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Forbidden Fruit

Chapter 2

"What do you want Weasley," he hissed, as he continued to move within, her, as she began to tighten once more around him, finally let himself go, spraying his seeds deep inside her, letting a harsh groan out and biting her shoulder, she began to unraveled again.

Draco lifted himself off of her, and let himself drop on the bed next to her. Her hair all messed up around her, part of it covering her face. He watched her body twitch a few times at her lingering orgasam.

He reached over brushing the burgundy hair out of her face. Her cheeks flushed from what he had just put her through. As she opened her eyes, and met his gaze, she began to giggle.

"What's so funny Weasley?" Draco questioned, completely puzzled by her reaction.

She bit her lip, trying to silence her uncontrollable giggles. "Sorry" she said as a satisfied smile spread across her face. She lifted herself up off the bed stumbbling a little, Draco watching her every move.

As she stood next to his bed naked, she tried to comb her air out with her fingers, to tame it a little from their activities. "Thanks for the fuck," she said as she bent down picking up her dress, and shimmed back into it.

Draco smirked as he folded one of his arms behind his head and watched, as she tried to squeeze her curves back into that lovely dress. His other hand came to his ribs and he drummed his fingers against his ribs.

"Leaving so soon." He said, and she turned to face him, now zipping up her dress.

"Let's not pretend you care," she said smirking at him, as she stepped into her black pumps, and bending over once more to grab her purse and jacket from where she had dropped it early. She picked up his second key card, and walked over to the bed where he laid naked still. His cock had softened slightly.

She bit her lip as she admired him, and threw the key card onto his stomach. She brushed a piece of her hair that had attached its self to her lips, away.

She turned not looking back at him and exited the room, leaving Draco alone.

When she arrived outside of her apartment, she stuck the key in the hole and slowly turned it, hoping to go unnoticed.

"You Bitch!" Ginny heard and cringed the second she entered the living room.

"Luna," Ginny greeted her.


"I'm fine, silly" Ginny said as she dropped her bag on the purple chair.

"Fine!" Luna hissed, lowering her voice. "You certainly don't look fine!" she said pointing a finger at Ginny's neck.

Ginny's hand made it's way to her neck, and her fingers could feel the bruise building. She walked over to the mirror, and examined the purpling mark. "It's just a bite," She said shrugging her shoulders at Luna.

Luna only shook her head, and walked into her bedroom, leaving Ginny alone in the living room. Luna worried far too much, always worried Ginny wouldn't come back home one night, but yet here she was, every night she went a little overboard she'd come back home in once piece.

It wasn't Ginny Luna should worry about; it was the men that she was it…well the men before Malfoy. It had always been her in control, not them, no, none of them handled her like Malfoy had.

A delicious shudder cursed through her body as she remembered the things he did and said. She kicked off her pumps and headed barefoot towards the bathroom. She was in need of a shower. He had made her sweat like no other.

As she began to remove her dress once more, she found more marks over her body. He had marked her body as his. She stood naked in front of the mirror now, examining the marks. He had left marks on her hips, those iron grips he had around her when he had taken her from behind, left nice red imprints of his hands. Ginny put her hands over his imprints, and smiled, as she couldn't cover all the marks.

She turned her back to the mirror, and turned the bath water on, letting the water fill. She poured some shower gel in there, and the water began to foam. She reached over and turned the water off, and slowly lowered herself into the tub.

Her body relaxing as the water soothed her minor aches. She was content. Draco had fulfilled her needs better then anyone had.

No one had pushed her limits like that before. She slid down into the tub, wetting her hair. She slowly began to wash her body. As she reached her sex, and started to rub, she began to feel the dull pain, he has been the thickest she had ever been with. She was defiantly going to feel that tomorrow.

As she finished bathing herself, she stood and slipped out of the tub, casting a drying spell on her, and grabbed a towel anyways and headed towards her bedroom. Laving her soiled dress in the bathroom.

As she walked out of the bathroom, her eyes met dark ones. "Weasley," Zabini drawled.

"Zabini," she said smiling, and headed into her room.

He was spending way too much time in her apartment, and seeing him, Draco's friend, cursed arousal all through her body once again.

She was happy for Luna to finally have found someone who understood her, besides Ginny herself, but did it have to be Zabini? He was too close to Malfoy, and with her luck, Malfoy was sure to tell him what he had done to her that night.

Ginny slipped into her sleepwear and into bed. She needed some sleep desperately, why should she care if Malfoy went around bragging that he bedded her.

