You Belong To Me

Sasori Vs one of the Fire Blade Four

Emiko's POV

Saying goodbye to Mina again was hard. It pissed me off that I had slept through most of our time together, and then that they wouldn't even let me walk her back, but since we were staying put for another night here in this cramped little campsite, training was being resumed. Therefore, all available medics were required on site.

On the plus side, since they had no actual rooms to coup us up in, we were finally going to have some entertainment since we'd be able to watch the warriors fight.

I had to admit, I was curious about how Sasori fought. They announced the lineup for this morning promptly, and it didn't surprise me that almost everyone was paired with a new member of the squad. They'd have to get to know each other's battle techniques to be able to work as a team, I supposed.

What did surprise me was the hostility that Sasori's opponent already seemed to be showing him, glaring daggers from across the field. I recognised him as the blonde gangly one of the gang that had approached us during the squad gathering thing, so I figured he probably offended them after I'd wandered off. Typical.

'How can you have pissed them off already?' I muttered, in a considerably better mood after seeing how well my sister had been coping.

The redhead raised an eyebrow and followed my gaze to the lanky male, who was moving to lean against a tree. His expression soured for a second before he answered. 'He started it…'

I rolled my eyes at his childish retort. 'Whatever.' Clipping my water bottle to my hip, I settled down against a large rock, readjusting several times to get comfy. 'Hey Sasori?'

'Mm?' He didn't bother to look up from the scroll he was tucking in a free slot on his belt.

'Erm, thanks for, you know. Getting Mina for me.'

'I didn't get her.' He glanced over, briefly trying to gage my expression, but I did my best to keep it blank.

'You know what I mean.'


I didn't let his vague response get me down, I was definitely looking forward to the events of today and was exceptionally curious about what all those scrolls were for.

The matches were to be no longer than half an hour each, and would run one after the other. The first two matches flew by, and I could already tell that Kichiro was buzzing with the thrill as he fidgeted beside me.

Finally, it was Sasori's turn. They announced the other man's name as Shige, from the Fire Blade Four, whatever that meant. I couldn't help but get chills as he sauntered into the centre of the field they were using as their battle ground.

'I've been waiting for this,' he sneered, his eyes flickering from Sasori's to mine. I frowned in confusion as he crouched into a ready-to-attack position, but when the whistle blew, neither moved.

'What are they waiting for?' I mumbled to Kichiro, who was practically bouncing off the rock in anticipation.

'Sasori never makes the first move, dunno about the other guy though.'

I turned my attention back to the stare off, until finally, the gangly newbie bolted forward, a sudden flare of chakra shooting to his feet. The redhead didn't budge an inch. Shige's fist pulled back swiftly before plunging it forward, perfectly aimed at Sasori's face. Right at the last second, his left hand gave a tiny twitch so fast that if I had blinked I'd have missed it. Shige's fist was frozen suspended in the air, a hair's breadth away from colliding with its target.

'I never get tired of that move!' Kichiro murmured under his breath, not wanting to disturb the silence that spread across the warriors.

Sasori's fingers twitched again, slower this time, and Shige was flung backward violently into a tree trunk. He groaned and spat out red, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth as he scrambled to his feet.

'Cocky bastard…' He snarled, charging again.

This time they both sprang forward, a flurry of red and yellow as they collided in the centre. I struggled to keep up with their movements until they broke apart abruptly, Shige panting slightly.

Eyes blazing furiously, he reached for the weapon that was tucked in its case on his back. Withdrawing a long shimmering katana, he channelled blue flickering chakra into the handle and I watched in fascination as the blade was set alite. 'Fire blade four' huh?

As he made to dart forward again, weapon ablaze, I noticed that Sasori had unravelled one of his scrolls and had one palm pressed to its surface.

There was a great poof of smoke that momentarily engulfed him, but when the air cleared again, he was no longer alone. I stared in surprise at the man beside him, he had dark tanned skin and shaggy black hair. I couldn't see his face from where I was sat, but I certainly didn't recognise him.

Shige's eyes widened for a split second, but he regained his arrogant expression and resumed his attack.

The new stranger swooped forward almost as though gliding across the grass, a small dagger like object appearing from beneath one long sleeve. The pair met in a clash of flames and sparks as their metal scraped together, and I had to really concentrate to figure out who was winning.

'It's a puppet!' Kichiro's voice made me jump, I had been so absorbed in the scene before me.

'A what?' I frowned, confused.

'Sasori uses the puppet jutsu! He's awesome at it, isn't he?' He grinned, clearly enjoying the match. I smiled back at the enthusiasm.

The match was over at the twenty five minute mark, when both men had paused for a breather, panting heavily and exchanging death glares. Shige had sagged onto one knee, clutching one bleeding arm tightly as one eye closed with the pain. His injuries weren't severe, I noted, though they were enough to distract him plenty from the fight, putting him at a massive disadvantage, which Sasori had clearly noticed also.

He delivered the finishing blow himself, clearing the distance between them in seconds and effectively flooring the man with his fist. As Shige's medic and squire scurried into the field to help him walk, Sasori turned to head back to us.

