill you."

Itachi sighed. "You do not have the eyes. Therefore, you are not a worthy opponent."

Sasuke lunged at Itachi, Chidori ablaze.

"This is going to be fun, hmm," Deidara said seeing Gaara and Neji. "I get to kill the same person again." Gaara said nothing. "And I see another child has joined you, hmm. This will be a blast!" He let go of some of his clay spiders. Gaara's sand protected himself and Neji from the blast. "Good hmm. This will not be too easy hmm."

"Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi said jumping up and down.

"I hope you aren't gonna be this annoying the entire fight," Kankuro said.

"Tobi will fight hard," Tobi said. "Tobi will kill you since Deidara-sempai told be to and Tobi is a good boy!"

"This is gonna be a pain," Kankuro said taking out Crow. "Let the puppet dance begin."

Naruto was fighting the ninjas that managed to pass some of Suna's Jonin. He had already killed ten of them. He watched as the Akatsuki's Chunin and Jonins were getting easily beaten by Suna's Jonin. It was like watching a child fight a Chunin. Suna's Jonin were much stronger. Naruto made a clone and then jumped back on top of the first wall so that he could watch his teammates' fights to make sure that he could join in if they needed his help.

Suigetsu and Jugo vs. Kisame

Suigetsu kept swinging his sword. Kisame would counter all of Suigetsu's attacks with his own, but Suigetsu stood his ground. Jugo would find a few openings and get a few punches in. But Kisame was stronger than the two. Jugo was about to release his curse mark, but Suigetsu stopped him. He knew that if Jugo was going to lose it, then Kisame wasn't the one to worry about. Instead, their fight continued with little Ninjutsu.

Kankuro vs. Tobi

Tobi kept dodging Kankuro's attack, but never made one of his own. He kept laughing saying "Tobi will not be hit. He is a good boy." Kankuro was clearly getting annoyed and wanted to shut Tobi up. He had summoned Ant to try to catch Tobi. But Tobi was too fast and it seemed like he was playing with Kankuro. Yet Kankuro did not give up. Naruto could tell that he was planing something.

Kankuro kept the Crow following Tobi. Tobi suddenly fell right into his trap. Ant caught Tobi and closed in on him. However, Tobi had somehow managed to slip right through Ant. Tobi continued to dodge.

Gaara and Neji vs. Deidara

Gaara and Neji were having no problems. Deidara was clearly losing. Gaara's sand kept just missing Deidara, but everyone could tell that Gaara was having fun. Neji kept destroying the bombs using his Gentle Fist Air Slice. Gaara and Neji made a good team. They were able to read each other's movements and knew when to get out of the way of the other or to help the other. When Neji could not get to some of the bombs, Gaara's sand would stop them. When Gaara's sand was too slow, Neji would use Rotation to send the Clay Shuriken flying back towards Deidara who used more bombs to stop the bombs from hitting himself.

Sasuke (and Karin) vs. Itachi

Sasuke and Itachi was having a Taijutsu battle. Itachi had the upper hand, but Sasuke did not back down. He would block half of Itachi's hits and managed to hit Itachi once out of every four attacks. But both Naruto and Sasuke knew that Itachi was not fighting seriously. So Naruto made the decision to help Sasuke. He appeared behind Itachi and punched him. Itachi stood up and smirked.

"Hello Naruto-kun," Itachi said. "It is good to see you."

Naruto shivered. "Sasuke, I'm here to help."

"I don't need your help," Sasuke breathed.

"Foolish little brother," Itachi said. "You do not stand a chance." Naruto moved to attack Itachi, but a clone of Itachi grabbed Naruto around the waist. "Now, Naruto-kun, my foolish little brother and I are talking." His breath hit Naruto's ear. Naruto shivered again.

"Let go of Naruto!" Sasuke's sharingan flared.

"Now this is interesting," a voice said from behind Sasuke. Before Sasuke could move, his wrists were grabbed and pulled above his head.

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled. He freed himself from the Itachi clone and ran at the one holding Sasuke, Zetsu. But something stopped him. A fist hit him in the stomach. Blood was coughed up. He fell backwards only to land in Itachi's arms.

"Ah!" Sasuke let out a scream. Zetsu had broken one of Sasuke's arms. Sasuke used his Chidori Armor to try to shock Zetsu, but Zetsu withstood the pain.

"Sasuke!" Naruto struggled in Itachi's grasp. He tried to use his chakra, but nothing. He then noticed that there was a chakra band around his wrist. The band made Naruto pretty much useless.

"Should we kill this brat?" White Zetsu asked.

"No, he's not worth the trouble," Black Zetsu said. He then threw Sasuke on the ground, releasing Sasuke's wrist. He stepped towards Naruto and Itachi. "Pein can't wait to see you again, Nine-Tails."

Tears began to fill Naruto's eyes as flashes of what happened that day filled his mind. Itachi's grip on Naruto tightened. "I'm afraid that is not going to happen." Itachi's sharingan meet Naruto's eyes. "It is time to sleep, Naruto-kun." Naruto then fell unconscious.

"What do you mean Itachi?" White Zetsu asked.

Itachi lifted Naruto into his arms. "Tell Pein that I'm done with the Akatsuki." He tossed his ring at Zetsu's feet then vanished taking Naruto with him.

Zetsu looked at the spot where Itachi once stood. He then picked up the ring. "Pein is not going to be happy." White Zetsu said.

"That is an understatement," Black Zetsu said. "Get the others. We have to tell Pein what happened."

"Right," White Zetsu said separating himself from Black Zetsu. The two then went and collected the other top Akatsuki members, leaving the weak ones to die at the hands of Suna. With one last "Tobi is a good boy" and a "hmm" the Akatsuki vanished. Karin ran to Sasuke's side. Suigetsu and Jugo followed. Gaara and Neji stood next to Kankuro who was frowning. Everyone was not happy. But they knew that someone had to tell Kurama what had happened.

"If Shikamaru was here," Neji said. "He'd say that we are about to have one pissed off demon on our hands and how troublesome that it was going to be to deal with." This seemed to brighten the depressed atmosphere surrounding everyone. Sasuke was the only one that was not paying attention.

'He took Naruto,' Sasuke was too deep in thought to notice that Karin was bringing him into Gaara's office. 'He took Naruto away from me!'

"Where is the Kit?" Kurama asked arriving in the office with an edgy Temari.

"Itachi took him," Sasuke muttered. "He threw his ring at that weird guy's feet, send something about leaving the Akatsuki, then vanished. He took Naruto away with him." He looked up at the others. "Why?" His emotions kept flickering between anger, concern, and uncertainty.

"He took him and quit the Akatsuki?" Kurama was just as confused as the others.

Sasuke nodded. 'But I won't let him keep Naruto. Naruto is mine!'

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