Morning came far to quickly, the light filling the room, pulled Ginny out of her slumber. She rolled over trying to keep herself asleep. "Blaise!" she could hear Luna giggling in the living room.

Ginny rolled her eyes, and pushed herself out of bed, as she headed into the living room to join the annoyingly cute couple.

"Morning" Luna said, and giggled once more, as Blaise placed a kiss on neck.

"I take it your not mad at me anymore," Ginny said smiling at her friend, as she sat herself down on the purple chair, wincing as her bottom touched the chair.

"Looks like someone had a good night" Blaise piped out and smirked.

"Sod off" Ginny said as she tried to cross her legs, but decided to leave them uncrossed, as the dull pain made her wince again.

"So who was the lucky guy?" Blaise continued to mock her with a knowing smirk.

Ginny rolled her eyes, and stood up slowly, and headed towards the kitchen to get herself some breakfast.

"Babe, I have to get ready, Draco's going to come grab me." Blaise said as he leaned forward and kissed Luna's lips softly. He untangled himself from her and headed into Luna's bedroom to get dressed.

Once Ginny had her morning fruit, she headed back to sit on the purple chair, as Luna lounged on the grey couch. "Want me to move out?" Ginny said as she scooted the chair closer to the black coffee table and set her feet up on the table.

"Are you insane! Then I would have to travel and check that you make it home in one piece!" Luna said smiling at her friend.

"You really don't have to worry about me," Ginny said as she popped a raspberry in her mouth.

"Malfoy is coming to grab Blaise, I hope you don't mind." Luna said as she turned to look at Blaise who was making his way back out of their little love nest.

Blaise lifted Luna's legs and sat down, and letting her legs dangle across him. "You should change, Draco has always had a thing for redheads." Blaise said smirking at Ginny.

Luna slapped his arm playfully. "That's enough Blaise, stop bothering Ginny, or she will really move out on me!" Luna said with a hint of a smile.

"I'm not bothering her, am I Ginger?" Blaise said he rubbed his hands up and down Luna's shins.

"Oh, you Blaise, bother me? NEVER!" Ginny said in mockery.

"See Babe!" Blaise said turning his eyes to Luna's and giving her a big innocent grin.

A sharp knock at the door, announced Draco's arrival. Luna lifted her wand and waved it to unlock the door, and called to him to enter.

Ginny kept her eyes forward, and picked up a strawberry out of her bowl and brought it to her lips.

"Well, well, look what do we have here." Ginny could feel Draco's eyes on her.

Ginny turned her eyes up to him. He was dressed in all black. Making his pale features even more prominent. Black trousers, with a black turtleneck, all his clothes hugged him in all the right places, and Ginny felt herself squeeze her thighs together.

Draco noticed her movements and began to shrug off his black blazer, and set it on the headrest of one of the chairs. "Looks like a ferret has made its way into our apartment." Ginny smiled at him.

Draco smirked as he crossed the kitchen to the living room in a few steps.

His gaze made Ginny squeeze her thighs together once more, and she could feel the void he had left between her legs. “Careful Weasley, ferrets can find the tighest of holes to penetrate.”

"Draco, I'm not sure you could handle Weasley, she's quite the…ouch!" Luna had smacked his arm a little harder this time. "What, she can't even sit from all the—"

"Blaise that's none of your business!" Luna scolded him.

Blaise shrugged and leaned over to give Luna a kiss.

Ginny was starring up at Draco, their eyes locked. Draco's eyes full of pride at knowing where little Ms. Weasley had been last night, and all the dirty things she had let him do to her.

Ginny noticing that Blaise and Luna where still in an embrace, she picked up an other strawberry out of her bowl, and brought it to her lips, and let it slide in and out of her lips. She bit the tip off, and licked her lips at Draco.

He could feel the blood rushing to his groin, and smirked at her, knowing he would have to have her again. He leaned down his hands resting close to Ginny's legs on the armchair, and whispered to her. "Be careful Weasley, you might just get yourself in trouble with me."

The dull pain between her legs disappeared, in replacement; she could feel herself wanting him.

"Come Draco," Blaise said as he straightened himself up and started to head towards the door. "Leave the poor Weasley alone, she had a hell of a night,"

"So it would seem," Draco said, with a last glance at Ginny's face, he turned on his heels and followed Blaise out, grabbing his blazer on his way out the door.

Ginny's eyes had followed him out the door, and Luna was watching her friend with intent eyes. "Don't even think about it!" She said as she could clearly read Ginny's mind.

"What?" Ginny asked as she turned her eyes to Luna.