I assessed him mentally as he did, picking up on a barely noticeable limp and several deep gashes across his middle from a particularly vicious attack somewhere in the middle of the match.

He slumped onto the grass beside me, not needing to be told twice to sit still as my hands glowed green. It was strange healing him with an audience, but I pushed their prying eyes to the back of my mind as I worked. They soon lost interest when the next match started almost instantly, between Tsutomu and another new troop.

Sasori winced as my hands slid over his abdomen, hurrying to stop the bleeding.

'Sorry…' I muttered as I concentrated. When I was satisfied with his stomach, I glanced up to check he was still conscious. He was watching me, his honey eyes glowing with some unknown emotion. To my horror, I felt a slight rosy blush spread over my cheeks as he stared, and my head snapped back to my hands as they moved to hover over his knee. I prodded experimentally with my chakra until I felt him stiffen, and I began my work on the joint.

'I knew you'd overreact.' He suddenly spoke, and my purple eyes found his again, confused.

'What are you babbling about now?' I mumbled, knowing full well that Sasori was not one to 'babble'.

'Mina being Sasuke's medic.' He stated, as though I should have been aware that this was the subject we were talking about.

'I didn't overreact! Besides I was unconscious for most of the time she was here…'

'I know.' He smirked, a knowing looking flashing across his face.

'Are you going to stop talking in riddles or shall I just give up now?' I huffed.

'I didn't tell you because I knew you'd overreact and start worrying about her even more.'

I watched his expression suspiciously, but he seemed genuine. I wondered absently why my excess worrying bothered him, but then I realised if I was worrying even more, it'd probably affect my job as his medic. Typical selfish jerk.

'Whatever.' I grumbled, getting back to fixing his knee and changing the subject. 'I've never seen the puppet technique used before.'

His eyes lit up briefly at the chosen subject, which was clearly a passion of his. 'That one is a favourite of mine,' he stated, referring to the puppet that had dominated most of the fight. 'I made it when I was sixteen.'

My eyes widened slightly at his words. 'You made it?'

'Of course. Where else would I have got it from?' He asked, frowning as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

'How should I know?' I snapped, before swallowing my pride and lowering my voice. 'Anyway it was a pretty good fight.'

'Pretty good? Are you kidding, it was awesome!' Kichiro piped up, surprising me. I had forgotten we weren't alone.

I snuck a glance across the field to where Shige was snapping something at the medic who was fussing over his arm. It made me angry to see him being so rude to someone who was trying to do him good, and it must have shown on my face because I felt someone give me a soft shove on the shoulder. I turned back to see that Kichiro had gone back to watching the current match, and Sasori giving me an uncharacteristic, lopsided yet half-hearted smile.

Even though it was faint and lazy, the expression seemed alien on his face, making me stare a moment too long before shutting off my glowing chakra and mumbling that he was finished.

When I looked back, his attention was also directed to the current fight, which made me wonder if I had imagined it.

Later that night, I was moved into a larger tent, where Sasori and Kichiro had slept the night before, and where I should have slept, had I not collapsed and had Mina stay the night with me instead.

The sleeping bags were laid out side by side, the two end ones ruffled slightly, leaving mine undisturbed in the middle. It didn't bother me that I'd be sleeping so close to them until I woke up the next morning and found myself effectively nose to nose with a sleeping red haired warrior.

I froze, my eyes wide.

Holding my breath, I tried to manoeuvre myself backwards, but realised to my utter horror, that Kichiro's back was pressed up against mine.

My only escape route being up, I carefully shifted onto one elbow, letting out my breath as I successfully managed to prop myself up. Now, where to go from here? I couldn't exactly lean forward, but I had no room to lean back either. Gulping, I silently leaned forward ever so slightly to place one hand on the other side of Sasori's head to push upwards to my escape, but unfortunately, I failed to notice two sleepy hazel eyes watching me curiously.

'What are you doing now?'

Needless to say, his voice scared the life out of me and my hand slipped with the force of my startled jolt. Reacting faster than any normal human should be able to at this hour, Sasori rolled onto his back and shifted instantly so that his hands caught my face just before it could slam against his in a horrifically embarrassing manner that I did not want to imagine.

Though I wasn't sure this situation was any better.

'Erm…' Kichiro's voice made both of us freeze.

Oh, how this must have looked. I took a deep breath as I assessed our position. I was essentially lying on his chest, my face, now matching his hair in colour, was inches from his, while his hands rested on either side of my head. Smooth.

I shot to my feet like a bullet, stammering awkwardly about it not being what it looked like, before all but flying out of the tent and racing through the trees to a nearby stream.

I threw water from my cupped hands over my hot face, scowling at the shimmering reflection. I'm sleeping in a separate tent from now on.

My cheeks began to burn again as images of his face at such a close proximity began to seep into my mind. I was sure he had been blushing when Kichiro had 'interrupted', and it comforted me slightly that he felt as awkward as I had.

Then images from the squad gathering resurfaced, the memory of his lips forcefully against mine as his hand had curled in my hair against my neck. His breath had been warm on my neck as he whispered for me to trust him.

Slapping the surface of the water angrily, I shook my head violently at the intrusive memory.

Damn traitorous thoughts.

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