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Forbidden Fruit


"I asked you if you were ready," he moaned into her ear, as he once more slid inside her pink folds, making Ginny small delicate hands grasp the sheets. Sex, sex, sex, and of course love - BUT mainly sex! All it has to do with the actual books is Draco & Ginny...but thats it!

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter one

Authors Note: This story has been living over on Fanfiction.com since 2012. Im bringing it here and working on finishing. I have not edited this chapter yet!


Chapter 1

He had watched her behave like this at Hogwarts, broken, unreachable. It was as if there were two of her: one an innocent girl, and the other a messed up girl.

Three years had passed since their Hogwarts years, and still, nothing had changed with her, as he sat in the pub watching her drown her sorrows with clear liquids.

He watched her bring the glass up to her plump lips, and rest the smooth glass against her bottom lip. Tipping the glass back, he watched the liquid disappear into her mouth. He watched her throat, as she swallowed not flinching at the taste. As she set the glass back down on the bar in front of her, her tongue darted out licking her upper lip.

He watched as a sly smile spread on her lips, as she finally began to feel the numbness that she was trying to reach. He watched as her whole demeanor changed. Her eyes glazed over, as the alcohol took its effect on her.

She slowly began to move her hips side to side to the beat of the thumping music. She leaned her head back, as her smile disappeared from her perfect lips, as she lost herself in the music.

A pair of arms snaked around her waist, and she didn't flinch, she didn't open her eyes to care to see who was groping at her. The Dark haired stranger slowly moved her over to the dance floor. Draco moved his body so he could keep an eye on the red head.

His eyes roamed her body, as she leaned her backside into the stranger's groin, her hips still moving rhythmically to the music. She was wearing a black dress that looked like it was painted onto her body, her hair falling loosely around her shoulders, as she swayed to the music.

The mans large hands traveling up and down her body, but she seemed to not notice him, or anything else for that matter. She was lost in her own world of sorrow, trying to escape her reality.

She had changed since the last time he had seen her, she seemed to have become even more beautiful, which he didn’t him was even possible. Her hair had darkened to a deep burgundy. Since her teen years, her body had shaped into more curves, her bust growing a size or two.

In the daylight she seemed happy, and loving with everyone, but at night she became this other person, troubled, seeking her pain in bottles of clear liquid.

As Draco continued to watch her swaying to the music with the stranger, her eyes flickered open for the first time, and they were starring right at him. Honey golden eyes flickering in the darkness as the lights made their way across the bodies on the dance floor.

He couldn't bring himself to pull his gaze from hers, and he could feel his blood boiling as she watched him, watching her. She darted that pink tongue out and licked her lips taunting him.

His blood rushed to his groin, and he felt himself harden under her gaze.

Draco stood, from his chair, drowning the remains of his burgundy liquid and deliberately walked right past her on the dance floor.

Now it was her turn to watch him. Her eyes followed after him. It seemed as if people were parting out of his way, his shoulder wide and tall. She could see the black fabric of his shirt dance around his muscular back.

As he disappeared from her view, she began to feel a pull deep in her groin. She had not felt that since Tom. A shudder ran though her body, at the thought of the evil bastard that managed to mess her up beyond repair.

He had consumed her every thought, it was as if he had implanted himself in her brain, and even though the journal was long gone. She still had nightmares, waking up in sweats screaming.

"Let's go," she hissed at the stranger. She tugged at his large arm pulling him off the dance floor and in the direction Malfoy had disappeared in.

She grabbed her jacket and purse, and continued on with the stranger across the street to the towering Hotel. All she needed now, was that dull feeling of someone on top of her thrusting into her, trying to evoke any kind of feelings from her.

As they entered the elegant doors Ginny, almost froze as she saw Draco at the front desk, talking to the receptionist. Regaining herself, she grabbed a hold of the stranger's hand and tugged him along.

"Baby why don't you get us a room, I just have to use the ladies room." She purred to the stranger as she squeezed past Draco, rubbing her tits against his back.

Draco stiffened at the contact, and watched her hips sway from side to side as she made her way towards the bathroom. He rubbed his index finger across his lip, and turned towards the Stranger who had also watched Ginny walk to the bathroom.

Draco towered over him, a good 4 inches. He smirked at him, "You better turn around and walk out that door." Draco said in a low threatening voice, as he cocked his head towards the front entrance.