"He's—messed up." Luna said as she straightened herself up into a sitting position.

"Luna, he can't me more messed up then I am." Ginny said smiling at her, she set her bowl on the coffee table.

"What do you want to do today?" Ginny asked trying to change the subject.

"I need to go buy a dress, Blaise has this function coming up and, I don't have anything to wear." She said with a soft blush.

Ginny jumped to her feet. "Ouch!" she hissed as the dull pain between her legs shot right to the core of her. "Let's go!"

"Why haven't you healed yourself, you silly girl." Luna questioned.

"I like the feeling." Ginny said shrugging her shoulders and disappearing into her room to get dressed. The void he has left behind was the first time that anything had made her feel anything since she had been...well since the incident long ago.

She pulled on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, and a light grey V-neck t-shirt. She grabbed her purse from last night, and took all the contents out of it, and dumped them into a larger purse and headed out to the bathroom.

Luna was already in the bathroom getting her makeup on; she had slipped into a pair of black pants, and a light pink frilly top.

Ginny didn't bother with much makeup, only dabbing on a little mascara to tame her long lashes.

"Ready?" She said as Luna finished applying her lip-gloss.

"Yup!" she said smiling at her friend in the mirror.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, as Ginny and Luna took a seat outside of a muggle Restaurant.

"Oh I am starving!" Ginny said as she rubbed her stomach, and grabbed the menu from the waiter. "I will have…the chicken pesto" Ginny said smiling up at him, "and a sangria please!"

She handed her Menu back to the waiter; he gazed at her for a while, and then turned his gaze over to Luna. "I'll have the same," she said smiling and handing him the menu.

"Men, they can't keep their eyes off of you!" Luna said giggling at Ginny.

"Oh, please, you're the prettier one." Ginny said grinning back at her friend. Luna was very angelic looking, her bright blond hair, pale skin, and those huge blue eyes always reminded her of an angel. Dracos faced popped into her head at that thought, he looked similar to Luna, his hair had darkened to a darker bold since his Hogwarts says, but still in bright light you could still see streaks of that blond that created a halo around him.

"Oh, please," Luna said as the waiter came back with the Sangrias and sat them in front of them, keeping his eyes on Ginny. "See!" she said and laughed. "It's okay if they don't look at me, as long as Blaise is!" she said with a loving smile making its way across her lips.

"That man adores you!" Ginny said smiling at her happily in love friend.

"I let him, maybe you should—" Luna began but Ginny cut her off.

"Not this again, I'm fine, I'm happy with how my life is." Ginny said shrugging her shoulders. "I have the best friend I could ever hope for, and I can have all the sex I want without anyone breathing down my neck!"

"We both know this is not just about the sex." Luna said as she raised her glass to her lips.

"We both know this is all about the sex." Ginny said as she winked at Luna.

"Speaking of sex, who were you with last night?" Luna asked, her blue eyes glued to Ginny's honey ones.

"Eerr—you know I don't really remember his name… you know me," she said grinning at her friend, as she took a larger gulp of her sangria.

"Hmmm—" Luna said smirking and nodding at her friend.

"You smirk far too much since you're with that Slytherin." Ginny said trying to change the subject back to Blaise.

"Slytherin," Luna nodded her response.

Making Ginny squirm in her seat with unease. She couldn't possibly know that she had been with the Slytherin Sex God last night.

"Funny thing about Slytherin's," Luna said, noticing her friends' discomfort.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Ginny questioned her, "I wouldn't know anything about being with a Slytherin."

"Right, just Draco Fucking Malfoy!" Luna said and Ginny's eyes widened as she chocked on her sip of sangria.

"I'm not following you," she said as she wiped her chin with the napkin.

"Blaise said, Draco likes to mark the women he's with, and he said he saw you coming out of the shower." Luna said smirking at her.

"What just because of this hickey you think, I was with Malfoy?" Ginny said rubbing at her neck.

"No, he said there were teeth marks on your shoulder." Luna said.

"Please, Luna" Ginny said now giggling nervously.

Luna let the subject drop, as their food was brought out to them. Ginny dug in, hoping if her mouth was full Luna wouldn't expect an answer from her.

As they finished their lunch, they continued their shopping. Luna found the perfect plum dress for Blaise's upcoming event.

When they finally arrived back home, it was suppertime, Ginny made herself busy in the kitchen fixing them something for dinner, as Luna unpacked her new clothes she had bought through out the day.

"Are you going out again tonight?" Luna questioned as she came into the kitchen to help with the finishing touches of dinner.

