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Chapter 8

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled coming into the clearing.

"Hey Naruto," Kakashi said. "What's up?"

"Well, there was something I wanted to talk to you about," Naruto said.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Well, you see," Naruto paused. "I have to first tell you something." He looked up at Kakashi. "I'm related to Haku."

Kakashi's jaw dropped so low, that you could even tell that he was very surprised. "Wha? What do you mean?"

"The clan Haku's of blood to is a cousin of my mom's," Naruto said. "Of the Uzumaki's." He paused letting his words sink in then continued. "Kushina's mother, my grandmother, was a member of that clan. It seems that it skipped their generations."

"Naruto?" kakashi was unsure where this was going.

"I think it would be better to show you," Naruto said stepping back. he made a few signs. Kakashi watched as mirrors of ice surrounded him and Naruto. "As you can see, I have the Kekai Genkai."

"But how?" Kakashi asked. "Why didn't the paper test show that you had two releases?"

"Because of Kyuubi," Naruto said. "He blocked apart of my chakra. I don't know how it was possible. It just happened that way."

Naruto opened his eyes. His vision was blurred. He blinked until he could clearly see the ceiling above him. It was brown. He tried to sit up but his body felt heavy.

"I see that you're awake, Naruto-kun," Itachi's voice came from next to Naruto. He looked over and saw black eyes staring at him. It was rare to see Itachi's black eyes over his sharingan. Naruto tried to speak but he couldn't. "Don't try to speak," Itachi stood up and stroked Naruto's cheek. "Your voice will be back in a few minutes. "Wait until then." Naruto stared at Itachi and noticed that he was no longer wearing his Akatsuki cloak. Instead, he was wearing black pants and a fish-net shirt.

"You look different," Naruto managed to say.

Itachi chuckled. "That's the first thing you say to me? Not, where am I?"

"Well, where am I? Naruto asked. "What do you want with me? And all the other questions one would ask in this situation." He grinned.

Itachi held down his laughter. "A hotel, I want to ask you some things, you've been out for an hour, and you will stay until we are done." I believe that should answer most of your questions."

"Why did you quit Akatsuki?" Naruto asked.

"I no longer need them," Itachi said.

"I see," Naruto looked down. He then tried to sit up. When he couldn't, Itachi lifted him up. "Thanks." he felt better with his back against the wall.

"Hn," Itachi grabbed a glass of water and handed it to Naruto who thanked him again.

"Are you going to kill Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"No," Itachi said simply.

"I thought so," Naruto said. "It is because you want to die." He paused and saw that Itachi had a raised eyebrow. "Is it because you think you deserve it for not being able to save your clan?"

"How do you know that?" Itachi frowned.

"So it is true then. You killed your clan on the order made by the council elders."

Itachi looked taken aback. "Who else knows?" He tried to remain calm.

"I have not told anyone. I wanted to confirm the truth first." He looked right into Itachi's eyes. He saw the sharingan. "And now I know, but it is not enough. I need to know why."

Itachi sighed. "Due to the sharingan, the Uchiha brought fear to the council. But that wasn't all. The Uchihas were planning to take over Konoha by starting a civil war. The council foresaw this and asked me, an Anbu at the time, to spy on my own family."

"Why you?" Naruto interrupted.

"Because I'm extremely loyal to Konoha. Plus, I'm a Uchiha. I soon found out that my father and the others were planning something. They did not care about how many they would have to kill to get what they wanted or who. When I reported this to the council and the Third, a debate rose up. the Third wanted to solve the problem peacefully while the council wanted the execution of all Uchihas. After time, the situation got worse, and the Third had to give in to the council's demands. When they asked me to do it, I said yes. I wanted to protect Konoha over the Uchihas. But my plans did not go correctly."

"You couldn't kill Sasuke."

"I couldn't. I love him too much." Itachi paused. "So I kept him alive and made it seem like he had to stay strong. I went to the Third and asked him to protect Sasuke since I feared Danzo or the elders would ask for his death. He agreed and said he wished that he could have helped us more. Then I paid a last visit to Danzo and the elders and threatened them with the truth. If they thought about harming Sasuke, I'd tell everyone about what I had done."

"And you told no one," Naruto concluded.

"But after the Third died, I had to come back to remind them that I was still alive."

"So you used the Akatsuki's goal of capturing me to make an appearance."

"Yes. i also managed to check up on Sasuke. I never expected him to attack me."

"Were you going to let the Akatsuki take the Kyuubi?"

"No. I had a plan to somehow let you escape without Kisame or the others finding out. But luckily Jiriya showed up." Itachi saw Naruto take a sip of water. He waited for Naruto to say something but he didn't so Itachi continued. "That time in Suna with the one-tail, I was trying to stall you since I did not want you to get caught."

"Is it because I am a leaf shinobi?"

"No. There are two reasons I didn't want you to die. One, you are my foolish little brother's best friend. And two, you are his son."

"How well did you know the Fourth?"

"My mother was Kushina's best friend. I spent a lot of time with them and Minato. I was one of the few people who knew Kushina was pregnant. My mother was five months pregnant with Sasuke at the time that I found out that Kushina's baby was Minato's. Both my mother and Kushina hoped that you'd be a girl o that you and Sasuke would get married."

"Wait!" Does that mean that I'm Sasuke's fiancé?"

"Well, you are a boy, though I guess that doesn't really matter." Naruto blushed.

"The night of your birth, the Nine-tails broke free and Minato gave up his life to seal it in you. Kushina's life was also lost, leaving you as an orphan. No one knew you were Kushina's or Minato's son. My mother would have taken you in if she knew. But the Third agreed to protect you. I was probably on of the only people who knew who you really were.


"...and so we... Onii-san?" Sasuke stopped. He looked and saw what Itachi was looking at. A blond boy was sitting on the grass. "That's Naruto."

'So that's the vessel of the Kyuubi,' Itachi thought.

"Hey Onii-san?" Sasuke asked. "How come people seem to hate him? He is just a cute boy. Sure he gets in trouble a lot, but he doesn't seem that bad."

"People fear what they cannot control," Itachi said. He was still looking at the blond. 'he looks like him.' Itachi let go of Sasuke's hand and walked over to the blond.

Naruto looked up. He looked like a child version of the Fourth. "What do you want. dattebayo?"

Itachi almost laughed. 'He is definitely Kushina's son. But I though he died. Guess the Third is trying to hide him.'

"What is it?" Naruto looked at Itachi confused. Then he saw Sasuke. "Hmph!" He looked away with a pout on his face and his arms crossed. But Itachi saw the pout turn into a smile.

'He likes Sasuke," Itachi looked at his little brother. 'They must be rivals.'

"Onii-san, I want to go home," Sasuke said pulling on Itachi's arm.

"Alright," Itachi chuckled. 'One day, these two will become best friends.'


"You were cute back then," Itachi said.

"Cute?" Naruto blushed. "I'm a man!"

"And you're still cute," Itachi said.

"Don't call me cute," Naruto pouted. Then he grinned.

'He is adorable,' Itachi thought. 'My foolish little brother found a good one.'

"Hey Itachi," Naruto said grabbing Itachi's attention. "You have to tell Sasuke."

Itachi frowned. "He does not need to know."

"He does. And you need to tell everyone the truth. Konoha has a right to know. Sasuke has a right to know. And you deserve to come back."

"It is not that simple, Naruto."

"It is. Konoha will welcome you back. And the council will be punished for what they did wrong."

"Naruto, that's..."

"Itachi," Naruto looked into Itachi's eyes. "Come back to Konoha with me."

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