My Little Pony - Lightning Wolf


After the Tirek events, Twilight and her friends will soon learn that a bigger threat has revealed itself. With the help of unlikely allies Twilight and her friends will have to face this evil.

Action / Adventure
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Prologue 19 years before the Tirek events

Celestia was just arriving at the Canterlot castle after being away for 3 weeks.

One of the guards notice Celestia was holding something in her left hoof as she approach the front of the castle.

"Hey, what do you think the princess has in her hoof?" Ask the guard

"It looks like a small ball." said the other guard

As Celestia approach the door closer now the guards realized that the thing Celestia was carrying was a small baby.

The guard at the door was about to ask her a question in till one of the two guards ponies protecting Celestia put his hoof up to silence him before he could speak.

They enter the castle and came one of Celestia most trust worthy maids, who was a unicorn mare that had a pink coat, a blue mane, and orange eyes.

"Princess Celestia your back from your trip from the United Safari Nation, I hope everything went ..." She trailed off as she saw the child in Celestia hoof. "Princess where did you find this foal?"

Celestia gave the child to the maid and said "I'm sorry Shine Flower I can't tell you right now but I'll tell you soon. Just take the child to the royal infirmary now." As she walked by Shine Flower.

As Shine Flower rushed to the infirmary she notice the child wasn't a foal but a male wolf.

As she arrived at the infirmary the baby wolf started to cry because he was awoken by the sudden stop in front of the infirmary.

One of the doctors who were on called heard the cry and rush out the infirmary to see who was crying. When he open the door he saw Shine Flower holding a baby wolf.

The doctor notice that the wolf wasn't looking good and told Shine Flower "Quickly we must get him in bed and check for any sign of sickness."

They both went inside the infirmary to start treating the baby wolf.

An hour later ...

Both ponies came out the infirmary with Celestia and her two guards waiting for them.

"How's the wolf, Doctor Scopes?" Celestia asked.

"He will be fine, it seems like the wolf was not fed in the past 6 hours." Said the doctor

"I'm glad to hear he'll be fine doctor." Said Celestia

"Madame if I may ask a question?" Ask Shine Flower

"Go ahead Shine Flower ask your question." Celestia said with a smile.

"The doctor and I were wondering why did you bring a baby wolf back from the U.S.N princess?" Asked Shine Flower

"That is why I have come here Shine Flower to tell you both but first Cloudhunter and Fireblaze please stand guard, and make sure no ponies come into the infirmary at all."

Cloudhunter and Fireblaze replied in unison "Yes my lady, we will make sure."

"Good I trust you both since you were there. Now let go inside so I may tell you why." Said Celestia

The doctor and Shine both looked at each as they followed their princess inside the infirmary.

Five years later...

"Get back here!" Shouted Cloudhunter as he flew down the halls chasing somepony.

"Celestia gonna be mad if we can't catch him." Said Fireblaze as he flew beside Cloudhunter.

"More worried about Shine Flower yelling at us again for letting him run around the castle like this." Said Cloudhunter

"You would be since you have a crush on her." Fireblaze stated and then notice that Cloudhunter was giving him the death glare. "Hey calm down partner I'm just messing with you."

Cloudhunter sighed as he notice the creature they were chasing was making a left turn that led to the throne room and said "Here we can get him in the throne room."

As the enter the throne room they notice that the creature they were chasing was a quarter though the throne room and that's when Fireblaze went top speed to catch the creature, leaving fire marks as he went to grab the creature.

"Got you!" Shouted Fireblaze as he picked up the creature.

"Your not getting out of your Doctor's appointment with Doctor Scopes that easily, Lightning Wolf." Cloudhunter said as he looked at the little wolf that was running away from them.

"But I don't want to see him Cloud. I want to see mommy right now." Said the little wolf.

"After your appointment with the doctor we'll take you to see her but right now she busy with her duties Lightning and can't play with you at the moment." Said Cloud

"Fine I'll go see doctor Scopes but you promise to take me to see her afterwards Cloudy." Asked Lightning Wolf

"Yes we will go take you to see her afterwards." Cloud said "Also don't call me Cloudy."

"No go ahead and call him it all you like Wolf." Said Fireblaze while laughing

A few minutes later...

"There you guys are what took you guys so long the doctor been waiting and today is his day off." Said Shine Flower

"Sorry somepony here thought it might be a good idea to try to miss his check up." Said Cloud as Lightning, Fire, and himself arrived in front of the infirmary.