"Yes," Ginny said as she looked at her friend with a warning look.

Luna held her hands up in defense, "I'm not going to lecture you, I just wanted to know if I could come with you?"

"Oh," Ginny looked surprised, "Well sure!" Ginny answered with a smile.

"I just don't want to be boring to Blaise, you know," She said smiling a shy smile.

"I don't think that's possibly Loony" Ginny said teasingly.

"Oh hush up!" Luna said going red in the face.

Ginny smiled, and pulled two plates out of the cupboard and started to fill hers with food.

"After Dinner, get ready, and we'll head out!" Ginny said grinning at her.

Luna rarely came out with her, so tonight was like a treat for Ginny, to have her best friend join her. She knew she would have to behave a little more then usual, but that was all right.

Once they finished dinner, the phone rang, and Luna picked it up, knowing very well that it would be Blaise phoning. Ginny cleared the table, and placed the dishes in the dishwasher, and walked over to Luna, grabbing the phone from her. "I'm stealing her for the night," Ginny said into the phone.

"Oh yeah, and where are you taking her?" Blaise questioned her amused.

"I guess, you'll just have to come and find her, oh, and she'll be wearing her red dress tonight."

"Oh not the red dress!" Blaise groaned into the phone. "Tell me where you're taking her"

"Nope, no can do, wherever the night takes us." Ginny said smiling and hung up the phone.

"Come lets get ready," she said smiling at her best friend.

"Thank you," Luna said as she got to her feet. "You just made his night a little more interesting."

"Luna don't be silly, YOU and your red dress are making his night more interesting." Ginny said as she pushed Luna towards her bedroom door. "Come now, get dressed!"

Ginny pushed Luna into her room, and headed towards hers. "I'll need your help zipping me up!" Luna called after her.

Ginny stood in her black lacy underwear and matching bra in front of the closet, flipping through hangers to see what she wanted to wear tonight. She pulled out a Burgundy coloured dress, as she shimmed into it. The dress was tight, and because of the tightness of the dress, she had glorious hills of cleavage peeking out at the top.

She let her hair flow down her shoulders as she had the night before. She stepped into a pair of black high-heeled sandals. She straightened the black straps that where now caging her feet in.

Satisfied with her look she headed to Luna's bedroom, to help zip her up.

She walked in to Luna's room just as Luna was shimming her way into her dress. The silky red dress hugged her friends' curves in all the right places. Ginny zipped her up, and adjusted the spaghetti straps on her friends shoulders.

"Perfect!" Ginny said as she grabbed Luna's cell phone, and snapped a picture of her.

"What are you doing?" Luna looked puzzled.

"I'm sending it to Blaise, so he can drool a little," she said as she hit send.

"Oh no!" Luna said as she began to giggle, and her cheeks going rosy pink.

Ginny gave her a mischievous grin, and headed towards the door. "Come on now, lets go!" she said as she turned to see what was keeping Luna.

"Coming," she yelled back to her.

They arrived at Ginny's usual spot, she was back at the same club she had been at last night. She ordered them drinks, and shots. "I dunno," Luna said looking at the 2 shots in front of her.

"If you don't do them I will!" Ginny said smiling as she placed the first small glass against her lips and tilted her head back as the liquid burned down her throat. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and placed the shot glass on the counter. "I mean it Luna." Ginny said as she reached for her second one, tilting her head back again.

"Oh, Alright!" Luna said as she grabbed the two shot glasses, and downed them both. "Happy!" She said as she placed the two shot glasses on the counter. She grabbed for her sex on the beach and took a sip to ease her throat.

"That's my girl!" Ginny said giggling, as she picked up her drink, and pulled Luna to the dance floor.

As they danced, their glasses became empty, and Ginny set them on a near by table. Luna now, tipsy was finally relaxing and swaying her body to the music, completely letting loose, as Luna swayed her hips from side to side she raised her arms up in the air tilting her head back her eyes closed, as she let the music wash over her.

She noticed a guy behind Luna, he was checking her friend out, and licking his lips. She watched him as he pushed through the crowed towards them, Ginny pulled Luna to her, and switched their positions, so that Luna was safe and out of the guys grips.

Knowing very well that if he tried to make a pass at Luna, that Luna would get discouraged and want to sit. The guy was now grinding himself into Ginny's back.

She danced, not really paying much attention to him, until a chill traveled down her spine. She could feel someone watching her, that excited part of her. She pulled away from the guy trying to grind into her, and moved closer to Luna, now swaying their bodies together.

