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Story of idk


Yugeom and jk

Romance / Erotica
Adrianna Schmidt
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Chapter 1

I grew up with got7 all my life I was used to the laughter after awhile and all of the boys were friendly to me my favorite was Jackson he would laugh and make funny jokes and hug me but all of the boys hugged me though yugeom was my second favorite because if the guys were going to far he would shield me and tell them to stop he was a shoulder I knew I could cry on so anyways I was entering there studio looking for jackson we saw each other and instantly gave each other a hug "hmm I miss you soo much" I heard someone cough I already knew who it was he was jealous af "hey put your arms around my waist" I whispered in Jackson's ear "hey yugeom how are you" he crossed his arms and tapped his foot I looked at him confused "what what's wrong?" He nudged his head towards my arm "what am I not allowed to hug jackson" he was annoyed so he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him and gave me a really tight hug "you are but it's always me first" he pouted and I laughed "okay okay I'm sorry" then everyone else came in including JYP "hey Adrian can I talk to for a minute" I was scared but said yes "so I want to ask you a favor" I tilted my head "sure I guess what is it" he scratched his chin "would you go to my best pals company and help him fix a few things" my eyes widened but I said yes

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