As the strangers eyes focused on Draco, he looked as if he was going to fight him, but when his brain registered whom Draco was, he decided against it. With a look of annoyance on his face, he headed out the front door.

Draco smirking at the power he had over people, and turned back to the receptionist. He slid her his second key card. "Give this to her." He said and knowing she would do as he said, he headed towards the elevator.

As he entered his suite he toed off his shiny leather black shoes, and bent down to remove his socks. Leaving them by the door, he headed towards the bar. As he began to pour himself a drink, he could hear the key card being tapped against the door, the soft beep of the door signaling access to the room.

He stood with his back to the door, knowing who was joining him, he could hear a small gasp escape her lips. He picked up the glass and turned towards his guest, tipping the glass back, letting the burgundy liquid slide down his throat.

"Well, well" Draco said as he watched her. She was still by the door where he had left his shoes.

Ginny felt herself go pink in the face, as his eyes traveled up and down her body. He licked his lips in approval, and she felt herself shudder in response. Such a simple little gesture and it felt as if he had taken a lighter and lit her whole body on fire.

Her arousal took over her body, as she began to move towards him. She reached for his glass, but he pulled his hand away. "I believe you had enough for tonight," he drank the remaining contents of the glass, and set it back on the bar.

He began to close the distance between them, and Ginny began to back up away from him. The gleam in his eyes made her nervous, she was missing something, something about him made her feel uneasy. "Careful Weasley," Draco smirked as she felt the back of her legs touch the bed.

Her eyes had been glued to his and she didn’t even notice that she had made her wat into his bedroom. Her eyes still glued to his, she could see that he had her cornered.

Oh, Shit! She cursed in her mind. Fuck! She was always the one in control, and just like that he stole it from her, making her feel small. She pushed her thighs closer together, as the feel of longing between her legs grew.

"My, my, are we getting shy Weasley," Draco smirked, as he ran his index finger down the length of her arm. As his finger reached her wrist, he moved his hand across to her stomach, and pushed her down on the bed.

Her hair fanning out around her as she fell back onto the hard mattress, seconds later, Draco was on top of her pressing her further into the mattress with his body. Resting on his elbows, he dipped his head down to her softly freckled shoulder, and ran his nose from her shoulder up her neck, to her ear. His lips at her ear, he let out a little moan, and Ginny began to squirm under him, pressing herself up against his erection. "Such a squirmy little Weasley" he whispered into her ear, and darted his tongue out to lick her ear lobe.

She let out a low moan as the tingly sensation he was erupting within her.

His hand made its way up to her neck, snaking underneath her, as his thumb drew little circles around her quickened pulse. Draco shifted sinking between her legs, making her open them up for him, but keeping his erection from touching hers. He lowered his lips to hers, and first licked her bottom lip, and slowly sucked it into his mouth, making a moan escape her lips again, he bit down on her bottom lip, and suddenly pressed his hips against hers.

"I'm not like the others Weasley," he hissed into her ear, and once more removed his hips from hers, only to grind up against her again. Ginny's head rolled to the side at the sensations he was feeding her body. Draco popped his thumb into her mouth, and she began to suck at it. "Are you ready for me." He questions her, it almost sounded like a threat.

Ginny stopped her sucking and moved her head to look into his eyes. The shock of the feelings he evoked in her, making her brave once more, "I was born ready for you" she licked her lips and pushed her hips up against him.

She smiled, and reached down to the hem of his shirt and began to pull it up over his head. Draco let her take his shirt off, and maneuvered them, so that she was on top of him now.

Her hair falling down her shoulders like a waterfall, as he gripped at her hips, and pushed his hips up to meet hers, she let her head roll back at the unexpected movement of his hips.

As she brought her head back to look at him, his face right in front of hers. He had managed to sit up, and his hands now under her black dress, pushing it up as his hands traveled further. As his hands expect to feel her panties, he looked down in surprise that she wasn't wearing any. "Oh my, look at the mess you made on my trousers," he said pointing to his erection. Where his erection stood out against his trousers, he could see her juice had gotten on him.

He pushed her off of him, and pointed to his erection. "Clean it up!" he hissed, and pushed her down to her knees. The cool tile floor sending shock waves through her system. She leaned her head forward and darted her tongue out at his trousers, her hands resting on his thighs.

"Good girl," he groaned, as he felt her tongue on his erection. "Stand up" he said as he grabbed her forearms and helped her up. His eyes traveled up her body, her dress pulled up high exposing her clean-shaven sex to him. He reached over letting go of her arms, and with his index finger lightly ran it up and down her slit.