"Don't look now," Ginny said into Luna's ear, "But Blaise is here." She said as her eyes landed on Blaise. "He found you!"

Ginny said giggling as she moved slightly away from Luna, and just as she had moved out of Luna's space, Blaise was behind her, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend.

Ginny made a move to leave and Luna grabbed her hand. "Stay"

"I'll be back, I just need a drink." She yelled back at her over the music. Luna gave her a small nod and Ginny hurried away, leaving them be for a while.

Ginny propped herself up on her elbows trying to get the waiters attention. "What can I get you?" he asked making a beeline right to her.

"Surprise me" Ginny said grinning at him. He was taken back a little and smiled, grabbing a glass and pouring liquids in it. Seconds later he was finished and placed the red liquid in front of her.

Ginny took the straw into her mouth, her eyes still on the cute bartender. She took a sip, and popped the straw back out of her mouth and licked her lips. "Sooo good!" she said giving him a smile, and placed her money on the bar.

She turned away from the bar, resting her back against it and sipped at her drink as she watched her best friend dance with Blaise. They fit into each other like a puzzle. She smiled, and chugged the liquid down, and turning slightly she placed the now empty glass on the bar and headed towards the bathroom.

She pushed the door open, and headed into the single stall, just as she was about to lock the door it opened, and in stepped Draco Malfoy.

Without a word to her, he grabbed her and spun her to look at the mirror. He positioned himself behind her, and reached over the short distance to lock the door.

Ginny's breathing quickening as she watched him in the mirror, "Miss me?" Draco asked as he took a hold of her hips and pulled her ass back onto his growing erection. Her small hands trying to hold on to the sink desperately as he began to grind himself against her.

"I have a feeling you did." He whispered into her ear, causing a small moan to escape from her lips.

Draco hiked up her dress to admire her behind. "Lace," he smirked, "Where you hoping to see me tonight," he says as he looked back up to meet her eyes.

"In your dreams Malfoy!" she said smirking.

"In that case," Draco said as he bent down, taking her panties with him, "step" he said and Ginny lifted one foot, and then the next, Draco effortlessly sliding her panties over her feet. As he straightened himself back up, he let his tongue run up her thigh.

He pocketed her panties, and lowered her dress back down. "Find me when you decide you want your panties back." He said and unlocked the door and slipped out, leaving a shivering Ginny behind.

"Fucker!" she hissed as her brain began to work properly again.

She followed him out, and spotted him by the bar chatting up a blond in a gold dress. Determined she walked towards them, and brushed by him, and onto the dance floor joining Blaise and Luna.

Luna gave her a relived smile. She had thought that Ginny had made off with some random guy. Ginny winked at her, and began to move to the music. When she spotted a blond haired guy dancing close by to them, she made her way towards him.

She grabbed his arms, and wrapped them around her, his hands resting on her thick ass. Ginny let him grasp her behind tightly as he pushed his hips into her grinding against her.

She could feel that cold chill down her spin again, and her eyes connected with Draco's, who was still by the bar chatting with the blond, but now his eyes where glued to hers. Ginny smirked at him, and moved so that her back was to her dance partner. She shimmied them around, so that Draco could see them clearly. He wanted to play games she would show him games.

Suddenly her dance partner spun her around to face him, and lifted her up, making her legs wrap around his waist, and he continues to grind against her.

Draco watched as Ginny's hair bounced at her back, as she let the blond grind into her.

The blond set Ginny back down to her feet, and spun her around, continuing his grinding. Ginny's eyes glued to Draco's, and she could see in his eyes he was pissed. He was the one who started this all when he stole her panties, what was he giving her that look for.

As she kept her eyes on Draco, she felt the blond loosen his grip on her, and when she turned to see what was going on' he was being dragged out by two big black men. Security was written on the back of their shirts.

Ginny looked behind her, and saw Draco smirking he lifted his burgundy glass to her and downed the contents.

"Why don't we take this party over to Draco's suite?" Blaise said as he put his arm around Ginny's shoulders, dragging her off the dance floor, Luna was at his other side.

"I think not," Ginny said anger striking her, how dare that bastard mess with her that much.

"Ginny please, I need some quiet" Luna pleaded with her.

"Threes not a crowed." She said and headed back to the dance floor, now determined to piss Malfoy off even more.

Luna looked after her friend with worry in her eyes, as Draco passed Blaise his key card.

"Maybe we should stay…" Luna said looking at Blaise.

"I'll stay, I'll make sure she makes it back in once piece." Draco said giving Luna one of his rare smiles.

