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His skin was a sickly pale color and he had dark brown curly hair, he looked like a very sad and lonely child. His left eye was blind, the whiteness gone, replaced by the color black. He looked like a skeletal barely hanging on to what was left of his skin. His magic crackles when rare emotions appears and his fingers twitch to a timeless tune that no one can hear. His head jerks so violently that people think he'll break his neck

Mystery / Humor
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His head jerked to the right as a spasm wrecked through his body. His twitches have gotten worse, but he never said anything, going through the motions everyday. Fingers would jerk as if playing the piano at random times. Magic would crackle around him and everyone, including his family which would avoid him. He lived in isolation, not really understanding what love or kindness or even any emotion was.

His skin was a sickly pale color and he had dark brown curly hair, he looked like a very sad and lonely child. His left eye was blind, the whiteness gone, replaced by the color black. He looked like a skeletal barely hanging on to what was left of his skin.

He couldn’t come inside a house or car without permission, which would anger him very quickly. The only thing that really bothered him was the scar on his forehead and it would burn at random times. He however didn’t have much of a personality, but he could fake his way through many things.

It was September first, his first day at the school called ‘Hogwarts’. If you haven’t gathered, Harry was a wizard, someone would was gifted with magic. Harry actually went by Harrison, he didn’t necessarily care about names, names held no value to him, but people seemed to have a tendency to need a name. He was eleven years old and was currently sitting in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express train.

He was staring blankly out the window the entire train ride, and several times students would come in and try to talk to him, but he, in the end, would only stare at them with a blank look on his face.

Being at Hogwarts was strange, one, people would stare at him, probably because of the solid black eye and two, while he was technically invited in the castle, the castle itself seemed to be trying to eject him from the grounds. He found it fascinating really, a building who in a sense, could feel for itself. He walked mostly by himself, everyone avoided him like a plague. Which he found amusing. The only person who seemed to be okay with his present was a strange girl who didn’t look to be there mentally, she had of course made conversation but not much, just something about nargles.

His magic crackled as he entered the Great Hall and some people jumped back when they felt his wild magic.His fingers twitched to a timeless tune and his head jerked to the left.

Eventually everyone but Harrison was called up to be sorted into their houses, “Peverell, Harrison.” His name was called out and the entire hall fell silent.

He creeped up to the stool and then the hat was placed on his head, “Hello Harrison, where should we put you? Hmm, you could do great in Slytherin, such goals to be fulfilled, oh but the knowledge that runs through your head… I suppose this will do then..”

The hat was silent for a moment and yelled out “Ravenclaw!”

The headmaster, Dumbledore was the first to start clapping and then everyone joined in slowly at first and then more loudly. Harrison slowly walked over to the Ravenclaw table and sat beside the one girl from early.


The unneeded meaning of start and end, To the disappearance of this soul, Who remembers characters? From the window of madness


After the feast, everyone was sent to their respective common rooms to discuss rules and what nonsense. Harrison grew bored of such talk and eventually walked away to observe the room. Blue and bronze colours throughout the room. It certainly was an interesting room to be in, that’s for sure.

Eventually everyone went to their dorms, as did Harrison. He stopped in front of his bed and just stared. The jerking continued, as did the timeless tune his fingers seemed to play. No one had said anything, but he could feel the questioning eyes burning into his back. He wanted to turn and snarl at them all, to scare them into their places, but he knew he needed to keep his temper or else his plan wouldn’t come to play.

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