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More Than a Fan

"I'm glad that you are my fan."

"Ugh!" Marinette pounded her head against the desk top. Running her hands widely through her hair she turned to face Tikki. There was a questioning look in her big, blue eyes.

"Did he mean that he's glad to have another fan or glad that I'm a fan?" Marinette chewed on her lower lip. "Tikki, what do you think he meant?" Her voice came out quiet and exhausted.

Tikki sighed before flying up to her friend's face. She placed red hands on either side, almost squeezing Marinette's cheeks. "You're over thinking this, Marinette." She chuckled, emphasizing her point.

She let go of the young girl's face and sat down beside Marinette's balled up hand. "He simply means that he's glad to have his friend supporting him."

"Hmmm..." Marinette lifted herself off of her desk. "Maybe you're right, Tikki. Who am I kidding, you're always right." She gently rubbed her knuckle against her kwami's red and black spotted head.

"Of course I would support Adrien. He's a friend after all." She laid her elbows up onto the desk, resting her head in her hands. "And of course he's just so dreamy in his perfume add, and photo shoots, and just everyday." Her voice came out feather-light and a blush spread across her cheeks.


The lights in the locker room flickered, reflecting the nervous feeling in Marinette's heart. Ever since her talk with Tikki, she had decided to confront Adrien. Well, to let him know that she was more than a friend supporting a fellow friend. That she was more than just a fan.

The door opened right on cue. In walked the most handsome boy that Marinette had ever seen. She kept her gaze downcast, waiting for him to approach.

The first thing that she saw were a pair of red converse shoes. Above them were a pair of legs clad in faded denim blue jeans. Next was the upper abdomen adorn in a black tee-shirt with a white unbuttoned shirt thrown over it. Looking up, her eyes locked onto emerald green eyes. Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself.

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