Luna's eyes traveled back to her fiery hotheaded friend, and nodded, taking Blaise's hand and walked out into the night with him.

Draco ordered himself another drink, and watched Ginny; her back was to him, as she began to dance even more provocatively with the guys around her. Her eyes flashed to him, and began to hike up the hem of her skirt, showing more leg.

Draco shot the liquid down his throat, and stormed over to her, picking her up over his shoulder, and marched out of the pub.

"Put me down you cave man!" Ginny hissed as she dangled over his shoulder.

Draco said nothing as he continued. He walked in the hotel, and walked right by the reception desk and to the elevator. Once they entered the elevator, Draco let Ginny's feet touch the ground.

"You Arse!" she hissed at him, Draco smirked at her, and spun her around so her back was to his front.

"Put your arms up on the wall," he hissed in her ear.

"Make me!" she hissed back, and Draco grabbed both her wrists and pushed them onto the wall in front of her.

He lifted the hem of her dress up past her ass, he slapped her ass and watched it jiggle. He did quick work on his trousers, and slammed himself into her. Her sex already wet from the pervious shenanigans he had been up to in the bathroom.

"I claimed this last night!" He hissed as he pound into her once more. "It's mine!" he hissed at her ear as he slammed back into her again, making her cry out at the force he was using.

"You have been feeling me there all day!" he hissed as his hand snaked around to her clit. "Don't you dare, let anyone else touch what's mine!" he hissed into her ear, and bit her shoulder like he had the pervious night.

With a few more thrusts into her, he pulled out zipping up his trousers, and pulling her dress back down to its norm.

Ginny slumped against the wall breathing heavily he hadn't made her cum. He had only made her frustrated for more of him. The door opened and Ginny pushed herself off of the wall, and followed Malfoy out of the elevator.

What was it about him, that made her loose all her control, and let him man handle her like she was his property. She bit her lip as she followed him into the living room area, where Blaise and Luna where wrapped up in each other.

"Glad to see you've come to relax with us!" Luna said shooting Ginny a smile.

Ginny tried to return the smile, but failed as her mind was now preoccupied. She made her way to Draco's bar, and grabbed a glass and filled it with vodka. She shot it all back in one go, and as she turned around to face the rest of them, her eyes landed to the open door. Draco's bed stood in the middle of the room innocently. She tried to swallow the lump in her throat.

She shook her head trying to get the images out of her head, and turned again reaching for the bottle of Vodka. Draco's hand wrapped around hers, and he lowered his lips to her ear, "You've had enough," he said as he unwrapped her fingers from the bottle.

"Not nearly enough" she said as she looked over her shoulder at him.

"Is that so," he said smirking.

Luna had watched them, and was relieved that Ginny actually listened to Draco when he had told her that she had enough. "Blaise, why don't we head to bed?" She said softly, and got to her feet.

"Your wish is my command," he said smirking, as he picked her up over his shoulder and smacked her ass. "Good night!" he called over his shoulder, as he carried Luna down to the spare bedroom.

Ginny watched her friend go, and walked over to the couch, and let herself fall down on it. She closed her eyes to calm her insides. With her eyes still closed she could suddenly feel Draco kneeling between her legs.

Her eyes shooting open starring down at him. He placed his hands on her knees and slowly ran them up her thighs. As he reached her hips, he smirked. He spread her legs apart a little further, and then tucked his arms under her knees and pulled her closer to the edge of the couch.

"What am I going to do with you Weasley?" he said as he pushed the hem of her dress up, revealing her sex to him. He lowered his head down to her thigh and kissed the purple mark he had left there last night. "How do you make my blood boil so bad?" he said against her skin, as his head made its way high, reaching her sex.

"Draco," she moaned as he awoke the fire he had started in the elevator.

"Does it still hurt?" he questioned looking up at her.

What was wrong with him? Why was he being so gentle now when he had just earlier destroyed her with pain and pleasure. She shrugged her shoulders, and Draco pulled out his wand and muttered something under his breath, and Ginny could feel the numbing pain disappear, only leaving her with arousal.

Ginny licked her lips, her eyes locked with Draco's. "Take me now!" she said and bent forward kissing him with fire. He unbuckled his pants, and positioned himself at her entrance, and pulled away from her kiss. As his gaze locked with hers, he began to slowly enter her.

Ginny threw her head back as the pleasure began to take over her. "Look at me!" he whispered, and Ginny slowly straightened her head so she could look into his eyes, and he began to move with in her.

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