"Well its a good thing you guys caught him when you did." She then looked at Lightning Wolf who was wearing his sheets as a cloak. "Now time to take off that cloak Wolf."

Lightning just said "Ok Shine Flower" as he removed his cloak showing that he was a wolf with a brown amber fur coat and had hazel eyes.

"Now lets go you kept the kind doctor waiting Wolf." Said Shine Flower

"Ok, do you think the doctor would give me a treat afterwards?" Ask Lightning.

"Maybe" said Shine Flower as they walked into the infirmary.

A few moments later...

"Cloud its time, you said you will take me to see my mommy when I was done." Said Wolf as he walked out of the infirmary with Shine Flower.

"Alright little guy we'll go see your mom now." Said Cloud as he chuckled at the young wolf energy as he jumped up and down in joy to finale see his mom today.

"Then lets go Cloudy." As wolf grab his hoof trying to drag the white coated Pegasus stallion with a gray mane and tail and blue eyes.

"Hang on Lightning lets ask if Shine Flower will like to join us." Said Cloud

"Ok fine but please make it quick." Lightning said.

"Well will you like to join us Shine Flower?" Ask Cloud

"I would love to captain." Said Shine

"Sargent your relived for the rest of the day." Said Cloud

"Thank Celestia I can finally get back home and sleep." Was all Fireblaze said before leaving.

"Now can we go?" Asked Lightning

"Yes now we can go see your mom." Said Cloud

A few moments later...

"Hey Shine can I ask you a question?" Said Cloud

"Sure what's on your mind captain." Said Shine Flower

"I was wondering if you have a coltfriend?" Heisted Cloudhunter

"Why are you wondering captain?" Asked Shine Flower with a sly smile

"Just wondering because I heard a couple of the guards are thinking about asking you out." Stated Cloudhunter nervously.

"Well the answer is no" said Shine as Cloudhunter just thank Celestia "but I do have a crush on one of the guards ponies here." Stated Shine

Cloudhunter just had a shocked face and ask nervously "Which guard if I may know" but Shine just gave him a confusing glance wondering why he would want to know as Cloudhunter said "To make sure he's alright for you, you know since ever since five years ago we've been working together a lot taking care of Wolf."

"Really, well if you must know he's kind, handsome, and also a captain in the royal guards." She said as she started to blush thinking about him.

"Oh he sounds like a good catch" said Cloud as he thought I need to find this guy and tell him to back off.

"Captain are you ok, you look like your in deep thought." Said Shine Flower as she snapped him out of it.

"Nothing, Nothing at all." Said Cloudhunter

"Are you wondering who the guard is Cloudhunter?" Asked Shine

Cloudhunter just looked away in embarrassment.

"Well if you really want to know I'll just show him to you." Stated Shine

Cloudhunter turned his head but before he could speak two lips were pressed against his. At first he was shocked but then he relax.

After a few moments Shine Flower backed away from his lips and said "So do I have my approval from you captain."

Cloudhunter just stared at her and thinking to himself how could I be so stupid I'm a captain in the royal guard and there only five of us.

Finally cloud smiled and said "You don't understand how long I wish I could to that to you but you beat me to the point."

All they did was go back in for another kiss but before their lips met each other Lightning Wolf jumped in between them to yell at them to hurry up but instead he got his cheeks kissed from both sides.

Lightning fell to ground with both paws on his face like he just saw a ghost and then he yelled "EWWWW, I was kissed by Cloudhunter!"

Cloudhunter looked at Lightning in shock and said "Hey what wrong with that, you wouldn't have been kissed if you didn't jumped in between Shine and I."

Then Lightning face had a grin on it and he started to shout "CLOUD AND SHINE SITTING ON TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G, FIRST COME LOVE, THAN COMES MARRIAGE, THAN COMES A FOAL IN A FOAL CARRIAGE, THAT'S NOT ALL THAT'S NOT ALL THE FOAL IS PLAYING HOOFBALL, THAT'S NOT ALL THAT'S NOT ALL, THE FOAL IS DRINKING ALCO..." But before he could finish that line, Cloud hit him over the head.

"Lets get you to your mother so I can tell her about your rude behavior." was all Cloud said before they continued to walk down the halls of the castle.

Finally they made it to Princess Celestia's room and Lightning enter it without even knocking.