Removing his index finger from her slit, he pulled it up to his mouth and popped his finger into his mouth sucking her juices of his fingers.

When he removed his finger, his eyes fixed onto hers. They were now glazed over with need for him to touch her again. He smirked up at her, and licked his lips. "Dress off!" he ordered, and watched as Ginny slowly unzipped the zipper at her side, exposing more of her flesh to him. Her eyes never leaving his as she unhooked the clasp at the top of the zipper and began to slither out of the black confines. Draco's eyes darting to her bouncing breast, now exposed for him to see.

"Now my trousers," he said as he watched her learn forward, her breasts pushed together as her hands worked at unbuckling him. As her arms move, her tits bounced around, hypnotizing him.

When she had unbuttoned his trousers, he lifted his hips for her and she slide them down his legs. His erection popping up in her direction swaying up and down lightly.

She stood back admiring his cock, as it pulsed up and down, making her insides clench.

Draco grabbed a hold of her arms and pulled her onto him again. Before Ginny knew it, she was on her back being pressed into the mattress by him.

Her breathing ragged at the anticipation of what was to come next. He shifted on her, and grabbing his throbbing cock in his hand, he guided it towards her slit, and rubbed it up and down her opening.

Gliding over her clit, and down to her opening, and back up to her clit, each time he slid it down to her opening, he would push in a little, and pull back out only to slide his cock back up to her clit.

Ginny's nails dug into his behind, and he slammed into her, making her arch her back as the pleasure erupted through her body. Her sex trying to adjust around him, as her chest rose up and down panting.

He slowly began to slide out, and just as he was half way out of her, rammed right back into her, making her squeeze her eyes shut as she screamed out in pleasure. Her sex squeezed around him, and he once again, began to slip out of her in that slow agonizing pace. This time he pulled almost out all the way, and Ginny expecting him to slam back into her, he began slowly moving back within her, making her pant as she felt every inch of him burry inside her.

His hands move up to her shoulders, getting a better grip on her body. He continued his slow pace, and with a small warning he squeezed her shoulders, and picked up his pace, slamming into her.

She rewarded him with her screams of pleasure, as he now began to taker her higher. To heights she had never been. As he felt her sex become tighter around him, he could sense she was almost close. He pulled out and sat back on his heels.

Ginny groaning in protest, her eyes meeting his now darkened ones, as his eyes traveled over her glinting body, she began to squirm under his lustful gaze. He dipped his head down to her sex, and with his hands he parted her legs further apart, pushing her legs up so her knees bend.

He lowered his lips to her sex, and without hesitation, he began to suck at her clit, making her squirm under him. He snaked his arms around her legs, and held her hips down with his hands, as he continued to suck and lick at her clit.

She moaned his name as the sensation began to push her further over the edge. When Draco felt her clit pulse under his tongue, he swiftly sat up, and flipped her onto her knees. Her body still shaking from the torture he had inflicted on her.

Spreading her legs slightly apart with his knees, he repositioned himself at her entrance once more. "Oh, no, oh" she hissed, as she tried to move away from him, but his grip on her hips was too strong, and he slammed himself back into her burying himself deep.

Ginny screamed out once more as her orgasm erupted all over again. He felt her cunt muscles tighten against him and releasing and tighten again. As he felt her weaken against him, he began to move again, swift quick movements, rocking her hips back onto his cock.

Watching his pink cock disappear into her pink folds, and reappear. "I—" she tried to speak, but chocked. He withdrew himself from her, and pushed her flat onto the bed.

Ginny's head was spinning, she thought he was finished with her, but before she could regain her composure, he was praying her legs back open, and lowering his body flush against her back. "I asked you if you were ready," he moaned into her ear, as he once more slid inside her pink folds, making Ginny’s small delicate hands grasp the sheets.

She couldn't tell the difference between pain and pleasure anymore. Part of her wanted him to stop, but the other part wanted him to keep going. "Wider" he hissed at her, and she shakily opened her legs wider for him, giving him more room to thrust inside her.

"Oh fuck, please!" she hissed, Draco's ragged breathing at her cheek.

"What do you want Weasley," he hissed, as he continued to move within, her, as she began to tighten once more around him, finally let himself go, spraying his seeds deep inside her, letting a harsh groan out and biting her shoulder, she began to unraveled again.

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