Lightning than saw a filly he's never seen before him but she was also an alicorn just like his mother.

The alicorn said "Hello you must be my cousin Lightning Wolf."

Lightning was just shocked that this alicorn knew him since only the doctor, Shine Flower, Fireblaze, his mom, and a few nobles knew about him.

Then she said "I'm your cousin."

Lightning ask "How are you my cousin and what your name?"

Then Cloudhunter and Shine Flower bowed and said "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza your highness."

She went on to say "Please just call me Cadance."

They both said "Yes ma'am." as they rised.

Lightning just said "Your my cousin? I have a cousin!?"

Celestia walked out of the bathroom laughing saying "Yes dear you do and another one named Blueblood who both are moving in to the castle."

Lightning just smiled while Cadance said "Yeah so now we can hang out."

Celestia saw the smile on the wolf she bought to the castle five years ago and couldn't help but smile in how much he has grown since then.

She snapped out of her thought when Wolf asked "Mommy are you ok?"

Celestia said "Yes sweetie I'm fine and Cloudhunter and Shine Flower you two can take the day off tomorrow also let Fireblaze know since tomorrow it'll be Lightning, Cadance, Blueblood, and I all hanging out tomorrow."

Both pony look at Celestia with smiles on their faces and thanked her for the day off.

Before Cloudhunter and Shine Flower left Cadance said "Maybe you two should go on a date tomorrow after all you two are in love." with a teasing tone.

They turn around to face the little princess and as they said "How do you know we're in love?"

"Cause I'm the princess of love of course." was all Cadance needed to say before the couple left.

Lightning turned to his mom and asked "Mom can I go to school next month?"

Celestia stared at her son and said with a smile "Of course you can and your going to one in Ponyville."

Lightning was so happy he accidentally used his magic to lift the blankets off the bed and on top of him and Cadance.

Celestia just stared at the two young creatures and laughed.

5 years later...

"Why do I have to be here?" Asked a young colt.

"Since your the captain of the Wonderbolts Jr squad." Said the older stallion.

"Yeah fine but why couldn't anyone else be here but me." Complained the colt

"Since your the captain you have to be here. How many times do I have to tell you?" Said the stallion

"But I hate Canterlot it filled with nobles and ponies that think they're better than everypony else." Said the colt.

Finally the stallion was annoyed by the colt that he turned around to see the young Pegasus colt with his dark sapphire blue coat and black mane with white steak to the middle left, with brown eyes, and a star with wings as his cutie mark, staring at the ground.

"You really don't want to be here do you Star Rush?" Said the stallion

Star rush looked up at the Pegasus stallion who had a green coat and yellow mane with a fire that had wings as a cute mark and said "No I don't Firefly."

"Come on Star it won't be that bad. We are only talking to Princess Celestia." Said Firefly

"Yeah the one that rules us all, look I'm glad you took me in your home and made me your apprentice but I don't think we should ask her?" Said Star Rush

As they enter the throne room Firefly said "Oh come on she would love to come see the Jr squad and stop thanking me for that since you were the only one good enough to learn my tricks."

The throne room was bigger than Star Rush imagine and at the end where two guards and princess Celestia.

"Princess Celestia." Firefly said as he bowed.

The two guards stared at Star Rush as he didn't bow to the princess and looked at his teacher in confusion. Star Rush realized the guards were staring at him.

"What are you two staring at it!? Looks like you guys never seen a young stallion before you pigs." Said Star Rush

Firefly decided to speak as seeing the guards are angry with his apprentice "You have to bow for the royal family Star Rush."

Star Rush just looked at his mentor and started to laugh as he said "I'm sorry Firefly but I don't bow down to any pony."

The guards were shocked at what the colt just said out loud but Celestia just continue to stare at the colt.


As a gray coated Pegasus with flame colored mane and tail took off to arrest the colt, Celestia got off her chair and said with a calm tone "Wait, lets not make any quick decisions now Cloudhunter."

The two guards were in shocked to hear the princess say this.

As Celestia walked down her throne she asked "Then young Star Rush what kind of pony will you show respect to?" As she finished she stood right in front of Star with a smile saying she was interested in this colt.

"I show respect to the ponies who I see worthy of my respect for what they say or done to help the ponies around them, unlike most colts and fillies here in Canterlot I didn't grow up in a nice home or was given anything. If I wanted something I either had to earn it or take it just to survive. I show Firefly respect because he took me off the streets of Cloudsdale because he saw my flying skills and wanted to help me home them in better." Was all Star Rush said before he felt a tear fall from one of eyes.

Celestia looked at him with a warm smile and said "I understand you grew up on the streets with no home and you saw how ponies could be bad but than Firefly took you in and gave you a home and a second chance for a new life and that's why you respect him since you didn't want to come here today but you still came out of respect."

Star Rush was shocked to see the princess understand him and then he decided to do something he never thought he would do, he bowed to princess Celestia and said "You have earned my respect."

Celestia than said "Rise both of you I called you here for a different reason originally but now I want Star Rush to meet my son."

Four years later (5 years before Tirek events)

"Hey Rush wait up!" Said a white unicorn with a blue mane and tail and a light blue steak in both of them.

"Oh hey what's up Shining Armor I thought you were at the academy today." Star rush said as the unicorn caught up.

"Yeah I thought so too but since I'm way ahead of the other cadets they're letting me have the day off." Said Shining

"Hey at least we know you'll be a great royal pain one day." Rush said as he turned around to continue to walk.

"Hey man what's your problem with the royal guards? One of your best friends are going to be in it." Said Shining as he walked along with Star Rush.

"Everything" Rush said "Did you know they tired to .. " "arrest you when you were younger I get it" as Shining interrupted him."But come on do you have any other reasons for hating them Rush?" Asked Shining.

"Yes I have many reasons to hate them." Said Rush

"Oh really a prince who started as a common Pegasus and is now an alicorn for saving Cadance and showing leadership is complaining about the royal guards." Shining said with a sarcastic tone.

"Yes I do and there are plenty of them and I'm still not use to using my horn." Said Rush

"Then name them all!" Shining said annoyed by his friend behavior.

"Fine I will then Armor." Said Rush

A couple moments later they arrived at the royal garden with Star Rush naming his final reasons.

"They think that they can take on anypony and they are just a bunch of posers who are trying to get the easy route in life to noble hood." Said Rush

"Wow I feel bad for you Shining you had to listen to all of that I couldn't even take the last two reasons man." A voice behind them said.

Shining and Rush looked behind them to see their friend Lightning Wolf who just walked out to the garden.

"Tell me about it and more than half of his reasons are stupid." Said Shining

"Hey you can't complain you asked for it." Rush said

"He makes a good a point Shining, even though I hate to agree with the prince of the skies." Said Wolf

Both Shining and Star Rush gave Wolf an glare.

"What?" Asked wolf

They both said in unison "Coming from the guy who refuses his title as prince."

"Hey that's a different thing here and anyways I wanted to see if you guys wanted to go to the library today." Said Wolf

Rush said "Why would we want to go to the library today? We all have the day off we should be picking up mares."

Then wolf said "Not the Canterlot library. I'm talking about the library guys."

"Oooooohhhhhhh" said Rush "Hell why not I wanted to learn a new spell anyways."

"I'm down we haven't been there for awhile and I wanted to learn that force field spell." Said Shining

So they all agreed and Wolf approach them and teleported them somewhere else.

A couple months later...

"Come on Star Rush hurry up!" Yelled a voice.

"I'm sorry you didn't just get your horn removed did you." Said Star Rush

"No because I don't have one but we got to hurry if we want to get away from the royal guards!" Said the voice.

"Hey where are we going Wolf?" Asked Rush

"We going to the border of the badlands." Said Wolf "Come on we're are almost there."

"And then what once we get to the border and cross it into the badlands?" Asked Rush

"Well then we cross it to the United Safari Nation and we start are new lives there." Said Wolf

They continue to run a few hours more and they were at the border of Equestria and the badlands. When all of sudden the royal guards surrounded them.

"Halt criminals your surrounded!" Shouted one of the guards.

Rush and Wolf looked at each other and all they could say is "So close." As they hung their heads lower.

"I see my men have finally caught to you two after giving them a chase." Said a calm voice that Wolf knew to well.

"Well what do we owe the pleasure of having the princess here." Said Wolf

"To decide your punishment my son." Said Celestia "Now you have two choices as I see, you can either live the rest of your lives in the dungeon where at least your family can visit or be exiled from Equestria, the choice is your own.

Rush and Wolf stared at each other before Wolf said "We choose exiled then at least I don't have to see my fake mother at all."

Celestia heart was broken when she heard her son say that and all she could do now was watch them go into exile.

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